Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Update 12-1-15

This is the last week before the Conference champions are named.  Scores are going to get whacky, and they're starting to this week.  Let's start and go through everything.


And we're down to 2.  Joe made the mistake of trusting the Jacksonville Jaguars and has hit the bricks.

It's down to Shawn and I, after we both watched as Arizona squeeked by San Francisco on Sunday.

40 points are on the line for the victor.


The first Prediction of the year is in!  Unfortunately, none of us got it correct, as Oklahoma won the Big 12 championship.

As far as it goes, there are 8 conference championships this weekend.  Many of which people are still in line to win.


Put a fork in college pick'em people, because it's done.  Colin has a 7 point lead with only 6 games up for grabs this week.  Congrats Colin,  you win the 40 point bonus.

Pro Pick'em was more of the same this week.

Folden got 10 predictions correct, tying him with Joe, Rob, and myself.  Meaning that noone gained any ground.

His lead is at 4 over Joe and Rob, 5 over me, and 6 over Geiss and Jim.

With 22 correct between both pick'ems Rob wont the 10 point bonus. This leaves Joe as the only person to not get a pick'em bonus this year.

This is the last week for 10 point pick'em bonus before we revert back to the 5 point bonus after the college pick'em is finished.

Colin 50
Adam 35
Civ 30
Folden 30
Gary 20
Eplin 15
Voyten 10
Jim 10
Munez 10
Rob 10
Dan 5

That is the bonus points that everyone has acquired this year.  Colin's includes his pick'em overall win bonus.


One more week of Fantasy Football.  Let's go through it.

In for sure

1. Folden 9-3
2. Colin 9-3
3. Jim 8-4
4. Adam 7-5
5. Civ 7-5

Civ and I haven't technically clinched a spot yet, but it's near impossible for either of us to be passed based on the tie break. (barring a 50 point output by Civ)

This is essentially jockying for position.  If Jim beats Civ this weekend, then Folden and Colin's game essentially becomes a play in ame for the first round bye.  Whichever one of them loses, won't pass Jim in points for the tie break (barring, again,  a 50 point or under game by Jim)

On the verge

6. Joe 6-6
7. Eplin 6-6
8. Rob 5-7

This is where things get interesting.  Here's how each person here gets into the playoffs. the easiest one is Rob.  If he beats Joe and Eplin loses, he's in.  It's that simple.

Eplin would need to win and hope that Joe either loses, or that if Joe wins, he outscores him by 30 points.

Joe would need to win and not get outscored by Eplin by 30 points.  Those are your playoff scenarios.

Out of it

Munez 5-7
Shawn 4-8
Gary 3-9
Geiss 3-9

Munez fell out of it last week, and Geiss picked up his 3rd win.

Points:  Fantasy wins + college pick'em + pro pick'em + bonus = total score

1. Folden 90+122+111+(30)=353
2. Colin 90+133+98+(50)=371
3. Jim 80+118+105+(10)=313
4. Adam 70+123+106+(35)=334
5. Civ 70+119+90+(30)=309
6. Joe 60+118+107=285
7. Eplin 60+126+100+(15)=301
8. Rob 50+126+107+(10)=293
9. Munez 50+120+95+(10)=275
10. Shawn 40+122+103+(10)=275
11. Gary 30+119+88+(20)=257
12. Geiss 30+119+105+(5)=259

1. Colin 371
2. Folden 353
3. Adam 334
4. Jim 313
5. Civ 309
6. Eplin 301
7. Rob 293
8. Joe 285
t9 Munez 275
t9 Shawn 275
11. Geiss 259
12. Gary 257

So a little shake up from last time.  Let's see where we stand after this weekend.

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