Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bonus Points and Hoes

Happy Christmas, Jamokes.  Hope you had a good one.  Hope Santa slid down and in, giving you all that you needed.  Hope he filled you up...with Joy.  And ate your...Cookies.  Time for an update


Hot damn.  What a great championship.  Both Joe and Colin put up some big ass numbers, and it took until Monday Night for Colin to seal his championship.  Good season for everyone.

Shawn beat Jim in the 3rd place game.

Bonus Points as follows.

Colin 60
Joe 40
Shawn 20

Total points in Fantasy Football for the year.

Colin 140
Joe 120
Jim 100
Shawn 90
Gary 80
Rob 80
Adam 70
Munez 60
Hale 50
Geiss 50
Eplin 40
Folden 20

Well done on a good season.


All good things end in a tie, right?

Rob switched his pick from Dallas to Tennessee, in what ended up being a big mistake.  Tennessee got destroyed by the fuck face Jaguars, and ended the Survivor Pool with 2 champions.  Rob and I split the 60 for 1st and 40 for 2nd, getting 50 points a piece.

Rob, Folden, and I were the only three to make it through week 9, which also gave us 10 points for making it through the halfway point.

Totals in Survivor Pool for the season

Adam 60
Rob 60
Folden 30


Flip Flop again, as Geiss has retaken the lead.  With 1 week to play, Geiss has a 1 point lead over me, 3 over Gary, and 5 over Colin.  Joe sits 6 back.

It's probable that Colin and Joe are out of it.  As they would have to jump 3 too many people to get to 1st.  However,  they are still in striking distance of 3rd, and it's not unfeasible that one of them could jump to 2nd with a great last week.

The 5 point bonus went to Munez for putting up an 11 spot.


Here is what was clinched over the weekend.

Steelers winning the AFC North was gotten by everyone.

Houston winning the South was gotten by Hale, Folden, Joe, Muenz, Colin, and Rob.

And, BREAKING NEWS, about an hour ago Sexy Rexy Ryan was fired in Buffalo.  The on,ly person with that pick, was Geiss.

There are still some people with Washington & Tampa Bay in the wildcard, but they will need some help.

Colin, Gary, and Eplin have K.C winning the wildcard, and Geiss has Oakland.  So at least one person will get a wildcard team right this year.

Also, KC (who was chosen by 9 of us) could win the West with a Raiders loss, and a win.  And GB (who was chosen by all of us), will win the NFC North with a win Sunday night.

Total NFL Prediction points are as follows.

Folden 110
Rob 105
Jim 90
Adam 90
Shawn 90
Joe 90
Colin 90
Geiss 90
Hale 75
Munez 75
Gary 45
Eplin 30


16 games in and Eplin is in the lead, trying to repeat in the Bowl Pick'em.  Munez, and I are 1 behind, and Jim and Shawn 2 behind.  Kentucky Hillbilly leasdsa group of 6 people that are 3 behind, and Rob and Colin have gotten 6. Still like 24 bowls to play.

Here are the points earned so far.

Eplin 24
Munez 22
Adam 22
Shawn 20
Jim 20
Kentucky Hillbilly 18
Folden 18
Gary 18
Joe 18
Geiss 18
Hale 18
Rob 12
Colin 12

Overall Standings

College Overall Score + Fantasy Points + Pro Pick'em + Pro Predictions + Bowl Pick'em + Bonus Points.

Note:  Bonus Points have the Survivor Pool added into them.

Shawn 391+90+142+90+20+(30)=763
Adam 367+70+156+90+22+(80)=785
Geiss 326+50+157+90+18+(10)=651
Joe 324+120+151+90+18+(20)=723
Folden 305+20+143+110+18+(70)=666
Colin 302+140+152+90+12+(20)=716
Rob 269+80+142+105+12+(65)=673
Hale 268+50+132+75+18+(5)=548
Jim 249+100+130+90+20=589
Munez 244+60+145+75+22+(5)=551
Gary 240+80+154+45+18+(20)=557
Eplin 214+40+143+30+24+(5)=456

Overall Scores

1. Adam 785
2. Shawn 763
3. Joe 723
4. Colin 716
5. Rob 673
6. Folden 666 (mark of the beast)
7. Geiss 651
8. Jim 589
9. Gary 557
10. Munez 551
11. Hale 548
12. Eplin 456

70 points seperate 1st from 4th.  And down to 7th is within 100 of 3rd.

Next week:

We'll know in next weeks updates which 2 teams are playing in the College Football Championship.

The bonus points for the Pro Pick'em will be passed out.

The division winners and wildcard winners will be decided.  The coaches fired deadline is next monday night.  Chicago and Jacksonville will decide who has the #3 pick in the draft.

Basically, you will know by next week what chance you have to win and what you need to happen to get into the top 3.

Happy New Year.  Everyone be safe.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Slowly but surely, the points trickle in

What up jabroni's.  Two weeks to go in the NFL regular season and things are starting to clear up.  Lots of points will be distributed in the next two weeks, with some starting today.


Rob and I both took Atlanta and both moved on to week 16.  If Rob and I end up tying there will be 50 points apiece distributed.  That's it for now.


Another rousing week of picks, leading to Hale crushing it and earning the 5 point bonus.  With two weeks to play, I have a 1 game lead over Geiss, 3 over Gary, 4 over Colin, and 7 over Joe.

Everyone else is too far back to get back into it.  There is a 60, 40, 20, bonus for 1st -3rd.


Congrats to Joe & Colin on navigating the waters of Fantasy Football to reach the championship.  They are each promised at least 40 bonus points with 60 going to the winner.  Shawn and Jim are fighting over 3rd and 20 bonus points.

The games were unimpressive in score, but none the less.  A win is a win.

Quick note. This is the 3rd time in 4 years Colin had been in the finals. And actually since 2010 Joe or Colin has been in the finals every year but 1. So, that's pretty impressive by both of them.


This is the big one this week.

New England clinched their division to the surprise of noone.  Everyone got 15 points there.

Gus Bradley was fired by Jacksonville, which gave me 15 points, as the only one to pick him fired.

Seattle officially clinched the NFC West giving 15 points to me, Jim, Shawn, Folden, Rob, Geiss, and Hale.

Arizona officially got eliminated from the playoffs, which was imminent but now official.


This is the biggest one of clarity.  Cleveland and San Francisco both clinched a top 3 draft pick with their losses this weekend.  Officially noone will get all 3 teams in the bottom.  But I'll spell out exactly where we are.

Jacksonville would have the 3rd pick if the league ended today with 2 wins.  Above them is Chicago with 3, and L.A & NYJ with 4 wins.

Noone had Jacksonville in the bottom 3, or the Jets.  Geiss & Eplin have Chicago, and Gary has L.A.

LA is probably out of the top 3 but with tiebreakers you never know.  Jacksonville beat Chicago this year so if they end up tied, Chicago will have the #3 pick.

Gettinig both Cleveland and SF are the following peopole.

Adam, Jim, Shawn, Folden, Joe, Colin, Rob.

Getting 1 of the 2 teams is Munez, Geiss, Hale, and Gary.

Rushing title.  Ezekiel Elliott has a 350 yard lead over the next closest person to him.  Folden was the only one to choose him to win.  Nearly a guaranteed 20 points for Folden.  I hate to jump the gun on giving Folden the points, but whatever.  Doin' it.

Here are your pro prediction points as of now.

Folden 80
Jim 75
Rob 75
Adam 75
Shawn 60
Joe 60
Colin 60
Geiss 45
Hale 45
Munez 30
Gary 30
Eplin 15

Stat Predictions.

Sacks leader.  It's looking like it's down to Vic Beasley and Vonn Miller.  Khalil Mack is 3 back with 2 to play, so there's still a chance there.  Chandler jones is 6.5 back, so Eplin's choice has joined the many JJ Watt selections.

Interceptions Leader

Casey Hayward is leading the league with 7 picks with 2 games to play.  Noone else has more than 5.  4 people have Marcus Peters, who has 5.  So a hot finish for him is the only real chance left for anyone to score there.

Receiving Yards:

Julio Jones has maintained the lead in receiving yards despite missing the last two games with an injury.  TY Hilton and Antonio Brown are close.


There were 5 bowl games last week, everyone won between 2 and 4 of them.  I won't be adding them into the points until later though.  Either next week or the week after, once there is a discernible difference.

Point Totals

College Overall Scores + Fantasy + Pro Pick'em + Pro Predictions + Bonus

* bonus includes pick'em bonus, survivor pool points.

Shawn 391+70+133+60+(30)=684
Adam 367+70+148+75+(30)=690
Geiss 326+50+147+45+(10)=578
Joe 324+80+141+60+(20)=625
Folden 305+20+133+80+(70)=608
Colin 302+80+144+60+(20)=606
Rob 269+80+133+75+(15)=572
Hale 268+50+123+45+(5)=491
Jim 249+100+124+75=548
Munez 244+60+134+30=468
Gary 240+80+145+30+(20)=515
Eplin 214+40+133+15+(10)=412

1. Adam 690
2. Shawn 684
3. Joe 625
4. Folden 608
5. Colin 606
6. Geiss 578
7. Rob 572
8. Jim 548
9. Gary 515
10. Hale 491
11. Munez 468
12. Eplin 412

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Points and Points and Points

Word up, scumbags.

It's snowing outside, accumulating and accumulating, just as the points are starting to in FG9.  Here's the changes since last week.

Fantasy Playoffs

Joe kicked the hell out of Gary.  Look at it this way.  Leveon Bell put up 60 points.  Gary's whole team put up 68.

Shawn relied on the kicking of Justin Tucker to squeak by Rob.

Semi Finals

Joe vs Jim

Shawn Vs Colin

The winners of this game will be guarenteed 40 points, and a chance for 60.

The losers will play a 3rd place game for 20 points.


Rob and I both picked Detroit, and they won.  The Survivor Pool never ends.  Never ends.  Never ends.  3 weeks left and we each have 1 strike.  60 points to 1st, 40 to 2nd, and 50 to each if we go the distance or go out on the same week.


Get your dick's hard boys, the bowl games are starting this week.  points for each correct game, 5 points for picking the new year's 6.  10 for the championship.

30, 20, 10 points go out to the people with the highest game total wins. We WILL be using the tie breaker of the CFP Championship game to decide any ties.  So make sure you fill that out.


With 3 weeks to play, there is another change at the leaderboard.  Happens every week recently.  Geiss and I are now tied for 1st, Gary is 2 back, Colin 3 back.  Joe 5 back.

With 3 weeks, and 48 games left, it's likely down to us 5 trying to get the 3 bonus spots.

Rob and I each earned a 5 point bonus this week for the pro pick'em.


We have one official prediction in, and that's Jeff Fisher being fired by the Rams.  That gives 15 points to Jim, Joe, Rob, and Colin.

There are a few more that should be figured out soon in almost certainty.  Seattle, New England, and Dallas could win their division any week.

Cleveland is 1 loss away from officially clinching a bottom 3 pick. San Fran as well.

Total Score

College Overall Score + Fantasy Points + Pro Pick'em + Pro Predictions + Bonus points

Shawn 391+70+121+(30)=
Adam 367+70+135+(30)=
Geiss 326+50+135+(10)
Joe 324+80+130+15+(20)
Folden 305+20+124+(70)=
Colin 302+80+132+15+(20)=
Rob 269+80+122+15+(15)=
Hale 268+50+109=
Jim 249+100+114+15=
Munez 244+60+124=
Gary 240+80+133+(20)=
Eplin 214+40+123+(10)=

Shawn 612
Adam 602
Joe 569
Colin 549
Geiss 521
Folden 519
Rob 501
Jim 478
Gary 473
Munez 428
Hale 427
Eplin 387

So, since last week, the changes are Geiss has jumped Folden from 6th to 5th.  Jim has jumped Gary from 9th to 8th.  Munez has jumped Hale from 11th to 10th.

That's it this week.  next week should have some division winners and other predictions to add in.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Quick Update

The college football awards were last night.  The only awards left to be issued are the coach of the year, Heisman trophy, and Lombardi award, which doesn't get announced until after the Superbowl.

In the meantime I wanted to give an updated Total College Football Score and overall.  It's pretty simple.  Geiss had Reuben Foster as the winner of the Butkis award, and he's the only one to get it.

Shawn 391
Adam 367
Geiss 326
Joe 324
Folden 305
Colin 302
Rob 269
Hale 268
Jim 249
Munez 244
Gary 240
Eplin 214

Total Overall

Shawn 603
Adam 584
Joe 544
colin 522
geiss 510
folden 509
rob 458
gary 461
jim 453
hale 420
munez 418
eplin 380

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Big Mama Update 2

So, with the NFL Season now 3/4's of the way done.  Things are starting to clear up.

First things first, let's look at where we stand in the pro pick'em

Geiss has won the Week 14 bonus hands down.  Last 10 point bonus of the year.

Overall, there is finally a little bit of separation in the standings.

Geiss put up a blistering 14 out of 15 to jump back into the lead.  I was right behind with 13 out of 15.

Geiss now has a 2 point lead over Me.   Gary fell to 3 back, while Colin and Joe sit 4 back.

After that, Eplin is 8 back, Munez and Folden 10 back.

Unless someone gets really hot, this looks like a 5 person race for 3 places.

Realistically, everyone except Hale, Jim, and probably Rob can still make a move into the top 3, but they will need to go lights out the rest of the way.

Here are the current standings.

The playoffs are set!  Here are your week 13 results

Jim beat Eplin to finish the season 10-3 and earn the #1 seed in the playoffs and a bye.

Colin won and jumped from #4 to #2 to earn a bye.

Rob lost and fell to the #3 seed.

Gary won and jumped up to #4.

Joe lost and fell to the #5 seed.

Finally,  Shawn turned in a loss to finish 6th.

Here are you finalized playoff brackets

#1 Jim

#4 Gary
#5 Joe

#3 Rob
#6 Shawn

#2 Colin

Here are some thoughts on the non playoff teams:

Folden finished the season with 2 wins, both against Eplin, which is an odd way for a season to go.

Munez finished the season winning 4 of his final 6, but a bad 1 and 4 start ended up killing his playoff chances.

Injuries crushed Eplin's year, and although he was 4-5, he finished the season on a 4 game losinig streak.  He does have a win over Joe & Jim.  2 top teams, although he lost twice to Folden.

I went 7-3 after starting the year 0-3, but it was too little too late, and I'm tiebroken out of the playoffs.

Geiss put together a good comeback, after starting 1-4, he crawled back to .500, before hitting a big losing streak to end his season.

Hale played his season in streaks.  Starting with 3 losses, then 3 wins, then 4 losses.  He was a victim of some big points against early in the year, that crushed his chances.  He averaged 116 points a week in those weeks and lost every game.

Keep in mind the playoff points go as follows. 60 for 1st, 40 for 2nd, and 20 for 3rd.


My 23 game winning streak ended the same place it started, with me picking the god damn New Orleans Saints.

I am now 24-0 in two years of Survivor Pool, when picking any other team but the Saints, and 0-2 when picking them

That puts Rob & I tied up at 1 strike a piece with 4 games to go.


Safe to say the abomination that is the Carolina Panthers is officially out of the playoff race.  they are 3 games back in the wildcard with 4 to play and about 8 teams to pass.  Dunzo.

That effects the following people.

Super Bowl Winner:  Adam
Super Bowl Participant:  Adam, Joe, Gary
NFC Championship game loser:  Shawn and Eplin.

Additionally, everyone had them winning the South.  So no gains or losses there.  Other prediciton trends.

NE is near a lock to win the AFC East which benefits noone.

The AFC North & South are tied messes.

The West is looking like it'll probably be either Oakland or KC.   The Broncos are 2 games back with 4 to play.  The are also 1-3 in the division, meaning that they're unlikely to win a tiebreaker if their is a 3 game tie.

That would negatively effect Shawn, Hale, and Eplin.  If Oakland wins Geiss will be theoonly benefit of them winning the division.

The wildcard picture is still pretty muddled.  If the season ended today the wildcard winners would be Denver & KC.

Denver is 8-4, and Miami, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore are all 7-5, so you could safely say they still  are in the wildcard race too.

As of now the 6-6 teams are unlikely, and I can't see two teams coming out the South, and 10-6 might not even be good enough for a wildcard game.  So, as of now, it's still possible, but unlikely.

In the NFC this week was sort of a life raft game for a couple of teams.

Green Bay won their 2nd in a row to pull themselves to .500.  They are 9th in the Conference and 2 games behind the Lions.  But, they are only a game back in the wildcard standings.  While everyone had them winning their division, that doesn't benefit anyone.  However, 3 people have them in the Superbowl (Rob, Hale, and Munez).

The same could be said for Arizona, who beat a tough Washington team in what was pretty much an elimination game for them.  They sit 10th in the conference at 5-6-1.  1 1/2 games out of a playoff spot.  They are all but finished in the division race.

This hurts Joe, Munez, Colin, Eplin, and Gary who all had them winning the West.  Not technically out, but most likely.

If Arizona misses the playoffs this kills Folden, Voyten, Colin, and Eplin who all had them winning the SB. The best anyone is looking at this point, is Jim & Geiss who both had Pittsburgh & Seattle playing in the Superbowl.

Assuming Green Bay doesn't catch Detroit, it's likely only one of those two teams will make it into the playoffs.

Detroit has it's last relatively easy game of the year, with a Home date against the Bears.  But, then they play on the road against the NYG & Cowboys.

The Packers play a home game against Seattle this weekend.  If (big if) they can win that game, I wouldn't bet against them to end up playing Detroit in week 17 for the division.  Such a Packers thing to do.

The NFC Wildcard situation is still looking pretty good for most of us.  The only teams taht are out for anyone at this point are by virtue of the teams playing too well.  Dallas can clinch their division with another win or Giants loss, so that hurts Eplin.

The same for Joe, Munez, Colin, and Gary with Seattle.

As far as the first three draft picks go, here is where we stand:

Cleveland 0-12
San Francisco 1-11
Jacksonville 2-10
Chicago 3-9
New York Jets 3-9
Los Angeles 4-8
Carolina 4-8
Cincinnati 4-7-1

Those are the only teams that are realistically still in the running for the bottom 3.

As far as that prediction goes, noone has all 3 teams still available.  Most people have 2 teams still in the running with the exception of Munez, Hale, and Eplin.

Total Overall Standings

College Total Score + Fantasy Wins + Pro Pick'em + (Bonus)

Folden's score includes his 20 point bonus in the Survivor Pool.  Folden & Rob & I's score includes our 10 point bonus for making it past week 9.

Shawn 391+70+112+(30)
Adam 367+70+122+(25)
Joe 324+80+120+(20)
Folden 305+20+114+(70)
Colin 302+80+120+(20)
Geiss 301+50+124+(10)
Rob 269+80+109+(10)=
Hale 268+50+102=
Jim 249+100+104=
Munez 244+60+114=
Gary 240+80+121+(20)=
Eplin 214+40+116+(10)=

Shawn 603
Adam 584
Joe 544
Colin 522
Folden 509
Geiss 485
Rob 468
Gary 461
Jim 453
Hale 420
Munez 418
Eplin 380

Again, check your points.  I'm a man, but a fallible one.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Big Mama Update: Part 1

Here's Part 1of your 2 part mega update.

The college football regular season ended Saturday night, and surprise, there were no upsets.  I mean, Temple beat Navy.  But I'd hardly call a 3 point underdog an upset.

So what happened and how did it affect us all?

Final Four

Ohio St

So, who got what?  First off, nobody had Washington, in the final four, so let's just leave that be.  Every prediction mentioned in this article is worth 20 points.

Alabama - Predicted by everyone except Hale & Eplin.
Clemson- Prediction by everyone except Munez & Eplin.
Ohio State - Predicted by Jim, Joe, Munez, Rob, Geiss, & Hale.


Joe 60
Geiss 60
Jim 60
Rob 60
Adam 40
Voyten 40
Folden 40
Munez 40
Colin 40
Hale 40
Gary 40
Eplin 0

Yikes Eplin.

Conference Champions

To start off AAC & Big 10(14) were predicted right by nobody at all.  That leaves 8 conferences to score.

ACC Clemson:  Everyone but Eplin and Munez
SEC Alabama:  Everyone but Rob, Hale, and Eplin
Big 12 Oklahoma:  Everyone but Jim
Pac 12 Washington:  Predicted by Adam, Voyten, Joe, Munez, Hale
Sunbelt:  App St & Arkansas St:  Predicted by everyone but Adam, Jim, and Gary
MAC Western Michigan:  Predictged by everyone but Geiss, Munez, and Gary.
Confernece USA Western Kentucky:  Predicted by Adam, Rob, and Hale.
MWC San Diego St:  Predicted by Adam, Voyten, Colin, Geiss, and Eplin

Here's the total points earned for those. 20 points a piece.

Adam 140
Shawn 140
Hale 120
Joe 120
Colin 120
Geiss 100
Rob 100
Folden 100
Jim 80
Munez 80
Eplin 80
Gary 60

Additional Predictions.

Nobody's team outside of the top 25 finished inside the top 25, except Munez.  but his team started the season at #25 so obviously that doesn't count.

Everyone but Munez, Rob, and Hale's top 10 team finished outside of the top 25, with everyone else having Notre Dame and Tennessee

Adding those all up the tally is as follows.

Shawn 200
Adam 200
Joe 200
Geiss 180
Colin 180
Folden 160
Rob 160
Hale 160
Jim 140
Munez 120
Gary 120
Eplin 100.

Credit to Eplin, who missed all 4 of the final 4 and 4 of the power 5 conference champions.  And, I do mean credit, because he was able to make up a lot fo points in the smaller conferences, so what was obviously a bad round of predictions for him could have been much worse.


The College pick'em finished up this weekend.

Credit to Munez for picking agians the grain enough to end make up 2 points on Folden.  However, it was 1 pick too little.  Folden finished in 3rd with 125, 2nd was me with 127.  Winner and Champ was shawn with 131.

The bonus points for this go 60 1st, 40 2nd, 20 3rd.  Adding the college pick'em scores and bonus together looks like this.

Shawn 191
Adam 167
Folden 145
Munez 124
Joe 124
Colin 122
Geiss 121
Gary 120
Eplin 114
Jim 109
Rob 109
Hale 108

Adding the two numbers togehter brings us to your our Total College Football Score:

Shawn 391
Adam 367
Joe 324
Folden 305
Colin 302
Geiss 301
Rob 269
Hale 268
Jim 249
Munez 244
Gary 240
Eplin 214

This number is important because this is the number that's going to be used in the total scoring from now on.  Obviously.  The number can still change.  Where can you still score?  Here are the available predictions.

National Championship:  Available to everyone except Hale & Eplin.
Runner Up:  Available to Jim, Joe, and Rob
Heisman Trophy & Coach of the year:  Still technically available to everyone.  Finalists not announced.
Doak Walker award:  Available to me, Folden, Shawn.
Bednarik.  Available to Adam, Shawn, Folden, Joe, Hale, Gary, Eplin.
Thorpe Award: Available to Folden
Butkis: Available to Geiss
Maxwell:  Available to Folden & Joe.

Also:  Bowl Pick'em results.  The scoring in those will give 2 points to each smaller bowl game.  5 points for each new years 6 bowl.  and 10 points for the national championship.

The person who predicts the most games will get a bonus
1. 30 points.
2. 20 points.
3. 10 points.

Other than that, we move onto the NFL.