Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Quck Thanksgiving Roundup

I'm not going to do a point update this week, but I wanted to give a quick round up of what went down over the weekend.

Survivor Pool

The Survivor Pool took it's 9th victim of the year.  Rob had Philadelphia who got slaughtered by Tampa Bay.  I'll let Rob play himself out here, "Tampa Bay knocked out both of my teams this year.  Most hated team forever now."  Well put.

That leaves, Joe, Shawn, and I left with 40 points on the line.  Dallas got the job done for me, Jacksonville for Shawn, and Seattle for Joe.


Colin widened his lead in the college pick'em.  He's now up 5 over Eplin and 6 Rob and I.  A solid week this week will probably seal this for Colin.

Folden opened up to a 3 point lead after he had a good week and Jim had a bad one.  Jim, Rob, Joe, Me, Shawn, and Geiss are all within 6 points of Folden.

With 23 correct picks this weekend, Eplin has earned the 10 point bonus.  This plus Eplin's fantasy win make this his best week in a couple of months.

Fantasy Football

Shawn and Gary were both eliminated from playoff contention over the weekend, each falling in their respective games.

Jim and Colin each clinched a playoff spot over the weekend with victories.  My call of Jim getting upset by Geiss this weekend wasn't a very good one.  Jim beat Geiss by 67 points.

So, with two weeks left where does that leave us for the playoffs?

In for sure
1.  Jim (8-3)
2. Folden (8-3)
3. Colin (8-3)
4. Civ (7-4)

Civ hasn't techically clinched a playoff spot according to Yahoo, but one look at the schedule shows you he's in.  At 1180 points, two 5-6 teams (of which there are 4) would have to win out and pass him in points.  The only two that could realistically do that at this point are Rob and Joe, who play each other in the last week of the season.  So Civ's in.

The rest of the season is going to be about finding out which of these two teams gets the first round bye.  Folden and Civ play one another this week, next week Folden plays Colin and Civ plays Jim.  Exciting finishes at the top.

On the verge
5. Adam (6-5)
At 6-5 I would need to win one more game to get into the playoffs.  This being for the same reason as I had with Civ.  I play 1st place Jim, and close out with Shawn.

On the fringe
6. Rob (5-6)
7. Joe (5-6)
8. Eplin (5-6)
9.  Munez (5-6)

All with the same record, yet all in much different positions.  It's pretty simple for Rob and Joe.  Win this week and then the winner of their game is definitely in.

For Eplin and Munez it's the same.  They play each other in Week 13, so the surest way to getting in the playoffs is to win out.

Rob and Eplin play each other in Week 12, so we can look at this as another elimination game for Eplin.  Munez plays Colin and is the same for him.

Because of his points scored it's feasible for Rob to lose this week and still get in.  He would just need to finish in a tie for 6th place.

I guess there are still many possibilities.

Out of playoff contention

10.  Shawn
11. Gary
12. Geiss

Good season boys.  Sometimes it just isn't your year.

I'll be back next week with a point update before the College Football conference champions are announced.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Weekend Preview:

Let's take a look at the fantasy games this weekend.

Adam 5-5 vs Civ 7-3
Civ has a 7 game winning streak, and my team can't string together 2 wins in a row to save it's life.  Here comes Civ clinching a playoff spot.

Upset Alert: Jim 7-3 vs Geiss 2-8
Jim's starting QB is out and Antonio Brown is on Bye.  Looks like a good time for Geiss to get that 3rd win.

Gary 3-7 vs Eplin 4-6
Gary and Eplin both need to win to have any chance for playoffs.  Gary is 3-7 despite having the 6th most points in the league.  Poor bastard.

Rob 5-5 vs Colin 7-3
Rob loves to mention how he has the most points against him by far this year.  On top of that, as shitty as Colin's team was early in the year, it's actually scored quite a few points the past 4 weeks.
Colin for the win.

Munez 4-6 vs Folden 8-2
Munez is freefalling, Folden just keeps fucking winning.  Munez needs a win to stay in the playoff hunt.

Game of the Week:  Joe 4-6 vs Shawn 4-6
This is as close to an elimination game as we're going to have this week.  The winner clings on for another week, while the loser is out of the playoffs.

Survivor Pool:
Shawn already moved on with the ballsy Jacksonville Jaguars pick.  That leaves Joe, Rob, and I to fight it out on Sunday.  Someone is going down this week.  Blood in the water and the sharks are circling.


This is actually a huge week for the predictions.  The way that a lot of conferences positioned their schedules we have a lot of games that will decide each side of the conferences the next two weeks.

After Saturday we will have a very clear version of what's going to happen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Football God Update: 11/18/2015

We are closing in on the conference champions and the first big point shake up of the season.

Looking at the chart, there isn't a clear cut leader heading down the stretch.  Most people have a couple of playoff teams that aren't going to make it.  Most people have a couple of teams winning their conference that isn't going to happen.

So, there is no real reason to project much for now.  Instead we'll just do a normal update.


It's been three weeks since the last survivor pool update, and it's only led to one casualty.  Geiss picked the Saints in Week 9, leading to his elimination.  Week 10 had Joe, Rob, Shawn, and I all picking Carolina.

New Orleans was universally the worst pick of the season for everyone.  They were responsible for 7 strikes this year, the Cardinals and Ravens the next closest with 3 strikes a piece.

Basically, the Survivor Pool could end any week now.  Exciting finish.


The college pick'em has fluctuated again.  A couple of weeks ago Civ had a commanding lead.  After a couple rough'ens, Colin now sits on top with 108 points.  Rob and I are behind at 105, Civ at 104.  Folden, Eplin, and Shawn are at 102 and 101.

With 3 weeks to go, it'll be difficult for anyone else to catch up, unless they have a monster week this week.


The Pro Pick'em is similar.  Folden had a big lead, and squandered it with a very bad week 10 performance.  Because of that he's opened the door for people to get back into it, he now shares the lead with Jim at 92 points.

Rob and Joe are 3 points back at 89.  Shawn and I are at 87.  Geiss is at 86.  After that there is a drop off.

Pick'em Bonus

Week 1: Adam, Dan, Eplin (5 point)
Week 2: Adam
Week 3: Colin, Gary, Munez
Week 4: Folden
Week 5: Jim, Gary, Civ
Week 6: Civ
Week 7: Civ, Voyten
Week 8: Adam
Week 9: Folden
Week 10: Folden
Week 11: Adam

Adam 35
Civ 30
Folden 30
Gary 20
Voyten 10
Jim 10
Munez 10
Colin 10
Dan 5
Eplin 5

Those are the pick'em bonuses so far this year, along with how many points each person has earned in them.

Since our last update, Folden won the bous 2 weeks in a row, while I won this most recent week.  Folden, Civ, and I are dominating the bonuses this year, with Gary doing pretty well too.


With 3 weeks to go in the regular season, we finally have our first playoff spot clinched.  At 8-2 Folden has punched his ticket.

Right behind him at 7-3 is Civ, Jim, and Colin.  Each needing one more win to clinch their spot as well.  Jim and Folden are in position for the 1st round byes at this time.

Civ is on a 7 game winning streak since starting the season 0-3, pretty impressive.  Colin is 7-3 despite being 8th in points scored, and also being a huge douchebag.

Rob and I are both at 5-5 and on the ledge of the playoffs.

Behind us at 4-6 are Joe, Eplin, Munez, and Shawn.

At this point, Geiss is officially eliminated from playoff contention, and Gary is very very close.  For Gary to get into the playoffs he would have to win out and hope that he wins a point tie breaker against any other 6-7 teams that may be tied for 6th.  One more loss and he's certainly done.  And, even if he wins out he may be out too.

For Rob and I at 5-5 we sort of have a 2 game lead over the 4-6 teams.  We have more than 100 points more than any of them, so we would win a tie breaker against any of them.  Joe, Eplin, Munez, and Shawn need to win and hope that we lose to have a shot going down the stretch.

The playoff picture looks like this right now

1 Folden

4 Colin
5 Adam

3 Civ
6 Rob

2 Jim

Point totals.

Fantasy wins 10 pts + college pick'em score + pro pick'em score + (bonus)

Folden 80+102+92+(30)= 304
Jim 70+94+92+(10)=266
Civ 70+104+78+(30)=282
Colin 70+108+80+(10)=268
Adam 50+105+87+(35)=277
Rob 50+105+89=244
Shawn 40+101+87+(10)=238
Joe 40+98+89=227
Munez 40+99+80+(10)=229
Eplin 40+102+82+(5)=229
Gary 30+98+74+(20)=222
Geiss 20+97+86+(5)=208

1. Folden 304
2. Civ 282
3. Adam 277
4. Colin 268
5. Jim 266
6. Rob 244
7. Shawn 238
8. Munez 229
8. Eplin 229
10. Joe 227
11. Gary 222
12. Geiss 208

Obviously these stats are very driven by fantasy point totals.  There has been less separation in the pick'ems than usual.  Bonus points and fantasy points are the main decider so far.

The next update will be the week of Conference championships.  So we can have one more update before things go fucking insane.