Monday, December 5, 2016

Big Mama Update: Part 1

Here's Part 1of your 2 part mega update.

The college football regular season ended Saturday night, and surprise, there were no upsets.  I mean, Temple beat Navy.  But I'd hardly call a 3 point underdog an upset.

So what happened and how did it affect us all?

Final Four

Ohio St

So, who got what?  First off, nobody had Washington, in the final four, so let's just leave that be.  Every prediction mentioned in this article is worth 20 points.

Alabama - Predicted by everyone except Hale & Eplin.
Clemson- Prediction by everyone except Munez & Eplin.
Ohio State - Predicted by Jim, Joe, Munez, Rob, Geiss, & Hale.


Joe 60
Geiss 60
Jim 60
Rob 60
Adam 40
Voyten 40
Folden 40
Munez 40
Colin 40
Hale 40
Gary 40
Eplin 0

Yikes Eplin.

Conference Champions

To start off AAC & Big 10(14) were predicted right by nobody at all.  That leaves 8 conferences to score.

ACC Clemson:  Everyone but Eplin and Munez
SEC Alabama:  Everyone but Rob, Hale, and Eplin
Big 12 Oklahoma:  Everyone but Jim
Pac 12 Washington:  Predicted by Adam, Voyten, Joe, Munez, Hale
Sunbelt:  App St & Arkansas St:  Predicted by everyone but Adam, Jim, and Gary
MAC Western Michigan:  Predictged by everyone but Geiss, Munez, and Gary.
Confernece USA Western Kentucky:  Predicted by Adam, Rob, and Hale.
MWC San Diego St:  Predicted by Adam, Voyten, Colin, Geiss, and Eplin

Here's the total points earned for those. 20 points a piece.

Adam 140
Shawn 140
Hale 120
Joe 120
Colin 120
Geiss 100
Rob 100
Folden 100
Jim 80
Munez 80
Eplin 80
Gary 60

Additional Predictions.

Nobody's team outside of the top 25 finished inside the top 25, except Munez.  but his team started the season at #25 so obviously that doesn't count.

Everyone but Munez, Rob, and Hale's top 10 team finished outside of the top 25, with everyone else having Notre Dame and Tennessee

Adding those all up the tally is as follows.

Shawn 200
Adam 200
Joe 200
Geiss 180
Colin 180
Folden 160
Rob 160
Hale 160
Jim 140
Munez 120
Gary 120
Eplin 100.

Credit to Eplin, who missed all 4 of the final 4 and 4 of the power 5 conference champions.  And, I do mean credit, because he was able to make up a lot fo points in the smaller conferences, so what was obviously a bad round of predictions for him could have been much worse.


The College pick'em finished up this weekend.

Credit to Munez for picking agians the grain enough to end make up 2 points on Folden.  However, it was 1 pick too little.  Folden finished in 3rd with 125, 2nd was me with 127.  Winner and Champ was shawn with 131.

The bonus points for this go 60 1st, 40 2nd, 20 3rd.  Adding the college pick'em scores and bonus together looks like this.

Shawn 191
Adam 167
Folden 145
Munez 124
Joe 124
Colin 122
Geiss 121
Gary 120
Eplin 114
Jim 109
Rob 109
Hale 108

Adding the two numbers togehter brings us to your our Total College Football Score:

Shawn 391
Adam 367
Joe 324
Folden 305
Colin 302
Geiss 301
Rob 269
Hale 268
Jim 249
Munez 244
Gary 240
Eplin 214

This number is important because this is the number that's going to be used in the total scoring from now on.  Obviously.  The number can still change.  Where can you still score?  Here are the available predictions.

National Championship:  Available to everyone except Hale & Eplin.
Runner Up:  Available to Jim, Joe, and Rob
Heisman Trophy & Coach of the year:  Still technically available to everyone.  Finalists not announced.
Doak Walker award:  Available to me, Folden, Shawn.
Bednarik.  Available to Adam, Shawn, Folden, Joe, Hale, Gary, Eplin.
Thorpe Award: Available to Folden
Butkis: Available to Geiss
Maxwell:  Available to Folden & Joe.

Also:  Bowl Pick'em results.  The scoring in those will give 2 points to each smaller bowl game.  5 points for each new years 6 bowl.  and 10 points for the national championship.

The person who predicts the most games will get a bonus
1. 30 points.
2. 20 points.
3. 10 points.

Other than that, we move onto the NFL.

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