Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Point Update: Week 8

So, we are now 8 weeks into our Football God season and I think it's finally time to unveil the initial standings for Football God.

Although we're only halfway through the fantasy season, we damn near already have the fantasy playoffs set, with Rob, Jim, and Colin all with a 3 game lead on the playoffs and John with a 2 game lead.

Andrew and I are all but eliminated from playoff contention and Munez and Shawn are barely clinging on.  Everybody that's out of the playoff picture right now should be routing for Voyten against John this week, as him losing will certainly help people out a good bit.

In predictions the only big prediction that is unlikely (100% not) to happen is Jim's pick to of Georgia in the BCS Championship game.

We are in the meet of Conference play now, so that should shake out a little bit, as it always does by the next update, which will likely be 2 weeks from now.

In the College pick 'em, it's turning into a sort of 2 horse race between Jim and I for the season bonus.  Jim is in first by 8 points over 3rd and I"m 6 points again of 3rd.  Given Jim and I are each only one bad week from falling down to the rest of the pack.

In Pro pick'em Joe's lead has shrank but still exists.  He's at a two point lead over Colin with Munez hanging in at 3rd.  With Colin sitting in second in pro pick'em and 3rd in college pick 'em he has an outside change to win both pick'em pools, which would give him a huge 100 point bonus  So, let's all step up and stop that from happening.

Here is where we sit with the pick'em bonus after 8 weeks. All bonuses are 10 points unless otherwise notated.

1. Andrew & John (5 points)
2. Colin
3. Joe
4. Adam
5. Rob
6. Shawn
7. Adam
8. Rob

So, onto the points. Here's where we sit in points as of right now.  they will be listed like this.

Fantasy points + college pick 'em + pro pick 'em + (bonus points) = total.

Rob 60+74+45+(20)= 199
Jim 60+84+38=182
Colin 60+76+56+(10)= 202
John 50+74+48+(5)= 177
Folden 30+68+46= 144
Joe 30+71+58+(10)= 169
Shawn 20+73+45+(10)= 148
Munez 20+74+53= 147
Adam 10+82+42+(20)= 154
Andrew 10+70+52+(5)= 137


1. Colin 202
2. Rob 199
3. Jim 182
4. John 177
5. Joe 169
6. Adam 154
7. Shawn 148
8. Munez 147
9. Folden 144
10. Andrew 137

Final Thoughts

So, with no real suprises, the people with the most wins in fantasy are leading.  This is fairly typical in the early parts of the season.  The biggest suprise though is how much space Colin and Rob have opened up from the bottom five teams, giving them a decent gap to overcome when the predictions start to come back.

Also, John isn't in dead last place.  Good for him.

So, you guys can expect the next update in the first week of November, after two more weeks of football have been played.

In the meantime, please check your fucking points and kiss my grits.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Football God Update 10/1/13

What's up fellas. We're five weeks into the football god season and I thought I would stop by with some updates.

First off Bonus points.

Pick 'em bonus points.

Week 1: Andrew & John (5 points each)
Week 2: Colin (10 points)
Week 3: Joe (10 points)
Week 4: Adam (10 points)
Week 5: Rob (10 points)

Well done to each person who has received bonus points.

As far as our overall Pick'em scores are concerned.  I am leading the college pick'em by 2 games over Jim & Colin; and, Joe has a massive 5 game lead over the Pros.

Fantasy Football

We have four 3-1 teams (Jim, Colin, Rob, & John) & four 1-3 teams (Andrew, Munez, Joe, & Myself), with Folden and Shawn sitting at 2-2.

So, nobody is running away with it, or fallen completely behind.  Obviously, the 1-3 teams need to start winning a little bit, lest they fall any further behind.

Joe and I are both 1-3 and play each other this week, and Colin and John play each other, meaning that there will be at least one 1-4 team next week, as well as one 4-1 game.

Otherwise, Folden and Shawn square off in the battle of the 2-2's.  Andrew tries to get on the winning track against Jim the Juggernaut, while Munez does the same against Rob.

Other than that, in the Prediction bracket, everyone is still in pretty decent shape.  That's actually a lie.  I haven't even looked at them.  I probably won't until after the end of the month.

As for now.  Let's plan on October 29th being our first point reveal, so that we can all know who sucks what, and who is getting sucked...Weird gay reference, I know.