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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ok, the draft is going to be Sunday September 6th at 9:30. I realize labor day is the next day but suck it. If you can't get away for an hour for the draft you can suck my dick. Say in the comments that you are down, and if you really really really can't make it for that time call me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Football God 2009 Participants

Ok, let's take this time to introduce our participants for this years football god. First I'll introduce the four returning members from last years inaugural season.

First, is the returning champion. In an expanding league, we'll see if he's able to repeat as champion, or if the increased competition will be too much to handle.


Fantasy Football Champion and guy who is always thinking.


Newly appointed treasurer and molester of my heart


Commissioner and returning cellar dweller. I'm Mikey to some, but loved by all


And now for the new faces in Football God.

Die hard Steeler fan, fantasy football guru, and king of the gingers


Family Man & all around great guy. My favorite enabler. He goes by Munez as well as his birth name.


I gotta run, so I'll make the next few quick.

Twin of my heart

Big SV


My big bro


and of course, Rob the God
That's the line up queers.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Jim's zip code is 26037. i fucked up soooorrrrrrrrryyyyyy

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ok, we got 9 people in the league right now. My brother dropped out, so we need to get one more. Joe McLane is asking his brother John to join. So, hopefully that will get us up to our 10. If anybody has any recommendations for a 10th, let me know. post them in the comments here. I'm going to give John until tomorrow night to make up his mind, otherwise I have to move on.

Sec0ndly, I want to give anybody that's out of town the address for the football god money to go to. address check or money order of $20 to Jim Rowing. His address is

Jim Rowing
1327 East Street.
Follansbee WV 26070.

For those of you that don't know him, no worries he's a trust worthy guy. He's acting as the treasurer for our little league. I'd trust my life with him, so those of you that don't know him should trust him with your 20 beans.

Money has to be in by the 21st of August. Those of you that live in the follansbee/wellsburg area just give it to him by hand at your leisure. Those of you out of town, try to get your checks in the mail by early next week. That should get them there by Friday.


When do you guys want to have the draft? My recommendation would be Sudday, August the 30th, about 10 days before the first game of the season. Does that date work for everybody else?


Get them in whenever, but make sure it's before the season starts.

Also, to make things easy for you guys, you may want to consider signing up to this blog, so that you can get an email notification, whenever there is an update posted.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Football God 2009 Rules

Here are the rules to football god this year. Keep in mind that these rules could be tweaked a bit before we start. However, they will not be changed once the draft and preason predicitions are in. Might get tweaked though in the next week or so.

Rules for Football God 2009

There is a $20 dollar entry for each person. There will be five areas of payout

1. Overall Winner (50%)

2. 2nd overall (10%)

3. Prediction Winner (10%)

4. Regular Season Pick’Em Winner (10%)

5. fantasy Football Winner (10%)

6. \ bowl and Playoff Pick em Winner (5%)

7. Fantasy Football Regular Season Winner (5%)

So, for example, if 10 people play. We will have $200 in the pot. The payout would be as follows

1. Overall Winner $100

2. 2nd overall $20

3. Predicition Winner $20

4. Regular Season Pick’Em Winner $20

5. Fantasy Football Winner $20

6. Bowl and Playoff Pick’em Winner $10

7. Regular Season Fantasy Winner $10

This is done to give people multiple opportunities to win some money. Although, whoever finishes first and second will probably win some of these categories. So in theory, a person could win all but $20 if they perform well enough.

Here are the rules for each section.


The regular season Pick’em is done as follows. You have to pick who you think will win in every NFL game played, and each college football game that has a ranked team in it. The rankings will according to the Associated Press poll until the BCS game standings come out. Then we go off of those.

In the NFL it’s simple pick the winner of the two games. College is a bit different though. Because of the large disparity between talent in college teams you will have to pick based on the spread. For instance, if USC is playing Washington the line on the game might be USC (-35) vs Washington. You have to bet whether or not USC will beat Washington by 35 points. The games will all be emailed to you, by me, on Monday of each week. We will go based off of the initial spread, not the tainted one that gets changed based off of Vegas betting patterns.

Each team in college plays 12 games, which means we will pick 300 games for college and 256 for NFL teams, making a total of 556 points available for the pick’em. This year our winner had 365, so the points aren’t as high as you might think.

There is also a bonus for the pick’em, because this year the difference between first and last in our pick em was 14 games. Ideally, in a 10 person league, we will be able to hand out 3 tier bonuses. They will go as follows.


Regular Season Pick’em

1st 50 points

2nd 30 points

3rd 15 points

That’s a total of 606 available points in the pick’em. Failure to send in any picks results in forfeit of the point for that game.


There are 34 bowl games and 11 playoff games. This being said the points are waited to even it out as much as possible.

Bowl games are worth 2 points apiece, aside from the bcs bowls which are 3 points, and the national championship is 5. So 29x2 = 58+ (3x4) + 5 = 75 available points

NFL wildcard weekend each game is worth 2 points, divisional playoffs worth 3, conference championship 7, and the Superbowl 10. So (2x4) + (4x4) +(2x7) + 10 = 48

These are the last points there will be in the season, so if your close with someone this could be the difference.

Bonus Points:

Bonus for this works as follows.

1st 20 points

2nd 10 points

3rd 5 points

That’s 143 available points total. All of these games will be picked straight forward with no spread, even in the college games. Failure to send in your picks on time results in a forfeit of the available points.


Each person in this league will have a fantasy football team. The draft will be done online at a scheduled time that is agreed on by everybody. If you miss the draft you will be auto drafted a team and have to deal with what you get. Here is the scoring for fantasy football. The league will be a 14 game regular season, with one week for the semi finals and two weeks for the championship.

Win = 10 points

Semi Final Win = 25 points

Finals = 50 points

Also there will be a small Bonus for the two teams that finish best in the regular season.

1st 30 points

2nd 20 points

3rd 10 points

(10 x 14) + 30 + 25 + 50 = 240 available points in fantasy football.


This is the big money maker, but this is the hardest to get right. These are preseason predictions in college and pro football. They are as follows.


Super Bowl Champ 100 points

AFC Champion 75 points

NFC Champion 75 points

AFC Championship Game = 40 points per team

40 x 2 = 80 available points

NFC Championship Game = 40 points per team

40 x 2 = 80 available points

Predict the 8 division winners = 30 points per team

30 x 8 =240 points

Predict the 4 wildcard winners = 30 points

30 x 4 = 120 points

Predict which four teams will get first round bye’s = 15 points each

15x4 = 60 points

(Note: If you have a team in the playoffs, but get there place wrong, for instance if you had the giants in the wildcard this year when they won the division you get half points)

The three teams with the worst record in the league (Ex: Detroit, KC, and St. Louis this year) 20 points each

MVP = 25 points

Offensive Player of the Year = 25 points

Defensive Player of the Year = 25 points

Offensive Rookie of the Year = 25 points

Defensive Rookie of the Year = 25 points

Comeback Player of the Year = 25 points

Total of 980 available NFL prediction points

College Football

National Champion = 100 points

(Note if split national champion you get 50 points)

Each team correct in the national championship = 50 points

50 x 2 = 100 points

4 BCS Games (Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta): For each BCS game you guess the two teams that will play each other. For each team you have in a BCS game you get 25 points, if you pick the exact game you get an additional 25 points.

4 x 75 = 300 possible points.

Conference Championship Games: You pick the conference championship matchup in the Big 12, ACC, SEC, Conference USA, and the MAC.

Each team 15 points

Exact game 15 point bonus

45 x 5 = 225 available points

Conference Champions

You predict the winners of the 11 Division 1 conferences. These are as follows: ACC, Big 10, Big East, Big 12, MAC, Mountain West, SEC, Conference USA, WAC, Sun Belt, Pac 10.

Each correct prediction is worth 30 points.

11 x 30 = 330 available points

Heisman Trophy Winner = 30 points

1085 Available points in College football predictions.


That’s a total of 3079 total available points. The predictions do make up 2/3rds of the available points, but this year they only made up half of our totals. If there are any ideas for changes let me know. This is just a tentative thing right now.

Football God 2009

Ok guys, this is where the weekly updates and stuff are going to occur. I'll keep you updated on the way it's going to work later, once the specifics are worked out.