Thursday, December 27, 2012

Football God Update

Merry Christmas Everyone.  Sorry, about being late, but the Holiday had me by the balls.

First off, I want to offer my condolences to Colin.  His grandmother passed away this week.  So, since the last update, a few things have happened.

Start from the top

Rob & Folden won their first round fantasy games, they each received 20 points for that.

Joe & I, well rested from our byes, won the Semi-Final games, giving us 20 points each.

Fantasy Football is down to this week, with Joe and I going head to head, the winner receiving 30 points.

In pick 'em.  Colin won the 5 point bonus last week & Folden and Rob each won it this week.


Ok.  Everyone but Shawn had GB

Everyone had Houston

Only Rob & Joe had Cincinnati in the wildcard.

The point totals for the College Pick'em are only factored in from Sunday night on.

So, what I'm going to do here is post the point totals.  If you have any questions about how I got to your total, let me know.

1. Andrew 717
2. Colin 703
3. Adam 701
4. Joe 699
5. Rob 697
6. Munez 684
7. Folden 595
8. Shawn 565
9. Jim 528
10. John 446

So, as you can see.  It's really fucking close here.  The difference between 1st and 6th has shrank to a 33 point difference.

I'll give a more in depth update this weekend on Sunday night.  But, for now this all are you're getting ;).  Later faggots.

Monday, December 10, 2012


The regular season is over guys.  Nice job to everyone this year.  People set their line ups every week and this resulted in another very competitive season.  Let's take a look at the week 14 results.

Adam def. Colin
Folden def John
Munez def Rob
Shawn def Jim
Andrew def Joe

So, what does that mean for the playoffs. I'm sure that almost everyone has seen the standings, but here they are.

1. Joe (bye)

5. Folden

3. Rob
6. Shawn

2. Adam (bye)

But, how did we get here?

Joe had clinched his top seed last week.

I beat Colin, locking up the 2 spot.

Rob lost, but since Colin lost too, Rob gets the 3 seed.

Colin slips into the 4 seed, even though he's tied with Folden, but he has the higher number of points, so Folden gets the 5 seed.


Well, to put it as bluntly as possible.  Jim lost to Shawn, Andrew beat Joe, and John lost to Folden.  Also, Munez beat Rob.  That puts 5 teams tied at 6-8 with only one playoff spot.  And Shawn takes the tie breaker by having the most points scored in the entire season.


If you remember from your rules,  It states that teams that make the playoffs receive an automatic 10 points, for making the playoffs.  It also states that the teams that get a first round bye receive 20 points.  Also, the teams that win the first round game will receive 20 points.  So, I will add those points into this.

Fantasy Football points (as of now) includes wins, and bonus's.

1. Joe 120
2. Adam 120
3. Rob 90
4. Colin 80
5. Folden 80
6. Shawn 70
7. Andrew 60
8. Jim 60
9. John 60
10. Munez 60.


Congrats to Folden on scoring the most points this week.  He'll get a 5 point bonus.  Now that College pick'em is done we're back to a 5 point bonus for people winning the pick'em.


The college predictions are finalized.  The college predictions are in, and we have some winners.  I posed these the other night, but I will again

Shawn 70 points - Doak Walker, Chuck B awards
Folden 35 points - Fred B award
Adam 35 points - Chuck B award
Andrew 35 points Chuck B award
Joe 35 points - Chuck B award
Munez 35 points - AP coach of the year award

So, now that gives us some more points in our overall totals that have been shelled out.  So that should effect the totals.  Let's take a look at where we are as of now

College pick 'em + Pro pick'em + Fantasy points + prediction points + (pick em bonus) = total

 Munez 155+86+60+220+(65)
Jim 150+88+60+165+(10)
Adam 146+99+120+200+(20)
Colin 144+96+80+260+(10)
Shawn 143+100+70+165+(35)
Folden 139+99+80+140+(5)
Andrew 139+107+60+295+(30)
Joe 129+99+120+200+(10)
John 117+88+60+110+
Rob 116+104+90+225+(10)


1. Andrew 631 [even]
2. Colin 590 [even] (-41 points)
3. Munez 586 [even]  (-45 points)
4. Adam 585 [+1] (-46 points)
5. Joe 558 [+1] (-73 points)
6. Rob 545 [-2] (-86 points)
7. Shawn 513 [+1] (-118 points)
8. Jim 473 [-1] (-158 points)
9. Folden 463 [=] (-168 points)
10. John 375 [=] (-256 points)


Andrew is in front of everyone again.  Holding a 41 point lead over 2nd.  However, Andrew can no longer gain any points in fantasy football.  2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th place, and 9th place pepole people can still gain points in fantasy football.

Joe and my point jumps have a lot to do with us getting our 20 point bump for getting first round byes.  That means that next week we will receive no points for fantasy.  The two teams who win, however, will receive 20 points each.

The people who win the semi final games will also win 20 points and the fantasy football winner will receive 30 points.  That's still a lot of points out there for the fantasy teams in the playoffs to gain some extra points.

The difference between 2nd and 4th place right now is only 5 points.

The difference between 2nd and 6th is only 45 points.

As far as pro predictions go.  Next week we could see the Ravens, Houston, and Green Bay clinch their divisions.

The Giants and 49ers are both leading their divisions. San Fran can clinch with a win and Seattle loss.  I don't think the Giants can clinch this weekend.

So, we can certainly see some changes in the point totals again next week.

So, seriously, check your point totals, and make sure that I didn't mess up at all.  If I did let me know.  Also, fuck Bing Crosby.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

College award be out ya'll

College awards are out.  here's how they figured.

Montee Balls won Doak
Brian Kelly Kelly won coach of the year
Marquise Lee won Freddie
and Manatee won the Bednarik award

Who got points, YA'LL

Folden gets 35 for Marquise
Munez gets 35 for kelly kelly
Andrew and Adam get 35 for Mante Teo
Shawn gets 70 for Monte and Man Tae.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fantasy Football Playoff Scenarios

The last week of the fantasy football regular season is on the horizon.  And as of now 9 of the 10 teams are still playoff viable.  Let's go through the scenarios.

Already in: Joe, Adam, Rob, Colin.

#1 seed: Joe is going to be the #1 seed.  He can pretty much sit his starters.

#2 Seed:  This is still open a little bit.  Colin is only a game ahead of the 5,6, and 7 seeds.  But by way of John & Folden playing each other, he is going to make the playoffs.  Now, it's pretty simple here.

If I beat Colin, I will likely have the #2 seed, regardless of what Rob does.  The tie breaker is by season points, and I have Rob out pointed by about 50 points.

Scenario #2 Rob wins, Colin beats me.  In that case Rob will have the #2 seed.

Scenario #3 Rob loses, I lose, Colin wins.  In that case, Colin's point total will give him the tie breaker and he will have the first round bye.

Rob & I can fall as far at the #4 seed, Colin could potentially fall as far as the #6 seed.

Win & In: Jim, John, and Folden

Part of this is pretty simple.  Whoever wins between Folden and John will fall into either the 4,5, or 6 seed.  Jim's is pretty simple too.  He beats Voyten, he's in.

Other Scenarios:

Turns out that Jim vs Voyten is the key to the rest of the season.  If Shawn beats Jim, and Andrew beats Joe
then here is where we will be.

5 teams will already be in.  There will be 1 spot available for 4 teams that will all be tied.

Shawn 1449 pts
Andrew 1420 pts
Jim 1433 pts
Folden 1398 pts
or John 1422 pts

So, we'll have 4 teams separated by 50 points of tie break. So, Folden's likely to fall out of the playoffs if he loses.  Shawn has more points than Jim right now, so if he beats him in his game, he'll finish ahead of Jim.

In the situation that Shawn beats Jim, Andrew wins, and Folden wins, we'll be left with Andrew, Shawn, and John tied at 6-8 and whoever has the most points will get the last playoff spot.  Andrew is 29 points behind Shawn so his best chance is to win big and hope Shawn wins in a low scoring game, and hope that he outscores John by 3 points this week.

Very exciting stuff.  Munez technically can still make the playoffs, but he would need Shawn to beat Jim and Munez would also have to score about 300 points this week.  Good luck this week guys.  Should be exciting to watch.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Point Totals

So, now that the College Predictions are in, it's time to go over a few pro things.

#1 Congrats to Munez on getting the Pick 'em Bonus this week. nicely done.

#2, Atlanta, Denver, and New England all clinched their divisions this week. So, those points have been added onto each person's prediction total.  Each division is worth 20 points.

#3 Fantasy Football.


Joe 9-4
Adam 8-5
Rob 8-5
Colin 7-6
Jim 6-7
John 6-7
Folden 6-7
Shawn 5-8
Andrew 5-8
Munez 5-8

These are the standings with 1 week to play.  Joe, Rob, and Myself are all guarenteed playoff spots.

Joe is essentially locked into the 1 spot.  Rob & I are fighting it out for the 2 spot, and the other first round bye.

I'll get into all the other playoff scenarios tomorrow or Wednesday.

Adam 60 points
Joe 60 points
Rob 60 points
Colin 60 points
Andrew 40
Folden 40
Jim 40
Munez 40
John 40
Shawn 40.

So, here are our totals at this point.

College Pick 'em + Pro Pick 'em + Fantasy + Predictions + (Bonus)

Munez 155+82+50+185+(65)=537
Jim 150+82+60+165+(10)=467
Adam 146+93+ 80+165+(20)=504
Colin 144+91+70+260+(10)=575
Shawn 143+96+50+95+(35)=414
Folden 139+88+60+105=392
Andrew 139+101+50+260+(30)=580
Joe 129+92 +90+165+(10)=486
John 117+77+60+110=364
Rob 116+100,+80+225+10=531

1. Andrew 580
2. Colin 575 (+1)
3. Munez 537 (+3)
4. Rob 531 (+4)
5. Adam 504 (-4)
6. Joe 486 (-1)
7. Jim 467 (=)
8. Shawn 414 (-5)
9. Folden 392 (=)
10. John 364 (=)

Congrats to all my nogs on their big jumps.  Until tomorrow...

Sunday, December 2, 2012


So, before we get to the end of days, which according the Mayans is going to happen imminently, we should do some prediction results.  A couple of things to keep in mind throughout reading this.

20 points per Conference champion picked
15 points per BCS team picked.

So, let's start from the top and work our way down


Notre Dame vs Alabama

Colin was the only person to receive any points this year for picking a team in the National Championship.  Alabama vs Georgia went down the wire.  It kept me on the edge of my seat.  In the end, though Bama pulled it off & Colin received 35 points for this pick

Colin 35

Conference Champions

WAC - Utah St
Andrew is the only person to get points here.

Andrew 20

ACC Champ- Florida St

Correctly predicted by Andrew, Jim, John, Rob, Colin, Munez.

Colin 55
Andrew 40
Jim, John, Rob, Munez 20

Big 10 champ - Wisconsin

Predicted correctly by Andrew & myself.

Andrew 60
Adam 20

Big LEast - Rutgers, Louisville, Syracuse, Cincinnati

This is what I fucking hate about the Big East.  There are 8 teams in that fucking conference and 4 of them are the Conference champions.  Eat your own ass Big East.  What's amazing to me is that 1/2 of the conference won the championship, and we still had 2 people in Football God not get this conference.

Predicted correctly by Shawn, Jim, Adam, Andrew, Rob, Joe, Colin, Munez

Andrew 80
Colin 75
Adam 40
Jim 40
Rob 40
Munez 40
Joe 20
Shawn 20

SEC- Alabama

Predicted right by Colin & Rob

Colin 95
Rob 60

PAC 12 & MAC- Stanford/Northern Illinois

Correctly predicted by NOBODY

Big 12 - Kansas St/Oklahoma

Predicted by Andrew, Rob, Colin, & Munez

Colin 115
Andrew 100
Rob 80
Munez 60

Sun Belt - Arkansas St

Predicted correctly by

Andrew 120
Rob 100
Munez 80
Joe 40
Folden 20

Conference USA - Tulsa

Pcked correctly by Colin 135

Mountain West - Boise St Co-Champ so we all get 20 more points.

So, in Conference play, here are our totals.

Colin 155
Andrew 140
Rob 120
Munez 100
Adam 60
Jim 60
Joe 60
John 40
Folden 40
Shawn 40

Now.  Here are the 8 teams that are going to a BCS bowl games that aren't the National Championship

Wisconsin Vs Stanford
Oregon vs Kansas St
Florida vs Louisville
Florida St vs Northern Illinois

Here is the amount of BCS teams that each person predicted correctly, which are worth 15 points each.

Andrew 4
Rob 3
Colin 3
Munez 3
Joe 3
Jim 3
Folden 3
Adam 3
John 2
Shawn 1

Andrew 200
Colin 200
Rob 165
Munez 145
Jim 105
Adam 105
Joe 105
Folden 85
John 70
Shawn 55

So, there are your College Predictions.  Keep in mind your College Predictions aren't final yet.  We are still waiting on the winners of the individual awards.  Until then, bite me.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fantasy Football Playoff Picture

Two games left in the fantasy season.  Let's see where everyone stands right now.

1st and 2nd get first round byes in the playoffs.

1st Joe

4th Jim
5th John

3rd Rob
6th Folden

2nd Adam

So what's the chances things end up this way? and what's the chances that people out of the playoff picture make their way into it.  Let's take a look at the next two weeks

1. Joe 8-4 (Munez, Andrew)
2. Adam 7-5 (John, Colin)
3. Rob 7-5 (Folden, Munez)
4. Jim 6-6 (Andrew, Shawn)
5. John 6-6 (Adam, Folden)
6. Folden 6-6 (Rob, John)
7. Colin 6-6 (Shawn, Adam)
8. Shawn 5-7 (Colin, Jim)
9. Munez 5-7 (Joe, Rob)
10. Andrew 4-8 (Jim, Joe)

So, where do we stand then as far as the playoffs go?

(8-4) Joe is guaranteed a playoff spot at this point.  All he needs to clinch is for either Jim, John, Folden, or Colin to lose or tie one more game.  John & Folden play each other in the last week of the season, so it's locked up for him.  It's just a matter of positioning now.

(7-5) For Rob & I, at 7-5, we are in a similar position.  All we need to do is win one of our remaining two games, and the result of the John vs Folden game next week will lock us into a playoff spot as well.

(6-6) Jim & John - The two of them hold a point advantage over the other 6-6 teams in the league, Colin & Folden.  One more win should be able to get them a playoff spot, but that's conditional on them not putting up any dud weeks the rest of the season.

(6-6) Folden & Colin - These two are in a little more difficult of a spot, but Folden can really help himself by beating John next week.  Folden and Colin could both find themselves in a spot where they are tied for 6th and lose the tie breaker by points.  7 wins will be the bottom rung win total to make it into the playoffs.

All seven of the teams ahead control their own destiny for playoffs, so let's check out the 3 teams that need some help.

5-7 Shawn & Munez:  Shawn plays Colin & Jim, Munez plays Joe and Rob, who are both in front of him for the playoffs.  Beating both of them doesn't guarentee either of them a playoff spot though, so they'll both need to win out and hope for a little bit of help from myself & Rob

4-8 Andrew  Is there anyway he can still make it?  Let's set up a scenario.  If Andrew beats Jim he'll be 5-8.  That will make Jim 6-7.  If Shawn then beat Jim that would make Jim 6-8.  If Folden lost to both Rob & John that would make him 6-8.  If Colin lost to Shawn and me that would make him 6-8.  If Munez lost either game that would make him 6-8.

So, basically, Andrew can still make the playoffs but a lot of stuff has to happen for that to happen.  Here is the scenario for this week

Andrew beat Jim
Shawn beat Colin
Folden or John lose

If each of those things happens this week, Andrew will have a chance still to make the playoffs.


Joe (8-4) vs Munez (5-7)

Munez is projected to put up twenty points less than Joe this week.  Joe's QB plays tonight though so we should know where they stand after today about where things could go.  One thing for sure, Munez really needs to win this week to stay in contention for the playoffs.  Going to go with Joe though this week.

Andrew (4-8) vs Jim (6-6)

Andrew & Jim have been the most hard luck of the teams in fantasy this year.  They consistently put up good scores most of the year, only to be undercut by moster weeks.  Their projections are very evenly matched this week.  I'm going to pick Andrew in an upset here, only to keep things a little more interesting come next week. UPSET OF THE WEEK

Adam (7-5) vs John (6-6)

John is projected to blow me out, which I think is going to happen LOCK OF THE WEEK.

Folden (6-6) vs Rob (7-5)
Folden's team is a make shift of little engine's that could.  He's projected to lose by 20 to Rob, but I think Folden picks up the win.

Game of the week

Colin (6-6) vs Shawn (5-7)

I like this game so much.  A lot of how open the playoff picture is next week depends on the game here. I like Shawn's matchups better, so I'm picking him to beat Colin and open up the playoff race big time for the last week.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Football God Update

What's up negros.  Lots of stuff to update today.  So let's start with new Red Outs


Ok, guys.  So, I'll start with the biggest update of last week as far as predictions go.

Michigan lost & Nebraska won, meaning that it's going to be Nebraska vs Wisconsin for the Big 10 championship.  That leaves myself and Andrew as the only two people with a chance to get points from that conference.

Also the SEC championship is Georgia vs Alabama.  What that means is this.  If Alabama wins, Colin will get points for having Alabama winning the SEC and for making the national championship.  Rob will also get points for Bama winning the SEC.  If Georgia wins, then John and I will get points for them winning the SEC & for making the National Championship.

Also, in the Big 12, if Kansas St wins, then the people who have Oklahoma winning the Big 12 are out.  If Kansas St wins and Oklahoma wins, they get the points.

In the NFL 6 of the 8 divisions are nearly clinched.  the NFC North & NFC East are still close enough not to call yet.

Keep in mind, none of these are for sure yet, but all 6 of these are very likely to happen.  San Fran, Houston, Denver, NE, Atlanta, & Baltimore all have 3 game leads on their divisions with 5 to play.  Let's look at where we each stand there.

Shawn 4 of 6
Jim 4 of 6
Folden 5 of 6
Adam 6 of 6
Andrew 5 of 6
Joe 6 of 6
John 4 of 6
Rob 6 of 6
Colin 6 of 6
Munez 5 of 6

As you can see, we all are on pace to have at least 4 division champs each.  The Giants have a 2 game lead in their division and the Bears have a 1 game lead.  We'll see how those look in the next couple of weeks.

Also, I have temporarily REDDED out all of the people who had the Bills, Jets, Chargers, & Lions in the playoffs.

I have completely REDDED out the people with the Eagles and the Panthers in the playoffs


Keep in mind, that the winners of each of the pick 'ems receive a 30 point bonus.  Munez has a 4 point lead in the college pick'em with only 10 games on the slate this week.  Looks pretty good that it'll be him winning it.

I know I'm going to have a tough time picking the Oregon St v Nicholls game, which has no spread...jeesh.

in the Bonus, Andrew takes it down for the 3rd week in a row.  If there is one way to make up for shitty fantasy luck, it's by doing well in the pick 'em.  Andrew is one behind Rob who has 92 points in the Pro Pick'em, with Colin, myself, and Shawn in striking distance.


In fantasy this week, we can consider this moving week.  In a tight fantasy league, every game is a big one, and this week is no different.  Joe moved to 8-4, and is alone in first place.  Rob's 7 game winning streak is over.  John's 5 game losing streak is over too.  Let's take a look at the standings.

Joe 8-4
Adam 7-5
Rob 7-5
Jim 6-6
Folden 6-6
John 6-6
Colin 6-6
Shawn 5-7
Munez 5-7
Andrew 4-8

At this point it looks like the playoffs may be out of it for Andrew.  For the 2nd year in a row, our fantasy football league has been insanely competitive.  To give you an idea, I can only speak for my own team, because I pay more attention to that than anything else.  But, in a 4 week period I went from 3rd to 8th to 5th to 2nd.  It's bizzare to see that much of a swing.


So, before we get into it, I want to get into what we  will see next week.  We will see the prediction results for all of the BCS games, Conference games, National Championship game, and College Pick'em Bonus.

Every year we have that one week, where things just get turned upside down.  Next week is that week.  So, here are the points and positions for now.

College pick'em+Pro Pick'em+ Fantasy points+(bonus)+predicitons=Total

Munez 149+73+50+(25)=297
Jim 145+77+60+(10)=292
Adam 143+86+70+(20)=319
Colin 141+88+60+(10)=299
Shawn 141+87+50+(35)=313
Andrew 135+91+40+(30)+20=316
Folden 134+82+60=276
Joe 125+83+80+(10)=298
John 117+76+60=253
Rob 113+92+70+(10)=285

RANKINGS/ + or - from last week/ points back from first

1. Adam 319 (+1)
2. Andrew 316 (+1) (3 points back)
3. Shawn 313 (- 2) (6 points back)
4. Colin 299  (+3) (20 points back)
5. Joe 298 (+2) (21 points back)
6. Munez 297 (-2) (22 points back)
7. Jim 292 (-3) (27 points back)
8. Rob 285 (- 2) (34 points back)
9. Folden 276 (=) (43 points back)
10. John 253 (=) (66 points back)

So, after all of this time, 66 points is the difference between first and last.  I'll enjoy my time at the top, because next Sunday night, things are going to go BANANAS!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Football God update Week ????

not sure what week we're on.  Sorry guys.  But I'm going to give everyone a scoring update before we hit up Thanksgiving.

First, BIG UPS

Big Ups to Jim for putting up a god damn 28 spot in pick 'em this week, earning himself a 10 point bonus.

Big ups to Andrew for winning the previous 2 pick 'em bonus's, and also winning his fantasy game, and also getting the first prediction correct.

Fantasy Football

In fantasy this week, we had 3 games that came down to the second half of the Monday night game.  That's exciting.  Andrew took John by a few points, I bet Munez by 1 point, and Jim beat Colin by less than 1.  Let's check out our standings.

Joe 7-4
Rob 7-4
Jim 6-5
Folden 6-5
Adam 6-5
John 5-6
Voyten 5-6
Colin 5-6
Andrew 4-7
Munez 4-7

So, there is a little bit more disparity than there had been for awhile, however I want to make a couple of points here about our league.

Rob is 7-4 after starting 0-4
John is 5-6 after starting 5-1

In a selfish note, i feel compelled to explain some irony.  Munez traded Vernon Davis to me, who hadn't done shit, for 6 weeks for me.  I think 10 points total.  Then he puts up a huge performance, in route to me missing munez by one point.  to end my 3 game losing streak.

Total Scores

College pick'em + pro pick 'em + fantasy football + bonus + predictions

Munez 142+68+40+(25)= 275
Adam 135+80+60+(20)= 295
Jim 134+71+60+(10)=275
Shawn 131+81+50+(35)= 297
Colin 129+83+50+(10)=272
Andrew 125+82+40+(20)+20=287
Folden 123+75+60=258
Joe 116+76+70+(10)=272
John 109+70+50=229
Rob 107+85+70+(10)= 272

So, now let's look at our standings.  Keep in mind it's been two weeks since our last update, so these standings may be way different than last time.

1.Shawn 297 (=)
2. Adam 295 (=)
3. Andrew 287 (+5)
t4. Munez 275 (-1)
t4. Jim 275 (+5)
t6. Joe 272 (-1)
t6. Rob 272 (=)
t6. Colin 272 (-2)
9. Folden 258 (-2)
10. John 229 (=)


Andrew jumps five spots, mostly from him getting the first prediction correct.

Jim jumps 5 spots, mainly from having a pretty badass last two weeks, in which he increased his score about 75 points.

1st to 8th place is separated by only 25 points.

Shawn and I have been in the top 2 spots for most of the year.

Have a good thanksgiving cock suckers.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Updated College Pics

Hey fellas.  Sorry there wasn't any updates last week.

After my fantasy team put up their 3rd consecutive duck, I decided to spend the entire week on the shitter, eating my fingers...I'll give you an update on scores this week though.

Congrats to Andrew on last week, he did so well in the pick 'ems that the were decided before the Sunday night game even occured.  So, i'll do up dates on the pros tomorrow. But for now I want to go through some new red outs that I did on people's  college pics.

In parenthesis will be the amount of Conferences each person is still able to win, as we go through the list.


So, ladies and germs, the first prediction of the year is in, and it's all Andrews.

Utah St will win the WAC giving Andrew a 20 point bonus.


Adam, Folden, Shawn, and Joe are all out of it with our picks of Va Tech and Clemson.

Still in it:  Munez, Colin, Rob, Andrew (2), John, and Jim with Florida State

Big East:

Out of it: Folden (Pitt), John (S. Fl), Voyten & Colin (Cinci)
Still in it:  Adam, Munez (2), Rob (2), Joe, Jim (2), Andrew (3) all with Louisville.

Louisville plays Rutgers on the last Thursday of the month, which is essentially a conference championship game.

Big 10

Out of it: John (Mich St)
Still in it: Adam (2), Andrew (4), Both with Wisconsin
Voyten, Joe (2), Jim (3), FoAlden, Rob (3), Colin (2), Munez (3),

The Big 10 championship is going to be Wisconsin vs either Michigan or Nebraska.  For Michigan to win it though, they would need to beat undefeated Ohio St, and hope for Nebraska would lose to Iowa as well.  So, Michigan not looking great, but still in it.

PAC 12

We all picked USC and we all lost.

Big 12

Still in it: Andrew (5), Rob (4), Colin (3), Munez (4) with Oklahoma

For Oklahoma to win the Big 12, they would need to beat Oklahoma St and hope for Kansas St to lose to Texas


Still in it:

Adam (3), John (2) with Georgia
Rob (5), and Colin (4) with Alabama.

They play each other in the SEC championship in two weeks.  We'll have to wait and see.

Still in it: NOBODY.  It's going to be Kent St vs Northern Ill in the conference championship.  So, suck my dick.

Mountain West:  We all have Boise St winning and they are tied with people.  I don't fucking know.

Sun Belt

Still in it: Folden (2), Andrew (6), Rob (6), Joe (3), Munez (5)  All with Arkansas St

Conference USA

Still in it: Rob (7), Adam (4), Jim (4), all with Central Florida
Colin (5) with Tulsa.

So that's pretty much where we are.  So, if you want to do wel lin Football God, start routing against the teams, Rob, Andrew, Munez, and Colin have.

In the Championship game it's looking like it's only down to John & I having Georgia  in the game, and Colin with Alabama in the game.

Rob's pick of Florida St hasn't moved up the polls enough to have a shot at it.  And, with 2 loses LSU isn't going to work out for most everybody else.  And, we know how well USC turned out for all of us.

That's all for now.

There are still all the BCS bowl games to put into consideration, but fuck figuring that out.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How are our Super Bowl Pics Doing?

I figured I'd write another update on how each of our Super Bowl Pics are doing.  I'll go team by team.

Chosen by 6 people

Green Bay 6-3

Joe and Rob to win
Andrew, Adam, Folden, & Jim to lose

Green Bay started off 2-3 and have won 4 straight since then.  They have played a fairly easy schedule so far though.  Their toughest games start right after their bye week

Chosen by 5 people:

New England 5-3

 Munez, Andrew, and John to win.
 Joe and Rob to lose.

New England started off kind of shitty this year.  But it seems like they have gotten their ahold of things, while the rest of their shitty division has fallen off.

Chosen by 3 people

Baltimore 6-2

Adam and Folden to win
Colin to lose

Baltimore stormed out of the gates and looked really good at first.  Since then, Flacco has started to stall, and Baltimore's offense with it.  A lot of injuries to their traditionally great defense has left them vulnerable and needing some help.

Chosen by 2 people

Pittsburgh 5-3

Jim to win
Shawn to lose

Pittsburgh was 2-3 3 weeks ago, but since then they have played dominant.  After a Monday night game against shitty Kansas City, they play Baltimore two games out of three.  Should be a lot known about both of those teams in about a month.

San Francisco 6-2

Colin to win
John to lose

San Fran has looked steady all year.  A loss here and there, but their consistent brand of defense has them looking good.

Chosen by 1

Chicago 7-1

Chosen by Shawn to win

Chicago has looked great, despite Cutler's best attempts to spew his loserdum all over the place.  As long as their defense keeps up the sweet dick, they are a great looking pick.


Chosen by Munez to lose

Munez is the only person to pick the league's only undefeated team in the playoffs.  Unfortunately for Chris, Atlanta hasn't done dick in the playoffs with Matty pube Lice as their QB.  We'll see what happens there this year.

Football God Standings Week 10 totals

So, I've been busy this week, but I wanted to put out a quick update for this week


Big Ups go to Colin & Rob

Rob won his 5th straight fantasy game, while Colin won his 1st game since week 3.

Also, they both scored 23 points in the pick 'em this week, giving them each their first 10 point bonus of the season.

Shout out goes to Andrew, who put up another huge number in fantasy, which this one actually held up.


Big downs go to Joe & John this week

Joe for not submitting any pro picks until Sunday night.

John for losing by 3 points in his fantasy game, while not picking up a defense. He did it for strategy, because he didn't want to drop any of his players, but it worked against him.


Everyone who had LSU in the BCS championship are now out of the points there.  Colin is basically the only person who has a chance to get College championship game points now, having Alabama in the championship game.

Fantasy Football standings

1. Joe 6-3
2. John 5-4
3. Adam 5-4
4. Folden 5-4
5. Rob 5-4
6. Jim 4-5
7. Shawn 4-5
8. Munez 4-5
9. Colin 4-5
10. Andrew 3-6

Fantasy Trends

1. Rob has won 5 games in a row, after starting 0-4
2. John and I have both lost two games in a row after being tied for first place 2 weeks ago.
3. Jim has a losing record, despite scoring the most points in the league by about 75 points.
4. Andrew is in last place in the league despite scoring the 3rd most points of the season.
5. Folden has won 4 out of 5 games after starting 0-3.

Total scores.

College pics + Pro Pics + fantasy wins + (bonus)

Adam 112+62+50+(20)= 244
Shawn 108+65+40+(35)=248
Colin 105+68+40+(10)=223
Rob 90+70+50+(10)=220
Andrew 101+62+30+(10)=203
Joe  96+56+60+(10)=222
Munez 120+55+40+(25)= 240
Folden 105+61+50= 216
Jim 110+51+40=201
John 87+56+50= 193


1. Shawn 248 (=)
2. Adam 244 (=)
3. Munez 240 (=)
4. Colin 223 (+3)
5. Joe 222 (-1)
6. Rob 220 (+2)
7. Folden 216 (-2)
8. Andrew 203 (+2)
9. Jim 201 (-3)
10. John 193 (-1)

Lots of movement this week.


1. The gap between first and last grew slightly from 54 points to 55 points.
2. Rob closed the gap from himself to first from 49 points last week to 28 points this week.
3. Colin closed the gap from 46 points last week from first place to 25 points this week.
4. Andrew closed his gap from 54 points to  45 points.
5. John has falled 3 points in the last two weeks.
6. Jim has fallen 6 spots in the last 3 weeks.

As always.  Please check your scores.  I have made mistakes before.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 10 Look Ahead

Big week in Football God.  Let's look ahead.


Every week is a big week in Football God; however, there usually isn't one game that has so many implications on the predictions.  However, this week, Alabama plays LSU.  This is the biggest game of the week for us.

So many people have LSU or Alabama winning the SEC and playing in the National title game, that this could result in a major point swing.


There are a few people who put Texas as the Big 12 winner.  A few who put WVU as well.  Kansas St is playing one of it's last true tests of the season, with only Oklahoma in the future.  Kansas St fell off late last year; but, a win against Ok St this week will pretty much leave Texas & WVU dead in the water.  Especially, if they can't take care of business against their difficult opponents, too.


East Carolina vs Houston
Central Florida vs SMU

Once these two games are over, I'll finally be able to break the conference down, and be able to project out the rest of the season.

In the Pros, there aren't a bunch of big happenings.  But, there are some teams that people have picked that may need to start getting a little desperate.


Both of these teams have under-performed from expectations.  A loss for the Saints would be sort of a death blow, while a loss by Philly would put them at 3-5 and against the ropes.

Jets, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Dallas, Tennessee & San Diego.  All teams that were picked in one shape or another to make the playoffs.  Each one is under .500 and need to get some wins to not make themselves irrelevant.


John 5-3 vs Colin 3-5

Man, I wanted to pick this as my upset of the week, until I saw that Arian Foster was going against the Bills. Foster may score 80 fantasy points this week, and I wouldn't be all that surprised.  Colin is riding a 5 game losing streak, and he needs to get on the winning track again at some point.  Colin's team has the ability to put up some big points, so we'll see what happens.  I just don't think it's looking good for him this week.

Rob 4-4 vs Jim 4-4
Rob is riding a 4 game winning streak, mostly from the duel resurgence of Chris Johnson & Peyton Manning.       Jim's team is stacked but inconsistent.  This is actually a match up of the highest scoring team in the league (Jim) vs the lowest scoring (Rob).  A difference of nearly 30 points a week.  Rob can't win every game for the rest of the year, so I'm going to say that his streak ends here.
Jim wins in my LOCK of the week.

Andrew 2-6 vs Munez 4-4
Andrew is lucky enough to get Munez, while Tom Brady is on a buy.  Andrew is also unlucky enough to be Andrew this year, so Munez's back up will probably throw for 500 yards and 17 touchdowns.  Andrew's teams also have some pretty tough match ups this week.  It's looking pretty good for Chris & pretty bleak for Andrew.

Joe 5-3 vs Adam 5-3

Joe's stretched pretty thin this week.  His entire bench is on bye or injured.  That being said, he's still projected to put up similar numbers to me.  This one could be pretty close.


Shawn 4-4 vs Folden 4-4

Shawn and Folden's team stats are pretty even for the season.  The winner of this game will automatically move themselves up into the top 4 or 5 teams of the league for the first time all season.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 9 point totals

Congrats to Andrew.  After another crushing defeat in fantasy football, Andrew was able to get the 10 point bonus for the pick'em.  Good for you, bro.

In fantasy football, Andrew lost to Folden.  I lost to Shawn.  Joe out McLane'd John, Rob beat Colin, and Munez beat Jim.

So, fantasy football standings look like this

John 5-3
Adam 5-3
Joe 5-3
Jim 4-4
Munez 4-4
Shawn 4-4
Folden 4-4
Rob 4-4
Colin 3-5
Andrew 2-6

The difference between 1st and 8th is only a game.

So, let's take a look at the overall scores.

College pick 'em score + pro + fantasy football + (bonus)

Adam 102 + 53 + 50 + (20)= 225
Shawn  94+ 57+40 + (35) = 226
Munez 108+ 49+40+(25) = 222
Joe 84+55+50+(10) = 199
Andrew 88+54+20+(10)=172
Jim 98+44+40=182
Rob 80+57+40=177
Folden 92+52+40=184
John 76+47+50= 173
Colin 93+57+30= 180


1. Shawn 226 (+1)
2. Adam 225 (-1)
3. Munez 222 (=)
4. Joe 199 (=)
5. Folden 184 (+2)
6. Jim 182 (-1)
7. Colin 180 (-1)
8. Rob 177 (+1)
9. John 173 (-2)
10. Andrew 172 (=)


In two weeks Folden has jumped three spots.

There are 12 total points seperating 5th from 10th.

The gap between 1st and last shrank from 66 points last week to 54 points this week.

I'll be back Thursday with a week 10 preview.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Halloweeeeeeen Weekend Edition of Football God

What up, Bitch.

Lots of big happenings in the college football predictions that need to be addressed.

#9 USC goes down Again! (Chris Jericho voice)

Who this affects?


All ten of us had USC in the national championship this year.  9 of us had them winning the championship.  The only person who gains anything from this is Folden.  He is the only person who had them not winning the championship.

Red Outs & Yellow Outs

In the Word document in which i posted all of our predictions, I RED OUT some predictions that no longer have a chance of occuring.  I'll yellow out pics that are teetering on the edge.  Let's go through some of those.


In the WAC Munez had New Mexico St winning.  They are 1-7 overall and 0-4 in their conference.  Official RED OUT!

Big 12

All of us are on the fringe.  But, those that picked Oklahoma still have a chance.  It would take a rough stretch run for Kansas St.  Texas and WVU picks though, which are teetering.  YELLOW OUT.


Voyten and I chose Western Michigan, who are an official RED OUT.  Everyone else has Ohio, who just lost a big game to fall to a 2nd place tie with three teams in their side of the conference.  Kent St hasn't lost yet in the conference.  Still a lot of ball to play there, so for now Ohio is safe, but one more loss and they will be dunzo.

GEORGIA upset Florida this weekend, keeping John and I choosing them to win the SEC and in the National Championship alive.  If they win out the next two games they are in the SEC championship.  Otherwise, Florida will go.  Who will they play?

Probably Alabama.  Only Rob and Colin picked Alabama to win the SEC.  Joe, Andrew, Voyten, Munez, and Jim picked LSU to win it.  LSU plays at home, hosting Alabama this weekend.  This is a HUGE game in the football God predictions battle.

In Conference USA, there are 5 different teams that were chosen to win.  They are all still in the vying for the championship.  However, Marshall just got throttled by Central Florida, which puts Joe and John's Marshall pick on high alert as an official YELLOW OUT.


As of now, there are only a couple of things that are redded out.  That mainly is Joe and Voyten's pick of Darrell Revis being the DPOY.  This is obviously because he's out for the year.

Other than that, most of our picks are still safe at the moment.  There are two, however, that are on the edge of the cliff.

My pick of New Orleans in the NFC Championship & and NFC wild card just fell to 2-5.  Also, Andrew picked them to win the division.  A yellow out that could become a Red out very soon.

Even closer to the edge of the RED is Jim's pick of having Carolina in the NFC Championship.  They just fell to 1-6.  Jim, along with John, had them winning the division, which they are now 6 games behind Atlanta, with 9 games to play.  Not officially out of it for the playoffs yet, but I think it's safe to Red them out as a division winner.  Folden also had them earning a wildcard berth, so for now, we'll keep them in the running for the wildcard.  For at least one more week.

I'll send you all an updated look at that tonight.


Voyten (3-4) def Adam (5-2)

This isn't for sure yet.  But it basically is.  I'm losing by about 65 points and have my kicker and TE left to play.  That's what I get for spot starting Brandon Stokley on a hunch.


Joe (4-3) def John

Again, this one isn't technically in the books yet.  But, Joe has 135 points to John's 59, with John only having his defense and Larod Stephens Fuck whatever his name is left to play.


Munez (3-4) def Jim (4-3)

Jim's team put together a late push, pulling this game to a few points, but it was too little too late.


Rob (3-4) def Colin (3-4)

Rob and Colin are most aptly explained by that song.  Rob is back to .500 after a pitiful 0-4 start.  Colin is now on a 5 game losing streak after starting 3-0.


Folden 138 vs Andrew 117 (1 to play)

Andrew has Frank Gore left to play.  He'll need a 100 yard game along with a touchdown to get his third win of the season.

Standings (as of now)

John 5-3
Adam 5-3
Joe 5-3
Munez 4-4
Jim 4-4
Rob 4-4
Shawn 4-4
Colin 3-5

Folden either 4-4 or 3-5
Andrew either 3-5 or 2-6

If Andrew's able to take Folden down tomorrow we will have quite the tight race.  We will have all 10 teams be within 2 games of each other.

Tomorrow or Tuesday I'll come back with a total score update.

As of now, Munez and Andrew are tied for the 10 point bonus this week.  We'll see how tomorrow wraps up.  They both have 17 points this week, and it doesn't appear that anyone else can catch them.  So, if they both pick the same team tomorrow, they will have the bonus.

So, until next time.  Fuck off.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Week Ahead...

So, what's going on in the week ahead that could have an impact on our overall scores?  There are a few games of note.

Georgia vs Florida

John & I have Georgia playing in the National Championship.  If Florida wins this game they clinch the SEC east, effectively ending Georgia's chances for a title birth, and John and I will be forced to deal with the realization that we picked Georgia to actually win big games.

Louisville vs Cincinnati

This game effects nearly everyone in Football God.  Everyone aside from Folden and John had one of these two teams winning the Big East.  The winner of this game will likely only have Rutgers between them and the Big East Championship.

Fantasy Football Preview

Adam 5-2 vs Shawn 3-4

Although I'm two games better than Shawn in the standings, he comes in with a 6 point advantage in the overall projections this week.  I pulled a win last week out of my ass, using Andrew's bad luck as my lube.  I think I'll call this one early as my UPSET OF THE WEEK

Folden 3-4 vs Andrew 2-5

Andrew's season has become one of total disappointment.  Last week Andrew played against the person who scored the most points in the week, again.  Andrew's still got some time to come back, but he's going to have to start making some moves relatively soon.  Folden will probably score 400 points, while Andrew's season of Job continues

Munez 3-4 vs Jim 4-3 
Munez had a nice comeback game last week to get back on the right track.  Jim lost a close one to Folden.  Jim's team has averaged about 140 points the last three weeks, and he still scored 130 last week with Drew Brees on bye.  I'm going to put him in for the LOCK OF THE WEEK over Munez this week.

Colin 3-4 vs Rob 3-4

Colin is hurting. Losing 4 in a row, while Rob's rolling, winning 3 in a row.  Both of their rosters are at full strength, and I think this is the week when Colin gets back on track.  I mean it has to happen at some point, right?


John 5-2 vs Joe 4-3

Big game this week for Joe and John.  John comes into the game off only his second loss, and this week plays without Adrian Foster & A.J Green, who are easily the most reliable players on his roster.  Joe has a few players on bye, but his roster depth  is pretty good so he should be ok.  This is a very competitive game this week and has should be a good one.

That's all for the week, good luck and be safe on this halloween weekend.

Belated Week 8 Football God scoring update

What up bitches.  I"m gonna hit up some scores quick here.  Before we get into anything else.

BIG UPS first to Munez in the pick 'ems this past week.  He put up 16 correct predictions out of 20 in the college pick 'em.  In the Pro Pick'em he scored 8 points giving him 24 out of 33 for the week to take the 10 point bonus.

That gives Munez 25 bonus points on the season in the pick 'em.  At this point still only four people, myself, Joe, Munez, and Voyten have won bonus points in the pick 'ems.

Also, last week, all 5 fantasy football games had a 2-4 team playing against a team with a better record.  In the end 4 OF THE 5 TEAMS GOT THE UPSET.  So, what we're left with now is a much tighter race then we were at last week.

2nd BIG UPS go to Rob, who after starting 0-4 in fantasy football has fought back to 3-4 in the league.

BIG DOWNS go to Colin, who after starting off 3-0 in fantasy football has lost 4 straight games.  What's going on with your team, Bro?

Our fantasy standings look like this now.

1. John 5-2
2. Adam 5-2
3. Jim 4-3
4. Joe 4-3
5. Munez 3-4
6. Colin 3-4
7. Shawn 3-4
8. Folden 3-4
9. Rob 3-4
10. Andrew 2-5

So,  let's take a look at the total scored up to now

College football score+ pro score+ fantasy score+ (bonus) = current total.

Adam 92+48+50+(20)= 210
Shawn 86+50+30+(35)= 201
Munez 99+41+30+(25)= 195
Joe 76+47+40+(10)= 173
Jim 91+37+40= 168
Colin 87+48+30=165
John 70+41+50= 161
Folden 85+46+30= 161
Rob 74+50+30=154
Andrew 79+45+20= 144


1. Adam 210 (=)
2. Shawn 201 (-1)
3. Munez 195 (+1)
4. Joe 173 (-1)
5. Jim 168 (-1)
6. Colin 165 (+1)
t7. John 161 (-1)
t7 Folden 161 (+1)
9. Rob 154 (+1)
10 Andrew 144 (-1)

Monday, October 22, 2012


Updates in the week of the underdog.

As stated before, all five 2-4 teams were playing against teams with better records.  Here's where we stand on that.

Shawn (2-4) vs Joe (4-2)  Shawn pounded Joe's team, who didn't bother to show up.  Confirmed UPSET!

Munez (2-4) vs Colin (3-3)  Munez has a 50 point lead, while Colin has only Calvin Johnson remaining to play.  Extremely Likely, UPSET!

Rob (2-4) vs John (5-1) Rob is down by 11 points and has his quarterback and a receiver left to play.  Unless Cutler has one of his dog shit games that he's known to have from time to time, we're looking at a very likely UPSET!

Johnson Bowl! Andrew (2-4) vs Adam (4-2)  Andrew had it all locked up yesterday.  A ten point lead, with my last 2 players finishing up.  Then Eli hit Victor Cruz on a 70 yard TD pass that put Eli over 300 yards passing, Cruz over 100 yards receiving, and a TD for both, giving me 30 points on one play.

Andrew has his kicker remaining, and will need a huge day from him to have a chance.  Unlikely but still possible upset

Jim (4-2) vs Folden (2-4)  Folden has a 14 1/2 point lead over Jim, while Jim has Matt Forte remaining.  So, coin flip UPSET!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fantasy Football Week 7 Preview

So, we're 6 games into the season, and only 2 games separate 2nd place to last place.  If we have another crazy weekend like we did this past week with upsets, things could get even more tight.

Let's take a look at our week 7 match ups.

Jim (4-2) vs Folden (2-4)

Jim is coming off a hot week, moving up to 2nd in the standings.   Folden's been Bumming Turtles all year, but now he's coming off a big win that's moved him back into a better position.  Jim's won 3 games in a row and has been rolling over the competition.  Jim's projected to put up 20 more points than Folden.  Folden winning this game would make this league real tight.

Adam (4-2) vs Andrew (2-4)

Interesting fact about Andrew and I.  He and I have been in the championship in fantasy football in 3 or the 4 years we've done football god.  We have also, never won the championship.  We are the Manning Brothers, if Eli was as big a loser as Peyton.  I'm projected to kick Andrew's ass right now by about 20 points.

John (5-1) vs Rob (2-4)

John has scored more than 200 points more than Rob this season.  Rob is coming off his second win in a row though.  I'd like to think Rob could win this game, but it is NOT GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN.  Here it is LOCK of the week. John over Rob

Joe (4-2) vs Shawn (2-4)

Joe's starting QB, Matt Ryan, is on bye this week.  In most cases I would have picked Joe to easily beat Shawn, based on how Joe's team has played.  But, I think the difference tween Ryan and Alex Smith might be enough to pull Shawn over Joe.  That's why this game is my pick for UPSET OF THE WEEK.


Munez (2-4) vs Colin (3-3)

Man, what a game.  Munez has 4 players on bye this week, Colin has 4 on bye. They have both lost 3 games in a row.  And, as of now, the only position player that Colin can substitute in for his empty flex spot is on the bench, and he plays at 8 tonight.  I love the slap stickiness that this game looks like it's going to afford.

Final Thoughts

There are 5 teams that are 2-4 in our league and they're all playing teams with better records.  If all 5 2-4 teams were to win this week, we'd have 6 teams at 3-4, 3 at 4-3, and one at 5-2.  It's almost so appetizing that I hope that's what happens.

Enjoy & good luck this week.

Monday, October 15, 2012


So, I'm writing this late night update as a congrats.


Also, Jim beat me for THE FIRST TIME EVER.

This is a big week in fantasy football, mainly because it brings everybody back into contention, and keeps anybody from falling behind....

In Pick 'em news.  I won the pick 'em bonus of 10 points this week with 20 points overall.  I crushed in college pick'em and held everyone off in Pro pick'em.  So let's get to overall scores.

College pick'em + Pro pick'em + fantasy wins + (bonus)= total.

Adam 79+39+40+(20)=178
Shawn 79+44+20+(35)=178
Joe 64+38+40+(10)=153
Munez 83+33+20+(15)=151
Jim 82+29+40=151
John 57+38+50=145
Colin 74+40+30=144
Folden 79+40+20=139
Andrew 68+38+20=126
Rob 63+41+20=124

So, things have changed a bit in the score, but WHAT'S MORE IMPORTANT, is that last week the difference between first place and last place was 62 points.  The difference this week is 54 points.  So, overall things have tightened up.  Shawn and I have a 25 point lead right now over everyone else.  But the difference between 3rd and 10th is a mere 29 points.

Here are our current trends in the rankings.

t1. Adam 178 (+1)
t1. Shawn 178 (=)
3. Joe 153 (+1)
t4. Munez 151 (-1)
t4. Jim 151(+2)
6. John 145(+1)
7. Colin 144 (-1)
8. Folden 139 (+1)
9. Andrew 126 (=)
10. Rob 124 (-1)

What's even more interesting to look at is that with the current college projections, Andrew & Rob, who are in 9th and 10th, are in really good shape.  And, Munez, who's in 4th, is in even better shape.

When College projections are added in, Folden is in worse shape than the totals lead on, and John is in MUCH worse shape.

So, next week I'll give you guys a Pro Prediction projection, and also give you guys a Lou Holtz pep talk on next weeks match ups.  Until, stay classy.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Football God Update: College Projections

So, I know it's still early in the college Conference play season, but I figured.  It is halfway through the season in general, so why not take a look at where we are for each conference.

I won't be covering the PAC 10 or the MAC, because we all have USC & Boise St.  I also won't be covering the WAC, because they have only played one conference game so far.

Otherwise, we'll start from the alphabetical top.  I'll be putting their conference record in there, not their overall.  Also, if you're wondering why some teams are listed in red, that's not a good thing.  It means they are bad and so are you for picking them.

ACC:  Teams picked to win. Fl St, Clemson, & VA TEch

FL State 3-1 (Everyone else)
Clemson 2-1 (Shawn & Joe)
VA Tech 2-1 (Adam & Folden)

If the season ended today, it would actually be Maryland & Miami in the ACC Championship game.  VA Tech is 4-3 overall, and although they have pretty much control their own destiny, they also went 0-2 against Big East teams this year, so I wouldn't really hold my breath.  The only thing that VA Tech has going for it is a pretty bad coastal conference that they play in, and a tendency to play well down the stretch in recent years.

On Clemson & FL St's side of the conference, Maryland has taken an early lead in the conference.  After the next three weeks, they could be 5-0, based off of some below average competition.  However, this is a little misleading, because their final three games of the season are against clemson, fl st, and north carolina, easily 3 of the best teams in the ACC this year.

Most likely, it's going to end up with FL St & Clemson both tied at the top of the conference, with FL St holding the tie break.

Current ACC projection: FL St vs Below average Coastal Team

Big 12 Conference

Texas: 1-2 (shawn, joe, john)
WVU 2-1 (Jim, Adam, Folden)
Oklahoma 2-1 (Andrew, Colin, Rob, Munez)

The Big 12 is filled with lots of 1 loss teams right now, but the only team that's undefeated in the Conference is Kansas St.  Nobody had them winning the conference; however, Folden did have them in a BCS bowl.

It's early still, but it's pretty safe to say that Texas is not going to win the Big 12.  As of right now the projection is simple.  If Kansas St wins this weekend against WVU, you may be able to close the Big 12 down for the season.

Current Projection: Kansas St

Big 10

Michigan St (John)
Wisconsin (Adam & Andrew)
Michigan (everyone else)

Well Michigan St is 1-2 in the Big 10 so it's pretty safe to say they're out of it now.  Sorry John.
Wisconsin has a loss in the Big 10, however, their conference is kind of a gimmie.  Penn St & Ohio St aren't allowed to play in the post season.  Their remaining competition of Purdue, Indiana, and Illinois are a combined 0-8 in conference play.  It's pretty safe to say we'll see them in the Big 10 championship game.  Michigan plays Iowa at home.  Iowa avoids Oh St this year in the schedule, Michigan does not.

Current Projection: Iowa vs Wisconsin

Big East

Rutgers 3-0 (nobody)
Louisville 1-0 (everyone else)
Cinci 1-0 (Shawn & Colin)
South Florida 0-2 (John)
Pittsburgh 0-3 (Folden)

It's so early in the Big East season it's hard to project out who is going to win the conference.  It's important to note though that Folden's Pitt pick and John's South Florida pick are looking like they aren't going to work out.  Louisville, Cinci, and Rutgers are all undefeated, they all play each other, but the big difference is that Rutgers is 3-0 in confrence play.  They've taken care of business against the lesser than's in their conference and only have the good teamss left.  So...for now

Current Project: Rutgers

Conference U.S.A

Tulsa 4-0 (Colin)
UCF 2-0 (Jim, Rob, Adam)
Houston 2-0 (Andrew & Munez)
SMU 1-1 (Shawn, Folden)
Marshall 1-1 (Joe, John)

Year in and year out this is my favorite conference to watch.  Not only is it always a cluster fuck until the last week or two of the season, but it also always has the biggest disparity between each of us.

Current Projection: I shit my pants and sit in it all day, I have no fucking idea


Florida 5-0 (nobody)
Alabama 3-0 (Rob & Colin)
Georgia 3-1 (Adam & John)
LSU 2-1 (everyone else)
Arkansas 2-2 (Folden)

Look dude, I dunno.  lots of teams left, I'll revisit this one in a couple weeks, after Florida has played Georgia and SC.

Current Projection: Alabama vs Georgia/SC/Florida

Sun Belt Conference

Louisiana Lafayette 2-0 (Shawn)
FIU 0-3 (Adam, Jim, Colin,John)
Arkansas St 2-1 (Folden, Joe, Rob, Munez

Projection...It's hard to say here.  There are 5 teams that are either unbeaten or have one loss in conference play right now.  I'll shoot here with Louisiana Monroe, since they were so good in non conference play

Louisiana Monroe.

Last but not least, the MAC

Western Michigan 1-2 (Shawn, Adam)
Ohio 3-0 (everyone else)

Projection Ohio vs Toledo/Nor Ill

Overall Projection:

Overall, If I look from top to bottom at who has the best predictions so far, so far as the Championship game and all the conference winners goes.  Andrew, Rob, and Munez have the most consistent looking predictions so far.  None of their picks have worked their way out of contention yet.  I'll revisit this in three weeks and see where we are down the stretch.  Hope you enjoyed this.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Football God Update Week 6

Hey friends.  We are officially into the MEAT of all of football season right now.  I want to start today, by making a point about our preseason college pick 'em.

Colin is the only person in our league to still have an unbeaten team in the championship.  He has Alabama, who is also ranked #1 overall.  If they make the championship game, that would be a huge help to Colin in the standings.  As for the rest of us.  USC, Arkansas, Georgia, and LSU have all shit themselves.  They all (with the exception of Arkanss) could still fight their way back up, but it would be difficult.

Also, in how sad it is, Andrew's fantasy football team took another difficult defeat.  Andrew's opponents have put up 141 points a game this year on average.  The next closest is me at 119 points a game against.  That's an absurd difference.  When you look at the complete other end of the spectrum, John's team is seeing opposition at the rate of 92 points per game.  So, essentially, it's been relatively easy for John so far, and down right shitty for Andrew.

I'm naming Andrew my official underdog of the year that I wanna see turn it around.  Much like Munez last year and Folden in 2009.  It's fun to have someone to watch for and think to yourself, if I don't win it, I hope that miserable bastard does.

So, with that being said, let's look at the rest of Fantasy Football.

Jim's team put up 192 points this week, beating Voyten by more than 100 points.
John's beat Folden after a dismal effort by Folden's team.  They only put up about 50 points.
ROB eeked out a win against Munez, giving him his first win of the season.
I beat Colin in a back and forth match up that wasn't decided until the last few minutes of his last player's game.
And, as was stated before, Andrew lost to Joe by 5 points.  Andrew had a 7 point lead going into the Monday night game, with Joe's kicker left to play and Ben tate to play for Andrew.  Tate didn't play and Andrew is left to cry in his own pile of shit again.

So, 5 weeks into the fantasy season, here's where things stand:

Adam 4-1
John 4-1
Joe 4-1
Jim 3-2
Colin 3-2
Munez 2-3
Shawn 2-3
Andrew 1-4
Folden 1-4
Rob 1-4

Next week's matchups

Munez (2-3) vs John (4-1)

Munez better be on watch out, because John's opponents tend to shit the bed when they play him.  John's duo of A.J Green and Arian Foster has been pretty unstoppable this year.  If one of them has a shitty week, Munez could pull it out.  Assuming that he can avoid the John Curse.

Colin 3-2 vs Folden 1-4

Colin has dropped two in a row, while Folden's team has struggled.  Colin is projected to beat Folden by 20 this week, but I feel like Folden is going to rebound after last week's performance.  I'm going to put this in as my UPSET OF THE WEEK.

Joe (4-1) vs Rob (1-4)

Joe and Rob's seasons are almost complete opposites.  And considering that Rob's current flex player is predicted to score 0 points this week, it's a good bet that Joe will win.  This WOULD BE my Lock of the Week, except for...

Adam (4-1) vs Jim (3-2)

The fact that Jim has never beaten me in Fantasy Football.  This is our 5th year playing together, and in 7 previous matchups he has never beatin me.  One year I went 3-12.  Two of my wins were against Jim.  Also,   Jim's best QB, RB, and WR are all on bye this week.  Seems like a perfect storm, that's built to my LOCK OF THE WEEK

Andrew (1-4) vs Shawn (2-3)

I like this game a lot this week.  It's a good matchup between 2 hard luck teams.  Andrew's luck has been stated earlier, and Shawn's team has given up the 3rd most points.  What this means is that one of these two is going to win, and the final score will probably be around 180-175.  Who doesn't love a good shoot out?

College Pick 'Em & Pro Pick 'em

I'll start by going over the bonus's for the past two weeks.

In week 5 Joe and I each put up 17 points making us the winners of the ten point bonus
In week 6 Shawn scored 20 combined points, with the next closest person to him scoring 16.  Quite the ass beating.

I also want to point out that Joe got exactly 1 game right in the pro pick'em this week.  If you guessed at random with your eyes shut, chances are you would get 50 percent of the games right.  Amazing.

Overall Munez is leading college with 73 in the college pick'em with Shawn & Jim close behind.

Pros is led by Shawn and Rob with 38.  Interestingly, those are the only two people who have a winning record in pro pick'em this year, and it's only by 2 games.

Overall Scores:

Fantasy Football Score + College Pick'em + Pro Pick'em + (bonus) = Total points

Shawn 20+71+38+(35)= 164
Adam 40+65+33+(10)=148
Munez 20+73+30+(15)=138
Joe 40+54+32+(10)=136
Colin 30+63+34=127
Jim 30+71+25=126
John 40+47+34=121
Rob 10+55+38=103
Folden 10+59+33=102
Andrew 10+58+34=102

As the point totals indicate, fantasy football is the main factor in the standings right now.  The only other difference is the bonus's.  The 4 people who have obtained bonus's are the top 4 spots right now.

So here are your places, with also a trending indicator in whether the person is rising or falling in the standings.

1. Shawn (+1)
2. Adam (+1)
3. Munez (-2)
4. Joe (+1)
5. Colin (-1)
6. Jim (=)
7. John (+1)
8. Rob (+1)
t9. Andrew (-2)
t9. Folden (+1)

So, I'm going to start doing a regular weekly column  in probably 2 weeks.

Next week, I'm going to do a prediction update, based on indicators of how people are doing with their predictions.  As always, check your own score, I HAVE fucked up before.  And take care.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Football God Week 4 Update

What up my nerds.  We're 4 weeks into Football God 5, and things are developing slowly.  I'm going to start today by talking about a few suprises in regards to our predictions.

Early in the college season, Arkansas completely imploded and USC has an early loss, which does not bode well for all of us.  However, in our championship game losers, all of us (other than Folden) are having good luck with our teams. LSU, Fl St, Georgia, and Alabama are all undefeated and in the top 5.

First red out of the year.

So if you guys look at the preseason predictions at the end of the year, I use red to show a prediction you did not get correct.  I update these throughout the year whenever I'm bored.  Not suprisingly, Folden's pick of Arkansas to win the National Championship is the first red out of the year.

On another side, Folden's the only person to pick Kansas St in a BCS game.  Admittedly, the Big 12 season is just starting, but after a win on the road against Oklahoma, that pick is looking pretty good.

In the NFL, there aren't too many picks that are looking bad so far.  NE, GB & Pittsburgh are out to 1-2 starts, and Buffalo & Minnesota are out to  2-1 starts.  The Arizona Cardinals are the best team on the planet, and the Falcons are looking pretty unstoppable.  Those are out of character, but there is a ton of season left to play.

My New Orleans pick to make the NFC championship is the only one that's truly looking worrisome so far. They have started 0-3 and play the Packers on the Road this week.  They could easily be looking at 0-4 this time next week.

Fantasy Football

3 weeks into the fantasy season and we are down to 2 undefeated teams; Colin and myself. John, Joe, and Munez are both at 2-1.  Jim, Andrew, and Shawn are 1-2.  Rob and Anthony are both 0-3.  For those of you at 0-3 you shouldn't lose hope.  After what turned out being an oversight by me, 6 teams will be making the playoffs this year, with the top 2 teams having a first round bye.

Hard luck fantasy player of the year so far.

 I know it's easier to pick someone who is 0-3, but I'm giving it to Andrew so far.  Andrew's opponents have scored, on average, 30 points more a week than the next closest person to him.  His opponents are averaging 138 points a week against him, while Me, the next closest person to him is having only 112 put up against him a week.

Our week 4 match ups show some interesting match ups.

Jim (1-2) vs Andrew (1-2)
Might as well start with Andrew to start.  Andrew and Jim are both trying to get to .500.  Andrew is predicted to beat Jim right now by about 20 points.  With Andrew's luck so far, Drew Brees and Colston will probably hook up for about 300 yards and 4 td's between the 2 of them for Jim.

Folden (0-3) vs Rob (0-3)
This game is the first road of recovery for one person and what could be a nail of sorts for another.  Remember, last year, I started 0-5 and fought only to be out of contention for the playoffs in the last game of the regular season.

Munez (2-1) vs Joe (2-1)
Great game to see which of these two is going to make an early push for supremacy.  If it's anything like the time they played beer pong together, the game will last 6 hours and their livers will equally lose.

Voyten (1-2) vs Colin (3-0)
Colin is cruising and Voyten is losing.  I think this is the closest thing to a lock we have this week.  Colin is scoring nearly 40 points more a week than Shawn right now.

Adam (3-0) vs John (2-1)
This is an EXTREMELY even match up this week.  My team has scored exactly 1 point more than John's has this season.  If he and I had played last week, I would have beat him by 18/100ths of a point.  If things go as they are now, this should be a crazy game.

College Pick 'em

Week 3 Pick 'em results.

Munez jumped out an impressive 16 correct in college that week and followed it up with getting 3 out of 16 in pros.  Didn't get it done.  Shawn scored 14 in college and 10 in the NFL giving him 24 points and the 10 point bonus for week 3.

In week 4,  Shawn put up 11 in college and 9 in the NFL giving him another 10 point bonus.  4 weeks into the Pick'em season and only 2 players have accrued any bonus points.  Shawn has taken down 25 and Munez 15.

Overall total scores below

(Pro + College + Fantasy +(bonus))

1. Munez 17+57+ 20+ (15)=109
2. Shawn 23+52+ 10 +(25) = 108
3. Adam 18+48+30=96

4. Colin 20+45+30=95
5. Joe 24+34+20=78

6. Jim 14+54+10=78

7. Andrew 22+45+10=77

8. John 21+30+20 =71
9. Rob 25+41=66

10.Folden 18+44=62

That's our scores so far, we're only four weeks into what abouts to a 21 or 22 week season so don't get discouraged.  Colin was our leader through most of the year last year, but fell off hard when his predictions ended up being eatin asshole.

Until next week.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FOOTBALL GOD 2012 Prediction Show

Defending Football God Champion Shawn Voyten

Previous Football Gods
2009: 2 of 10
2010: 8 of 9
2011: 1 of 12
2012 Prediction 8 of 10

2 Time  Champion - Anthony Folden

Folden won both the inaugural season of Football God, as well as the 2010 season.  He sandwiched a 3rd place finish in the 2009 season.

Previous Football Gods
2008 - 1 of 4
2009 - 3 of 10
2010 - 1 of 9
2011 - 9 of 12
2012 prediction - I think it will be a bounce back year for Folden, who has always done well in Football God.  I don't think he's going to make it in the money though, just outside of it.
5 of 10.

2009 Football God Champ - Adam Johnson

Previous Football Gods

2008: 4 of 4
2009: 1 of 10
2010: 2 of 9
2011: 8 of 12
I usually either hit big or finish small.  Last year felt like a down year for me, but this year feels like a better one for me.  I like close to the money, but not quite
2012 prediction: 4 of 10.

Now, the best of the rest.

2011 Runner UP: Joe McLane

Previous Football Gods
2009 - 5th of 10
2010 - 5th of 9
2011 - 2nd of 12
2012 Prediction
I don't think Joe has it this year.  Missed picks already, got killed in fantasy football.  I'm going to put him a little low this year.  8 of 10.

Jim Rowing
Previous Football God's
2008: 3 of 4
2009: 6 of 10
2010: 4 of 9
2011: 3 of 12
2012 Prediction:  I gotta be honest.  Jim has been building towards a money season for years.  He made his money back last year, but this year I think he takes it one step forward...just not the ultimate step
2 of 10

John McLane

Previous Football Gods

2010 - 6 of 9

2011- 12 of 12
  Last year, I predicted everyone's finishing spot, and I predicted 3 of the 12 people. Not great. But John's was the easiest one to pick.  I knew he wouldn't do all of his picks, and he has started off this year the same way.  So, until things change...
2012 Prediction 10 of 10

Previous Football Gods

2009 8 of 10
2010 7 of 9
2011: 4 of 12
Fuck, it.  This year he finally didn't put in a weird thing like USC for national championship when they had a bowl ban or pick Darren Mcfadden for his National championship.  And trust me, growing up with the guy; he wins games. 
2012 Prediction: 1 of 10. 

Chris Coldsmith

So here it is. The idiot I think will win this year. I don't know why.

2009: 4 of 10
2011: 11 of 12

I had him predicted at #1 last year.  I just forgot to put an extra 1 in there.  Munez has told me repeatedly that he is gonna win this year.  But I'm gonna play it safe based off of last year. 
2012 Prediction 9 of 10

Rob Klingensmith

Previous Football God
2010 9 of 9
Rob will do ok, but needs to get back into it a little slowly.  I see him coming in at 69.
2012 Prediction 6 of 9
Previous Football Gods

2009 - 9 of 10
2011 - 10 of 12
2012 Prediction - Colin could really use a good year.  I've looked over his team and his predictions and I feel like this may be his year.  I have him coming in at 
3 of 10.

So those are my predictions for the year guys. Payouts this year will be

1st $400
2nd $100
3rd $50

2012 Predictions

1. Andrew
2. Jim
3. Colin
4. Adam
5. Folden
6. Joe
7. Munez
8. Shawn
9. Rob
10. John