Thursday, December 27, 2012

Football God Update

Merry Christmas Everyone.  Sorry, about being late, but the Holiday had me by the balls.

First off, I want to offer my condolences to Colin.  His grandmother passed away this week.  So, since the last update, a few things have happened.

Start from the top

Rob & Folden won their first round fantasy games, they each received 20 points for that.

Joe & I, well rested from our byes, won the Semi-Final games, giving us 20 points each.

Fantasy Football is down to this week, with Joe and I going head to head, the winner receiving 30 points.

In pick 'em.  Colin won the 5 point bonus last week & Folden and Rob each won it this week.


Ok.  Everyone but Shawn had GB

Everyone had Houston

Only Rob & Joe had Cincinnati in the wildcard.

The point totals for the College Pick'em are only factored in from Sunday night on.

So, what I'm going to do here is post the point totals.  If you have any questions about how I got to your total, let me know.

1. Andrew 717
2. Colin 703
3. Adam 701
4. Joe 699
5. Rob 697
6. Munez 684
7. Folden 595
8. Shawn 565
9. Jim 528
10. John 446

So, as you can see.  It's really fucking close here.  The difference between 1st and 6th has shrank to a 33 point difference.

I'll give a more in depth update this weekend on Sunday night.  But, for now this all are you're getting ;).  Later faggots.

Monday, December 10, 2012


The regular season is over guys.  Nice job to everyone this year.  People set their line ups every week and this resulted in another very competitive season.  Let's take a look at the week 14 results.

Adam def. Colin
Folden def John
Munez def Rob
Shawn def Jim
Andrew def Joe

So, what does that mean for the playoffs. I'm sure that almost everyone has seen the standings, but here they are.

1. Joe (bye)

5. Folden

3. Rob
6. Shawn

2. Adam (bye)

But, how did we get here?

Joe had clinched his top seed last week.

I beat Colin, locking up the 2 spot.

Rob lost, but since Colin lost too, Rob gets the 3 seed.

Colin slips into the 4 seed, even though he's tied with Folden, but he has the higher number of points, so Folden gets the 5 seed.


Well, to put it as bluntly as possible.  Jim lost to Shawn, Andrew beat Joe, and John lost to Folden.  Also, Munez beat Rob.  That puts 5 teams tied at 6-8 with only one playoff spot.  And Shawn takes the tie breaker by having the most points scored in the entire season.


If you remember from your rules,  It states that teams that make the playoffs receive an automatic 10 points, for making the playoffs.  It also states that the teams that get a first round bye receive 20 points.  Also, the teams that win the first round game will receive 20 points.  So, I will add those points into this.

Fantasy Football points (as of now) includes wins, and bonus's.

1. Joe 120
2. Adam 120
3. Rob 90
4. Colin 80
5. Folden 80
6. Shawn 70
7. Andrew 60
8. Jim 60
9. John 60
10. Munez 60.


Congrats to Folden on scoring the most points this week.  He'll get a 5 point bonus.  Now that College pick'em is done we're back to a 5 point bonus for people winning the pick'em.


The college predictions are finalized.  The college predictions are in, and we have some winners.  I posed these the other night, but I will again

Shawn 70 points - Doak Walker, Chuck B awards
Folden 35 points - Fred B award
Adam 35 points - Chuck B award
Andrew 35 points Chuck B award
Joe 35 points - Chuck B award
Munez 35 points - AP coach of the year award

So, now that gives us some more points in our overall totals that have been shelled out.  So that should effect the totals.  Let's take a look at where we are as of now

College pick 'em + Pro pick'em + Fantasy points + prediction points + (pick em bonus) = total

 Munez 155+86+60+220+(65)
Jim 150+88+60+165+(10)
Adam 146+99+120+200+(20)
Colin 144+96+80+260+(10)
Shawn 143+100+70+165+(35)
Folden 139+99+80+140+(5)
Andrew 139+107+60+295+(30)
Joe 129+99+120+200+(10)
John 117+88+60+110+
Rob 116+104+90+225+(10)


1. Andrew 631 [even]
2. Colin 590 [even] (-41 points)
3. Munez 586 [even]  (-45 points)
4. Adam 585 [+1] (-46 points)
5. Joe 558 [+1] (-73 points)
6. Rob 545 [-2] (-86 points)
7. Shawn 513 [+1] (-118 points)
8. Jim 473 [-1] (-158 points)
9. Folden 463 [=] (-168 points)
10. John 375 [=] (-256 points)


Andrew is in front of everyone again.  Holding a 41 point lead over 2nd.  However, Andrew can no longer gain any points in fantasy football.  2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th place, and 9th place pepole people can still gain points in fantasy football.

Joe and my point jumps have a lot to do with us getting our 20 point bump for getting first round byes.  That means that next week we will receive no points for fantasy.  The two teams who win, however, will receive 20 points each.

The people who win the semi final games will also win 20 points and the fantasy football winner will receive 30 points.  That's still a lot of points out there for the fantasy teams in the playoffs to gain some extra points.

The difference between 2nd and 4th place right now is only 5 points.

The difference between 2nd and 6th is only 45 points.

As far as pro predictions go.  Next week we could see the Ravens, Houston, and Green Bay clinch their divisions.

The Giants and 49ers are both leading their divisions. San Fran can clinch with a win and Seattle loss.  I don't think the Giants can clinch this weekend.

So, we can certainly see some changes in the point totals again next week.

So, seriously, check your point totals, and make sure that I didn't mess up at all.  If I did let me know.  Also, fuck Bing Crosby.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

College award be out ya'll

College awards are out.  here's how they figured.

Montee Balls won Doak
Brian Kelly Kelly won coach of the year
Marquise Lee won Freddie
and Manatee won the Bednarik award

Who got points, YA'LL

Folden gets 35 for Marquise
Munez gets 35 for kelly kelly
Andrew and Adam get 35 for Mante Teo
Shawn gets 70 for Monte and Man Tae.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fantasy Football Playoff Scenarios

The last week of the fantasy football regular season is on the horizon.  And as of now 9 of the 10 teams are still playoff viable.  Let's go through the scenarios.

Already in: Joe, Adam, Rob, Colin.

#1 seed: Joe is going to be the #1 seed.  He can pretty much sit his starters.

#2 Seed:  This is still open a little bit.  Colin is only a game ahead of the 5,6, and 7 seeds.  But by way of John & Folden playing each other, he is going to make the playoffs.  Now, it's pretty simple here.

If I beat Colin, I will likely have the #2 seed, regardless of what Rob does.  The tie breaker is by season points, and I have Rob out pointed by about 50 points.

Scenario #2 Rob wins, Colin beats me.  In that case Rob will have the #2 seed.

Scenario #3 Rob loses, I lose, Colin wins.  In that case, Colin's point total will give him the tie breaker and he will have the first round bye.

Rob & I can fall as far at the #4 seed, Colin could potentially fall as far as the #6 seed.

Win & In: Jim, John, and Folden

Part of this is pretty simple.  Whoever wins between Folden and John will fall into either the 4,5, or 6 seed.  Jim's is pretty simple too.  He beats Voyten, he's in.

Other Scenarios:

Turns out that Jim vs Voyten is the key to the rest of the season.  If Shawn beats Jim, and Andrew beats Joe
then here is where we will be.

5 teams will already be in.  There will be 1 spot available for 4 teams that will all be tied.

Shawn 1449 pts
Andrew 1420 pts
Jim 1433 pts
Folden 1398 pts
or John 1422 pts

So, we'll have 4 teams separated by 50 points of tie break. So, Folden's likely to fall out of the playoffs if he loses.  Shawn has more points than Jim right now, so if he beats him in his game, he'll finish ahead of Jim.

In the situation that Shawn beats Jim, Andrew wins, and Folden wins, we'll be left with Andrew, Shawn, and John tied at 6-8 and whoever has the most points will get the last playoff spot.  Andrew is 29 points behind Shawn so his best chance is to win big and hope Shawn wins in a low scoring game, and hope that he outscores John by 3 points this week.

Very exciting stuff.  Munez technically can still make the playoffs, but he would need Shawn to beat Jim and Munez would also have to score about 300 points this week.  Good luck this week guys.  Should be exciting to watch.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Point Totals

So, now that the College Predictions are in, it's time to go over a few pro things.

#1 Congrats to Munez on getting the Pick 'em Bonus this week. nicely done.

#2, Atlanta, Denver, and New England all clinched their divisions this week. So, those points have been added onto each person's prediction total.  Each division is worth 20 points.

#3 Fantasy Football.


Joe 9-4
Adam 8-5
Rob 8-5
Colin 7-6
Jim 6-7
John 6-7
Folden 6-7
Shawn 5-8
Andrew 5-8
Munez 5-8

These are the standings with 1 week to play.  Joe, Rob, and Myself are all guarenteed playoff spots.

Joe is essentially locked into the 1 spot.  Rob & I are fighting it out for the 2 spot, and the other first round bye.

I'll get into all the other playoff scenarios tomorrow or Wednesday.

Adam 60 points
Joe 60 points
Rob 60 points
Colin 60 points
Andrew 40
Folden 40
Jim 40
Munez 40
John 40
Shawn 40.

So, here are our totals at this point.

College Pick 'em + Pro Pick 'em + Fantasy + Predictions + (Bonus)

Munez 155+82+50+185+(65)=537
Jim 150+82+60+165+(10)=467
Adam 146+93+ 80+165+(20)=504
Colin 144+91+70+260+(10)=575
Shawn 143+96+50+95+(35)=414
Folden 139+88+60+105=392
Andrew 139+101+50+260+(30)=580
Joe 129+92 +90+165+(10)=486
John 117+77+60+110=364
Rob 116+100,+80+225+10=531

1. Andrew 580
2. Colin 575 (+1)
3. Munez 537 (+3)
4. Rob 531 (+4)
5. Adam 504 (-4)
6. Joe 486 (-1)
7. Jim 467 (=)
8. Shawn 414 (-5)
9. Folden 392 (=)
10. John 364 (=)

Congrats to all my nogs on their big jumps.  Until tomorrow...

Sunday, December 2, 2012


So, before we get to the end of days, which according the Mayans is going to happen imminently, we should do some prediction results.  A couple of things to keep in mind throughout reading this.

20 points per Conference champion picked
15 points per BCS team picked.

So, let's start from the top and work our way down


Notre Dame vs Alabama

Colin was the only person to receive any points this year for picking a team in the National Championship.  Alabama vs Georgia went down the wire.  It kept me on the edge of my seat.  In the end, though Bama pulled it off & Colin received 35 points for this pick

Colin 35

Conference Champions

WAC - Utah St
Andrew is the only person to get points here.

Andrew 20

ACC Champ- Florida St

Correctly predicted by Andrew, Jim, John, Rob, Colin, Munez.

Colin 55
Andrew 40
Jim, John, Rob, Munez 20

Big 10 champ - Wisconsin

Predicted correctly by Andrew & myself.

Andrew 60
Adam 20

Big LEast - Rutgers, Louisville, Syracuse, Cincinnati

This is what I fucking hate about the Big East.  There are 8 teams in that fucking conference and 4 of them are the Conference champions.  Eat your own ass Big East.  What's amazing to me is that 1/2 of the conference won the championship, and we still had 2 people in Football God not get this conference.

Predicted correctly by Shawn, Jim, Adam, Andrew, Rob, Joe, Colin, Munez

Andrew 80
Colin 75
Adam 40
Jim 40
Rob 40
Munez 40
Joe 20
Shawn 20

SEC- Alabama

Predicted right by Colin & Rob

Colin 95
Rob 60

PAC 12 & MAC- Stanford/Northern Illinois

Correctly predicted by NOBODY

Big 12 - Kansas St/Oklahoma

Predicted by Andrew, Rob, Colin, & Munez

Colin 115
Andrew 100
Rob 80
Munez 60

Sun Belt - Arkansas St

Predicted correctly by

Andrew 120
Rob 100
Munez 80
Joe 40
Folden 20

Conference USA - Tulsa

Pcked correctly by Colin 135

Mountain West - Boise St Co-Champ so we all get 20 more points.

So, in Conference play, here are our totals.

Colin 155
Andrew 140
Rob 120
Munez 100
Adam 60
Jim 60
Joe 60
John 40
Folden 40
Shawn 40

Now.  Here are the 8 teams that are going to a BCS bowl games that aren't the National Championship

Wisconsin Vs Stanford
Oregon vs Kansas St
Florida vs Louisville
Florida St vs Northern Illinois

Here is the amount of BCS teams that each person predicted correctly, which are worth 15 points each.

Andrew 4
Rob 3
Colin 3
Munez 3
Joe 3
Jim 3
Folden 3
Adam 3
John 2
Shawn 1

Andrew 200
Colin 200
Rob 165
Munez 145
Jim 105
Adam 105
Joe 105
Folden 85
John 70
Shawn 55

So, there are your College Predictions.  Keep in mind your College Predictions aren't final yet.  We are still waiting on the winners of the individual awards.  Until then, bite me.