Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Football God 9/22 Update

So, we're three weeks in and I figured it's time for the first real update of the year.  

The NFL was a bit topsy-turvey this week as nearly all of the most picked teams in the survivor pool took a nosedive.  

In Week 1, Jim was the only person lose his game, with Indi getting spanked by the bills.  

Week 2 was no different for the Colts, or Jim for that matter.  The Colts lost to the Jets, giving Civ his first strike of the year.  The Saints Lost to the Bucs giving Colin, Eplin, Me, Joe, and Rob our first strikes.  The Saints loss also knocked Jim out of the Survivor Pool already. 1 Man down 11 remain.  

Geiss and Shawn are the only two people who survived the first two weeks without a strike against them, putting them in early position to earn the 40 point bonus.  

The Pick'em Bonus in Week three went to Gary, Munez and Colin, each getting 20 correct combined picks.  Rob raped through the NFL pick'em but couldn't keep it up in his College Picks, finishing with 19 points.  

Overall in the Pick'em thus far, Rob leads the NFL pick'em by 2 points over a gaggle of people. 

In the College Pick'em Gary has a 1 point lead over Munez, 

Fantasy Football has started off with four 2-0 teams, four 1-1 teams, and four 0-2 teams.  

Jim has set the pace by beating ass in both of his first two games. Folden, Eplin, and Voyten also come in at 2-0

Rob, Gary, Geiss, and Colin are all at 1-1.  Rob's team was the big point scorer of the week, scoring nearly 40 points more than the second closest person.  

In the back at 0-2 are Myself, Civ, Joe, and Munez.  

I'm not going to give a point update for another two or three works.  We'll work on old BCS rules here.  

At this point the best thing you can do is stay the pace, and not end up with your entire team hurt like the Cowboys.  That Super Bowl pick is looking rough for you right now Munez.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Football God 9/16 Update

First week of the regular NFL season done, second week of the college football season done.  Let's get a short idea of where we stand.

Week 1 college pick'em bonus (5 points) was a tie between Eplin, Geiss, and myself.  Last week, Eplin texted me, upset that he didn't realize we were picking college against the spread.  Said he would have changed a few picks.  

Two things about this.  #1 Eplin's the only person I've ever seen who complained after winning a week.  #2  In week two, when he knew we were picking against the spread, he finished in dead last place.  Maybe you should go back to being unaware, David.  

Week 2 combined pick'em bonus was won by me, I scored a combined 24 points.  Jim was right behind with 23. 

Week 1 of Fantasy Football went as follows.

Folden put a SPANKING on Civ.  
Eplin beat Rob.
Jim beat Me.
Gary beat Joe
Voyten kicked the living shit out of Geiss
Colin beat Munez

In the Survivor Pool, everyone lasted through week 1 without getting a strike.  Exceepppppttt Jim.  Jim picked the Colts, who flew to Buffalo to get on their knees and give the Bills the most submissive rimjob I've ever seen. 

No point updates this week.  Would be a waste of time this early.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Preseason Predictions

Here are everyone's picks for the season.  I'm also going to send a copy through email so you can look more closely if you like.  But, if you're ever curious who everyone has, bookmark this link and take a look.  

If you click on each image, it pulls up the whole thing.