Monday, January 15, 2018


Just as we all predicted at the beginning of the season, the Jaguars are in the AFC Championship.  What the hell? 

Pittsburgh losing basically throws a wrench in most people's chances for points. 

The only people able to score based off of the predictions from here on out (excluding individual awards) are Jim, Joe, Hale, John if New England wins the Superbowl.  Me if they lose the superbowl, and Folden, Rob, and Gary if they lose the AFC title game.  updated with this weeks points added in from the pick'em

1. Joe 906
2. Jim 876
3. Eplin 869
4. Hale 837
5. Rob 820
6. Gary 808
7. Folden 759
8. Munez 737
9 Colin 713
10. Adam 708
11. John 693
12. Shawn 658

Chances are now about 99% that Joe's going to win.  I really can't see a way around it.  The game now is who is going to place. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Update after college football playoff

Roll Tide.  So fucking sick of them.  The day they and the Patriots are done ruining football for me can't come too soon. 

The sum of this isn't really who it helped, but who it hurt.  Munez and Folden are the only ones who lost.  Otherwise it's 35 points to everyone else. 

The 10 points in the pick'em for Alabama go to everyone but Gary, Munez, colin, shawn, and john. 

The bowl pick'em bonus goes as follows.

Rob 30
Hale 20
Joe & Jim 5 points each (tied for 3rd)

The pro pick'em last week was led by Colin with 3 correct.  Most people had 2.  a couple with 1 and 0.  Two points per correct prediction here.  Here are your points gained since last week.

Rob 79
Hale 69
Joe 54
Jim 52
Eplin 49
Adam 47
Colin 41
Shawn 39
Gary 39
John 35
Folden 12
Munez 0

Adding all of this onto last week's totals.

1 Joe 902
2 Jim 874
3 Eplin 865
4 Hale 833
5 Rob 818
6 Gary 808
7 Folden 753
8 Munez 731
9 Colin 711
10 Adam 704
11 John 693
12 Shawn 656

Obviously the big winners this week are Rob and Hale.  Gary falls from 3rd to 6th.  So what's still in play?  Who still has a chance? 

7th - 12th are clearly out. 

6th - Gary would need a ton to go right to jump in the standings, and I dont' think he could pass Eplin due to like predictions.  I think Getting just about everything right and Jim falling apart could get Gary to 3rd.

5th - Rob helped himself out a lot by getting the Bowl bonus, but he'll need more help.  Hunt winning Rookie of the Year would be big.  He'd also need Pittsburgh to lose the championship and NE to lose the AFC championship.  That plus a big let down by Jim & Eplin could boost rob to 2nd, or a letdown from either could get him to 3rd.

4th - Hale's in a tough spot.  Because his predictions are so similar to Jim and Joe's it may be impossible for him to jump any higher than 3rd, unless Fournette won rookie of the year.  3rd is still very much in play for him though.

3rd  - Eplin is probably in the best position to catch Joe at this point.  He'd need Pittsburgh to win the championship and Atlanta to lose the NFC championship to make the big jump.  But, even with Pittsburgh winning the Superbowl he'd still have a chance. 

2nd - Jim may have reached his peak.  He and Joe have the same available points left.  Give or take a surprise with some individual awards.  Jim may need to just try and hold off Eplin. 

1st Joe - It's probably about 85% that Joe wins the title. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Updated points

Hey guys,  I'm going to be as brief as I can today.  I was in New Orleans for 4 days and have a lot of work to catch up on.

Congrats to Joe on winning the pro pick'em.  He earns 60 bonus points.  Here are the way the rest of the bonus points got divided up.

Joe 60
Folden 40
Jim 20
Rob and Gary 5 each. 

Rob and Shawn earned the last 5 point bonus for the year. 

That makes this the totals on all Bonus points with only the bowl pick'em to finish up. 

Joe 145
Jim 130
Munez 100
Gary 100
Folden 95
Eplin 90
Hale 65
Rob 40
John 35
Adam 25
Shawn 20
Colin 15

Well done to Eplin, being in first place and not doing the pick'em in the last week.  that's real confidence.

In what was a pig fucking of predictions year, we ended up with some shitty point totals.  Add in the NFC south as another division noone got right.  Meaning that other than Pittsburgh and New England, the only divsions picked right were KC by Hale and Philidelphia by Me, shawn, folden, and munez. 

Out of our 40 predictions for the wildcard, we finished slightly over 10 percent as a grup.  Jim predicting Tennessee and Atlanta, Gary getting Carolina and tennessee, and Munez getting tennessee.  Meaning 9 of us struck out completely. 

7 people had correctly predicted Cleveland to finish as a top 3 pick, and Joe had the  pick of hte year getting Indianapolis correct as a top 3 pick as well. 

As far as our coaches.  Pagano was picked right by me, folden, colin, john, hale, and gary. 

John fox predicted by me, jim,, joe, colin, rob, john, eplin, and gary.

In our statistic predictions, Jim, Joe, Munez, and Hale picked Tony Brown correct to have the most receiving yards. 

Jim 110
Munez 95
Hale 95
Gary 90
Joe 80
Adam 75
John 75
Voyten 60
Rob 60
Colin 60
Folden 60
Eplin 60

Those are your total points for the year in the NFL with a few individual awards, and some playoff predictions still in the bank.

The only teams with potential points out there for everyone are Pittsburgh, New England, and Atlanta. 

Bowl Pick'em

Rob basically has 1st or a tie of 1st locked up.  Hale can catch him.  with the weird scoring, of 5 pts per new years 6 bowl, and 2 points per usual bowl.  Here's where we each stand. 

Rob 60
Jim 59
Hale 58
Adam 54
Munez 53
Joe 53
Folden 52
John 52
Shawn 45
Colin 45
Eplin 40
Gary 39

Point totals overall.  This will be the last time they are partitioned off.  After this I will just be adding points to your overall total.

Fantasy + college predictions + pro predictions + college pick'em + bowl pick'em + pro pick'em + bonus points.

eplin 150+190+60+136+40+150+90
rob 135+145+60+133+60+166+40
hale 120+145+95+119+58+162+65
folden 105+125+60+135+52+169+95
adam 90+130+75+130+54+153+25
colin 90+170+60+131+45+159+15
gary 90+150+90+134+39+166+100
joe 90+170+80+139+53+171+145
jim 90+125+110+140+59+168+130
shawn 75+125+60+133+45+159+20
john 75+165+75+126+52+130+35
munez 60+120+95+141+53+162+100


Joe 848
Jim 822
Eplin 816
Gary 769
Hale 764
Folden 741
Rob 739
Munez 731
Colin 670
John 658
Adam 657
Shawn 617

Well, how about that.  Quick change for Eplin up top.  Shouldn't be too surprised considering he just had his worst week of the season. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Eplin's biggest lead of the year

This has to be it right?  Eplin jumps out to a sizable lead and then clings on for the rest of the season?  I think so. 

Eplin won the fantasy league in dominating fashion over Hale, while Folden beat Rob in the 3rd place game.

Bonus points for fantasy went like this

Eplin 60
Hale 40
Folden 20
Rob 10

In other news the week 15 bonus of five points went to Munez and Gary, while the week 16 one went to Gary only. 

Joe has a 2 point lead over Folden and 3 over Jim for the lead in the Pro pick'em with one week to go.

Adding all of these bonus points in, for pick'ems, fantasy, and winning survivor, pick'ems, and fantasy here's where each person stands.

Jim 110
Munez 100
Gary 95
Eplin 90
Joe 85
Hale 65
Folden 55
John 35
Rob 30
Adam 25
Colin 15
Shawn 15

In another arena, Every division except the NFC south has been figured out and Hale was the ONLY person to get any points from the NFC West, AFC south and AFC west.  Picking KC to win the west. 

Here are our measly points earned so far.

Munez 60
Voyten 60
Hale 60
rob 45
john 45
eplin 45
Adam 45
Jim 45
folden 45
joe 30
colin 30
gary 30

In any case.  I'm just going to jump into the points.  I have a lot to do before I hit up New Orleans and can't go into much more detail. 

Fantasy + college predictions + pro predictions + college pick'em + bowl pick'em + bonus+pro pick'em

Remember bowl pick'em each game is worth 2 points at this point, so your score is doubled. 

Eplin 150+190+45+136+12+90+150
Rob 135+145+45+133+24+30+155
Hale 120+145+60+119+24+65+152
folden 105+125+45+135+16+55+159
adam 90+130+45+130+22+25+144
colin 90+170+30+131+14+15+150
gary 90+150+30+134+8+95+157
joe 90+170+30+139+20+85+161
jim 90+125+45+140+18+110+158
shawn 75+125+60+133+14+15+148
john 75+165+45+126+14+35+130
munez 60+120+60+141+16+100+153


Eplin 773
Joe 695
Jim 686
Hale 685
Rob 667
Gary 664
Munez 650
Folden 640
Colin 600
John 590
Adam 586
Shawn 570

so 2nd thru 8th are separated by 55 points.  Me, colin, john, and shawn appear primed to fight it out for dead last. 

The good thing for Eplin is he has amassed a 80 point lead over 2nd.  The bad thing, Joe is in 2nd and on pace to get the 60 point pick'em bonus next week.  Jim is in 3rd overall and on pace to get either the 40 or 20 point bonus. 

The other problem for Eplin is his pro picks.  He will only get 2 divisions, no wildcards, and his superbowl runner up and afc championship loser are all not going to happen. 

His nfc runner up, Atlanta, may not make hte playoffs either. 

Joe also has problems in the NFL predictions.  He has Green bay in the superbowl and the Giants in the nfc championship game.  Also, his wildcards are all done too. 

Jim on the other hand is in a pretty good spot. 

He has Pittsburgh and Seattle as his conference runners up and NE as his superbowl champion still in the mix.  He also has atlana and tennessee as wildcards, and Carolina winning the south. 

Hale is a point behind Jim, and he has Bell and Brown winning the rushing and receiving title.  he'll likely need both of those to happen to have a chance, as well as continue to play strong in the bowl pick'em. 

Each person's chances will be abundantly more clear after this weekend. Until then, Eplin can enjoy the biggest lead he'll have all year.

Monday, December 18, 2017


Hey guys, i wanted to update yinz on what's happened in the past two weeks.  I'm going to be brief on each topic, because there's a lot to cover. 

Fantasy Football

Congrats to Eplin and Hale on reaching the championship game.  The winner earns 60 pts, while the loser earns 40 pts. 

Folden and Rob are playing for points too.  20 pts go to 3rd, 10 to 4th. 


Munez and Gary earned the 5 pt pick'em bonus for week 14.  Good job.  With only 2 weeks left in the Pro Pick'em Folden and Joe sit up at the top, with Jim right behind.  Gary and Rob would need to step it up in the next two weeks to have any chance at the bonus.

Bowl Pick'em

It's obvioulsy early, only 6 games of 41 have been played.  Munez leads with 5 so far.  Most people have at least 3. 


This is where we're going to see the big differences this week. 

The college awards were given out, each correct prediction is worth 25 pts.

Heisman - Baker Mayfield (folden, Joe, Colin)
Doak walker - Bryce Love (noone)
Coach of the year, Frost (noone)
butkis award winner (noone)
Biletnikoff award, James Washington, everyone but Munez, Folden and Jim
Thorpe award, Minkah Fitzpatrick (gary)
Maxwell Award Winner - baker mayfield ( me, Jim, Eplin)

That changes our college prediction points to the following:

Eplin 190
Colin 170
Joe 170
John 165
Gary 150
Rob 145
Hale 145
Adam 130
Jim 125
Voyten 125
Folden 125
Munez 120

The only prediction from here that's still available is the National Championship and the Runner up.  Literally every single one of our runner's up is eliminated.  And, everyone had Alabama winning except Folden and Munez.  


Here's where the divisions stand

Pittsburgh, NE, Philadelphia, Minnesota have all clinched. 

Everyone had NE and Pittsburgh.  Me, Munez, folden, and voyten had Phily.  No one had Minnesota.  

Kansas city, Jacksonville, and the Rams each need one more win to clinch.  

NO, Car, or Atlanta can still win the south.  

The wildcard is a mess right now, but here's the truth.

Dallas and Seattle are playing an elimination game this weekend.  

The packers need to win their last two games and need 4 other games to go their way, including the Falcons losing out, or they'll miss the playoffs.  

Oakland is all but mathematically eliminated. 


The Browns have officially secured a top 3 pick, which is 15 pts for Jim, shawn, munez, rob, john, eplin, and hale.  

Individual awards. 

Bell has  a 21 yard lead over Kareen Hunt and a 40 over Gurley.  Bell winning would benefit many people.

Brown is going to miss the rest of the regular season and has a 220 yard lead over Hopkins.  Brown was selected by 4 people. 

No one appears in line to get the sacks or int leader.

Here are your totals on those predictions that are in the bag.

Munez 60
Voyten 60
Rob 45
john 45
eplin 45
hale 45
Adam 45
Jim 45
folden 45
joe 30
colin 30
gary 30

Point Totals

This is without the Monday night game or the week bonus in here btw.

Fantasy points + college predictions + pro predictions + college pick'em + pro pick'em + bonus

Eplin 150+190+45+136+138+30
Rob 135+145+45+133+141+20
Hale 120+145+45+119+140+25
Folden 105+125+45+135+148+35
Adam 90+130+45+130+131+25
Colin 90+170+30+131+139+15
Gary 90+150+30+134+142+90
Joe 90+170+30+139+147+85
Jim 90+125+45+140+145+110
Shawn 75+125+60+133+135+15
John 75+165+45+126+118+35
Munez 50+120+60+141+140+100

Eplin 689
Joe 661
Jim 655
Gary 636
Rob 619
Munez 611
Hale 594
Folden 593
Colin 575
John 564
Adam 551
Shawn 543

So, Eplin leads from his strong showing in the college predictions and fantasy.  Since our last update He's opened up a little bit more of a lead, and he's guaranteed either 40 or 60 pts from the fantasy championship this weekend.

Joe and Jim flip flopped keeping an incredibly close 2nd place race.

Munez dropped from 4th to 6th, Gary and Rob jumping him. 

Colin and John swapped 9th and 10, and Shawn and I swapped 11th and 12th. 

After next week Eplin will probably have a 60 to 80 point lead, and he'll just try to hold off the competition.  Until then, party on.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Big Ass Update

This is the biggest update of the year.  Where you can start to see if you're in contention or not.  Let's go through the points.

Congrats to Munez on winning the College Pick'em.  His 141 narrowly beat Jim at 140 and Joe at 139. 

The College bonus goes as follows

Munez 60 pts
Jim 40 pts
Joe 20 pts
Eplin 10 pts.

Joe, Rob, and Shawn each earned the last 10 point bonus of the year with 16 correct predictions.  

These are everyone's final scores in the college pick'em

Munez 141
Jim 140
Joe  139
Eplin 136
Folden 135
Gary  134
Rob 133 
Shawn 133
Colin 131
Adam 130 
John 126
Hale 119

Fantasy Football

The playoffs are set.  Previously Eplin, Rob, Hale, and Folden were in, and here's how the final spots shook out.  

Jim lost his game, Gary lost his game, and I lost my game.  all 3 of us were at 6-6.  Colin won at 5-7 to jump to 6-7.  Joe won to go at 6-7 as well.  

That leaves 5 of us tied at 6-7 with 2 playoff spots available.  Through the point tie breaker that puts me and Colin in.  

Here are your playoff seeds

1 Eplin

4 Folden
5 Adam

3 Hale
6 Colin

2 Rob

Munez received the final 5 point bonus. 


Final four

Bama - picked by everyone
Georgia - no one
Oklahoma - Hale, Munez
Clemson - No one

ACC: CLEMSON - No one had them.
SEC: GEORGIA - No one had them
Conference USA:  FAU - No one had them
AAC: UCF - No one had them

Sun belt - Troy & App St - Everyone had them
Pac 12 - USC - Everyone had them

MAC: Toledo - everyone but Munez
Big 10: Ohio State - Folden, Joe, Munez, Colin, John, Eplin, Gary
Big 12: Oklahoma - Colin, Rob, Jim, Hale, Eplin
Mountain West:  Boise st - Voyten, Joe, Munez, Rob, John, Eplin.

The only pre season top 10 team to fall out of the top 10 were Michigan and Florida St.  John picked Michigan, well done.

UCF finished #10 as the highest unranked team.  TCU and Notre Dame were close behind.  This wa picked by no one.  

Point totals in this. 

John 140
Eplin 140
Joe 120
Munez 120
Hale 120
Colin 120
Rob 120
Voyten 100
Folden 100 
Jim 100
Gary 100
Adam - 80

Bonus Points.

So the bonus points are the weekly bonus for pick'em and fantasy, the college season bonus and the survivor pool bonus.  As of now that's a total of 575 points and here is how they've been divided up.  

Jim 110
Munez 95
Gary 85
Joe 85
John 35
Folden 35Finaliz
Eplin 30
Adam 25
Hale 25
Rob 20
Colin 15
Shawn 15

Next is the overall scores, which will have all of the previous listed points, but adding in the Pro pick'em as of now.  

fantasy + pro pick + college pick + college predictions + bonus = total

Eplin 150+119+136+140+30
Rob 135+123+133+120+20
Hale 120+120+119+120+25
Folden 105+127+135+100+35
Adam 90+114+130+80+25
Colin 90+118+131+120+15
Gary 90+122+134+100+85
Joe 90+126+139+120+85
Jim 90+123+140+100+110
Shawn 75+117+133+100+15
John 75+111+126+140+35
Munez 60+119+141+120+95

Overall Totals

1. Eplin 575
2. Jim 563
3. Joe 560
4. Munez 535
5. Gary 531
5. Rob 531
7. Hale 504
8. Folden 502
9. John 487
10. Colin 474
11. Shawn 440
12. Adam 439

It's incredibly tight between our top 5 teams.  This means the college awards, pro pick'em bonus, and fantasy bonus are going to mean a lot.  4 of the 6 tams in the fantasy playoffs are in the bottom half of the standings, which is bizarre for us.  

This also puts a lot of importance on our Pro Predictions.  Those should start coming in as early as next week.  Pittsburgh, New england, and Philadelphia, and Minnesota can all clinch, I believe. I'll be putting together the bowl pick'em as soon as Yahoo makes it available.  And after that I probably won't be back for another update for 2 weeks, but I'll probably update on the 19th.  

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

11/28/17 Update

I figured I'd come in with a back to back update since next week shit's about to get nasty.


This is our last week of fantasy and here's where we stand. 

According to Yahoo Eplin and Rob are the only two people who have clinched playoff spots, but that's bullshit. 

Eplin has clinched the 1, Rob the 2, and Hale and Folden are in for sure. 

I'm currently the 5 seed at 6-6, with Jim the #6 seed at 6-6 and Gary #7 at 6-6. 

Behind that Colin, John, and Joe all sit at 5-7. 

So, what can still realistically happen? 

Let's start with Joe & John.  Only 5 points seperate them for the season, so they're both in pretty much the same boat.  John plays Hale so he can't really help his cause.  Joe would need to beat me.  Eplin to beat Jim.  Here's the problem for both of them though.  Gary plays Colin. 

If Joe beats me that would put him at 6-6, same as me.  But I have the point tiebreaker.  So, that only leaves the 6 seed.  Since Colin plays Gary, they pretty much elminates John and Joe.  If Gary wins he's 7-6, which Joe and John can't match; and if Colin wins, he's 6-7 and ha a 100 point lead over Joe and John in the tiebreakers. 

So, they're both essentially elminated. 

Colin's road to the playoffs is easier.  He needs to beat Gary and hope that one of two things happen.  #1 Jim loses or #2 I lose and he's able to make up the 52 point difference between us he would need in a tiebreaker.  Tough, but not impossible. 

Gary essentially needs to win and hope Jim or I lose, or He wins and is able to jump the 20 point difference between him and Jim.

My road is easiest, win and in.


The pick'em is tight as dick skin.  Munez is at 140 with Jim at 139.  With only 7 games on the docket this weekend, this is pretty much your championship round.

Joe is in 3rd with 136, so he could slide into 2nd if one of the two does bad enough.  Eplin, Gary, and Folden are all tied in 4th at 132, which 4th is good for 10 points, but if you have to split it 4 ways, it's relatively meaningless.


Folden holds a 2 point lead over Jim and Joe, while Rob sits 3 back. 


Rob earned the pick'em bonus this year, for his first bonus points of the season, while Colin earned the 5 point fantasy bonus. 

This coming week is the last 10 point bonus of the season for the pick'em.  It reverts to a 5 point bonus for the rest of the season.  Next week is also the last 5 point fantasy football bonus of the year. 


I'm going to start with the NFL, because they are more speculative at the moment, but things are getting clearer. 


   - Philly (picked by  adam, shawn, folden, munez)

They need to win one more game, or Dallas or Washington lose a game.  out of the next 5.  This shit is done. 


Pittsburgh & New England (picked by everyone)
Minnesota (picked by noone)

Each of these three teams has a 3 game lead with 5 to play. 

Kansas City (picked by Hale)
    They once looked like a lock, and now only have a 1 game lead over the Chargers and Raiders, both of which were picked by everyone else. 

Los Angeles Rams (picked by noone) have a one game lead over Seattle (picked by everyone)

Tennessee (picked by me, shawn, colin, rob, eplin, and hale) are tied at 7-4 with Jacksonville who noone picked.  Houston was picked by many people and are not going to win. 

New Orleans and Carolina are both 8-3 with Atlanta one game back at 7-4.  This shit's nuts.  No idea at the moment. 


The individual award finalists have announced.  Feel free to look up and see if you had anyone in the finals.  I think everyone had one person at least.  Some people had as many as 3.


ACC - John is the only person to take either Clemson or Miami, and he'll benefit if the Hurricanes win. 

AAU  - Memphis vs UCF
Noone had either of them, so it's a loss.

BIG 10 - Ohio St vs Wisconsin
Most people had Ohio state, however Me, Hale, and Shawn had Wisconsin.  Rob & Jim's picks have already been elminated.

Big 12 Oklahoma vs TCU
There are 5 people with Oklahoma winning the Big 12, with trendy pick Ok St fizzling out.  Hale has the most to benefit here, having them both winning the Big 12 and in the Playoff.

Conference USA FAU vs North Texas. 
Noone of us had either.

MAC Akron vs Toledo
All of us had Toledo except Munez.

Fresno st vs Boise st
Boise was picked by shawn, joe, munez, rob, john, and eplin.

Pac 12
We all had USC so it's irrelvant

Auburn vs Georgia
None of us win.  we all lose. 

The sunbelt will be figured out this weekend too.  They are starting a conference championship next year, but in the meantime.  this is it. 


Keep in mind.  After this week shit's going to change a lot.  The college pick'em bonus will be in and all of our conference championships, as well as the final four. 

Fantasy (15 pts) + pro pick'em + college pick'em + bonus points

Eplin 135+110+132+20
Rob 120+112+128+10
Folden 105+115+132+35
Hale 105+109+116+25
Adam 90+103+128+25
Jim 90+113+139+70
Gary 90+110+132+85
Colin 75+109+127+15
Joe 75+113+136+55
John 75+102+124+35
Shawn 60+105+129+5
Munez 60+107+140+30


Gary 420
Jim 412
Eplin 397
Folden 387
Joe 379
Rob 370
Hale 355
Adam 346
Munez 337
John 336
Colin 326
Shawn 299

So here we go.  Our base scores are set.  Now shit's about to get nutty.  next week baby-o.