Sunday, December 2, 2012


So, before we get to the end of days, which according the Mayans is going to happen imminently, we should do some prediction results.  A couple of things to keep in mind throughout reading this.

20 points per Conference champion picked
15 points per BCS team picked.

So, let's start from the top and work our way down


Notre Dame vs Alabama

Colin was the only person to receive any points this year for picking a team in the National Championship.  Alabama vs Georgia went down the wire.  It kept me on the edge of my seat.  In the end, though Bama pulled it off & Colin received 35 points for this pick

Colin 35

Conference Champions

WAC - Utah St
Andrew is the only person to get points here.

Andrew 20

ACC Champ- Florida St

Correctly predicted by Andrew, Jim, John, Rob, Colin, Munez.

Colin 55
Andrew 40
Jim, John, Rob, Munez 20

Big 10 champ - Wisconsin

Predicted correctly by Andrew & myself.

Andrew 60
Adam 20

Big LEast - Rutgers, Louisville, Syracuse, Cincinnati

This is what I fucking hate about the Big East.  There are 8 teams in that fucking conference and 4 of them are the Conference champions.  Eat your own ass Big East.  What's amazing to me is that 1/2 of the conference won the championship, and we still had 2 people in Football God not get this conference.

Predicted correctly by Shawn, Jim, Adam, Andrew, Rob, Joe, Colin, Munez

Andrew 80
Colin 75
Adam 40
Jim 40
Rob 40
Munez 40
Joe 20
Shawn 20

SEC- Alabama

Predicted right by Colin & Rob

Colin 95
Rob 60

PAC 12 & MAC- Stanford/Northern Illinois

Correctly predicted by NOBODY

Big 12 - Kansas St/Oklahoma

Predicted by Andrew, Rob, Colin, & Munez

Colin 115
Andrew 100
Rob 80
Munez 60

Sun Belt - Arkansas St

Predicted correctly by

Andrew 120
Rob 100
Munez 80
Joe 40
Folden 20

Conference USA - Tulsa

Pcked correctly by Colin 135

Mountain West - Boise St Co-Champ so we all get 20 more points.

So, in Conference play, here are our totals.

Colin 155
Andrew 140
Rob 120
Munez 100
Adam 60
Jim 60
Joe 60
John 40
Folden 40
Shawn 40

Now.  Here are the 8 teams that are going to a BCS bowl games that aren't the National Championship

Wisconsin Vs Stanford
Oregon vs Kansas St
Florida vs Louisville
Florida St vs Northern Illinois

Here is the amount of BCS teams that each person predicted correctly, which are worth 15 points each.

Andrew 4
Rob 3
Colin 3
Munez 3
Joe 3
Jim 3
Folden 3
Adam 3
John 2
Shawn 1

Andrew 200
Colin 200
Rob 165
Munez 145
Jim 105
Adam 105
Joe 105
Folden 85
John 70
Shawn 55

So, there are your College Predictions.  Keep in mind your College Predictions aren't final yet.  We are still waiting on the winners of the individual awards.  Until then, bite me.

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