Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Point Update 12/29

Here's a quick point update for everyone before the new year.

Congrats to Jim.  He whooped that ass to win the fantasy championship, and 40 all important points.

In Predictions, Me, Shawn, and Geiss had the Bengals winning their division, which gives us 15 points each.

Colin and Folden each got 5 bonus points for the pro pick'em this week.

Aside from that.  Here are the standings in the College bowl pick'em as of yesterday.

Joe 26
Eplin 24
Shawn 24
Adam 24
Folden 24
Rob 20
Colin 20
Civ 20
Jim 20
Gary 18

In interesting news, it's not a 1 in 3,000 chance that Indi wins their division, which means that a lot of people's Super Bowl pick will be fucked right out.

Here are the points as of 12-28

The biggest number is the total score as of right now.  The number on the far right is the pro pick'em score this week.  The number to the left of that is the bowl pick'em this week.

Jim has 40 points for the fantasy win.
Adam, Geiss, Shawn have 15 points for the Bengals division Championship.

1. Adam 524+15+24+8=571
2. Colin 520+20+15=555
3. Jim 510+40+20+9=579
4. Joe 476+26+5=507
5. Folden 469+22+15=506
6. Civ 452+20+8=480
7. Eplin 444+24+9=477
8. Rob 423+20+8=451
9. Shawn 411+15+24+8=458
10. Munez 392+18+7=417
11. Geiss 351+15+18+8=392
12. Gary 349+18=367

Here are your standings

1. Jim 579
2. Adam 571
3. Colin 555
4. Joe 507
5. Folden 506
6. Civ 480
7. Eplin 477
8. Shawn 458
9. Rob 451
10. Munez 417
11. Geiss 392
12. Gary 367

Nice jump for Jim.  We will have more changes next week when the division winners are in, wildcard winners, and rushing title winner.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Point Update Yo

Hey, it's Christmas season and busy as shit, so I'm mainly doing this update so I don't get confused next week.  Here's what's up.

Jim & Colin both earned 20 points for winning their Semi final fantasy game and fight it out over 40 points next week in the Championship game.  Good luck fellas.

Joe earned 20 points from Dabo Sweeney winning the AP Coach of the year award this weekend.

Additionally, everyone but Civ and myself got 15 points for picking New England winning their division.  So good job!

In the pro pick'em Colin and Folden both railed off 14 out of 16 possible games for a 5 point bonus.  So here's every one's score for the week.

Colin 54
Joe 45
Jim 45
Folden 34
Gary 28
Eplin 27
Shawn 27
Munez 27
Rob 26
Geiss 25
Adam 9
Civ 0

In other developments this week, Arizona won the NFC West, which had some implications on Football God.  Although we all had Seattle winning the division, three people had Arizona winning the wildcard berth, so less points up there.

We could see Green Bay, Denver, Washington, Cincinnati, and Houston clinch this week.  So a lot of points could be coming in.

Add this onto the total scores from last week, and obviously my lead is going to disappear.

Adam 515+9= 524
Colin 466+54=520
Jim 464+45=510
Civ 452 + 0=452
Folden 435+34=469
Joe 431+45=476
Eplin 417+27=444
Rob 397+26=423
Shawn 384+27=411
Munez 365+27=392
Geiss 323+28=351
Gary 321+28=349

So, that makes the standings like this.

1. Adam 524
2. Colin 520
3. Jim 510
4. Joe 476
5. Folden 469
6. Civ 452
7. Eplin 444
8. Rob 423
9. Shawn 411
10. Munez 392
11. Geiss 351
12. Gary 349

Clearly, whoever wins the fantasy championship game this week is going to jump into first place overall.

The last thing with the standings is the new College bowl pick'em number.  Remember, all bowl games are worth 2 points, except the new years 6, which are worth 5 each.  And the National championship is worth 10 points.

As of right now, everyone either has five, four, or three out of 6.  So there's no real reason to add these into the mix quite yet.  In any case.  Those are your standings as of now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Point Updates are easier now.

Civ and Folden each earned 20 points from last week with their fantasy wins.

Joe and I were both hit by the injury bug.  3 of my 9 starters went out with injury in the first half, while Joe's starting QB got hurt in the first drive of the game.  We stood no chance.

This leaves us to the battle of best men.

Civ was the best man in Colin's wedding, and they play each other in this semi final.

Jim was the best man in Folden's wedding, and they play each other in the other semi final.

Fucking crazy.

The 5 point bonus for pro pick'em was earned by Eplin, Civ, Shawn, and Munez with 11 points each.

So here are the totals points.  The number on the left was your number last week. + the number on the right, which is your points from this week.  Easy enough

Adam 506+9= 515
Colin 455+10 = 466
Jim 454+10= 464
Joe 423+8= 431
Civ 416+36= 452
Folden 407+28= 435
Eplin 401+16=417
Rob 386+10=396
Voyten 368+16=384
Munez 349+16=365
Geiss 314+9=323
Gary 314+7=321

1. Adam 515
2. Colin 466
3. Jim 464
4. Civ 452
5. Folden 435
6. Joe 431
7. Eplin 417
8. Rob 396
9. Voyten 384
10. Munez 365
11. Geiss 323
12. Gary 321

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Biggest Point Update of the year so far: 12/8/2015

The dust has temporarily settled, and there's a shake up in the standings.  How much of one, I'm unsure of, but let's journey through this together, and see where we all stand.


The Survivor Pool has ended.  One by one people fell, starting with Jim in week 2, and going until week 13.  But, as my pick of the Steelers prevailed, Shawn's Washington pick did not.  That's a big 50 point bonus to me.


Colin stepped on everyone's throat finishing the college pick'em with a 10 point lead over 2nd place.

Civ had 17 correct predictions this weekend, giving him his 4th 10 point bonus of the season.

Folden had 11 correct pro games, keeping his lead going strong.  Rob kept pace, staying 4 games back.  Joe dropped one to 5 back.  Geiss and Jim sit at 6 back.


Let's go through the predictions and who got what right.

4 teams in the College Football Playoff

Alabama  (Adam Jim, Joe, Munez, Rob, Geiss, Civ)
Clemson (Jim)
Michigan St (Voyten, Eplin)

ACC Champion Clemson (Adam, Jim, Folden, Joe)

AAC Champion Houston (Voyten, Eplin)

Big 10 Champion Michigan St (noone)

SEC Champion Alabama (Adam, Jim, Joe, Munez, Rob, Geiss, Civ)

Pac 12 Champion Stanford (Civ)

Big 12 Champion Oklahoma (noone)

MAC Champion (Eplin, Joe)

Sun Belt Champion Arkansas St (Voyten, Munez, Colin, Rob, Civ)

Mountain West Champion San Diego St (Adam)

Conference USA Champion Western Kentucky (Adam, Jim, Voyten, Folden, Joe, Colin, Rob, Eplin, Gary)

So this is how the points stand out for that.

Jim 100
Joe 100
Adam 100
Voyten 80
Rob 80
Civ 80
Eplin 80
Munez 60
Colin 40
Folden 40
Geiss 40
Gary 20

As far as the individual awards go, nobody has a finalist for the Doak Walker award or the Chuck Bendarik award, or the Heisman.

Rob, Gary, and Jim each have a finalist for the Biletnikoff award, and Joe still has a good shot for the AP coach of the year award winner. We'll have to wait for that though.

NFL Predictions

The cherry has also been popped on the NFL Predictions.  The Panthers clinched their division this weekend, giving Joe, Munez, Eplin, and Gary 15 points.


The season is over, and it didn't happen without some drama.

Jim earned the first round bye, beating Civ this weekend, solely because of Antonio Brown's punt return for a td.  This caused Civ to lose and Folden to lose the first round bye.  Just another reason for more people to hate Jacoby Jones.

Joe beat Rob by about 2 points, sweating it out Monday night, while getting outscored by Eplin by 24 points.  This means Eplin only missed the playoffs by about 9 points in the tie break.  Hell of a come back by Eplin, he ended up just short.

This means Joe, who started 0-4 made the playoffs.  Me and Civ who both started 0-3 ended up in the playoffs as well.

Colin, despite being 9TH IN THE LEAGUE in points.  Finished the season on an 8 game winning streak and in first place.

Rob, despite being 5th in points, finished with an average of 116 points a game scored against, will miss out on the playoffs.

Here's how the playoff bracket looks

1. Colin

4. Adam
5. Civ

3. Folden
6. Joe

2. Jim

Jim and Colin each earn 20 points on top of their score for the first round bye. The winners of the two quarterfinal matchups will also get 20 points.

So, let's see where we all end up now.

Fantasy Football points + College pick'em + Pro Pick'em + Predictions + (Bonus)

NOTE:  The Bonus will include not only the weekly pick'em bonus, but Colin's 40 point bonus for the college pick'em and my 50 point bonus for the survivor pool.  The first round bye bonus will be figured into fantasy score.

The college and pro predictions are all included in one.

Colin 120+138+107+40+ (50)=455

Jim 110+118+116+100+(10)=454

Folden 90+125+122+40+(30)=407

Adam 80+127+114+100+(85)=506

Civ 70+124+102+80+(40)=416

Joe 70+121+117+115=423

Eplin 70+128+108+80+(15)=401

Rob 50+128+118+80+(10)=386

Munez 50+124+105+60+(10)=349

Gary 40+120+99+35+(20)=314

Voyten 40+124+114+80+(10)=368

Geiss 30+123+116+40+(5)=314

1. Adam 506
2. Colin 455
3. Jim 454
4. Joe 423
5. Civ 416
6. Folden 407
7. Eplin 401
8. Rob 386
9. Voyten 368
10. Munez 349
t11 Geiss 314
t11 Gary 314

Bowl Pick'em starts on the 19th, so make sure you get signed up.  I'll be back next week with an update on Prediction occurences, next point update will be on the 22nd of December.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The College Predictions are in.  If you look at the screenshot above, green means it's correct, Red means it's wrong.

Double check your scores and predictions.  Here's how the points shook out.

Adam 100
Jim 100
Joe 100
Shawn 80
Rob 80
Civ 80
Eplin 80
Munez 60
Folden 40
Geiss 40
Colin 40
Gary 20

This scores will be put into next weeks point update.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Update 12-1-15

This is the last week before the Conference champions are named.  Scores are going to get whacky, and they're starting to this week.  Let's start and go through everything.


And we're down to 2.  Joe made the mistake of trusting the Jacksonville Jaguars and has hit the bricks.

It's down to Shawn and I, after we both watched as Arizona squeeked by San Francisco on Sunday.

40 points are on the line for the victor.


The first Prediction of the year is in!  Unfortunately, none of us got it correct, as Oklahoma won the Big 12 championship.

As far as it goes, there are 8 conference championships this weekend.  Many of which people are still in line to win.


Put a fork in college pick'em people, because it's done.  Colin has a 7 point lead with only 6 games up for grabs this week.  Congrats Colin,  you win the 40 point bonus.

Pro Pick'em was more of the same this week.

Folden got 10 predictions correct, tying him with Joe, Rob, and myself.  Meaning that noone gained any ground.

His lead is at 4 over Joe and Rob, 5 over me, and 6 over Geiss and Jim.

With 22 correct between both pick'ems Rob wont the 10 point bonus. This leaves Joe as the only person to not get a pick'em bonus this year.

This is the last week for 10 point pick'em bonus before we revert back to the 5 point bonus after the college pick'em is finished.

Colin 50
Adam 35
Civ 30
Folden 30
Gary 20
Eplin 15
Voyten 10
Jim 10
Munez 10
Rob 10
Dan 5

That is the bonus points that everyone has acquired this year.  Colin's includes his pick'em overall win bonus.


One more week of Fantasy Football.  Let's go through it.

In for sure

1. Folden 9-3
2. Colin 9-3
3. Jim 8-4
4. Adam 7-5
5. Civ 7-5

Civ and I haven't technically clinched a spot yet, but it's near impossible for either of us to be passed based on the tie break. (barring a 50 point output by Civ)

This is essentially jockying for position.  If Jim beats Civ this weekend, then Folden and Colin's game essentially becomes a play in ame for the first round bye.  Whichever one of them loses, won't pass Jim in points for the tie break (barring, again,  a 50 point or under game by Jim)

On the verge

6. Joe 6-6
7. Eplin 6-6
8. Rob 5-7

This is where things get interesting.  Here's how each person here gets into the playoffs. the easiest one is Rob.  If he beats Joe and Eplin loses, he's in.  It's that simple.

Eplin would need to win and hope that Joe either loses, or that if Joe wins, he outscores him by 30 points.

Joe would need to win and not get outscored by Eplin by 30 points.  Those are your playoff scenarios.

Out of it

Munez 5-7
Shawn 4-8
Gary 3-9
Geiss 3-9

Munez fell out of it last week, and Geiss picked up his 3rd win.

Points:  Fantasy wins + college pick'em + pro pick'em + bonus = total score

1. Folden 90+122+111+(30)=353
2. Colin 90+133+98+(50)=371
3. Jim 80+118+105+(10)=313
4. Adam 70+123+106+(35)=334
5. Civ 70+119+90+(30)=309
6. Joe 60+118+107=285
7. Eplin 60+126+100+(15)=301
8. Rob 50+126+107+(10)=293
9. Munez 50+120+95+(10)=275
10. Shawn 40+122+103+(10)=275
11. Gary 30+119+88+(20)=257
12. Geiss 30+119+105+(5)=259

1. Colin 371
2. Folden 353
3. Adam 334
4. Jim 313
5. Civ 309
6. Eplin 301
7. Rob 293
8. Joe 285
t9 Munez 275
t9 Shawn 275
11. Geiss 259
12. Gary 257

So a little shake up from last time.  Let's see where we stand after this weekend.