Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 8 Results

No time for love this week, let's just get to the results.

College Pick 'em

Adam 15
Folden 15
Andrew 14
Munez 13
Colin 13
Geiss 12
Rob 12
Voyten 12
Joe 12
Jim 10


Adam 91
Folden 89
Andrew 88
Colin 88
Joe 84
Geiss 81
Munez 80
Voyten 79
Jim 79
Rob 74

This week's college games seem to be pretty tough to pick this week. Might be a tough week. Then again i suck dick.

Pro Pick 'em
Rob 11
Colin 10
Joe 10
Folden 9
Voyten 9
Andrew 8
Geiss 8
Adam 8
Munez 8
Jim 8


Munez 75
Folden 72
Jim 71
Colin 70
Geiss 69
Adam 67
Andrew 66
Rob 65
Joe 63
Voyten 61

Fantasy Football
Winners this week
Munez (dominant)
Shawn (dominant)

Overall fantasy points

Munez 60 points
Colin 50
Rob 40
Joe 40
Shawn 40
Andrew 30
Geiss 30
Jim 20
Folden 20
Adam 20

Overall Totals

1. Munez 60 + 75 + 80 = 215
2. Colin 50 +70 + 88 = 208
3. Joe = 40 + 63 +84 = 187
4. Andrew = 66 + 88 +30 = 184
5. Folden 72 + 89 + 20 = 181
6. Geiss = 30 + 69 + 81 =180
7. Shawn = 61 + 79 + 40 = 180
8. Rob = 65 + 74 + 40 = 179
9. Adam 91 + 67 + 20 = 178
10.Jim = 71 + 79 + 20 = 170

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Demi God & Donkey Dick

Ok, I'll make this quick, because I'm not on my computer. And I dont have pics right now. But I wanted to be fair.

Demi God for this week is Colin Reilly. He swept with a first place for the week in the pro pick 'em, college pick 'em, and won his fantasy football game. Pretty manly weekend.

Donkey Dick of the week, is me, i am bad, bad, bad. last place in life. Put a fork in me, I'm done.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 7 Updates

What's up my nerrrdssss. I'll try to give a decent review today, but the fact that my team put up 175 points and is currently down by 50 is giving me an I don't give a shit about the update attitude. But, i'll try to power through it.

College Football

I'll tell ya, we have a bunch of mother fuckers be droppin' shit in college this weekend, my nigggsss. 7 teams in the top 25 lost. Bumping such Football God favorites Pitt & WVU into the top 25, at number's 20 and 22, respectively. Before we get to the pick 'em, let's go through some college football RED OUTS first through EVERY CONFERENCE.

ACC - So far, the only two teams redded out for this year are my pick of UNC & Andrew's of FL ST. VT took a pretty big hit this weekend, which is incidentally the only team that anybody else picked this year.

Big 10 - Ohio St took a hit this weekend, making their games against Penn St and Iowa even more important than before. Ohio St has two loses, meaning that they are going to have to smoke a lot of pole throughout their last (insert # of games) to get themselves into the Rose Bowl for the (insert #) time in (insert #) years.

Big East - Cinci took it to South Florida this weekend. Putting a hit on my Big East pick. Rutgers lost to Pitt, officially redding out this pick for Rob, Folden, & Colin. Odd to me that Cinci is #5 in the country, returning Big East champs, and undefeated and not one of us chose them to repeat. Those with WVU & Pitt are still looking ok...For now.

SEC - all of us took Florida. All of us are still in wicked good shape.

PAC 10 - All of us took USC, they play Oregon in a couple of weeks, things should be clear there by then.

MAC - Me, Joe, Geiss, Jim & Folden all took Central Michigan to win. They are currently 4-0 in the conference, and their victory over Western Mich has led to a red out on that pick for Munez, Andrew, and Shawn. Colin's pick of Buffalo is 1-2 in the conference and dangerously close of being redded out on the season. Rob's pick of Ball St has been redded out since they took the field against North Texas in week 1.

Big 12 - All of us that had Texas look good. Rob looks bad. Really bad.

Sun Belt - We all had Troy, except for Colin who had Florida Atlantic. Pick of Troy is looking good, they are 3-0. Colin's pick, redded out. Strathmore on the mid major's Colin.

MWC- Speaking of Strathmore on the mid majors, Colin's pick of Colorado State in the Mountain West conference is looking pretty good, at 0-3 in the conference. Redded out. BYU, Utah, & TCU took the rest of our choices. Each is undefeated in the conference so far. TCU plays BYU this weekend, which is huge for conference (and BCS game) implications.

Conference USA - My favorite, the wildcard of the bunch. 5 different teams were picked from this conference; ECU, Houston, Marshall, Tulsa, & Southern Mississippi.

South Miss, Marshall, and ECU are currently tied for first in the east division, while Tulsa is leading the West, with Houston a game back at 1-1 in conference play.

WAC - we all had boise, boise is lookin' good. However, Boise vs Idaho may turn out to be a bigger game than anticipated. Idaho is 6-1 so far this season. Look out Broncos.

So, what was this for? Mainly, just so I could go through these and see where we all are.

Overall, we're all in pretty good shape still. Colin and Rob had a few suspect picks back fire in their faces, but it's still early.

Onto the college pick 'em for the week. I'm going to warn you, it's brutal from top to bottom.

Colin 9
Geiss 8
Shawn 8
Andrew 8
Joe - 7
Munez - 7
Rob 7
Jim 7
Adam 6
Folden 6

Although the scores were low, Me and Folden being in first and second and coming in last gave everybody the opportunity to pick up a couple of games. Here are the standings now on the season.

Adam 76
Colin 75
Andrew 74
Folden 74
Joe 72
Geiss 69
Jim 69
Shawn 67
Munez 67
Rob 62

Pro Pick 'em

Colin 10
Munez 10
Jim 9
Andrew 9
Rob 9
Joe 8
Geiss 8
Folden 8
Adam 8
Shawn 7

Overall for the year

Munez 67
Folden 63
Jim 63
Geiss 61
Colin 60
Adam 59
Andrew 58
Rob 54
Joe 53
Voyten 52

That brings us to fantasy football. Now, I am a loser, but I was curious, we all know the records, and how many points we've scored. But, I was curious, who has the most points against for the season. I did the math on Friday, and I was at the top, this was followed by Rob scoring 229 points against me.

Points Against for the season.

Adam- 973.04
Jim - 857.78
Geiss - 826.46
Voyten - 823.28
Joe - 791.1
Colin - 764.34
Folden - 750.14
Andrew - 755.94
Munez - 721.22
Rob - 718.4

So there you go, my team has faced people putting up points at such an impressive rate that it's more than 120 points higher than the next highest person, and it's over 250 points higher than the person who's team has faced the least amount of points (Rob).
Other interesting facts about our fantasy football season

(2) In Geiss' current 3 game losing streak he has lost by totals of 4/100's of a point, .56 of a point, and now 1.22 points for a total of 3 straight loses by a total of 1.82 points.

(3) His first loss in that losing streak was to Jim Who had preceded that week by losing by 3 points and followed it up with winning by 2 points, before losing to handily to Folden this week.

(4) If you doubled Jim's score this week, he would still have lost to Rob by 20 points.

(5) Rob won this week by scoring 9 more points than what his score would have been doubled last week.

(6) My team scored the 3rd highest amount of points of any team in our league all season and lost by more than 50 points.

(7) Rob now has the two highest weeks of scoring in this season. In those two games he scored j408 points. In his other 4 games, he's scored 447.64 points.

(8) In week 6 of this league, 6 out of 10 people scored over 150 points. In every other week combined it's only happened 11 times.

(9) Three games this week were settled by 2.18 points or less.

Onto the standings

Munez 5-1
Colin 5-1
Rob 4-2
Munez 3-3
Voyten 3-3
Andrew 3-3
Jim 2-4
Geiss 2-4
Folden 2-4
Adam 1-5

Season Totals

Colin 60 + 75 + 50 = 185
Munez 50 + 67 + 67 = 184
Andrew 58 74 30 = 162
Folden 74 63 20 = 157
Rob 54 62 40 = 156
Joe 53 72 30 = 155
Jim 63 69 20 = 152
Geiss 69 61 20 = 150
Voyten 52 67 30 = 149
Adam 76 59 10 = 145

There it is, demi god and donkey of the week will come tomorrow. I'm tired.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Updates Week 6

No time for a long post this week, but before the results, I need help getting Munez & Colin into the Varsity Blues fantasy football name fun. They are all that's stopping us from 10 for 10. Simultaneously they are also the top 2 teams in the fantasy football league, so maybe Varsity Blues names are for suckas.

College pick 'em

Adam 13
Rob 12
Andrew 12
Folden 11
Colin 11
Voyten 9
Joe 9
Geiss 8
Jim 7
Munez 6 (piss poor buddy)

Pro Pick 'em
Geiss 10
Munez 10
Andrew - 9
Folden - 9
Jim - 8
Colin - 8
Voyten - 8
Rob - 7
Joe - 7
Adam - 7

Fantasy, poor poor Geiss. He has lost his last two fantasy games by a COMBINED total of 1.6 points. That's fucking harsh. That small amount is all that's stopping him from being 4-1 instead of 2-3.

Munez 4-1
Colin 4-1
Joe 3-2
Shawn - 3-2
Rob 3-2
Andrew 2-3
Jim 2-3
Geiss 2-3
Folden 1-4
Adam 1-4

Red Outs

FL State - Andrew had them winning the ACC. All of us had them in the ACC Championship game. Done, over with. My ACC game of UNC vs FL State is completely redded out.

Overall Stadings:
There's now a bit more separation in the college pick 'em than there has been in recent weeks. Here are the totals

Adam 70
Folden 68
Andrew 66
Colin 66
Joe 65
Jim 62
Geiss 61
Munez 60
Voyten 59
Rob 55

Pro total

Munez - 57
Folden - 55
Jim - 54
Geiss -53
Adam 51
Colin - 50
Andrew - 49
Rob - 45
Voyten - 45
Joe -45

Overall standings:

Munez - 157
Colin - 156
Joe - 140
Jim - 136
Andrew - 135
Geiss - 134
Voyten - 134
Folden -133
Adam - 131
Rob - 130

Demi God Week 6:

Nobody deserves it, nobody played consistantly well in all three categories. For shame, bitches.

Donkey Dick of the Week

ALL OF US, BECAUSE WE COULDN'T PLAY CONSISTANTLY...but more realistically, probably your mom, because she sucks at it...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So I'm going to explain something to you guys. When somebody makes a pre season prediction, and it starts to appear that that prediction will not come true, I usually highlight that prediction in red, to give myself a better indication of who is looking good and who is looking bad. That's not to say that the team can't rebound and get the red mark removed from their name. It's just for indicative purposes. Well, ladies, I can officially say that I have put my first red marks on the 2009 season. I'll go through each team that's been redded out.

Before I do that, I want to say something to the 5 people, Munez, Rob, Joe, Geiss, & Jim who picked both Florida and the Steelers to repeat as champions this year. I got curious so I looked up some statistics. In the 43 years since the Super Bowl started that has NEVER HAPPENED in the same season. Not once. Of course, there is a first for everything, but I did the research so I might as well write about it.

I'll start off by saying that you may notice that Rob's NFC representative in the Super Bowl, the Carolina Panthers, is not on this list. I'm going to Chet Stedman them here and give them one more.
Tennessee - Colin had them winning the division, and Jim and Folden both had them in the Wildcard. It is possible for them to get their shit together and go on a tear, winning a wild card spot. Unlikely, but possible. As far as winning the division goes there chances of that are FUCK and NO. 4 games back of the better Manning 4 games into the season. Sorry C-Bag. Seemed like a good choice to you and only you, and the rest of us seemed to know the reason. It's because of Kerry Collins stock...Strathmore. (I still appreciate his racism)
Oakland (Winning the AFC wildcard) Adam - You know this is me getting what I deserve. Honestly, they are 1-3 which by no means counts them out of wildcard contention. But, aside from the San Diego game they are a bad bad bad 1-3. I encourage each and every one of you to make fun of me in the comments section for making this pick. Please, I deserve it. Anybody who pins their hopes (and money) on Al Davis, Jamarcus Russel, & Tom Cable deserves the pain. Here is a picture of Darth Vader meeting the Emperor.

Denver (Top three picks) - 4-0. Pretty much ruins the chances of this one for Myself, Folden, Shawn, Andrew, Munez, and Rob.

(BCS Title Game) Rob - Well, pal, I don't know what to tell you. This makes sense compared to the rest of your picks. It really really does.

North Carolina (Win the ACC & play in a BCS game) Adam - Loses to above average Georgia Tech & below average Virginia have pretty much guarenteed this pick is not going to happen.

Ball St (Win the Mac) Rob - Ball St is 0-1 in their conference. That's not what got them the red out. What's gotten them a red out is going 0-5 including loses to North Texas, New Hampshire, Army, & Toledo. That team doesn't have a fucking shot

Florida Atlantic (Win the Sun Belt Conference) Colin - The conferences are different but the story's the same. Florida Atlantic International St University College A&M is 0-1 in conference play, but winless on the year.

Darrius Heyward Bay (or is it Bey) (Offensive Rookie of the Year) Andrew - Stats through 4 games: 1 catch - 18 yards. 'nuff said.

Ladainian Tomlinson (Offensive POY) Andrew - his stats are (barely) better than Darrius Heyward-BeyBay's.

Terrell Pryor (Heisman Trophy) Munez - Sorry, Bub, he's not even on the radar. I liked that you went out on a limb, but it's called going out on a limb for a reason.

On the Edge of joining the Red Outs - Florida St, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins,

College football had a bit of parody as usual. Joe had a panty moistening performance, while Rob put up 6 points. I mean really Rob. Six goddamn points. Rob and i spoke on the internet last Saturday night for awhile. If Rob were to have made the opposite decision in every single pick that he's made this season he would be 4 games out of first place. Instead, he's 14. Here's how it worked out this week.

Joe - 12
Andrew - 11
Adam - 10
Jim - 10
Colin - 9
Munez - 9
Voyten - 8
Geiss - 8
Folden - 8
Rob - 6

In Fantasy Football news for this week, Munez has finally forced me to retire from my mocking of the snugness & location of the glove. Retard Mendenhall decided to have his coming out party for the sole reason of pushing my team to 1-3 on the season. Joe absolutely pounded Shawn, thanks to the manliness of David Garrard & Antonoio Gates. Andrew beat Rob putting them both at an even steven 2-2. Colin put up manly numbers again, raising his stock to 3-1.

In interesting Fantasy Football news for this week, Rob and I came to terms in the league's first trade of the season. I sent Anquan Boldin, Tony Gonzalez, and Willie Parker to Rob for Cedric Bensen, Greg Olson, & Roy Williams.

As I write this, Geiss and Jim are awaiting the end of the Vikings vs Packers games to find out who wins. The lead has switched hands like 4 times so far, and as of right now, Geiss is beating Jim by 6 100th's of a fucking point! I can't believe I'm actually enjoying keeping up with live scoring like this. My panties are fucking soaked.
And Jared Allen gets a sack! Jim is now up by less than a point on Geiss! Field goal by Green Bay! Will Jim lose any points for that...Now the waiting game begins.

Unoffically, Jimbo has won his first game of the season. Congrats buddy. If you guys want to see what this poor bastard had to go through to get a win, check out his schedule so far this year. He's scored at least 120 points each week, and his match ups have been TERRIBLE.
Here are the overall records.

Colin 3-1
Munez 3-1
Joe 3-1
Voyten 2-2
Andrew 2-2
Geiss 2-2
Rob 2-2
Jim 1-3
Adam 1-3
Folden 1-3

Pro Pick 'Em

Well I only lost one game this week, just like Jim in week 1 the Broncos kept me from reaching the 100% mark. Here are the weekly totals.

Adam - 13
Folden - 12
Andrew - 12
Geiss - 12
Jim - 11
Joe - 11
Munez - 11
Rob - 9
Colin - 9
Voyten - 9

Demi God
Honestly, Andrew had another solidly consistent week. 2nd in both pick 'ems and a fantasy win. But, I'm gonna have to give this guy to Joe Mclane. He dominated college and put up numbers in the pro pick 'em. Plus he had another good fantasy win. He's the man.

Donkey Dick
Honestly, I wanted to give it to Shawn this week. He lost his fantasy game, and did poorly in both pick 'ems. But, Rob was just worse. I mean, the dude got 6 points in the College Pick 'em, tied for last in the NFL pick 'em. Plus his predictions are getting redded out almost as quickly as mine.

So here you go Rob. Two weeks in a row. You suck donkey dick.

Now here we are, one quarter of the way through the NFL regular season, and...I don't know...31% of the way through the College Football Season. Let's check out the overall totals.

College Football Pick 'Em

Folden - 57
Adam - 57
Joe - 56
Jim - 55
Colin - 55
Andrew - 54
Munez - 54
Geiss - 53
Voyten - 50
Rob - 43

NFL Pick 'Em

Munez - 47
Folden - 46
Jim - 46
Adam - 44
Geiss - 43
Colin - 42
Andrew - 40
Rob - 38
Joe - 38
Voyten - 37

Fantasy Football Bonus
Munez 30
Joe 30
Colin 30
Rob 20
Geiss 20
Andrew 20
Voyten 20
Folden 10
Jim 10
Adam 10


Munez 131 (LW 1 Even Steven)
Colin 127 (LW 2, Even)
Joe 124 (LW 5, (+3)
Geiss 116 (LW 4 (-1)
Andrew 114 (LW 9 (+4)
Folden 113 (LW 4 (-3)
Adam 111 (LW 7 (EVEN)
Jim 111 (LW 10 (+3)
Voyten 107 (LW 6 (-2)
Rob 101 (LW 8 (-2)