Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ok, we got 9 people in the league right now. My brother dropped out, so we need to get one more. Joe McLane is asking his brother John to join. So, hopefully that will get us up to our 10. If anybody has any recommendations for a 10th, let me know. post them in the comments here. I'm going to give John until tomorrow night to make up his mind, otherwise I have to move on.

Sec0ndly, I want to give anybody that's out of town the address for the football god money to go to. address check or money order of $20 to Jim Rowing. His address is

Jim Rowing
1327 East Street.
Follansbee WV 26070.

For those of you that don't know him, no worries he's a trust worthy guy. He's acting as the treasurer for our little league. I'd trust my life with him, so those of you that don't know him should trust him with your 20 beans.

Money has to be in by the 21st of August. Those of you that live in the follansbee/wellsburg area just give it to him by hand at your leisure. Those of you out of town, try to get your checks in the mail by early next week. That should get them there by Friday.


When do you guys want to have the draft? My recommendation would be Sudday, August the 30th, about 10 days before the first game of the season. Does that date work for everybody else?


Get them in whenever, but make sure it's before the season starts.

Also, to make things easy for you guys, you may want to consider signing up to this blog, so that you can get an email notification, whenever there is an update posted.

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