Monday, February 5, 2018

Football God Year End Recap

Hey guys great season.  Let's go over the end of year situation.

Joe won by about 40 points giving him his 3rd title in 10 years.  That matches me for the most all time.  Other than us, Folden has won 2, Shawn 1, and Jim 1.  This is Joe's 4th top 3 finish overall.

Jim came in 2nd, locking in his 3rd top 3 finish in 10 years.  Eplin finished in 3rd giving him his first top 3 finish. 

The money pay out will go as follows.

Joe 460
Jim 200
Eplin 60

It will be Venmo'd to you within the next couple of days.

Not too much changed down the stretch, but there were a couple of jumps.

My biggest point of pride for the season is that I was in last as of December 8th, and was able to get up to 8th place.  My Brady MVP and Pats losing the superbowl picks were able to help me jump from 10th to 8th in the last weekend.

Gary's correct pick of Brady helped him jump from 6th to 5th, leap frogging Rob in the process.

In the biggest news of the year, John played Football God and DIDN'T finish in last place.  He was next to last, but still.  Improvements.

Assuming no one drops out of the league, this is the draft order for the fantasy league next year.

1. Hale
2. Gary
3. Rob
4. Folden
5. Adam
6. Munez
7. Colin
8. John
9. Shawn
10. Eplin
11. Jim
12. Joe

This is of course the time, where I take recommendations on changes for Football God.  One that I am toying with mightily is changing the scoring to a rotisserie style scoring.

I'll give you an example of what I mean


Fantasy football
college pick'em
pro pick'em
bowl pick'em
survivor pool
college predictions
pro predictions

12 people play.  If you have the most points in a category you get 12 points, if you have the least you get 1, and so on and so forth.

I'm considering switching the scoring to this for a few reasons.

#1 Each category would be evenly weighted.
#2 It would be a FUCK ton easier for me to score everything each year. 

I think the negative to that would be that it would take away some of the drama as we get later into the year, so for that I don't know.  Message me your thoughts about this.

Also any scoring or rule changes you'd like to propose, send me in a message. 

Thanks for playing guys.   Congrats to Joe, Jim, and Eplin.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Final Standings. Joe McLane is Football God champion.

I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of the final events, but here are your final standings.

Eplin, Gary, and Jim took the Eagles netting 10 points.  I had the Pats losing the Superbowl getting me 30 pts.

Final Standings

1 Joe 931
2 Jim 891
3 Eplin 884
4 Hale 847
5 Gary 838
6 Rob 820
7 Folden 779
8 Adam 763
9 Munez 742
10 Colin 718
11 John 713
12 Shawn 663

Congrats to Joe on winning his 3rd football god championship.

Congrats to Jim and Eplin for finishing in the money.

I'll be back tomorrow with a end of season recap.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Update after awards

It's late so i'll be brief, the only award that was correctly chosen was the MVP.  It's worth 20 pts and was chosen correctly by me, folden, joe, john, and gary.

Joe 931
Jim 881
Eplin 874
Hale 847
Gary 828
Rob 820
Folden 779
Munez 742
Adam 733
Colin 718
John 713
Shawn 663.

Make your final game picks tomorrow.  Joe's obviously winning, but 2nd and 3rd still up for grabs.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Quick Update

I could just give a shit less about the Superbowl.  Obviously noone had the vikings or jags losing the championship games, so no points there.

The NFL awards are announced sometime between now and the Superbowl, and people can get points for the off and def rookie of the years, mvp, and coach of the year, and comeback player of the year.  As well as people who have the pats winning or losing the superbowl.

In the meantime here are your updated points based off of people's 5 point a piece championship game pick'em

Joe 911
Jim 881
Eplin 874
Hale 847
Rob 820
Gary 808
Folden 759
Munez 742
Colin 718
Adam 713
John 693
Shawn 663

Obviously very little changed. 

I'll try to update between the awards and superbowl.  last pick'em is worth 10 points.

Available points in the prediction, Hale, John, Joe, Jim have new england winning it worth 40 pts.  I have NE losing it worth 30 pts.  That's about it. 

Monday, January 15, 2018


Just as we all predicted at the beginning of the season, the Jaguars are in the AFC Championship.  What the hell? 

Pittsburgh losing basically throws a wrench in most people's chances for points. 

The only people able to score based off of the predictions from here on out (excluding individual awards) are Jim, Joe, Hale, John if New England wins the Superbowl.  Me if they lose the superbowl, and Folden, Rob, and Gary if they lose the AFC title game.  updated with this weeks points added in from the pick'em

1. Joe 906
2. Jim 876
3. Eplin 869
4. Hale 837
5. Rob 820
6. Gary 808
7. Folden 759
8. Munez 737
9 Colin 713
10. Adam 708
11. John 693
12. Shawn 658

Chances are now about 99% that Joe's going to win.  I really can't see a way around it.  The game now is who is going to place. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Update after college football playoff

Roll Tide.  So fucking sick of them.  The day they and the Patriots are done ruining football for me can't come too soon. 

The sum of this isn't really who it helped, but who it hurt.  Munez and Folden are the only ones who lost.  Otherwise it's 35 points to everyone else. 

The 10 points in the pick'em for Alabama go to everyone but Gary, Munez, colin, shawn, and john. 

The bowl pick'em bonus goes as follows.

Rob 30
Hale 20
Joe & Jim 5 points each (tied for 3rd)

The pro pick'em last week was led by Colin with 3 correct.  Most people had 2.  a couple with 1 and 0.  Two points per correct prediction here.  Here are your points gained since last week.

Rob 79
Hale 69
Joe 54
Jim 52
Eplin 49
Adam 47
Colin 41
Shawn 39
Gary 39
John 35
Folden 12
Munez 0

Adding all of this onto last week's totals.

1 Joe 902
2 Jim 874
3 Eplin 865
4 Hale 833
5 Rob 818
6 Gary 808
7 Folden 753
8 Munez 731
9 Colin 711
10 Adam 704
11 John 693
12 Shawn 656

Obviously the big winners this week are Rob and Hale.  Gary falls from 3rd to 6th.  So what's still in play?  Who still has a chance? 

7th - 12th are clearly out. 

6th - Gary would need a ton to go right to jump in the standings, and I dont' think he could pass Eplin due to like predictions.  I think Getting just about everything right and Jim falling apart could get Gary to 3rd.

5th - Rob helped himself out a lot by getting the Bowl bonus, but he'll need more help.  Hunt winning Rookie of the Year would be big.  He'd also need Pittsburgh to lose the championship and NE to lose the AFC championship.  That plus a big let down by Jim & Eplin could boost rob to 2nd, or a letdown from either could get him to 3rd.

4th - Hale's in a tough spot.  Because his predictions are so similar to Jim and Joe's it may be impossible for him to jump any higher than 3rd, unless Fournette won rookie of the year.  3rd is still very much in play for him though.

3rd  - Eplin is probably in the best position to catch Joe at this point.  He'd need Pittsburgh to win the championship and Atlanta to lose the NFC championship to make the big jump.  But, even with Pittsburgh winning the Superbowl he'd still have a chance. 

2nd - Jim may have reached his peak.  He and Joe have the same available points left.  Give or take a surprise with some individual awards.  Jim may need to just try and hold off Eplin. 

1st Joe - It's probably about 85% that Joe wins the title. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Updated points

Hey guys,  I'm going to be as brief as I can today.  I was in New Orleans for 4 days and have a lot of work to catch up on.

Congrats to Joe on winning the pro pick'em.  He earns 60 bonus points.  Here are the way the rest of the bonus points got divided up.

Joe 60
Folden 40
Jim 20
Rob and Gary 5 each. 

Rob and Shawn earned the last 5 point bonus for the year. 

That makes this the totals on all Bonus points with only the bowl pick'em to finish up. 

Joe 145
Jim 130
Munez 100
Gary 100
Folden 95
Eplin 90
Hale 65
Rob 40
John 35
Adam 25
Shawn 20
Colin 15

Well done to Eplin, being in first place and not doing the pick'em in the last week.  that's real confidence.

In what was a pig fucking of predictions year, we ended up with some shitty point totals.  Add in the NFC south as another division noone got right.  Meaning that other than Pittsburgh and New England, the only divsions picked right were KC by Hale and Philidelphia by Me, shawn, folden, and munez. 

Out of our 40 predictions for the wildcard, we finished slightly over 10 percent as a grup.  Jim predicting Tennessee and Atlanta, Gary getting Carolina and tennessee, and Munez getting tennessee.  Meaning 9 of us struck out completely. 

7 people had correctly predicted Cleveland to finish as a top 3 pick, and Joe had the  pick of hte year getting Indianapolis correct as a top 3 pick as well. 

As far as our coaches.  Pagano was picked right by me, folden, colin, john, hale, and gary. 

John fox predicted by me, jim,, joe, colin, rob, john, eplin, and gary.

In our statistic predictions, Jim, Joe, Munez, and Hale picked Tony Brown correct to have the most receiving yards. 

Jim 110
Munez 95
Hale 95
Gary 90
Joe 80
Adam 75
John 75
Voyten 60
Rob 60
Colin 60
Folden 60
Eplin 60

Those are your total points for the year in the NFL with a few individual awards, and some playoff predictions still in the bank.

The only teams with potential points out there for everyone are Pittsburgh, New England, and Atlanta. 

Bowl Pick'em

Rob basically has 1st or a tie of 1st locked up.  Hale can catch him.  with the weird scoring, of 5 pts per new years 6 bowl, and 2 points per usual bowl.  Here's where we each stand. 

Rob 60
Jim 59
Hale 58
Adam 54
Munez 53
Joe 53
Folden 52
John 52
Shawn 45
Colin 45
Eplin 40
Gary 39

Point totals overall.  This will be the last time they are partitioned off.  After this I will just be adding points to your overall total.

Fantasy + college predictions + pro predictions + college pick'em + bowl pick'em + pro pick'em + bonus points.

eplin 150+190+60+136+40+150+90
rob 135+145+60+133+60+166+40
hale 120+145+95+119+58+162+65
folden 105+125+60+135+52+169+95
adam 90+130+75+130+54+153+25
colin 90+170+60+131+45+159+15
gary 90+150+90+134+39+166+100
joe 90+170+80+139+53+171+145
jim 90+125+110+140+59+168+130
shawn 75+125+60+133+45+159+20
john 75+165+75+126+52+130+35
munez 60+120+95+141+53+162+100


Joe 848
Jim 822
Eplin 816
Gary 769
Hale 764
Folden 741
Rob 739
Munez 731
Colin 670
John 658
Adam 657
Shawn 617

Well, how about that.  Quick change for Eplin up top.  Shouldn't be too surprised considering he just had his worst week of the season.