Sunday, January 20, 2013

Football God Update: And then there were Two...Maybe

We're down to the Superbowl.  And, as it looks right now it's down to me and Colin for the title.  First thing's first.

HUGE props to Colin on picking the Superbowl EXACTLY right.  This is a Football God first.  Nice job, Colin.

Here were our totals going into this week

Adam 898
Colin 883
Joe 868
Andrew 867
Rob 842
Munez 818
Folden 732
Shawn 716
Jim 582
John 491

So, each person that had Baltimore and San Fran in the Superbowl get 35 points for each team.  Those were.

Colin 70
Adam 35
Folden 35
John 35

Also, we each got 10 points for each game correct in the pick 'em.  The 49ers & Falcons game was a push, so noone got points.  Those that picked the Ravens (-9) were

Colin 10
Rob 10
Adam 10
Shawn 10
Folden 10

So here are the weekly point totals.

Colin 80
Adam 45
Folden 45
John 35
Rob 10
Shawn 10

So, here are your totals with only the Superbowl and NFL individual awards left to award.

1. Colin 963
2. Adam 943
3. Joe 868
4. Andrew 867
5. Rob 842
6. Munez 818
7. Folden 777
8. Shawn 726
9. Jim 582
10. John 526

So, this could still change based on the individual picks.  But for now, it's looking like Colin and I are the final two.  Big battle for 3rd right now between Joe and Andrew.  Some things may still be up for grabs.  2 more weeks will settle it all.

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