Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Point Update Yo

Hey, it's Christmas season and busy as shit, so I'm mainly doing this update so I don't get confused next week.  Here's what's up.

Jim & Colin both earned 20 points for winning their Semi final fantasy game and fight it out over 40 points next week in the Championship game.  Good luck fellas.

Joe earned 20 points from Dabo Sweeney winning the AP Coach of the year award this weekend.

Additionally, everyone but Civ and myself got 15 points for picking New England winning their division.  So good job!

In the pro pick'em Colin and Folden both railed off 14 out of 16 possible games for a 5 point bonus.  So here's every one's score for the week.

Colin 54
Joe 45
Jim 45
Folden 34
Gary 28
Eplin 27
Shawn 27
Munez 27
Rob 26
Geiss 25
Adam 9
Civ 0

In other developments this week, Arizona won the NFC West, which had some implications on Football God.  Although we all had Seattle winning the division, three people had Arizona winning the wildcard berth, so less points up there.

We could see Green Bay, Denver, Washington, Cincinnati, and Houston clinch this week.  So a lot of points could be coming in.

Add this onto the total scores from last week, and obviously my lead is going to disappear.

Adam 515+9= 524
Colin 466+54=520
Jim 464+45=510
Civ 452 + 0=452
Folden 435+34=469
Joe 431+45=476
Eplin 417+27=444
Rob 397+26=423
Shawn 384+27=411
Munez 365+27=392
Geiss 323+28=351
Gary 321+28=349

So, that makes the standings like this.

1. Adam 524
2. Colin 520
3. Jim 510
4. Joe 476
5. Folden 469
6. Civ 452
7. Eplin 444
8. Rob 423
9. Shawn 411
10. Munez 392
11. Geiss 351
12. Gary 349

Clearly, whoever wins the fantasy championship game this week is going to jump into first place overall.

The last thing with the standings is the new College bowl pick'em number.  Remember, all bowl games are worth 2 points, except the new years 6, which are worth 5 each.  And the National championship is worth 10 points.

As of right now, everyone either has five, four, or three out of 6.  So there's no real reason to add these into the mix quite yet.  In any case.  Those are your standings as of now.

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