Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Point Updates

What's up queers. The point totals are here. I'll do another small update this week about what's on the line in the upcoming week; however, this one is going to just be points.  It gets a little tricky at this point so I need to get through this.

Quick update on pro predictions.  Voyten was the only person to predict the Colts to win the AFC South, so good for him.  He gets 20 points that will be figured into his prediction points.

Also, you'll notice my College pick'em score is 184. That is with my 40 points for winning the college pick'em included.

For the 2nd week in a row we had a shit load of people get the pick'em bonus.  Folden, Shawn, Andrew, and Munez will each get 10 bonus points for getting 16 correct.

Lastly, well done to Andrew who received the 10 point pick'em bonus 4 weeks in a row to close out the 10 point season.  For the rest of the pro season there will only be a 5 point bonus.

Fantasy Football + college pick'em+pro pick'em+ Prediction points+(Bonus) =

Jim 110+133+84+40+(10)=377
Rob 110+121+95+60+(30)=416
Colin 110+132+99+0+(20)=361
John 70+118+71+20+(5)=284
Joe 70+122+97+40+(10)=339
Folden 60+119+96+80+(20)=375
Adam 50+184+90+40+(30)=394
Shawn 50+129+100+60+(30)=369
Andrew 50+131+97+40+(45)=363
Munez 20+112+99+20+(20)=271

1. Rob 416 (^2)
2. Adam 394 (^2)
3. Jim 377 (-2)
4. Folden 375 (^4)
5. Shawn 369 (^2)
6. Andrew (363 (-1)
7. Colin 361 (-5)
8. Joe 339 (-2)
9. John 284 (=)
10. Munez 271 (=)

So there are our totals.  Folden makes the biggest jump, going up 4 spaces from last week, while Colin drops 5 because of his pathetic, pathetic college predictions.  Rob jumps to 1 from winning his fantasy game, and scoring 60 points in the college prediction.

I'm in 2nd, for the time being. However, considering I'm not in the fantasy playoffs, and my Pro predictions look like shit, I'll consider this my peak.

Overall, there are still only 78 points between 1st and 8th.  It'll be cool seeing how this shakes out.

Monday, December 9, 2013

College Predictions 2013

Hey guys, here is a quick special post for you guys regarding the points that everyone has gotten for the pre season college predictions.


BCS National Championship Game
Florida State


Winner - Florida St
Points - NOONE

BIG 10
Winner - Michigan St

Winner - Auburn

American Conference
Winner - UCF
Points - " " " you guys get the pattern, right?

Conference USA
Winner - Rice
Points - 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  0 0 0 0

So, there are 5 conferences, the national championship and, as a result, the National Champion that nobody will get any points on.  So, where did we get points?

Big 12
Winner - Baylor
Points - Folden

Mountain West
Winner - Fresno St
Points - Folden

In case you guys were wondering, Folden's the only person who's going to leave the College Predictions happy...Maybe Rob too.

PAC 12
Winner - Stanford
Points - Shawn, Jim, Rob, Folden, Andrew, Joe, John

Sun Belt
Winner - Arkansas St & Lousiana Lafayette
Points - Everyone but Colin & John

Yeah, so Lousiana Lafayette lost back to back games to easy teams, and although they beat Arkansas St in a head to head match up, the Sun Belt split the title. Makes no fucking sense, but whatever.

BCS At Large teams

The at large teams this year are

Ohio State

Out of all 40 of our picks, I was the only one to get any of these teams correct.  so 20 points to me and 0 to everyone else.

As far as individual awards go.  Here is who is still in the running

Heisman- Andrea and Jim (both with A.J Mccarron)
Walker award - Andrew and John (both with that Carey dude)
Biletnikoff award - Shawn, Folden, and Joe (all with Sammy Watkins)
Chuck Bednarik award- Folden (Mosley)

That's it.  So, here's the point totals for everyone for College Predictions

Folden - 80
Rob 60
Shawn - 40
Jim- 40
Adam 40
Andrew 40
Joe 40
Munez 20
John 20
Colin 0

For the first time in the history of Football God, someone got 0 points in the College Predictions.  Well done, Colin.  That takes sucking to a whole new level.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week 14 Love Making

Here is our first consecutive point update of the season.  The reason for this is that the first of the prediction points are in.   How exciting.  We'll start out with that.


So, the first prediction of the year is in and it's Louisiana Lafayette winning the Sun Belt conference. For that we have 20 points going to Jim, Folden, Andrew, Joe, Munez and Myself. 

 Every other conference will be decided this weekend.  However, there are a few things that are for sure.  Nobody is getting any points in the ACC or the SEC.  Colin is the only person who has a chance to get Conference USA points, so everyone should route against Marshall, while Folden is the only person who can win Mountain West points, provided Fresno St beats Utah St. 

Also, Joe, John, Colin, Rob, and Munez can all get 20 points if Ohio State wins this weekend and doesn't fall out of the National Championship game.  Also, provided that Alabama doesn't make it's way back into the BCS game, Munez is the only person with a chance to get National Championship points, as he's the only person who picked Ohio State to win the championship.

We will see the effects of this in the points big time next week.  


Our fantasy football league's playoffs have opened up a bit, mostly because of a 2 game losing streak by John.  Because of this, there are only two teams who have been eliminated from the playoffs, Andrew and Munez.  

Obviously Jim, Colin, and rob have already clinched their playoff spot.  But, here's where we are with the 4th spot.

John is 7-6
Joe 6-7
Adam 5-8
Voyten 5-8
Folden 5-8

So, with two games left, if John wins either of his next two games, Me, Folden, and Voyten will automatically be eliminated from playoff contention based on record.  Joe would not technically be eliminated, however, since he is one game back of John and also 150 points behind him (which is our tiebreaker), he would essentially be eliminated from the playoffs with a win by John also.  

If John loses out and Joe wins out,  then he is in.  
If John loses out and Joe loses one game, then that opens the door for Voyten, Folden, and Myself.

In that case if any of the three of us were to win out, than we would go to the points tiebreaker, which John and Joe would currently lose to all three of us.  

I realize this is convoluted.  Let's keep the perspective at this week though and let's look at the matchups. 

Jim (11-2) vs Andrew (4-9) & Rob (10-3) vs Munez (2-11):  These games are meaningless for the fantasy playoffs, however there are still 10 points available towards overall scores.

Joe (6-7) vs Adam (5-8) & Voyten (5-8) vs Folden (5-8):  These games are essentially playoff games.  Whoever the losers are in these games are eliminated from playoff contention.

John (7-6) vs Colin (10-3)  However, the two games above are meaningless if Colin doesn't beat John.  Colin's team has outscored John's an average of 29 points per week.  However, in a week to week league, you never know.  


In the Pick'ems we have some updates too.  This is our last week of College Pick'em and there are only 9 games this week.  I have a 15 point lead so the 40 point bonus for winning this is mine.  However, I won't add this into the scores until it's official next week.

As far as the Week 14 Bonus goes, Folden, Andrew, Colin, and Jim all had 15 points and have all received 10 points for this week. 

In the overall Pro Pick'em, Colin has jumped ahead of Joe with 93 points, while Joe and Shawn are still very close behind.  

This is also the last week that a 10 point bonus is available, as there won't be college pick'em next week.  Starting next week, there will only be a 5 point bonus.

Bonus's by week:

1. Andrew and John (5 points)
2. Colin
3. Joe
4. Adam
5. Rob
6. Shawn
7. Adam
8. Rob
9. Adam
10. Rob
11. Shawn
12. Andrew
13. Andrew and Munez
14. Andrew, Folden, Jim, Colin


Here are your total scores for the season up to this point.

(fantasy football +Pro Pick'em + College Pick'em + Prediction + (Bonus)= Total

Jim 110+78+126+20+(10)=344
Colin 100+93+126+(20)=339
Rob 100+84+117+(30)=331
John 70+71+118+(5)=264
Joe 60+91+119+20+(10)=300
Adam 50+80+141+20+(30)=321
Folden 50+85+113+20+(10)=278
Voyten 50+90+123+(20)=283
Andrew 40+88+124+20+(35)=307
Munez 20+87+108+20+(10)=245


1. Jim 344 ^2
2. Colin 339 -1
3. Rob 331 -1
4. Adam 321 same
5. Andrew 307 same
6. Joe 300 ^1
7. Voyten 283 -1
8. Folden 278 ^1
9. John 264 -1 
10. Munez 245 same

So, you can see a bunch of minor changes in the scores this week.  Andrew, Folden, and Jim benefited the most. All three of them rose got the 20 point prediction and got the pick'em bonus.  It helped Jim also winning his fantasy game.  

I need to stress this, as I always try to, but please count up your own score every week.  I just noticed a mistake in my scoring last week for John, so do yourself a favor and score yourself at the least.  

In the meantime have a nice week.  Beat John, Colin.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Week 13 Scoring Updates

What up fellas.  It's been three weeks since our last update so there will be a lot to cover in here.  First off, congrats to Rob on his wedding this past weekend.  Hope you guys had a blast.  We'll start with things in Fantasy Football.

The last couple of years things were pretty much a bottleneck all season long.  However, this year that is not the case.  Last week, while there were still 4 weeks left in the season, 3 teams (Jim, Rob, and Colin) had all clinched playoff spots.  John at 7-5 is nearly there too.  However, noone aside from Munez is technically eliminated from playoff contention yet.

Andrew, Shawn, and I at 4-8 would be eliminated with one more win from John or a loss from any of the 3 of us. And with John playing Jim and Colin in the next two weeks, is still in doubt to reach that last playoff spot.

Joe and Folden have a much better chance of catching John, although a win by John AND a loss by Joe and Folden would eliminate them.

So what's that mean for the schedule this week?

Joe plays Me meaning that this is essentially an elimination game for the both of us, while Shawn plays Folden in a similar situation.

John plays Colin, who has outscored the next closest person to him in the league by over two hundred points.

Rob and Munez play each other in a game that's irrelavant to anything other than the 10 points.

And Andrew can get eliminated by losing to Jim.


Let's start with college.  We are in the last week (or maybe there's one more if we have the conference title games in this, up to yahoo), and I'm sitting on a 13 point lead. So, I most likely have the 40 point bonus that comes along with it locked up.  However, I guess it's not over til it's over.

In Pro Pick'em Joe clings to a small lead over a lot of people.  He has a one point lead over Colin, two point over Shawn, 4 point over Munez, and 5 points over Andrew.  There are 80 games left in the pro season so this could get very interesting down the stretch.


There have been 3 bonus's since our last update.  To remind you of the first ten they looked like this.

1. Andrew & John (5 points)
2. Colin
3. Joe
4. Adam
5. Rob
6. Shawn
7. Adam
8. Rob
9. Adam
10. Rob

Here are the most recent 3

11. Shawn (21 correct)
12. Andrew (18 correct)
13. Andrew & Munez (18 correct)

They will each get 10 points for each week.  So, congrats.


We are in the final two weeks of the college football season and we are still without a Conference champion.  We will have more information on that next week.  So, I'll just tally up the scores as they stand right now.

Total Scores

(Fantasy + Pro Pick'em + College Pick'em + (bonus)=total

Colin 100+84+120+(10)=314
Jim 100+68+121=289
Rob 90+73+114+(30)=307
John 70+71+113=253
Folden 50+76+107=233
Joe 50+85+113+(10)=258
Adam 40+73+134+(30)=277
Shawn 40+83+118+(20)=261
Andrew 40+80+117+(25)=262
Munez 20+81+102+(10)=213


1. Colin 314 ^1
2. Rob 307 -1
3. Jim 289 (same)
4. Adam 277 (same)
5. Andrew 262 (^3)
6. Shawn 261 (^1)
7. Joe 258 (-1)
8. John 253 (-3)
9. Folden 233 (same)
10. Munez 213 (same)

Starting next week we may start seeing some predictions come in, which could alter the scores a lot.  2 weeks from now nearly all of our college predictions will be in, so be ready for a big shake up.

Happy thanksgiving faggots.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Butt Fucking Updates: Week 10

What's up Butt Fucks? 10 weeks in the books and I've got another point update for you guys.  In the last two weeks, we've seen some new developments, and we'll get to each of those in order

Fantasy Football

Jim's continuing his domination on the league, winning his 6th game in a row and sitting alone in first place at 8-1.  Colin and Rob are close behind at 7-2, Colin losing despite putting up 141 points.  This is because he lost to Me, the  2-7 Juggernaut of the league.  There is a two game gap between 3rd and 4th, which is where John sits after losing two games in a row.   Shawn, Joe, and Folden each gained a game on John from where the were 2 weeks ago, with that 4th playoff spot now looking very attainable for most of the league. 

Andrew has gained two games on John in the past two weeks, going from 4 games out of the playoffs and almost certainly out of it, to right back in this thing (provided he can keep the winning going.)

This week in fake football, Folden and Joe (both 4-5) play against Jim and Colin (both dominant).  John plays Munez (2-7).  Rob plays Andrew, and Voyten plays Me.  

In College Pick 'em, Jim has fallen off of the lead in the College Pick'em.  After rising to the top, Jim has dropped 10 games to Me to give me a solid 8 game lead in the pick'em.  I now have an 8 point lead over Jim and a 12 point lead over Colin. 

In Pro Pick'em Colin and Joe remain tied at the top, with Andrew and Munez 6 points back a piece.  Rob, Shawn, and John are each 7 points back, so if Joe and Colin fall back to the pack a little bit, we could be in for a very interesting home stretch.

As far as the Bonuses go, Week 9 belonged to Me with 22 combined points to Shawn's 20.  Week 10 went  to Rob over John with Rob getting 17 to John's 16

1. Andrew & John (5 points)
2. Colin
3. Joe
4. Adam
5. Rob
6. Shawn
7. Adam
8. Rob
9.  Adam
10. Rob

Predictions are still tough to tell at this point, and would take way too fucking long to type out each person's projections.  So, if you're curious, open the email with our predictions and look it over.  

Either next week or the week after I will do a post regarding the College conference races, as well as the National Title picture.  For now, onto the points

Fantasy (10 points each win + College Pick'em + Pro Pick'em + (BONUS)

Jim 80 +98+49=227
Colin 70+94+68+(10)=242
Rob 70+92+61+(30)=253
John 50+91+61+(5)=207
Folden 40+79+56=175
Joe 40+87+68+(10)=205
Voyten 30+90+61+(10)=191
Andrew 30+83+62+(5)=180
Munez 20+80+62=162
Adam 20+ 106+55+(30)=211

Overall Ranking

1. Rob 253 ^1
2. Colin 242 -1
3. Jim 227 (same)
4. Adam 211 ^2
5. John 207 -1
6. Joe 205 -1
7. Voyten 191 (same)
8. Andrew 180 ^2
9. Folden 175 (same)
10. Munez 162 -2

That's where we are at nearly the halfway point of the season. Rob has ascended to the top.  Everyone get your picks in, set your line ups, and double check your scores. 


Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Point Update: Week 8

So, we are now 8 weeks into our Football God season and I think it's finally time to unveil the initial standings for Football God.

Although we're only halfway through the fantasy season, we damn near already have the fantasy playoffs set, with Rob, Jim, and Colin all with a 3 game lead on the playoffs and John with a 2 game lead.

Andrew and I are all but eliminated from playoff contention and Munez and Shawn are barely clinging on.  Everybody that's out of the playoff picture right now should be routing for Voyten against John this week, as him losing will certainly help people out a good bit.

In predictions the only big prediction that is unlikely (100% not) to happen is Jim's pick to of Georgia in the BCS Championship game.

We are in the meet of Conference play now, so that should shake out a little bit, as it always does by the next update, which will likely be 2 weeks from now.

In the College pick 'em, it's turning into a sort of 2 horse race between Jim and I for the season bonus.  Jim is in first by 8 points over 3rd and I"m 6 points again of 3rd.  Given Jim and I are each only one bad week from falling down to the rest of the pack.

In Pro pick'em Joe's lead has shrank but still exists.  He's at a two point lead over Colin with Munez hanging in at 3rd.  With Colin sitting in second in pro pick'em and 3rd in college pick 'em he has an outside change to win both pick'em pools, which would give him a huge 100 point bonus  So, let's all step up and stop that from happening.

Here is where we sit with the pick'em bonus after 8 weeks. All bonuses are 10 points unless otherwise notated.

1. Andrew & John (5 points)
2. Colin
3. Joe
4. Adam
5. Rob
6. Shawn
7. Adam
8. Rob

So, onto the points. Here's where we sit in points as of right now.  they will be listed like this.

Fantasy points + college pick 'em + pro pick 'em + (bonus points) = total.

Rob 60+74+45+(20)= 199
Jim 60+84+38=182
Colin 60+76+56+(10)= 202
John 50+74+48+(5)= 177
Folden 30+68+46= 144
Joe 30+71+58+(10)= 169
Shawn 20+73+45+(10)= 148
Munez 20+74+53= 147
Adam 10+82+42+(20)= 154
Andrew 10+70+52+(5)= 137


1. Colin 202
2. Rob 199
3. Jim 182
4. John 177
5. Joe 169
6. Adam 154
7. Shawn 148
8. Munez 147
9. Folden 144
10. Andrew 137

Final Thoughts

So, with no real suprises, the people with the most wins in fantasy are leading.  This is fairly typical in the early parts of the season.  The biggest suprise though is how much space Colin and Rob have opened up from the bottom five teams, giving them a decent gap to overcome when the predictions start to come back.

Also, John isn't in dead last place.  Good for him.

So, you guys can expect the next update in the first week of November, after two more weeks of football have been played.

In the meantime, please check your fucking points and kiss my grits.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Football God Update 10/1/13

What's up fellas. We're five weeks into the football god season and I thought I would stop by with some updates.

First off Bonus points.

Pick 'em bonus points.

Week 1: Andrew & John (5 points each)
Week 2: Colin (10 points)
Week 3: Joe (10 points)
Week 4: Adam (10 points)
Week 5: Rob (10 points)

Well done to each person who has received bonus points.

As far as our overall Pick'em scores are concerned.  I am leading the college pick'em by 2 games over Jim & Colin; and, Joe has a massive 5 game lead over the Pros.

Fantasy Football

We have four 3-1 teams (Jim, Colin, Rob, & John) & four 1-3 teams (Andrew, Munez, Joe, & Myself), with Folden and Shawn sitting at 2-2.

So, nobody is running away with it, or fallen completely behind.  Obviously, the 1-3 teams need to start winning a little bit, lest they fall any further behind.

Joe and I are both 1-3 and play each other this week, and Colin and John play each other, meaning that there will be at least one 1-4 team next week, as well as one 4-1 game.

Otherwise, Folden and Shawn square off in the battle of the 2-2's.  Andrew tries to get on the winning track against Jim the Juggernaut, while Munez does the same against Rob.

Other than that, in the Prediction bracket, everyone is still in pretty decent shape.  That's actually a lie.  I haven't even looked at them.  I probably won't until after the end of the month.

As for now.  Let's plan on October 29th being our first point reveal, so that we can all know who sucks what, and who is getting sucked...Weird gay reference, I know.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Football God Update

So, I'm going to be upfront with you guys about the updates this year.  Towards the end of the season they will come as frequently as you're used to.  However, with work and life I don't have as much time or interest in writing them every week right now.

What that means is that until the end of October or beginning of November, you won't get much on a week to week basis.  I'll probably recognize a couple of things; such as bonus points, or fantasy winners.  Think of it like the BCS standings.  They don't come out until week 8 or something like that.

For now.  Let's acknowledge a few things.

Sarcastic Well Done

1.  Well done to Shawn for forgetting to make his early game college picks 2 weeks in a row.  That's eeking towards John McLane territory.

2.  Well done to Andrew and Jim who also forgot to make their college picks in the early games this week.  I felt bad lumping you in with Shawn's awfulness, but you deserve public ridicule as well.

3.  Well done to Joe for texting me the other day, asking if I didn't pick him to win Football God this year because his team was "too stacked."  This was followed the next day by his team putting up a league low 74 points, scoring the least amount of points in the league by 20 points.  I realize this was the first game of the season, and these sorts of games happen to every fantasy team, but the irony of the situation was too ripe for me.

Actual Well Done

1.  Well done to Andrew and John, who tied for the most points in the college pick 'em in week 1.  They will each receive a 5 point bonus.

2.  Well done to Colin in Week 2 of the pick 'em.  He had the most combined points, so he has earned a 10 point bonus.

3.  Well done to Rob, Myself, Colin, Jim, and John for each winning our fantasy games this week and earning 10 points.

That's it for this week.  This is what you can expect from updates for the first half of the season.  Get your picks in, set your lineups, and stay classy, mother fuckers.

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Welcome back to another exciting year of Football God, fellas.  We are entering our 6th year of this awesome league, and for the first time, we have the exact same participants as we did the year before.

So, let's get into a welcoming back to each person, a bit of history, and my yearly league predictions.


Last year I became a 2-time champion by outlasting Colin in the Superbowl.  Also, one of the only 3 original members to be in the league every year.  Let's look at my history.

2008: 4 of 4
2009: 1 of 10
2010: 2 of 9
2011: 8 of 12
2012: 1 of 10

I didn't feel good about my fantasy draft, and regret some of my predictions.  Could be a long year for me


2009: 9 of 10
2011: 10 of 12
2012: 2 of 10

Colin stepped up big last year he was shitty for the two years in a row before he finished 2nd last year.  Colin was one 49er touchdown away from finishing in 1st last year.

2008: 1 of 4
2009: 3 of 10
2010: 1 of 9
2011: 9 of 12
2012: 3 of 10

Folden has been the most consistent football god player since it's inception.  He's finished in the top three 4 out of 5 times, including two titles.  2011 is the only blemish on his record.

2009: 5 of 10
2010: 5 of 9
2011: 2 of 12
2012: 4 of 10

Joe has been consistently good in his four years in football god, without ever winning the championship.  He's like the Steelers of the 90's.  He never bottoms out and is usually in the playoffs, but he can't get over that hump to win a championship.

2008: 3 of 4
2009: 6 of 10
2010: 4 of 9
2011: 3 of 12
2012: 9 of 10

Jim is the last of the three founding members of Football God that still plays.  Jim's been fairly consistent over his time, much like Joe.  Last year was a bad year for Jim though.  Jim took a few reaches on his predictions and got some bad luck in fantasy football.  That combination gave him his worst year yet.

2009: 8 of 10
2010: 7 of 9
2011: 4 of 12
2012: 5 of 10

Andrew is in his 5th year of Football God and he's starting to get frustrated.  He was my pick to win it all last year, but he fell short.  He was close to the money, but was on the outside looking in.  Andrew's finished better and better as we go on, so maybe this year he'll finally win some money and some glory.

2009: 2 of 10
2010: 8 of 9
2011: 1 of 12
2012: 8 of 10

Shawn is the only person other than Folden or I to win a championship.  From the look of it Shawn's trend is to do really well one year and really shitty the next.  And, since shawn had such a shitty year last year, you could bet that he'll probably do pretty well in 2013.

Chris 'Munez' Coldsmith
2009: 4 of 10
2011: 11 of 12
2012: 6 of 10

Munez had a pretty good year last year.  He finished in the lower half of the standings, but he was only 30 points out of 4th, and only 60 points out of finishing 3rd and in the money.  Munez had my favorite predictions this year, which were ballsy and interesting.  Usually, the person who has my favorite picks does terribly, so let's hope that trend doesn't continue.

Rob Klingensmith
2010: 10 of 10
2012: 7 of 10

This is Rob's 3rd year in Football God, and he, like Munez was only about 70 points from finishing 3rd.  So, his year was a little better than his ranking might indicate.  Rob seems to have his shit together this year.  His picks were pretty steady looking and his fantasy team looks a LOT better than it did last year.

John McLane
2010:  6 of 9
2011: 12 of 12
2012: 10 of 10

And, now we've arrived to the Oakland Raiders of the Football God world.  John has been in the cellar for hte last two years.  Last year he had to pay double the league due fee to stay in the league, after giving up on his team and picks the year before.  He consistently forgets to make his pick'em picks.  However, he claims this year he's turning it around.  As always, I'll believe it when I see it.


Last year, my predicitons weren't great.  I correctly predicted Shawn finishing in 8th, John finishing in 10th, and that's it.  I also had Andrew winning it and Jim finishing in 2nd. So, this year I"m just going to give my predictions for Top 3 and for last.

#1: Voyten
#2: Folden
#3: Andrew

I don't know why, but I'm just guessing on these predictions.  Let's see how they work out

Prediction for Last place.

#10 John
...because duh.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Keepers and Rounds Forfeited. Also Draft Order

GSo, here is each person's keepers, with the corresponding round they will be forfeiting.

Ray Rice (1)
Demarius Thomas (6)
Alfred Morris (8)

Peterson (1)
Stafford (7)
Roddy White (2)

Rodgers (1)
Gore (2)
Lynch (3)

Spiller (8)
Richardson (1)
Bryant (7)

McCoy (1)
Jamaal Charles (3)
Calvin Johnson (2)

A.J Green (7)
RG3 (6)
Arian Foster (1)

Brady (1)
McFadden (2)
Julio Jones (6)

Payton Manning (5)
Brandon Marshall (2)

Brees (2)
Forte (1)
Ryan Matthews (6)

Kaepernick (8)
Doug Martin (3)

Here is also the order we will be picking in the draft, this goes in reverse order of last year's football god final standings.

1. John
2. Jim
3. Voyten
4. Rob
5. Munez
6. Andrew
7. Joe
8. Folden
9. Colin
10. Adam

Now that we all know the keepers, I'm going to give another few days for anyone who wants to make adjustments based off of their draft position.  So, all revised keepers must be in by Thursday morning.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Football God points and rules 2013

So,  here the rules for Football God 2013. Changes are in bold. 

20 points if you predict the winner of each of the 11 confrences. These are:

Big 10
Big 12
Big East
Pac 10
Sun Belt
Conference USA
Mountain West

Total: 220 points

Bowl Games

This year it's going to be a little bit different.  Instead of naming all 8 of the BCS teams we're going to do it a little differently.  This category is going to be naming the four at-large bids.  The teams from the 6 major conferences all get automatic bids, and 2 of those end up in the championship.  So, this year, just name the four teams you think will get at large bids.  
So, for example.  If you have Oklahoma winning the Big 12, you would not put them as an at large bid.  Any questions on this new rule, let me know.  

 If you have a team in the BCS championship and they only get into a BCS game, you receive no points.  Also, you can't put a team in a BCS championship game, and a smaller BCS game like the rose bowl, or anything else like that.  

20 points each

Total = 80 points

National Championship

First you will need to predict the championship game. Each team you get correct will net you 20 points. Also pick the champion. Picking that correctly will net you 40 points.

Total possible 80

Also, this year we will try to predict the winner of more individual awards. ( 25 points each)

Heisman Trophy (Best Overall Player)
Fred Biletnikoff award (Best Receiver)
Doak Walker Award (Best Running back)
AP Coach of the year award
Chuck Bednarik Award (Defensive player)

Total 125 points

Grand total for college preseason predictions. 505

Pro Preseason Scoring

Pick the winner of the 8 divisions - 15 points a piece

Total = 120

Predict the four wildcard winners 15 points a piece

Total = 60

Pick the 4 teams that will play in the AFC and NFC championship games (20 points a piece)

Total = 80


Each team you get correct to play in the superbowl will net you 20 points a piece, picking the winner will get you 40 points

Total: 80

NFL individual awards

Each of these that you predict will net you 25 points

Coach of the year
Offensive POY (player of the year)
Defensive POY
Off ROY (rookie of the year)

Total = 150 points

Total = 490

Thats good for a grand total of 995 points available. That's about 200 points less than available last year.Pick 'Em Scoring

Pretty simple here, I'm setting up a pick 'em league. You make picks. You get one point for each pick, this is for pro and college picks. College picks are done against the spread, while Pro games are picked straight up.

For college and Pros put together that gets you around 500 possible points.

Updated scoring opportunity.  We will be doing the bonus system again for having the most points each  week in the system.  However, it will be a little different this year.  In the weeks where both the college & pros are playing at the same time, there will be a 10 point bonus to the person who does the overall best on that week.  The weeks when only one of the two are playing, there will be a 5 point bonus.  

For the bowl games, those are worth 2 points a piece. The BCS games are worth 5 points. The Championship Game is worth 10 points.

For the NFL playoffs, the Wild Card and Divisional Round of the playoffs are worth 5 points each
The AFC Championsip is worth 10 points. The Superbowl is worth 15.

Change:  The winner of the college pick'em will receive 40 bonus points.
The winner of the NFL pick 'em will win 40 bonus points.
IF YOU WIN BOTH you will receive 100 bonus points. 
Post season Bowl Pick 'em winner will receive a 20 point bonus
NFL post season does not award a bonus.

Fantasy Football

(6 team playoff format)

10 points for each win. 14 games
If you get a first round bye you get 20 points
If you win the first round you get 20 points
If you win the Semi-finals you get 20 points
If you win the Championship you get 40 points

(4 team playoff format)

10 points for each win 
20 points for semi-final win
40 points for winning championship.

For those who make the playoffs for fantasy football.  Everybody will get an automatic 10 bonus points for making the fantasy football playoffs.  

Also, back to the predictions, if you have a team in the championship game in college, but they make a BCS bowl, that does not count as a point for you. Likewise, if you have a team in a BCS game, but they make the National Championship, you don't get any points. 

Predictions are due for college football the Sunday before the first week of the season.  For the NFL it's the Sunday before their first game.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Football God Final Scores

End of the Year, good season guys.  Here's who got points last night.

Adam & Folden both predicted the Ravens as Superbowl Champs from the preseason.  That's a 50 point bonus for both of us.

Also, Folden, Shawn, Joe, and Adam had the Ravens covering last night.  So, 15 points to each person.  So here are your final scores.

1. Adam 1043
2. Colin 998
3. Folden 912
4. Joe 883
5. Andrew 867
6. Munez 853
7. Rob 842
8. Shawn 741
9. Jim 652
10. John 561

Great season boys.  Enjoy the off season.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Player of the Year Awards & Standings

The NFL unveiled their player of the year awards today.  Here's who won, and who got them correct

MVP - Adrian Peterson - None of us
AP Offensive POY Adrian Peterson - None of us
AP Defenseive POY J.J Watt - Folden

Offenive Rookie of the Year RG III - Jim, John, Munez
Defensive ROY - Luke Kuechly - Adam, Folden, Colin, Jim

Coach of the Year - Bruce Arians- Obviously, none of us saw that coming

So, here are the totals for the NFL individual awards

Folden 70
Jim 70
John 35
Munez 35
Adam 35
Colin 35
Andrew 0
Shawn 0
Rob 0
Joe 0

Totals with only the Superbowl left to play

1.Colin 998
2. Adam 978
3. Joe 868
4. Andrew 867
5. Munez 853
6. Folden 847
7. Rob 842
8. Shawn 726
9. Jim 652
10. John 561

So, Colin and I are guarenteed a 1,2 finish.  The real interesting thing is for 3rd place.  4 teams are still in the running for that right now.  The person winning gets their $50 entry fee back.

Superbowl Pick'em is worth 15 points this week.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Football God Update: And then there were Two...Maybe

We're down to the Superbowl.  And, as it looks right now it's down to me and Colin for the title.  First thing's first.

HUGE props to Colin on picking the Superbowl EXACTLY right.  This is a Football God first.  Nice job, Colin.

Here were our totals going into this week

Adam 898
Colin 883
Joe 868
Andrew 867
Rob 842
Munez 818
Folden 732
Shawn 716
Jim 582
John 491

So, each person that had Baltimore and San Fran in the Superbowl get 35 points for each team.  Those were.

Colin 70
Adam 35
Folden 35
John 35

Also, we each got 10 points for each game correct in the pick 'em.  The 49ers & Falcons game was a push, so noone got points.  Those that picked the Ravens (-9) were

Colin 10
Rob 10
Adam 10
Shawn 10
Folden 10

So here are the weekly point totals.

Colin 80
Adam 45
Folden 45
John 35
Rob 10
Shawn 10

So, here are your totals with only the Superbowl and NFL individual awards left to award.

1. Colin 963
2. Adam 943
3. Joe 868
4. Andrew 867
5. Rob 842
6. Munez 818
7. Folden 777
8. Shawn 726
9. Jim 582
10. John 526

So, this could still change based on the individual picks.  But for now, it's looking like Colin and I are the final two.  Big battle for 3rd right now between Joe and Andrew.  Some things may still be up for grabs.  2 more weeks will settle it all.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Faggot Football God Update

Hey faggots.

So, we just had our AFC-NFC divisional round playoffs.  What that means is that for every team predicted correctly in the AFC-NFC championship games, you get 25 points.  So, how did everyone do?

Colin 3 of 4 =75
Joe 3 of 4=75
Adam 2 of 4=50
Folden 2 of 4=50
Munez 2 of 4=50
Voyten 2 of 4=50
Jim 1 of 4=25
Rob 1 of 4=25
Andrew 1 of 4=25
John 1 of 4=25

Also, we had the weekly pick 'em each game was worth 5 points again this week.

Folden, Shawn, Rob & Colin 15 points each
Adam 10 points
Andrew, Joe 5 points
Munez, Jim, John - 0

So, our totals for the week.

Colin 90
Joe 80
Folden 65
Shawn 65
Adam 60
Munez 50
Rob 40
Andrew 30
John 25
Jim 25

Now, we'll add that up with our Total Score Number from last week

Adam 838
Andrew 837
Rob 802
Colin 793
Joe 788
Munez 768
Folden 667
Shawn 651
Jim 557
John 466

Overall Totals as of 1/14/13

1. Adam 898
2. Colin 883
3. Joe 868
4. Andrew 867
5. Rob 842
6. Munez 818
7. Folden 732
8. Shawn 716
9. Jim 582
10. John 491

So, there ya go.  Quite a bit of change this week.  Andrew fell from 2nd to 4th.  Colin closed the gap on me to 15 points.

There's still a lot that can happen in the next week.  If Baltimore wins next week, the big winners going into the Superbowl will be Colin & I.  If New England wins, we'll see Andrew, Joe and Munez all make jumps.

Good luck to everyone, smell ya later.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Updated points with bowl pick'em results

Here's the updated scores with the bowl pick'em added in.  Rob receives 10 points for bowl pick'em bonus.

1. Adam 838
2. Andrew 837
3. Rob 802
4. Colin 793
5. Joe 788
6. Munez 768
7. Folden 667
8. Shawn 651
9. Jim 557
10. John 466

New Updates on Sunday.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Football God Update 1/6/2013

What's up guys.  I realize it's been awhile since you've had an elaborate update, so I'll do my best today.

I'm going to start by announcing the last two bonus's that occured.

Andrew received a 30 point bonus for winning the pro pick'em, while Shawn received the last 5 point bonus for getting an impressive 13 of 16 games correct.

I received a 30 point bonus for winning fantasy football.  So, I'm going to go through all the points that each person has right now in each category.  After this week, I will only be including the points that have occured in the most recent week.

As far as pro picks that we haven't gone through yet.  The only people to get any of the 4 wildcard teams are Joe and Rob, they both got the Bengals.

As far as the worst 3 teams in the league.

Jacksonville - Jim, Adam, Andrew, Joe, Munez, Rob, Colin, & John
Oakland - Adam
KC - noone

Our Pro Prediction totals are as follows

Joe 175
Rob 175
Adam 170
Colin 155
Munez 135
Andrew 135
Folden 120
Jim 115
John 115
Shawn 80

College Pick 'em
Munez 185
Jim 150
Adam 146
Colin 144
Shawn 143
Folden 139
Andrew 139
Joe 129
John 117
Rob 116

Professional Pick 'em

Andrew 167
Shawn 132
Rob 131
Colin 125
Folden 125
Joe 123
Adam 119
Munez 106
John 96
Jim 96

Fantasy Football bonus points included)

Adam 170
Joe 140
Rob 110
Folden 100
Colin 80
Shawn 70
Andrew 60
Munez 60
Jim 60
John 60

Prediction Points Totals (College & Pro)

Andrew 370
Colin 355
Rob 340
Joe 315
Munez 315
Adam 310
Folden 240
Shawn 220
Jim 205
John 185

Pick'em Bonus points

Munez 65
Andrew 60
Shawn 40
Adam 20
Rob 15
Colin 15
Jim 10
Folden 10
Joe 10

So this will give us our regular season totals.  Here's where we stand with these.  This does not count any NFL post season predictions, regular season awards, college bowl pick'em or NFL playoff pick 'em.


Adam 765
Andrew 764
Colin 719
Joe 717
Rob 712
Munez 701
Folden 614
Shawn 590
Jim 501
John 458

Most of the reason why I did the scoring this way is because I was getting a little bit overwhelmed with the calculations.  If you find any scoring to be incorrect let me know.

Bowl Pick 'em

Bowl Pick'em works like this.  All of the games leading up to the BCS were worth 2 points.  The BCS games are worth 5 points, and the championship is worth 10 points.  With only the championship & Go Daddy bowl left to play let's see where we stand.

Rob 20 bowls (40 points) + 3 BCS games (15 points)= 55 points
Adam 19 bowls (38 points) + 3 BCS games (15 points) = 53 points
Munez 21 bowls (42 points) + 2 BCS games (10 points)=52 points
Andrew 18 bowls (36 points)+ 3 BCS games (15 points) = 51 points
Colin 17 bowls (34 points) + 3 BCS games (15 ponts) =49 points
Folden 19 bowls (38 points) + 2 BCS games (15 points)= 48 points
Joe 18 bowls (36 points) + 2 BCS games (10 points)=46 points
Shawn 18 bowls (36 points)+2 BCS games (10 points)=46 points
Jim 18 bowls (36 points) + 2 BCS games (10 points) = 46 points
John 4 bowls (8)points + 0 BCS games (0 points) = 8 points

The bowl game pick 'em is going to come down to these last two games.  There is a 10 point bonus for the winner of the bowl pick 'em so this could be meaningful with how close things are.

Now let's look at the NFL post season pick'em.  Each of the games this weekend was worth 5 points.  Same goes for next week.

Rob 15
Joe 15
Munez 15
Colin 15
Andrew 10
Adam 10
Shawn 5
Folden 5
Jim 0
John 0

So, our total scores now will be Regular season number + bowl pick'em + pro post season pick'em

Adam 765+53+10
Andrew 764+51+10
Colin 719+49+15
Joe 717+46+15
Rob 712+55+15=
Munez 701+52+15=
Folden 614+48+5=
Shawn 590+46+5=
Jim 501+46=
John 458+8

Overall Scores

1. Adam 828
2. Andrew 825 (-3)
3. Colin 783 (-45)
4. Rob 782 (-46)
5. Joe 778 (-50)
6. Munez 768 (60)
7. Folden 667 (-161)
8. Shawn 641 (-187)
9. Jim 547
10. John 466

So there are your standings.  Next week, I will start with these numbers, without adding all the others together again.

Next week, the bowl pick'em bonus will be awarded, as well as points for picking the AFC & NFC championship games.

Incredibly, in the AFC out of the 20 teams that the ten of us picked for the championship game, only 4 have been eliminated.  Those are from the 4 people who have picked the Steelers (Jim, Shawn, John, and Munez)

9 of us (excluding Shawn) have both NE and GB in the AFC and NFC championship, so if you get that prediction correct, don't expect to make up any ground.

As you all can see, 15 points is the difference between 3rd and 6th, and 60 points the difference between 1st and 6th.

So, next week we could see some gaps close or widen.  Good luck and suck my dick.