Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Football God: Week 16: Tis the season baby

Sorry the update is late this week, I've had my hands full with lots of shit. But, I'll try to get to it now. I'm going to talk briefly about fantasy football first.

So, John has somehow pulled himself into the semi-finals with a low scoring win over Geiss. Jim's team put up a respectable number of points, while Colin put together a thousand point week to destroy his way into the semis. So, this week the playoffs look like this

(1) Andrew
(5) John

(6) Colin
(2) Joe

My predictions for this week, Andrew's team is projected to lose to John, and although John is a one man wrecking crew, Andrew's team has won whenever I assumed he wouldn't all year. I'm taking Andrew 110 - John 94

In the other game, Joe has been scoring an unbelievable pace recently, and lucky for Colin, his team has shown that they can score like that too. Looking at matchups, I like Joe's team better this week. Gonna take him 543 - 489.

Total scores for Fantasy Football look like this.

Each team that's in the semi finals gets a 20 point bonus

Andrew 110
Joe 100
John 100
Colin 90
Jim 80
Geiss 80
Adam 70
Simon 60
Shawn 60
Folden 60
Munez 60
Bono 50

Pro Pick 'em looks like this right now.

Colin 154
Folden 146
Jim 145
Shawn 143
Simon 142
Geiss 141
Andrew 140
Bono 140
Adam 133
Munez 130
Joe 127
John 84

It's looking pretty for sure now that Colin is going to win this, it would take a pretty big fall in the last two weeks of the season for him to lose.

Before we get into anything else I want to add some total scores, then I'll get into the predictions and where we are with that.

Totals (College total score + pro pick'em + fantasy score + (bonus) =

Shawn 342+143+60+(15)=560
Geiss 307+141+80=528
Adam 293+133+70+(10)=506
Jim 264+145+80+(10)=499
Folden 286+146+60+(10)=502
Joe 274+127+100+(10)=511
Simon 271+142+60+(5)=478
Andrew 266+140+110+(10)=526
Munez 261+130+60=451
Bono 258+140+50+(15)=463
Colin 232+154+90+(15)=491
John 175+84+100=359

So the standings changed in those catagories to.

Shawn 560
Geiss 528
Andrew 526
Joe 511
Adam 506
Folden 502
Jim 499
Colin 491
Simon 478
Bono 463
Munez 451
John 359

Now, before we get to the total scores, we have some predictions that have came in. First off, Les Miles has won the AP Coach of the year award, which none of us had. However, there are some official points in for the NFL predictions, so let's do those now.

AFC North - still pending

AFC South - Texans
20 pts for -Jim, Geiss, Andrew, Joe, Bono, and Munez

AFC East champs - Pats
20 pts for - everyone but Shawn, Andrew, and John

AFC West Champs, still pending

NFC East Champs, still pending

NFC North Champs -Green Bay
Points for everyone

NFC West Champs - 49ers
Points for nobody

NFC South Champs - Saints
Points for everybody but Folden, Geiss, Joe, and John.

Totals for Football Predictions right now + whatever points you have gotten in the first 5 bowl games. Remember, these bowl games are worth 2 points each

Munez 80+6= 86
Bono 80+4=84
Jim 80+2=82
Geiss 60+10=70
Simon 60+8=68
Andrew 60+6=66
Adam 60+4=64
Colin 60+4=64
Joe 60+4=64
Shawn 40+4=44
Folden 40+4=44
John 20+6=26

This weekend, the Broncos could win the AFC west, the Cowboys the AFC east, Balt the AFC North, and both Atl and Detroit could lock up wildcard spots with wins. Now for your total scores

Shawn 560+44 = 604
Geiss 528+70=598
Andrew 526+66=592
Joe 511+64= 575
Adam 506+64= 570
Folden 502+44=546
Jim 499+ 82= 581
Colin 491+64= 555
Simon 478+68= 546
Bono 463+84= 547
Munez 451 + 86 = 537
John 359+26= 385

Overall Rankings

1. Shawn 604 (even)
2. Geiss 598 (even)
3. Andrew 592 (+4)
4. Jim 581 (even)
5. Joe 575 (+1)
6. Adam 570 (-3)
7. Colin 555 (+1)
8. Bono 547 (+2)
t9. Folden 546 (-4)
t9. Simon 546 (even)
11. Munez 537 (even)
12. John 385 (even)

Wow, what a swing. Now there are only 8 points between first and third, and only 67 points between first and 11th. The only person it's safe to say is out of it this year is John.

Also, big fucking suprise that Simon and Folden are tied.

Keep in mind that out of Andrew, Joe, John, and Colin. One of the four will get 20 more points for making it to the championship game, and whoever wins will add 50 points to their total. So if you aren't Andrew, Colin, or Joe, you probably want to route for John to win.

14 games into the season, and all of our teams that we chose to win the Superbowl are still in the playoff hunt. John and I's choice of San Diego and Bono's choice of Philadelphia are long shots, but still possible.

Another prediction that's almost all but certainly over foll all of us is the top 3 draft picks of next year. Indi is guaranteed one of them, while Minnesota or the Rams would have to win out. I don't know how the tie break would work then. But it's looking like it's going to fall in that way somehow.

That's it for this week. Everyone have a nice Christmas, and I'll get back at you all next week. Until then, I love you all

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Football God: Week 15...Adam's Lament

So, now that the college regular season is over, I'm back to only doing one post a weekend. There is a quick update I want to do on College predictions first. Trent Richardson won the Doak Walker award this year, which means that several people will be adding 15 points to their total college score. Those are as follows:

Shawn 327+15= 342
Simon 256+15= 271
Andrew 251+15 = 266
Munez 246+15= 261
Bono 243+15=258
John 160+15=175

So the new overall College Football Total Scores look like this.

Shawn 342
Geiss 307
Adam 293
Folden 286
Joe 274
Simon 271
Andrew 266
Munez 261
Bono 258
Colin 232
John 175

There are still a couple of predictions that can still change the college football total score. One, is the AP coach of the year, which still hasn't come in. Second, is if Alabama wins the national championship.

The Bowl pick'em will also be added into the college total score, eventually. Last note on this, John and Colin still need to sign up for the bowl pick 'em.

Onto Pros. Let's start with some predictions. There are a couple that are official right now.

NFC North winner - Packers...we all had this +20 points for all of us
NFC West Winner - 49ers...none of us had this
AFC South Winner - Texans. +20 points for the following people: Jim, Geiss, Andrew, Joe, Bono, Munez

Almost Predictions:

New England is 10-3, one game away from clinching there division, which will give points to everyone but Andrew, Shawn, and John.

New Orleans is 10-3, one game away from clinching as well.
That will be points for everyone except Geiss, Folden, and Joe.

The AFC wildcard teams right now are the Steelers and the Jets.
As Jim pointed out to me yesterday, he currently has the AFC playoff picture predicted exactly right.

In the NFC East, the Cowboys are still in first, meaning the only people who can still get points there are me, Simon, and Shawn.

The AFC west is Denver and Oakland's to lose, with San Diego trying to hang around.

Now that all of that is taken care of, I'm taking this week as Adam's Lament, where I sit alone in my room, pouting over missing the fantasy football playoffs, despite putting up the 3rd most points this week, and losing to Geiss, who put up the 2nd most points.

So Congrats to Andrew, Jim, Joe, Geiss, Colin, and John on making the playoffs. New total scores next week, when I'm not being a bitch.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 14 Pro & Total

Hey guys. So, we are one more week closer to the end of Football God season, and things are starting to shape up a little bit more. We'll start with Pro Pick 'em. Andrew came out with 12 correct predictions this week to lead the pack. However, Jim with 11 in pro pick 'em and 8 in college pick 'em had 19 for the week, giving him the 5 point bonus. This is the last bonus we're giving away for the year. So congrats to Jim on earning it. Let's see the totals for Pro Pick 'em for the year now.

Colin 134
Folden 128
Shawn 126
Jim 123
Simon 123
Bono 122
Andrew 121
Geiss 120
Joe 115
Adam 110
Munez 109
John 84

Colin is one week closer to getting that crucial +25 bonus for winning the pro pick'em. Folden and Shawn are the only two who can realistically win this thing other than him. However, a few other people could win if they go pretty close to perfect for the last 64 games.

Fantasy Football - Week 13 results

Before I get into this, I want to start by saying well done to everybody in the league this year. There is only one week remaining in the regular season, and we just had teams get eliminated from playoff contention. That's pretty amazing.

John 6-6 vs Munez 5-7

Munez came into this came needing a win to have a shot at the playoffs. However, The Glove just didn't have it. Eli, Foster, and Helu put up big numbers for John, while Munez's team sputtered. It was a nice run for Munez, who started 1-6 before making a late season run for the playoffs. John improves to 7-6, and is fighting for a playoff spot.

Geiss 6-6 vs Shawn 6-6

This was a do or die game for both of these guys, especially Shawn, who isn't going anywhere in a tie break situation. Matt Forte went down in the first quarter, and Geiss STILL put up over 130 points. Geiss improves to 7-6, Shawn to 6-7.

Andrew 7-5 vs Colin 7-5

Two of the big dogs come into this with a guaranteed playoff spot on the line. Aaron Rodgers put up a obscene 45 points to lead Andrew to another big win, while Pierre Garcon put up 33 as well.
Andrew will make the playoffs, moving to 8-5, while Colin will be fighting for a playoff spot next week, dropping to 7-6.

Jim 7-5 vs Folden 5-7

Jim came into this game with the chance to clinch a playoff spot, too. Folden came in needing to win out and get lots of help. It came down to the Monday Night Football game, with Mike Tolbert vulturing a touchdown from Ryan Matthews to keep Folden in the fight. However, Jim pulled away at the end. Folden drops to 5-8, dropping his 5th straight, and officially knocking him out of the playoffs. This is a bit of a suprise, considering 8 weeks in, Folden was 5-3 and in good position to make the playoffs. Jim makes the playoffs and will be fighting for a first round bye next week.

Joe 6-6 vs Simon 6-6

This was the shootout of the week, as Simon put up 129 points and still lost by 35 points! Joe's team picked a good week to wake up, giving him the win. This sucks for Simon. It's pretty disappointing when your team puts up a huge number and still loses. Joe moves to 7-6, Simon to 6-7.

Adam 6-6 vs Bono 5-7

Bono came into the game needing a win to stay alive for the playoffs, and I needed a win to stay in the playoff picture. Following this game yesterday and today, this game was close from beginning to end. At no point did either of us go up by more than 15 points, and I bit my fingernails all night hoping that Vincent Jackson wouldn't get over 100 yards. Luckily for me, Antonio gates did just enough to get me past Bono. I move to 7-6, Bono to 5-8, knocking him out of the playoffs.

Record -----------Pts
1. Jim 8-5 --------- 1544
2. Andrew 8-5 ----1524
3. Colin 7-6 ------1577
4. Joe 7-6 -------1511
5. Adam 7-6-----1448
6. Geiss 7-6 -----1429
7. John 7-6-----1266
8. Simon 6-7---1394
9. Shawn 6-7----1341
10. Munez 5-8---1279
11. Bono 5-8------1214
12. Folden 5-8----1132

That's our standings with one week to go. Let's look at next week's matchup so we can discuss the scenarios for the playoffs


11. Bono 5-8 vs 10. Munez 5-8

This is the one game that doesn't have an effect on the playoffs. Just playing for the 10 fantasy points for the overall score. Finish off the season strong guys.

2. Andrew 8-5 vs 9. Shawn 6-7

Shawn is not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. However, his team would essentially need to score 200 points to have a chance. Most likely, Shawn is done. Andrew is in the playoffs and is playing to get a first round bye in the playoffs. He can lose, and as long as he out points Colin, Joe, Me, and Geiss he would still have the bye, no matter which of us wins.

3. Colin 7-6 vs 12. Folden 5-8

Folden has nothing to play for, but if he wins it could determine who gets the first round bye. If Colin wins, and Andrew or Jim loses he will likely have a first round bye, based off of how many points he has. If he loses, he will be jockeying for position in the playoffs.


5. Adam 7-6 vs 6. Geiss 7-6

This game here is going to confuse everything. Because of this game here, there are a lot of different wrinkles that can still play out for the playoffs. Whichever one of us wins is in, for sure. That's without a doubt. Whichever one of us loses is not out of it, but need some things to go our way. This is the game of the week, specifically because the fact that we play each other changes a whole lot for the playoff picture. For instance...

1. Jim 8-5 vs 4. Joe 7-6

Joe had a huge week points wise, which basically gave him enough points to win any tie breaker. So, since Geiss and I play, Joe is in the playoffs. It's just a matter of which seed. Joe could fluctuate anywhere from 1st to 6th. If he wins and puts up big numbers, Colin loses, and Joe out points Jim or Andrew he will get a bye. If he loses he will have one of the wildcard spots.
Jim needs to win to get the first round bye, or a loss by Colin and a close game with Joe would give him a bye, regardless of what Andrew does.

7. John 7-6 vs 8. Simon 6-7

Now this is where it gets confusing. If John wins he is in. Simple enough. And, Geiss and I's game becomes a winner in and loser out. If John loses though, he will be eliminated, because he will lose any tie breaker. If that happens, Simon will be tied at 7-7 with whoever loses me and Geiss's game. Simon would need to score 55 points more than me, or 35 points more than Geiss.
So, we basically have 4 teams in, fighting for first round byes. And, four teams fighting for playoff spots, with Shawn as a huge huge huge outside chance of making the playoffs.

Overall Score

Total College Score + Pro Pick'em + Fantasy points + (bonus)= Total Score

Shawn 327+126+60+(15)=528
Geiss 307+120+70=497
Adam 293+110+70+(10)=483
Folden 286+128+50+(10)=474
Joe 274+115+70+(10)=469
Jim 264+123+80+(10)=477
Simon 256+123+60+(5)=444
Andrew 251+121+80+(10)=462
Munez 246+109+50=405
Bono 243+121+50+(15)=429
Colin 232+134+70+(15)=451
John 160+84+70=314

So here's the big shake up in the overall standings.

1. Shawn 528 (^1)
2. Geiss 497 (^8)
3. Adam 483 (^4)
4. Jim 477 (^1)
5. Folden 474 (-1)
6. Joe 469 (^3)
7. Andrew 462 (-4)
8. Colin 451 (-7)
9. Simon 444 (-4)
10. Bono 429 (-3)
11. Munez 405 (even)
12. John 314 (even)

Obviously, Geiss and Shawn were the big winner from the College Predictions coming in, while Andrew and Colin took the biggest hit. Keep in mind, that there are still a ton of points to come in. Pro Predictions. Pro pick 'em bonus. College Bowl Pick 'em. Fantasy Football Bonus. So these could change a lot still, so nobody is out of this yet.

Finally, Green Bay and San Francisco clinched their divisions this week. We all had GB and none of us had SF, so I didn't add the predictions in for that yet. I did a shit load of math this weekend an didn't want to do anymore. Check your college scores if you haven't yet, and make sure I added them up correctly. Also, next week I'll start a new column in the overall scores for Pro Predictions. Until then, I love you all.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 14 College Predictions!!

Hey, Friends. College Predictons are in, and this weekend was a DOOZY! Two years ago, when I won Football God, I did so on the strength of prediction 7 of 11 conferences correctly. This year, there was a tie between a lot of us with 3. That's it. Fucking pathetic. Here are the results. But, first the champions of each conference

ACC - Clemson
Big 10 - Wisconsin
Big East - WVU
Pac 12 - Oregon
Big 12 - Ok St
Conf USA - Southern Miss
WAC - Louisiana Tech
Sun Belt - Arkansas St

BCS Teams

Va Tech vs Michigan
Oregon vs Wisc
WVU vs Clemson
Stanford vs Ok ST
LSU vs Alabama - National Championship

Shawn- Bama Champ – 30

Conf Champs Wis – 20, WVU – 20,Ore- 20

BCS games- Ore 15, Stan 15, Okla st 15, WVU 15

Total = 150


Ala Champ – 30

Conf Champs -WVU – 20, NO Ill – 20


Stan – 15, WVU – 15, Oregon – 15

Simon = 115


Alabama Champ – 30

Conf - WVU – 20, Oregon – 20,


WVU -15, Ore – 15, Ok St – 15, Va Tech - 15

Jim = 130

Folden = 30 Alabama

WVU – 20 Oregon – 20

BCS Games: WVU – 15, Wisc – 15, Ore – 15, Ok St – 15, Va Tech - 15

Folden = 145


Bama = 30

Conf - Wis – 20, WVU – 20, Ore – 20


Wisc – 15, WVU – 15, Oregon-15, Stan – 15, Ok St – 15

Geiss = 165


Bama – 30

WVU – 20, Wisc – 20, North ILL – 20

BCS WVU – 15, Wisc – 15, Ore – 15, Va Tech-15

Adam = 150


Alabama – 30

Wisc – 20, Oregon – 20

BCS- Oregon - 15, Stanford – 15

Andrew = 100


Bama – 30

Wis – 20, WVU – 20, Ore- 20


WVU – 15, Ore – 15, Wis – 15

Joe = 135


WVU – 20, Oregon – 20


WVU 15, Ore – 15, Wisc 15

John – 85


Ala – 30

Wis – 20, WVU – 20, Ore -20


Wis – 15

Bono = 105


Ala – 30

WVU – 20

BCS –Ore – 15, Stan – 15, Wis – 15

Colin – 95


Bama -30

Ore – 20, Wis – 20

BCS, Wis – 15, Ore – 15

Munez 100

So, our totals are

Geiss - 165

Shawn - 150

Adam - 150

Folden -145

Joe - 135

Jim -130

Simon 115

Bono - 105

Andrew 100

Munez - 100

Colin -95

John - 85

Good job Geiss.

In College Pick 'em, Shawn bested Andrew by one point to win the 25 point bonus. Nice Job Shawn. The final standings for College pick 'em are as follows. Shawn's will have the 25 point bonus built into it.

Shawn 177

Andrew 151

Munez 146

Adam 143

Geiss 142

Simon 141

Folden 141

Joe 139

Bono 138

Colin 137

Jim 134

John 175

For the rest of the year. I'm going to use a total College Score, which will count as a combination of College Pick 'em and College Prediction. This number could still change based off of if someone wins one of the individual awards. Total College Score is as follows

Shawn 177+ 150 = 327

Geiss 142 + 165 = 307

Adam 150 + 143 = 293

Folden 141 + 145 = 286

Joe 139+135 = 274

Jim 130+ 134 = 264

Simon 115+ 141 = 256

Andrew 100 + 151 =251

Munez 146+100 = 246

Bono 138+105=243

Colin 137 + 95 = 232

John - 75+85= 160

That will be your total college number for the time being. I'll let you guys know if anything changes. One Love

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Current Playoff Standings

1. Colin

4. Adam
5. Joe

3. Andrew
6. Geiss

2. Jim

Outside looking in, ( how far each person is from 6th, the last playoff spot)

Simon: tied record, 30 points back

Shawn: tied record, 65 points back

John: tied, 156 points back

Munez: One game back, 85 points back

Bono: One game back, 170 points back

Folden: One game back, 239 points back

Monday, November 28, 2011

Football God: Week 13 Professional Edition

Another week in the books. Let's start with some predictions for the week. This is our first real shake up as far as Super Bowl predictions go. San Diego and Philadelphia both fell to 4-7 this week, which gives us the ability to make our first cuts in the Superbowl winners.

Bono had Philly, John and I had San Diego. It's pretty safe to assume that none of us will be winning this year. All together, there were 5 people who had one of those teams in the Superbowl, with Colin and Chris each having one of those teams in the Superbowl, but losing

Seven people had Philadelphia playing for the NFC championship. 3 had San Diego.

9 of the 12 of us had San Diego winning the AFC West, with Jim and Shawn picking Denver, and Folden taking the Raiders. As of now, it looks like those three are the only ones with chances to get points there.

In the NFC East, 9 out of 12 people picked Philadelphia to win the division, with Shawn, Simon, and myself being the only three to pick Dallas. The only person that didn't have Philadelphia in the playoffs this year was Simon.

Fantasy Football

Things took another crazy shake up in fantasy football this week. Here's your week recap.

Simon (5-6) v Folden (5-6)- This was an elimination game of sorts. Folden has been streaky all year, starting off 0-3, winning 5 in a row, and now losing 4 in a row. Folden's team has depended on Vick and Steven Jackson all year. They didn't show up and Simon took advantage of it. Simon got big games from Jimmy Graham and Sebastian Jankowski of all people.

Jim (6-5) v Andrew (7-4) -Andrew got hit with the same treatment from Drew Brees as I did from Tom Brady this year, with Brees putting up about 100 points in the two games he played against Jim this year. Jim got off of his slide to push himself back in position for a bye, while Andrew took a hit to fall back closer to the pack.

The Glove (4-7) v Adam (6-5) - I went into this game on a league best 6 game winning streak, while Munez came in winner of 3 of his last 4 games. Munez's team played well, kicking the shit out of my team. Munez moves to 5-7, keeping his fantasy playoff chances alive. In his 2 games against me this year, Munez has earned 40% of his wins, with Tom Brady scoring 102 points in the two games combined. I fall to 6-6, and my once strong team is in serious jeopardy with Fred Jackson, Ahman Bradshaw, and D-McFadden all going down to injury in the recent weeks.

Geiss (5-6) v Colin (7-4) Colin came into this game with the chance to basically lock up a playoff spot for his team. Geiss came in trying to hold onto the last playoff spot. Geiss rode the recent stellar play of Chris Johnson and was able to overtake Colin, despite Beanie Wells running for 1,000 yards this weekend. Geiss moves to 6-6, while Colin loses his 3rd in his last 4 games to fall to 7-5.

Bono (5-6) v Shawn (5-6)- This was another elimination type game, with Shawn pulling out a tight win against Bono. Bono dealt with receiver inconsistencies again, while Shawn got good outings from both Roddy White and Eric Decker. That was the difference.

McLane Bowl II
Joe (6-5) vs John (5-6)

John made an effort this week in Football God, and did pretty well for himself. John came back from his loss to Joe at the beginning of the season to pull himself to 6-6 on the season. It's amazing that if he had paid attention all year to this, he would probably be in first place in the fantasy league. John got solid play from his line-up as well a big game from Roy Helu to beat Joe.


Colin 7-5
Andrew 7-5
Jim 7-5
Joe 6-6
Adam 6-6
Geiss 6-6
Simon 6-6
Shawn 6-6
John 6-6
Bono 5-7
Munez 5-7
Folden 5-7

Playoff Scenarios

Here I'm going to detail for you guys, what each person needs to make the playoffs with only two weeks left.


Colin 7-5 vs (Andrew 7-5, & Folden 5-7)

Colin only needs one more win to clinch a playoff birth. He plays Andrew & Folden. Colin has lost 3 of his last 4, but his team is so strong that winning one more shouldn't be a problem. Also, Colin is leading the league in points, so one more win would realistically give him any advantage in a tie break situation.

Andrew 7-5 vs (Colin 7-5, & Shawn 6-6)

Andrew is in the same situation as Colin, except he's not as for sure of a thing as Colin is. Andrew is in 3rd in points, and would most likely be able to win in a tie break situation. However, you never know what can happen. What's for sure is that next week Andrew and Colin are playing in a game that will put one of them in the playoffs for sure, and have the other in a likely elimination situation in the last week of the season. Andrew or Colin could still lose out and get in, if things fall their way. But we won't know that until the smoke clears in two weeks.

Jim 7-5 vs (Folden 5-7, & John 6-6)

Jim is in a similar situation as Colin and Andrew. He has the second most points in the league, and is one win away from making the playoffs. He could still lose both of his games and make the playoffs, however it's not for sure.


Adam 6-6 vs (Bono 5-7, & Geiss 6-6)

I'm still in the playoff picture, but my team had almost a double loss this past week. I lost my game, but I also put up very few points, too. This could come to bite me in the ass in a tie breaking situation. If I beat Bono and put up a lot of points next week, I'll likely be in, however it could come down to me and Geiss, head-to-head, playing for a playoff spot.

Geiss 6-6 vs (Shawn 6-6 & Adam 6-6)

Geiss is in a situation where he controls his own destiny, and his two games left are against people who control there own destiny too. Geiss has a lot of points so a win and two strong showings should get him in. Two wins will for sure.

Joe 6-6 vs (Simon 6-6 & Jim 7-5)

Joe has a lot of points, just like Geiss and I. So, a win would and a loss would likely put him in the playoffs in any tie breaking situation.


Simon 6-6 vs (Joe 6-6 & John 6-6)

Simon has the twins to close out the season, and is pretty close in points to Geiss, who sits in 6th. Simon controls his own destiny too, but if he loses any of his two games left, he's going to need a team in front of him to lose a game to get into the playoffs. Luckily, Geiss & I play in the last game of the season, so if he loses to Joe, he can still sneak into the playoffs if he puts up enough points to win a tiebreak.

Shawn 6-6 vs (Geiss 6-6 & Andrew 7-5)

Shawn is in a similar situation as Simon, however winning out doesn't necessarily put him in the playoffs. It likely would be enough to get him in, however he would need to make up some slack in the points department

John 6-6 vs (Munez 5-7 & Simon 6-6)

John is in a pretty decent situation, because he doesn't play any of the power houses to finish out the year, and can simply win out and still make the playoffs. His biggest issue is that this dude isn't beating anybody in a tie break situation, so one more loss and he's done. Luckily, there are enough people playing teams in front of him that if he wins out he will most likely make the playoffs.


Folden 5-7 vs (Jim 7-5 & Colin 7-5)

Folden has a huge uphill battle here. He needs to beat the two best teams in the league to finish off the year, and also hope that a lot of teams in front of him lose. And, unless his team puts up 200 points each of the next two weeks, he's not beating anybody in the tie break. But, all's not lost for him yet. All he can do is finish strong and hope for the best. Folden needs to hope that Munez and Bono can win out, and that he can out point them.

Bono 5-7 vs (Adam 6-6 & Munez 5-7)

Bono is in a tough situation as well. He needs to win out, plain and simple, and also hope for the best. It's likely over for him. However, if his team can put together a couple of 150 point games, as it did early in the season, he may be able to squeeze in to the post season.

Munez, "The Glove" 5-7 vs (John 6-6, & Bono 5-7)

The Glove is winning the little engine that could award from me this year. He started the season 1-6, but is likely done for the year. However, if he can finish off at .500, just like Bono and Folden, he could find his way into the playoffs. It's very unlikely at this point for all three of those guys to make the playoffs, but you never know.

Fantasy Thoughts.

The difference record wise between first place and twelfth place in this league is 7-5 and 5-7. Two games seperate first and last, which is pretty outstanding.

Two weeks ago, Andrew was 7-3 and almost a sure thing to make the playoffs. He has since lost two straight games, and one more loss could put him in danger of missing the playoffs.

Munez was 1-6, 7 games into the season. He is 4-1 since.

Bono has only scored over 100 points since week 3 of this season.

I am 0-4 against the 3 teams at the bottom of the standings this year, and 6-2 against everybody else.

Pro Pick 'em

Joe and John tied at the top with 13 correct predictions, with me bringing up the rear with 9. Joe had 25 points total this week, and took down the 5 point bonus. Next week is the last week for the 5 point bonus for the season.

Overall Scores

college pick 'em + pro pick 'em + fantasy football 10 points per win + (bonus)= total

Shawn 146+115+60+(15)=336
Andrew 146+109+70+(10)=335
Adam 141+100+60+(10)=311
Munez 141+100+50=291
Geiss 137+109+60+=306
Simon 136+112+60+(5)=313
Folden 136+119+50+(10)=315
Colin 134+124+70+(15)=343
Bono 134+112+50+(15)=311
Joe 131+106+60+(10)=307
Jim 126+112+70+(5)=313
John 75+84+60=219

Overall Rankings

1. Colin 343 (even)
2. Shawn 336 (^1)
3. Andrew 335 (-1)
4. Folden 315 (-1)
t5. Simon 313 (^3)
t5. Jim 313 (^2)
t7. Bono 311 (-2)
t7 Adam 311 (-2)
9. Joe 307 (even)
10. Geiss 306 (even)
11. Munez 291 (even)
12. John 219 (even)

So after taking a week off, Simon and Jim are back to being tied. I'm interested to see where we all stand next week after the smoke clears on college predictions. Check your points. Check mine. Until next week, I love you all.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Football God: Week 13 College Edition.

Let's start with each conference, from the top.


Clemson vs Va Tech next Saturday

Jim's the only person that can still win points here.

WAC, MWC, SEC, Sun Belt.

None of us scored any points. It was looking pretty good for the people who picked Nevada to win the WAC, until they blew their last two games of the season.

Big 10

Wisconsin vs Mich St

Still in it: Shawn, Adam, Bono, Munez, Joe, Geiss, Andrew.

If Wisconsin wins then all 7 of us get points. If Mich St does, nobody does.

Conference USA

Thank God this one finally got figured out.

It's down to Southern Miss vs Houston

Adam, Bono, Simon are the only ones who can still win points there. If Houston wins the three of us get points, if Southern Miss wins, then nobody does.

Pac 12

Oregon vs UCLA

still in it: Everybody except for me, Colin, and Simon had Oregon winning the Pac 12. So if Oregon wins the other 9 people get points.


The cluster fuck that is the MAC sorted out this weekend too. It's down to Ohio vs Northern Illinois

Myself and Simon had NIU
Geiss and Munez had Ohio

Big 12

Oklahoma vs OK ST

It's kind of nice for the Big 12 that their first year without a conference championship, their last game worked out for them to be basically a conference championship. If OU wins we all get points. If not, none of us do, so it's kind of a wash for all of us.

Big East

WVU, Louisville, Cinci.

Pretty simple here. If WVU wins, they at least earn a share of the conference championship. So everyone that had WVU would get the points.

In College Football Pick 'em this week, Simon, myself, and Joe all finished with 12. The totals are below for the season.

Shawn 146
Andrew 146
Adam 141
Munez 141
Geiss 137
Simon 136
Folden 136
Colin 134
Bono 134
Joe 131
Jim 126
John 75

Next week, we will have all of the prediction points in for college football, except for the winner of the national championship game. I"ll be back with more totals for NFL tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Football God Week 12. Part 2 NFL and Totals

So, week 11 of the NFL is over. I'm tired, so I'll try to get through this a little quicker tonight. Let's jump into the pro pick 'em.

Geiss won this week, correctly predicting 12 out of 14 games. Nice job, bro. Shawn and Folden were right behind with 11. So for this week, for the third time in a row, Shawn has won the bonus. He did that with 23 correct predictions this week.

Here's where we are with the Pro Pick 'em overall right now.

Colin 112
Folden 108
Shawn 103
Bono 101
Jim 100
Simon 100
Andrew 98
Geiss 97
Joe 93
Adam 90
Munez 89
John 71

Onto Fantasy Football

So, for the first week in quite awhile, there is a bit of seperation in the fantasy standings.

The playof spots in fantasy football stayed the same, but with a little bit of movement. Andrew fell from 1st to 2nd, losing to Simon. And Geiss went from 5th to 6th after losing to Jim.

Simon & Shawn, who both started off strong, before hitting pretty bad losing streaks, just rebounded and won their games.

The Glove didn't fit this week, and Munez lost his first in the last 4 games.

Also, the Football Gods have quite their smiting of both Joe and Colin, and are allowing them to be victorious again.

1.Colin 7-4
2. Andrew 7-4
3. Jim 6-5
4. Adam 6-5
5. Joe 6-5
6. Geiss 5-6
7. Simon 5-6
8. Shawn 5-6
9. Bono 5-6
10. John 5-6
11. Folden 5-6
12. Munez 4-7

Next Week:

Adam (6-5) vs Munez (4-7)
Andrew (7-4) vs Jim (6-5)
Bono (5-6) vs Shawn (5-6)
Folden (5-6) vs Simon (5-6)
Geiss (5-6) vs Colin (7-4)
Joe (6-5) vs John (5-6)

Overall Totals

College pick 'em + Pro Pick 'em + Fantasy 10 points per win + (bonus) = Total score

Shawn 135+103+50+(15)= 303
Andrew 135+98+70+(10)=313
Munez 130+89+40=259
Adam 129+90+60+(10)=289
Folden 128+108+50+(10)=296
Geiss 127+97+50=274
Simon 124+100+50+(5)=279
Colin 123+112+70+(15)=320
Bono 123+101+50+(15)=289
Joe 119+93+60+(5)=277
Jim 116+100+60+(5)=281
John 75+71+50=196

Overall Rankings

1. Colin 320 (^1)
2. Andrew 313 (-1)
3. Shawn 303 (^2)
4. Folden 297 (-1)
t5. Bono 289 (-1)
t5. Adam 289 (^1)
7. Jim 281 (+1)
8. Simon 279 (even)
9. Joe 277 (^1)
10. Geiss 274 (-3)
11. Munez 259 (even)
12. John 196 (even)

Congrats. Jim and Simon aren't tied for once.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Football God Week 12. Part 1? Plus, the state of Oklahoma's Championship hopes Crash and Burn...see what I did there

So, as long as I can stand it, I'm going to start doing 2 part blogs. They are just so long, and by the time I get to the end of them, I no longer give a shit. So, Sundays will be College Day, and Mondays will be Pro day. Let's start with the NONSENSE that was college football this week.

The BCS became the BCMess this weekend, with #2 Ok St, #4 Oregon, #5 Oklahoma, and #7 Clemson all lost, opening the door for just about every team in the top 10 to have a chance to make the BCS championship. On another note, how shitty is it to like college sports in Oklahoma today. Friday Oklahoma ST lost, Saturday Oklahoma lost, and also Ok St's women's basketball coach DIED IN A PLANE CRASH! Apparently, these guys haven't been appeasing the gods. They should have let those Children complete their sacrifice of the adults for the Corn.

I'll talk more about the BCMess at the end of the post. But for now let's focus on some pre season predictions in the conference championships.


The first pre season prediciton is official. TCU has won the MWC, which means that...well, none of us get any points. So there is a literally no reason to bring up the MWC again for the rest of the year.


It's down to: Clemson, Virginia, VA Tech

Still in the hunt: Jim

That's what your ACC championship looks like now. Jim is the only person who can gain points from the ACC championship now, but somehow Virginia is still in the mix here. And, they find themselves in a fortuitous situation. Virginia hosts the Hokies next week. Virginia Tech may be the most under the radar team, who wins every fucking year. They've won at least 10 games every year since 2004, but never seem to get into the National Championship.

Big East

Still in it: Louisville, Cincinnati, WVU, Pitt, Rutgers

Still in the hunt: Everyone

Seriously, Cincinnati must have no desire to win this conference. We all had WVU or Pitt. They play on Friday. There ya go. I have no idea who would win in tie breaking situations. But, I think the Big East does Co-champions. So, if both end up winning the Co-championship, we'll all win points.

BIG 12 (10?)

Still Alive: Ok, Ok State, Not Ok State's woman's basketball coach

Still Alive: All of us

It comes down to both of those choke artists game against each other.

Big 10 (12?)

It's down to: Penn St, Mich St, Wisconsin

It's down to: Shawn, Adam, Andrew, Bono, Munez, Joe, Geiss

Michigan St clinched their side of the conference (the legends or whatever), while Wisconsin plays Penn St next week to decide who they will play against.
Everybody else had Nebraska, who blew it this weekend. Wisconsin needs to beat PSU and Mich St in consecutive weeks. If they lose, nobody gets points.

Conference USA

Down to: Houston, Tulsa, Southern Miss, East Carolina, Marshall

Down to: Simon, Adam, Bono, Joe, Andrew

Southern Miss should have locked their side up last week, but they lost to a bad UAB team. They play a bad Memphis team next. They win, they are in the Conf Champ. They lose. It's down to them, Marshall, and Ohio and I have no fucking clue who wins. Houston plays Tulsa on Friday. The winner makes the Conf Championship game.


Down to: Ohio, Temple, Kent St, North Ill, Toledo

Down to: Shawn, Simon, Folden, Geiss, Adam, Andrew, John, Colin, Munez

Between the 9 of us, we have like 4 of those teams winning it. So, I. don't. fucking. know.

PAC 12

Look, I don't know. I don't know how the conference championship game is going to work in this conference. Is USC allowed to play for it. I don't know. I guess we're all still in it. If Oregon wins, it knocks those of us out of it that have Stanford. If Oregon loses it's Stanford.


Still in it: Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Georgia

We all had Alabama winning that conference. I don't know what the hell is going to happen here. All I can say is that John had Arkansas in the National Championship, and if they win against LSU, then that's a fucking awesome pick.


Still in it: Lousiana Tech, Nevada

Still in it: Simon, Geiss, Folden, Joe, John, Munez

Nevada could have locked up the WAC this weekend, but blew it to Louisiana Tech. So LT plays a bad New Mexico team next week for the conference. It used to be a lot easier to predict this conference when Boise St was there.

Sun Belt Conference

Winner: Arkansas St
Correctly Predicted by: NOBODY

We're all bad.


BCS Top #10

2. Alabama
3. Arkansas
4. Oklahoma St
5. VA Tech
6. Stanford
7. Boise St
8. Houston
9. Oklahoma
10. Oregon

Add Oklahoma and Oregon to the list of teams that nobody can get points from. Basically, we all have one team left in the Title Picture. John with Arkansas, the rest of us with Alabama.

6 of us (Shawn, Adam, Simon, Andrew, Bono, and Folden), all have Alabama winning the championship.

My prediction.

LSU beats Arkansas, Auburn beats Alabama, Oklahoma beat Ok St, Notre Dame beats Stanford, VA Tech loses to Clemson, and Houston leap frogs Boise St to play for the National Championship, where they beat LSU 83-6.

College Pick 'em.

Munez did some domination over the rest of us, correctly predicting 14 games. Nice job. Shawn was pretty close behind with 12, and Folden with 11. The rest of us were significantly further down.

Overall Standings:

Unbelievably, Shawn has caught Andrew.

Shawn 135
Andrew 135
Munez 130
Adam 129
Folden 128
Geiss 127
Simon 124
Colin 123
Bono 123
Joe 119
Jim 116
John 75

Tomorrow, you'll get the fantasy and pro updates. Even though, all the games are either blow outs or (in the case of Simon and Andrew) already have gone final. Looks like there will be more shake ups in the standings though. May do a pro predictions update if I feel like it. Until tomorrow, I love you all

Monday, November 14, 2011

Football God Week 11...I wish Folden still wanted to be our friends

Hello, my friendly friends (except folden).I'm going to start with a bit of a college football prediction update by conference and national championship picture to start things off.

National Championship

The Big game of the week had Stanford getting analized by Oregon on their home turf. That's killed my chances of having them in the national championship. So we'll add my name to the list of the dead.

FSU - Folden
Stanford - Adam
Wisconsin - Andrew/Shawn

Keep in mind these aren't the ppl we have winning the national championship, just the team we had getting beat in it.

The two teams at the top LSU & OK ST, nobody had in the national championship.

11 of us had Alabama in the national championship, and six of us had them winning it. They currently sit 3rd in the BCS.

The only person who didn't have Alabama in the Championship was John, who had Arkansas. They currently sit 6th with a game against LSU still to come.

Bono had Oregon in the National Championship, and they currently sit 4th.

7 people had Oklahoma in the National Championship, with 6 people having them winning it. They sit 5th.

There are some shake ups that can still happen in that mix, with Arkansas v LSU & Oklahoma and Oklahoma State still to play.

In our BCS game picks, I'm not even going to try and make an update until they are picked. However, I will say this as a clarification the way the points go. If you had LSU in a BCS game, but not the national championship, you do not get the points for it. Just as I, having Stanford in the national championship will not get points if they make a BCS game. Next, conference champion updates.


The ACC championship game will be Clemson vs Virginia Tech. None of us will get any points from this, except for maybe Jim, who had VA Tech winning the ACC.

Big 12, MWC, SEC

We all had Boise, Oklahoma, and Alabama winning these. Basically, it doesn't matter who wins these. But for the hell of it, Boise is basically done, Bama probably done, and Oklahoma beats OK state they win the Big 12.

Big East

We all had WVU, who are 3-2 in the big east race, except for Andrew and Chris who had Pitt. They are 3-2 as well. Pitt and WVU play eachother next, and they both also would need a little help to win this conference, mainly in a Cinci loss.

Big 10

This is an interesting conference to break down. Folden had Ohio State, which isn't likely to happen at this point. The rest of us had Wisconsin and Nebraska winning the conference. Neither of them are 1st in there side of the conference right now, with Michigan St and Penn st holding those distinctions. Mich St plays Indiana and Northwestern to finish off the season, so there would need to be an upset for them not to make the championship game. Nebraska plays Michigan this weekend. If they were to win this game, and Mich St were to lose, Nebraska would have the tie breaker.

In the Big 10 leaders or whatever the fuck, Wisconsin plays Ill and Penn st. So, if they win out they are Jerry Sandusky's penis in a 10 year old's the the locker room.

Conference USA

This Conference is pretty clear cut. Southern Miss (which nobody picked) against the winner of the Tulsa v Houston game. Nobody picked Tulsa, and myself, Bono, and Simon are the only people who picked Houston. So, basically everybody but the three of us should be rooting for Tulsa in a couple weeks. Also, Houston is very close to clinching an automatic at large BCS bid.


You would think with only two weeks left, this conference would clear up a bit. But, it the fuck won't. As of this time; Ohio, Temple, Kent St, Miami (OH), Northern Ill, Toledo, Ball St, and Eastern Michigan are still able to win this conference. For fucks sake. Everybody, has a chance to win points here (except Bono). So fuck this for now.

Pac 10

Oregon will win one side of this conference, but who will they play in the conf championship? Ucla....or Arizona St...who are a combined one game over .500...Is it to early to anoint the championship to Oregon, and we can just skip that pitiful game?

Simon, myself, and Colin had Stanford...everyone else will most likely be winning some points.

Sun Belt

We all sucked baddddddddd...moving on


It's come down to Nevada and Louisiana Tech, which leaves half of the people with a chance to win still. Nevada plays LA Tech this week, so I'll get back to you...on to the pick 'em.

Pretty simple for the bonus this week. Shawn performed well again, and put up 20 combined points. A few people put up 19, but that's not good enough. Shawn also cut into Andrew's lead a little bit in the overall college standings, which is pretty sexy. Overall totals.

Andrew 126
Shawn 123
Adam 120
Geiss 118
Folden 117
Bono 117
Munez 116
Simon 116
Colin 114
Joe 110
Jim 107
John 75

Pro Pick 'em Overall

Colin 104
Folden 97
Shawn 92
Bono 91
Simon 91
Jim 90
Andrew 88
Geiss 85
Joe 85
Munez 81
Adam 80
John 71

Fantasy Football

Another crazy week in fantasy, with the standings getting closer and closer. We had five games remaining in this season going into this week, with 9 teams at either 4-5 or 5-4. Let's see how the games played out.

Bono (4-5) vs Jim (5-4)

Bono's smack talk question of "can i get a fucking break" has been answered with two wins a second win in a row. Bono got a huge game out of Fitz, while Jim lost his 3rd straight game. Bono got another break, this one in the form of Matt Schaub's foot. So, now Bono has the two best WR's on his team who have noone to throw the ball to them. More on Jim in next week's preview.

Simon (4-5) vs Geiss (4-5)

Geiss's team can't decide if they want to be a bum squad that put's up 60 points a week, or a monster who puts up 140. There really isn't any other middle ground for him, but this week they showed up huge putting a hurting on Simon's team. Simon started the season 3-0 and since then have lost 6 of it's last 7. Credit to Geiss on the nice start of Laurent Robinson.

John (4-5) vs Folden (5-4)

John's strategy is starting to pay off. He's up to 5-5, even though he doesn't touch or look at his line up. Folden's team seems to live and die on Vick's abilities to play well, and he may have to make his playoff push without, now that he has broken ribs, and is still a black qb. Folden has lost 2 in a row since his 5 game winning streak. Folden also doesn't call and doesn't come home anymore, so he doesn't want to be friends anymore.

Adam (4-5) vs Shawn (4-5)

This was a game of trending upwards vs trending downwards. My team took stellar games from most of the team and a great performance of Michael Bush to take down Shawn. Shawn started the season 4-1, now falling to 4-6. I, on the other hand, started 0-5 and am now 5-5, tying Folden for the longest winning streak of the season.

Colin (6-3) vs Munez (6-3)

THE LITTLE MAN WON'T STAY DOWN. I'm such a lover of Munez and all that he is. His team started 1-6 this year. Virtually out of the playoff race. He then put up wins against Simon, Jim, and Andrew to move to 4-6 on the year. Colins smite of the Football God's last weekend continues to plague him, as he loses his second game in a row. The big difference in this game was Tom Brady's 37 points vs Jay Cutler's 4.


Andrew (6-3) vs Joe (5-4)

Andrew's team put up 150 points this week. Half of those coming from Aaron Rodgers and the fucking bears defense. Credit goes to Joe, whose team hadn't put up a lot of points in like 4 weeks. However, Andrew lucked out with the self destruction of the Lions this weekend. Seriously, at 4:00 on Sunday, it looked like Andrew was going to get murdered, but his team ended up putting up a big number.

This moves Andrew to 7-3, in sole possession of first place. One more win may be enough to put Andrew into the playoffs, and going 2-2 down the stretch will certainly be enough.


Andrew 7-3
Colin 6-4
Jim 5-5
Adam 5-5
Joe 5-5
Folden 5-5
Geiss 5-5
John 5-5
Bono 5-5
Shawn 4-6
Simon 4-6
Munez 4-6

Current Playoff Picture

1. Andrew

4. Adam
5. Joe

3. Jim
6. Geiss

2. Colin


This is the last week before we start replaying our schedule, when revenge games start up. As of right now the cut off for playoffs is 5-5. As you can see, that means that Bono, John, and Folden would not make the play offs because of the tie breaker, which is the most points scored. So, the last four weeks of the season are going to be BANANA!

Bono (5-5) v Colin (6-4)

Bono tries to get above .500 and into good playoff positioning. Colin tries to get back on track and hope that Jay Cutler doesn't shit the bed again. Bono hasn't scored a lot of points this year, so he needs another win pretty bad here. However, Colin seems to have the better team and matchups here by far.

Folden (5-5) v Joe (5-5)

This is a big match up for both of these guys. Something has to give in the standings at some point, and this seems to be the week when it will happen. Folden is in the same position as Bono points wise, but a loss wouldn't end his season. Whoever wins this game will be in position for a playoff birth. The loser will need to make up ground.

Adam (5-5) v John (5-5)

Ditto in almost every way in this matchup. I try to extend my winning streak to 6 games, while John tries to extend his not giving a shit streak to 8 weeks. I would like to consider this an easy win, but knowing John's team, they will probably put up 130 points.

Andrew (7-3) v Simon (4-6)

Simon needs a win and he needs it bad. It sucks he's going against the best team in the league to get it, however this may not be as bad as it seems. Simon is getting Andrew on a week when Andrew has 4 players on bye, so he has a pretty good chance. That's why I'm calling this my UPSET OF THE WEEK.

Jim (5-5) v Geiss (5-5)

Jimbo's team is trending down lately. He has lost three games in a row and he goes against Geiss needing a win. Unfortunately, he has Drew Brees on bye. Jim, who had gone off all year long, has hit on tough times recently. Geiss has an opportunity to get above .500 for the first time in a long time, and it's a pretty good match up for him to do it.


Shawn (4-6) v Munez (4-6)

The Glove tries to continue his save the season campaign against Shawn, who has dropped 5 games in a row. This is pretty much two teams trying to keep there season alive against each other. Shawn's gotta win another one at some point (right?). The loser of this game will not be mathematically eliminated, but the writing will essentially be on the wall.


(college pick 'em + pro pick 'em + fantasy football (10 points per win) + (bonus)

Andrew 126+88+70+(10)=294
Shawn 123+92+40+(10)=265
Adam 120+80+50+(10)=260
Geiss 118+85+50=253
Folden 117+97+50+(10)=274
Bono 117+91+50+(15)=273
Munez 116+81+40=237
Simon 116+91+40+(5)=252
Colin 114+104+60+(15)=293
Joe 110+85+50+(5)=250
Jim 107+90+50+(5)=252
John 75+71+50=196


1. Andrew 294 (^1)
2. Colin 293 (-1)
3. Folen 274 (even)
4. Bono 273 (even)
5. Shawn 265 (even)
6. Adam 260 (even)
7. Geiss 253 (^4)
t8 Jim 252 (-1)
t8 Simon 252 (-1)
10. Joe 250
11. Munez 237
12. John 196
I'm tired, so I'm just going to end on the note that Jim and Simon are tied for the 4th fucking week in a row. Check up on your numbers and mine boys. Until next week, I love you.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Football God Week 10 - UPSET SUNDAY/monday

So, I'm not going to do a college predictions catch up, I'm going to wait until next week. By then, we should have a clear picture of some thins. Instead, I'm going to focus on how fucking crazy fantasy football was this week. And, when we get to the standings, I think it's going to be surprising how close this is.

Andrew (5-3) v Folden (5-3)

This was the only game this week that was between two teams with winning records, and it wasn't even close. Andrew figured out that the best way to beat a guy on a hot streak is to score 160 goddamn points against him. Andrew moves to 6-3, Folden loses for the first time since week 3, moving to 5-4.

Now for the fun. The next 5 games were between the teams that are 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 in the standings, against someone with a winning record. And, you know how they all turned out. All 5 of the worse teams won! In(fuckin)sanity.

Colin 6-2 v Adam 3-5

I'll start by talking about this one, because there is a personal story that comes along with this game. I was in Buffalo this week, and Colin and I made plans to hang out Sunday for the football games. Sunday morning, I got a text informing me I was being cancelled on so Colin could do FUCKING HOUSE WORK. This was the Football God's way of paying me back for this unmanly act. And keep in mind. Colin and I are good friends. We were in the same fraternity. He lived in the same house as me for a year. I was in his fucking wedding 5 MONTHS AGO.

So because of that, I want to thank my team for whoopin that monkey ass all weekend long. The longest win streak in the league now belongs to me at 4, as I move to 4-5, Colin moves to 6-3.

(side note: When I started my win streak, I taunted Joe, via text message. He responded with something along the lines of "yeah, well you only have one win." Since, then my team has not lost. Speaking of Joe...

Joe 5-3 v Geiss 3-5

This matchup came down to Monday night, Joe had a 15 point lead, with Desean Jackson to play. Geiss had Matt Forte. Jackson might as well have not even showed up. Forte did, and in the 4th quarter Geiss took the lead. Geiss moves to 4-5, Joe 5-4.

Munez 2-6 v Jim 5-3

MUNEZ, MUNEZ, MUNEZ. Jesus christ, I love rooting for the underdog. Munez had a 6 game losing streak, which usually takes someone out of a fantasy football league pretty fucking quick. However, Munez has rebounded to beat Jim, who has suddenly hit hard times, for his second straight win. Jim jumped out to a good record this year, and holds a substantial point lead over everybody else but Colin, so he can take a little bit of a slide, but obviously not for to long.

This game came down to tonight, as well. A tight score with Munez having PHI defense playing against Jeremy Maclin for Jim. Somehow, Phili's D put up just enough for Munez. He moves to 3-6, Jim to 5-4.

John 3-5 v Shawn 4-4

Poor Shawn had 5 players on bye this week, including all of his running backs. Nothing screamed loss like this game for Shawn. Except, John hadn't changed his line up in 3 weeks, so who the fuck knows. After only playing in 3 games this year, Peyton Hillis was finally benched, and John got some steady play as both men move to 4-5 on the season.

Bono 3-5 v Simon 4-4

This was one hell of a game. Bono had less than an 8 point lead going into tonight, with Simon's kicker, Alex Henery left to play. Henery made it to 7 points halfway through the 3rd quarter. Bono had less than a one point lead, meaning that any score by the eagles would end it for Bono. However, Henery was shut out the rest of the game, and Bono and Simon both move to 4-5.


Colin 6-3
Andrew 6-3
Jim 5-4
Joe 5-4
Folden 5-4
Simon 4-5
Shawn 4-5
Adam 4-5
Geiss 4-5
Bono 4-5
John 4-5
Munez 3-6

Pretty hard to believe that 9 games into the season 3 games is all that separates first place from last place. In fact, if the playoffs started tomorrow, there would be a 6 way tie for the last playoff spot. I've played in close to twenty fantasy leagues, and I've never been in anything this tight.

Next Week's Matchups

Colin 6-3 v Munez 3-6

If Munez wants to continue his comeback he's going to have to do it against Colin in a week where there are no NFL teams on bye. At this point, with 5 to play, two more wins would likely get Colin into the playoffs, where 3 would guarantee it. For Munez, his only hope is to keep on winning.

Bono 4-5 v Jim 5-4

Bono's team finally showed up last weekend, and all signs point to him getting Andre Johnson back this week. Jim has lost two in a row, and losing a third could take what was originally a near certainty for playoffs and put it in doubt. Jim has some good matchups though, so it may be an uphill battle for Bono.

John 4-5 v Folden 5-4

Stephen Jackson has gone off lately for Folden, but so has Adrian Foster for John. Folden is most likely not going to win any games off a tie breaker this year, so it's important for him to keep on winning. John continues to play the part of the guy who gives the least shit this year, so because of that I'm going to pick him for the UPSET OF THE WEEK. Folden has better matchups and is projected to win by like 30 points, but something tells me John is going to sneak into the playoffs and win this whole thing, despite his lack of caring.

Adam 4-5 v Shawn 4-5

One of us will move to .500 this week. Trends would say that it would be me. I'm riding a 4 game winning streak while Shawn is on a 4 game losing streak. However, Shawn started off strong and now his team is all done with there byes, and they are getting healthy too. Likewise, his matchups are far better than mine. Should be an interesting game.

Game of the Week

Andrew 6-3 v Joe 5-4

Despite having a team that doesn't look great on paper, Andrew's scrappy team continues to win, despite having no real superstars (save for Aaron Rodgers). Joe started off 3-1 and has sputtered a bit since then. They are matched up very well this week, with Aaron Rodgers projected to put up a disgusting 37 points next week. Before the season, Andrew talked about taking Rodgers with the 3rd overall pick, and I tore him up for it, saying he should take a back. I WAS WRONG.

Interesting Stats

I have beat the 1st place team 2 weeks in a row.

Going into our game in week 5 Me and Folden's combined record was 1-7. Since our game, our combined record is 7-1.

In his current 3 game losing streak, Simon has lost by a combined 16 points. That's brutal.

Colin has scored at least 100 points in every game this year.

Week 9 is the first time Bono has put up 100 points since week 3.

9 of the 12 teams in our league are either 4-5 or 5-4.

College Pick 'em

LSU beat Alabama this week and the BCS punished them by dropping them 1 fucking spot in the polls. I say fuck that. Huge game this week between Oregon and Stanford.

In Pick 'em Shawn rebounded to score 12 and win this week. I was right behind him with 11. Here are the stats on the season

Andrew 116
Shawn 112
Adam 112
Geiss 108
Folden 108
Simon 108
Bono 108
Munez 106
Colin 105
Joe 102
Jim 101
John 75

Pro Pick'em

In Po Pick 'em myself, Colin, Simon, Joe, Folden, and Jim all scored 8 points to take the lead, with Shawn coming in at 7. This means that Shawn and I tied with 19 total points to win the 5 point bonus this week. Totals for the season

Colin 94
Folden 90
Simon 83
Shawn 83
Bono 82
Jim 80
Andrew 80
Joe 79
Geiss 76
Adam 75
Munez 73
John 71

So, let's get to the standings. College + Pro + Fantasy 10 points per win + (bonus) = Total Score

Andrew 116+80+60+(10)=266
Shawn 112+83+40+(5)=240
Adam 112+75+40+(10)=237
Geiss 108+76+40= 224
Folden 108+90+50+(10)=258
Simon 108+83+40+(5)=236
Bono 108+82+40+(15)=245
Munez 106+73+30=209
Colin 105+94+60+(15)=274
Joe 102+79+50+(5)= 236
Jim 101+80+50+(5)=236
John 75+71+40= 186


1. Colin 274 (even)
2. Andrew 266 (^1)
3. Folden 258 (-1)
4. Bono 245 (even)
5. Shawn 240 (+3)
6. Adam 237 (+3)
t7. Jim 236 (-1)
t7 Simon 236 (-1)
t7 Joe 236 (-2)
10. Geiss 224
11. Munez 209
12. John 186


Simon is tied for the 5TH time in a row. 2 with Folden, 3 in a row with Jim, and this time as well with Joe.

Colin has led Football God all year.

Next week, there really should be some predictions in. But, we will have to wait and see.

As of now, Oregon, Stanford, Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma are all teams that we had in our predictions for the National Championship that still have a chance to make it. LSU and OK ST, the two teams at the top, nobody had.

Until next week, I love you all.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Football God Week 9 Results...and Munez

Week 9 bitches. We are about at the halfway point of the NFL season. So I'll start with a prediciton update there. We'll look at everything except the individual awards.

Super Bowl Predictions

Here are all the teams that people predicted to win the Superbowl
Baltimore 5-2, New England 5-2, Pittsburgh 6-2, Green Bay 7-0, San Diego (5-2 or 4-3, the game is still on, New Orleans 5-3, Jets 4-3, Phili 3-4. So, that's 8 different teams with Super Bowl representation, and none of them have fallen out of things. Most have thrived, with the exception of Phili, but they seem to have things together a little bit better now.

Playoff Picture

If the playoffs started today that would look like this.

Buffalo (?!?!)
San Diego/KC/Oakland (i don't know the fucking tie break)

would be the division winners, with


all tied for the wildcard. While none of us had Cinci or Buffalo in the playoffs, the rest of these predictions are pretty stout

As for what that means for us, the people with the best predictions in the AFC so far are Munez, Geiss, Joe, Bono, and Andrew. They each have Houston, SD, Pitt, and NE winning their divisions aside from Andrew who has the Jets (which could still very well happen)

BAD Predictions

The worst prediction of the year as far as AFC division winners goes has to be me, John, Colin, Simon, and Folden taking the winless Colts. Also, Jim and Shawn's Denver pick for the AFC west is pretty bad. Other than that, there are still a couple of big random picks that could still help people get some big points. Shawn was the only one to take the Titans to win the South and Folden has the Raiders winning the West. If either of those happen that is a big point swing for either one of those two.

In the wildcard, we all still look pretty good. Everybody has relevant teams, that could very well work out for them.

In the NFC the playoff picture looks like this



Tampa Bay (holds tie break over ATL right now)

The worst prediction of the year right now is our collective picks for the NFC West. STL, ARI, and SEA were all picked, but the 49ers were not, and considering they will clinch their division in about 2 weeks I don't think any of us will get any points there.

Nobody had the Giants winning their division either, and I know there is plenty of time for them to blow this, but as for now they have a two game lead over Dallas and Phili, who we all picked. We all look good in the North, taking the Packers, and we all have either ATL, Tampa, or NO in the South, which is still pretty much up for grabs.

I am the only one who took the Lions in the wildcard, so assuming they keep things up, and don't falter back to 2007 Lions (who also started 6-2, only to finish out of the playoffs) I should make some pretty good points there.

In the wildcard, every pick is still pretty relevant.

Funniest pick of the year (so far)

All of our picks for the top 3 draft picks next year.

10 of us picked the Bengals (5-2)
5 took the 49ers (6-1)
5 took the Bills (5-2)
2 took Oakland (4-3)

That's 22 of the 36 picks total, where the team currently has a winning record, and that's not including the 3 of us who took Washington (3-4) to make the bottom 3. Although, let's be honest, they could lose their last 9 games this season and I don't think it would suprise anybody.

John (JAC, SF, Miami) and Munez (Cin, Jac, Car) seem to have the best picks in this so far, with Miami.

Speaking of Munez, it's halfway through the 3rd quarter of the Chiefs v SD game, and Nick Novak just kicked his second field goal of the game, meaning that Munez has taken the lead in his fantasy game and will officially end his 6 game losing streak. Congrats bud, being on a 5 game losing streak this year, I know it's shitty and frustrating. Which is the perfect transition into Fantasy Football.

But first, on a college prediction update, Wisconsin dropped it's second game in a row, which makes Andrew and Shawn's Wisconsin pick for the National Championship pretty much irrelevant. They join Folden (FSU) in the bread line.

LSU plays Alabama this week, which will go a long way to seeing how the National Championship is going to play out. 11 of us had Alabama, so this game has obvious implications. However, if Alabama loses this weekend, I want to bring up what could be an interesting scenario. If Arkansas keeps winning, and ends up beating LSU in the last game of the season, we will have LSU with 1 loss to ARK, Bama with 1 loss to LSU, and ARK with one loss to Alabama. We could realistically have 3 SEC teams in the top 5 of the BCS.

I'm not really sure how the tie break would work for the SEC championship game, but it could lead to an interesting situation, considering that Arkansas has quietly crawled back into the National Championship conversation. This would depend on if Stanford were to lose, and what would happen with Boise St and the Oklahoma's squared. Now onto Fantasy Football, I mean it this time.


I'm labeling this week in fantasy football as the week when defenses went wild, as if they were horny, drunk, and (let's be honest) drugged college girls. What do I mean? Let's look into three games from this week. Let's start with the marquee match up of the week with 5-2 Colin playing 4-3 Shawn

Colin beat Shawn by 40 points this week, but when you look at the matchups, it was a lot closer than it should have been a lot closer, except for the fact that Detroits defense put up 33 fucking points! Tim Tebow turned out being the best player on Colin's team this week. Which is odd, considering I thought he was on Geiss's roster. Colin moves to 6-2, while Shawn loses his 3rd in a row to fall to 4-4.

Munez 1-6 played Simon 4-3. Simon has to swallow his second straight close loss, while Munez won mainly because of Buffalo's defense putting up 32 points! Simon has won a couple of close games this year, including a game against Joe in week two, in which he one by .3 points. The law of averages would imply that if you play enough close games you'll win half and lose half. Well, Simon is at 4-4 so it seems to be true in this case.

Folden won his league best 5th straight game this week against Geiss, on the strength of Cincinnati's D putting up 26 points for him. If I were a gambling man, I would not bet on Geiss's team ever. They have the potential to put up 150 or 30 points in any given week, and it's impossible to predict. Folden has won 5 straight, although his team has not scored more than 110 points in any of those games, and not breaking 100 in two of them. I remember talking to Shawn before his week 4 match up with Folden. Shawn told me then that Folden's team (which was 0-3 at the time) seemed so bad he couldn't see him winning a game all year. Not only did Folden win that game, but he hasn't looked back since.

Andrew beat John this week, despite putting up only 70 points. How do you ask? John started 3 players that were on bye, 1 who was injured, and he just left one of his WR spots completely open. Good for Andrew who tries to win in Football God. Fuck John for not taking 10 minutes out of his week to set his roster. Andrew moves to 5-3, good for you Andrew.

Joe wins his second straight low scoring game against Bono, who can't catch a fucking break with his team. He has a great QB, and three of the best receivers in the game on his team, but his running back corps is dreadful.

And, in the last game I played Jim. When your fantasy team does as poorly as mine has, you start to hang on to little victories to stop yourself from being bored. so, it's been my goal to continue my winning streak against Jim going. This happened with me blowing Jim's team out this week, despite him scoring (on average) 28 points more than me a game this week. What happened was I caught a couple of lucky breaks, one being that Jim had 4 players on bye, including his best running back, and Drew Brees kinda shit the bed this week. So, the winning streak continues, and assuming I don't crawl back into this thing and make the playoffs, Jim and I won't be playing each other again this season. So, it looks like the streak will go on another year.


Colin 6-2
Jim 5-3
Joe 5-3
Andrew 5-3
Folden 5-3
Shawn 4-4
Simon 4-4
Geiss 3-5
John 3-5
Adam 3-5
Bono 3-5
Munez 2-6

The cut off for playoffs now is 4-4, with Simon and Shawn tied there. The tie break for playoffs is most points, so right now the playoff picture looks like this.

Byes - Colin, Jim
First round - Folden, Shawn, Joe, and Andrew

However, the next four teams are only one game out, and if Munez can catch a little steam here, he can get back into this too.

Next Week's Matchups

Jim 5-3 v Munez 2-6 - Speaking of Munez (again)...To get catch a little steam he's going to have to do this against Jim. This may be harder than it sounds though, as Jim will be back to full strength with his team. Munez, however, won't have any players on bye, so he will need to pull an upset, but it could work out for him. I'm taking Jim 140 - Munez 120

Colin 6-2 v Adam 3-5 - I'm riding a three game win streak, and one more win from becoming a real player down the stretch, but I'll have to do it against our leagues power house. Luckily, I won't have to go against Calvin Johnson, who has scored 300 td's in the first half of the season. However, Colin is good because he is deep, and has Malcolm Floyd to sub in. I won't predict this game, because Colin's team puts up like 150 a week, and I don't want to pick against myself.

Bono 3-5 v Simon 4-4 - If Bono's going to get back into this thing, he can help himself a lot with a win against Simon. Bono has been sliding (3 straight losses), but Simon is starting to as well (2 straight losses). Neither has anybody important on bye, and Bono may be getting Andre Johnson back. I'm going to take Bono in this one, 125 - 102

Geiss 3-5 v Joe 5-3 - This is another big game as far as playoff implications go. And Geiss is going against Joe at the perfect time. Joe's team has won the last two games, although in unimpressive fashion, and Joe has Jones-Drew, Steve Smith 3.0, Percy Harvin, and Nate Burleson all on bye. If Geiss's team shows up, which is a big BUT, he should be able to win this one. I'll take this game as my UPSET OF THE WEEK MOTHAFUCKA pick.

Shawn 4-4 v John 3-5 - this game is a real wildcard. Shawn 5 players, including ALL of his running backs on bye this week. However, he's playing John, who probably won't make any substitutions. My prediction on this week is final score Shawn 35 John 26.


Andrew 5-3 v Folden 5-3

Something has to give in the standings this week, and it's going to happen in this game. One of these two is going to move into good position in the standings, while the other will get pushed towards the middle of the pack. I want to take Andrew in this game. I like his team and his matchups a lot better. But, it's dumb to bet against the hot team. I'll go with Folden in this one 95 - 85

College Pick 'em

Andrew DOMINATES in College pick 'em taking it down again this week. Bono and I were right behind with 9. For the season, Andrew has a four game lead, with Bono, me, Simon, and Shawn in striking distance. For the season:

Andrew 106
Bono 102
Adam 101
Simon 100
Shawn 100
Geiss 98
Folden 98
Munez 97
Colin 96
Joe 96
Jim 94
John 75

Pro Football Pick 'em

Colin takes this week down again with 10 points, while Joe, Folden, and Simon scored 9. Colin has extended his lead in this pick 'em, yet again, and here are the standings.

Colin 86
Folden 82
Bono 76
Shawn 76
Simon 76
Munez 73
Andrew 73
Jim 72
Joe 71
Geiss 69
Adam 67
John 64

So, for the bonus this week, it's going to be a lot of us. 17 points was the best anyone did, so I'm posting everyone's score this week.

Colin 17
Adam 17
Bono 17
Simon 16
Folden 16
John 16
Andrew 16
Joe 16
Geiss 16
Andrew 16
Rowing 16
Shawn 12

So, we were all (aside for Shawn) one point away from the bonus, but me, bono, and colin got the 5 points this week.

So, our totals as of now will be college pick'em + pro pick'em + fantasy (10 points per win) + (bonus) = total score.

Andrew 106+73+50+(10)=239
Bono 102+76+30+(15)=223
Adam 101+67+30+(5)=203
Simon 100+76+40+(5)=221
Shawn 100+76+40=216
Geiss 98+69+30=197
Folden 98+82+50+(10)=240
Munez 97+73+20=190
Joe 96+71+50+(5)=222
Colin 96+ 86+60+(15)=257
Jim 94+72+50+(5)=221
John 75+64+30=169

Total Rankings

1. Colin 257 (even)
2. Folden 240 (even)
3. Andrew 239 (even)
4. Bono 223 (+3)
5. Joe 222 (+3)
t6 Simon 221 (-2)
t6 Jim 221 (-2)
8. Shawn 216 (-2)
9. Adam 203 (+1)
10. Geiss 197 (-1)
11. Munez 190 (even)
12. John 169 (even)


Colin has led in each of the 5 football god updates I've done this season.

There are 7 points total between 4th and 8th.

In the last four football god updates Simon has been tied with Folden twice, and Jim twice. The first time he tied, he was tied for 6th. He is still tied for 6th.

I have climbed one spot in each of the past three updates.

Shawn has fallen 5 spots in the past three updates.

Andrew and Folden's fantasy football game is essentially for 2nd place, for now.

Next week, we may have the first of our college football predictions coming in. If not next week, certainly by the week after. Until then, I love you all.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Football God Week 8

Another exciting week of Football in the books, Boys. The Ravens & Jags just finished up, with a big upset for the Jags. Next week, I'll likely do a mid season update of the NFL, and another college update the week after that.

For now, we'll start with this weeks fantasy football results. We'll start with the premiere match up of the week with Shawn getting beat by Jim. They were both 4-2 going into the game, and Shawn looked like he had a pretty good chance of taking Jim down, with a 40 point lead going into last night's game. However, the Colts decided to take yesterday off, allowing Brees to rack up 49 points, a lot of those coming in the first quarter. Shawn wasn't the only one to feel the pain of the Colts bedshitting last night though...

Colin 4-2 went up against John 3-3 last night, with John holding a 13 point lead. Most of his lead was built up by Arian Foster putting up about 3,000 points on Sunday. However, Colin benefited from 6 extra points and 2 field goals from John Casey to pull off the win.

Geiss 2-4 ran up the score on Andrew 4-2 with the help of Tim "i am god" Tebow, even though Aaron Rodgers put up 40 points for Andrew.

Simon 4-2 went against me 1-5 in a pretty interesting match up. Graham and Sproles gave the lead to Simon late last night, until a NO pick six gave me back the lead at the end of the game. It was down to me playing Ricky Williams against Simon playing Ray Rice. Luckily for me, the Jags played amazing defense to give me the win.

Folden 3-3 played Bono 3-3. Bono's had some tough like the last couple of weeks, with different players of his team not showing up each week. Andre Johnson can't come back fast enough to help his team out. Folden won, extending his winning streak to 4 games, after starting the season 0-3.

Joe 3-3 sweated out Munez 1-5 and a late charge from Anquan Boldin to go above .500 too. Munez has had a tough season. He started off with a victory and it's all been down hill since then. It's been 5 straight weeks where he has failed to put up over a 100 points. At this point, the wins will still benefit his football god over all standings, but fantasy football playoffs are starting to get a little far fetched.

Now the fantasy football standings look like this

1. Jim 5-2
Colin 5-2
3.Andrew 4-3
Shawn 4-3
Simon 4-3
Joe 4-3
Folden 4-3
8. Bono 3-4
John 3-4
Geiss 3-4
11. Adam 2-5
12. Munez 1-6

At the half way point of the fantasy season it looks like 4-3 is the cutoff for the playoffs right now. Myself and Munez have a very small margin before we fade into irreverence, however every body else is still within striking distance. Here are the match ups for next week.

Geiss 3-4 vs Folden 4-3
Andrew 4-3 vs John 3-4
Shawn 4-3 vs Colin 5-2
Munez 1-6 vs Simon 4-3
Bono 3-4 vs Joe 4-3
Adam 2-5 vs Jim 5-2

Thoughts on next week

This is the 4th year that Jim and I have played fantasy football together, and as of now, he has never beaten me, in what I think is 6 (maybe 7) match ups. Me at 2-5 and him at 5-2, this may be his time.

Also, if Geiss, Colin, Munez, Bono, and john win next week we will have 8 4-4 teams in our fantasy football league. That would make the 2nd half of the season very interesting with virtually every week being a meaningful head to head match up.

College pick'em

Andrew, Shawn, Bono, and Joe each scored 10 points a piece in the college pick 'em. Myself, Jim, and Simon were close behind with 9.

On the season, Andrew, who will admit doesn't know very much about college football, still holds the lead with 96. I wanna give my brother from the same mother some credit here. He's been the stand out in pick'ems this year, and he's made a huge improvement in football god overall in the last couple of years. the total standings are

Andrew 96
Shawn 94
Bono 93
Simon 93
Adam 92
Folden 91
Geiss 90
Joe 89
Colin 89
Munez 89
Rowing 86
John 67

In the pros Joe and Bono each scored 1o points, bring there total to 20 points for the week, which earns them both the 5 point bonus.

The pros looks like this overall.

Colin 76
Folden 73
Shawn 70
Bono 68
Andrew 67
Simon 67
Munez 65
Jim 64
Joe 62
Geiss 61
Adam 59
John 56

It's funny to me how the pros we pick straight up and college we pick with the spread, however there is a much bigger discrepancy between the pro standings then the college standings

College pick 'em + Pro pick'em + fantasy points (10 per win) + plus pick'em bonus in (___) = Total score.

With the way fantasy went down this week I wouldn't be suprised to see a bit of a shake up in the standings now. Let's see how they calculate out. Also, I don't think Simon and Folden will be tied anymore.

Andrew 96 +67+40+(10)= 213
Shawn 94 +70+40 = 204
Bono 93+68+30+(10) = 201
Simon 93+67+40+(5)= 205
Adam 92+59+20 = 171
Folden 91+73+40+(10)= 214
Geiss 90+61+30= 181
Joe 89+62+40+(5)= 196
Colin 89+76+50+(10) = 225
Munez 89+65+10= 164
Jim 86+64+50+(5)= 205
John 67+56+30 = 153

So this is why I tell you guys to check the points. Somehow, I gave Colin 207 points last week, when he actually only had 199. I don't know how I made the mistake, but that's why I say double check me.


1. Colin 225 (even)
2. Folden 214 (^1)
3. Andrew 213 (-1)
t4 Jim 205 (^2)
t4 Simon 205 (-1)
6. Shawn 204 (-1)
7. Bono 201 (even)
8. Joe 196 (even)
9. Geiss 181 (even)
10. Adam 171 (^1)
11. Munez 164 (-1)
12. John 153 (even)

Colin continues to set the pace this year, with Folden making a recent charge. Andrew fell a bit, while Simon is tied with someone for the third week in a row. Shawn fell a spot, while everything between 7-12 stayed the same except myself and Munez flip flopping. A good week could send either Folden or Andrew into the top spot next week. Jim, Simon, Shawn, and Bono are all close to the top 3, although Simon, Shawn, and Bono all lost some ground. Joe is still in good shape. Geiss needs a little work to get into the middle of the pack. I have gained ground recently, but need to do more work. While Munez and John need to start making some moves.

In two weeks, we should have our first college predictions bonus's in. So we can look forward to some big swings happening in the next couple weeks. Until then, I love you.