Monday, January 13, 2014

Football God Update 1-13

Things are coming down to the end.  Conference championships are set.

You received 20 points for each correct prediction in this.

Big Ups go to Joe who predicted all 4 of the conference champions to get himself back into things.

Also, the wildcard and divisional rounds of the playoffs were worth 5 points for each pick'em correct.

Here is where each of those stand

Conf Preseason Prediction

Joe 80
Rob 40
Colin 40
Munez 40
John 40
Andrew 40
Jim 40
Adam 20
Shawn 20
Folden 20

Playoff Pick'em

Joe 25
Rob 20
Colin 15
Andrew 15
Adam 15
Folden 15
Jim 10
Shawn 10
Munez 0
John 0

So, with only a few weeks left, here are where our points are

1. Colin 687
2. Rob 664
t3. Shawn 614
t3. Joe 614
5. Jim 599
6. Adam 598
7. Andrew 572
8. Folden 540
9. John 470
10. Munez 465

The conference championship games are worth 10 points each in predictions so make sure you get those picks in.

Additionally, going forward.  The only predictions that are yet to come in are the NFL individual awards and the Super Bowl winner and participants.

To get an idea of how people are trending.  You would need to take a look at the predictions document i sent you all.

Currently, Joe, John, and Rob have both of their superbowl teams and their winner left.

7 people altogether still have their Superbowl winner playing.

Although Shawn is in 3rd place, he is trending downward.  No more Superbowl points available.

The indi awards are what's really going to spell things out.  Currently,  Andrew, Joe, Munez, and Jim all have Manning winining the MVP and O-POY award.  This is likely to happen, which could bring Andrew, Jim, and Joe all into the mix for things.

All that being said.  I haven't the slightest fucking clue.  Let's wait and see what happens next week, then we should have an idea of where we will end up.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Football God Update 1/6/2014

Hey guys, things are starting to shake out.  Our last big bonus of the year is in the Bowl Pick'em, where the winner gets a 20 point bonus. A recap of the way the points went are like this.

Regular bowl game, 2 points
BCS game, 5 points
Championship, 10 points

That means that as of tonight you would need to be within 10 points to have a shot to get the 20 point bonus. Here are our standings

John 46
Shawn 46
Munez 45
Jim 43
Joe 39
Colin 36
Folden 36
Andrew 34
Rob 34
Adam 29

This means that almost everyone still has a shot at this tonight, so good luck.  I'll do a point update tomorrow with the bonus of college pick'em included.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Point Update, as of Sunday Night

Hey, I meant to do an update, but I have been busy as shit because of the holidays.  So, I'll give you guys a mini update so everyone knows where we are.

Congrats to Colin on winning the fantasy footbal league.

Name    Fantasy/Pro Pred/Coll Pred/ Pick'em/      Bonus                     Bowl
Shawn  60           75           40           298                         35           16
Jim         130         75           40           241                         10           20
Folden  60           60           80           244                         25           12
Adam    50           105         40           299                         30           8
Andrew  60           75           40           253                         45           18
Joe         70           90           40           245                         15           16
John      80           60           20           189                         5              22
Rob        150         75           40           240                         35           14
Colin      190         120         0              256                         20           18
Munez  20           90           20           220                         20           16

This is a very crude copy and paste of all of our points so far.

You can see if you look at the pro predictions Colin also has the most points in that so far.  I haven't done any of the points for the last couple of days.  But as of Sunday, this is all accurate.  So, read this over and if you have any questions on how I got your point total let me know.  Here are the point leaders as of 12-29-13.

1. Colin 604         6. Andrew 491
2. Rob 574           7. Folden 481
3. Adam 532       8. Joe 479
4. Shawn 524      9. Munez 386
5. Jim 516             10. John 376

With Colin winning fantasy football and getting the most points in the Pro Predictions he has pulled away from the pack a little bit.  Other than that, only 75 ponts seperates 2nd through 8th.  So, the money is still very much up for grabs.  

There are still the post season winners to factor in, as well as the regular season awards.  Still some college bowl games and the bowl game bonus to give out.  

I'll update again next week after the National Championship game with some new point updates.

Do not forget to do your pick'em for the playoff games.