Monday, February 13, 2017

Final Scores

So, in big time upset form, Folden has risen from the ashes of his pathetic Fantasy Football season to climb to 2nd overall.

Jonathan Allen won the Lombardi Award Saturday, earning Folden 25 points and $150.  Voyten falls to 3rd and wins $50.

I am your Football God champ and win the $400 prize.

Here are your final scores.

1. Adam 1030
2 Folden 920
3 Shawn 913
4 Colin 900
5 Joe 854
6 Geiss 792
7 Rob 783
8 Gary 756
9 Hale 737
10 Jim 728
11 Munez 657
12 Eplin 557

Thoughts on final standings

Adam- This is my 3rd title and 5th top 2 finish.  Pretty good in 9 years.  My other 4 years have been pretty shitty though.

 This is Folden's 4th top 3 finish and first since 2012.  His first time since 2010 finishing in the top 2.

This is Voyten's 3rd top 3 finish and first since he won in 2011.

Colin fell out of the top 3, but still has 4 top 4 finishes in the last 5 years.  Pretty impressive.

In what's probably the most impressive stat, Joe has finished in the top 5 for his 8th consecutive year.  In that time he has 2 championships, a runner up, a 4th, and now four 5th place finishes.

Folden and Shawn contact about your winnings.

Football God 10 Draft Order

1. Colin
2. Joe
3. Geiss
4. Rob
5. Gary
6. Hale
7. Jim
8. Munez
9. Eplin
10. Shawn
11. Folden
12. Adam

If anyone doesn't want to play next year, let me know.  We usually have 1 or 2 people who drop out and the sooner you let me know the better.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Post Superbowl update

Hey party people.  Wanted to give you guys some updates as we have our final NFL points in.

I need to preempt though, that for the first time the Football God season isn't over.  The lombardi award isn't awarded until this weekend, so we will have a hold out before we get the final scores.

So, the faggy Patriots took advantage of a major choke job giving the the title.

That's 30 points for Hale.

Individual awards are sort of a wash for the most part.

NFL MVP - Matt Ryan

Offensive Rookie - Dak Prescott

Defensive Rooke - Joey Bosa

Coach of the Year - Jason Garrett

Noone had any of these people.

Jordy Nelson - Comeback player of the year.

predicted by Adam, Shawn, Folden Hale, and Joe

And for the pick'em.  New England was chosen by Folden, Colin, Hale, and Gary.

So your points for this week are

Hale 60
Folden 30
Joe 20
Adam 20
Shawn 20
Colin 10
Gary 10

Easy enough.  Add those to the totals and here's where we stand.

Adam 1030
Shawn 913
Colin 900
Folden 895
Joe 854
Geiss 792
Rob 783
Gary 756
Hale 737
Jim 728
Munez 657
Eplin 557

And in the most annoying move in Football God history, we need to wait 1 more week for the Lombardi Award to be handed out to the most fart mouth College Football Player of the year.

First off, what fucking college award comes out a month after the season?  Obviously someone who has a desperate desire to be noticed.  Insecure Rotary club.  Additionally, there website is SLIGHTLY more advanced then the angelfire page I made in highschool.

Ugh.  Anyway.  Even though I have beaten you all into submission, 2nd-4th are still up for grabs.

Finalists for this dumb award are Jonathan Allen, Lamar Jackson, Jabrill Peppers, and Myles Garrett.

Folden chose Jonathan Allen.

Myles Garrett is chosen by Me, Voyten, Joe, Hale, Eplin, and Gary.

This prediction is worth 25 points.  So, basically.

If Jonathan Allen wins, then Folden jumps from 4th to 2nd, pushing Shawn to 2nd, and Colin out of the money. Any other winner results in Shawn finishing in 2nd, and Colin in 3rd.

Other than that, no matter who wins, the standings are set.  So your Fantasy draft places, other than top 4 are as follows.

1. Folden or Colin
2. Joe
3. Geiss
4. Rob
5. Gary
6. Hale
7. Jim
8. Munez
9. Eplin
10. Colin or Shawn
11. Shawn or Folden
12. Adam

That's it for now.  Back next week for final standings.