Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Point Update 10-28

Yo, sorry the point updates haven't been as fast and furious as you're used to.  Life gets busier and I get lazier as I get older.  Let's start with some meat sticks.


Since our last check in we have some more bonus winners.  All of these are 10 point bonus's.

Week 6: Andrew
Week 7: Munez and Geiss
Week 8: Joe
Week 9: Geiss

We will be hitting the halfway point in the pro pick'em this weekend, so if you're behind it's time to pick up the old slack.

Currently the leader board in the pro pick'em is a log jam.  Geiss, Rob, Andrew, Munez, Shawn, and Jim all a couple points from the top.  Should be a tight race down the stretch.

On the college side, we are past the halfway point and the down slope.  Folden holds a 2 point lead on Jim, a three point lead over Jim, and a 5 point lead over Andrew and myself.  Gary and Dan are right behind the two of us.  Everyone below us has a lot of ground to make up on a lot of people, but they aren't out of it yet.  A very hot finish would be needed though.


It's not often I'm able to write the fantasy results before Monday Night Football with complete confidence in the results.  However, this is one of those rare days.

Colin has moved into 1st place overall beating Joe.  Joe, by way of tie breakers, has fallen to third place with Rob moving up to 2nd by way of beating John.

Geiss has moved into 4th all on his own.  This was coupled with his defeat of Folden's lowly team, and by Gary and Munez losing.  Munez has dropped two in a row now, while Gary's winning streak has ended.

Munez has dropped all the way from 5th to 8th with the loss, while Gary only drops to 5th.  Shawn holds down the final playoff postion with his high scoring win over Gary.

Below him is me in 7th, who beat Andrew in the annual Johnson bowl.  Andrew falls to 9th at 3-5, while Jim is at 3-5 as well.  Jim started the season 0-4 and has won 3 of his last four to get back into contention.

In the cellar is John at 2-6 and Folden at 1-7.

Preseason Predictions

There are only a few weeks left until predictions are still coming in.  So I'll use today to speak of Conference predictions that absolutely are not going to happen.

SEC Champion
South Carolina, Geiss and Shawn.
In Final Four - Geiss and Shawn
National Runner Up- Shawn


Pac 12 Champion & Final Four team UCLA, Munez, Colin, Folden, John

Reallllly unlikely to happen

Ok, I got bored with this quickly.  Let's wait a couple more weeks on these.

Total Points as of 10/28


10 pts per fantasy win + college pick'em score+ pro pick'em score + (bonus)

Colin 60+71+52=183
Rob 60+71+61+(20)=212
Joe 60+ 78+53+(20)=211
Dan 50+74+61+ (30)=215
Gary 40+75+56+(5)=176
Voyten 40+70+59+(10)=179
Adam 40+76+50=166
Munez 40+70+62+(10)=182
Andrew 30+76+61+(10)=177
Jim 30+79+57+(10)=176
John 20+ 32+39+=91
Folden 10+81+50=141


1. Dan (Geiss) 215
2. Rob 212
3. Joe 211
4. Colin 183
5. Munez 182
6. Voyten 179
7. Andrew 177
t8. Gary 176
t8. Jim 176
10. Adam 166
11. Folden 141
12. John 91

Next week, John may even break into triple digits!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Football God Update - Fantasy Football 10/21/14

We're officially past the halfway point in the Fantasy Football season. However, Football God still has 3 months left to go.  Let's start with fantasy football to see where everyone stands.

Since our last update, The McLane train has kept on moving along.  He finally lost a game last week, ironically losing to a team that only put up 59 points.  With 6 regular season games to play, Joe has a three game lead on the playoffs.  So, even if he struggles down the stretch it shouldn't take more than a win or two to get him into the playoffs. 

Colin and Rob hold down the next two spots.  Colin getting a win after losing two weeks in a row, and Rob winning his second consecutive game by less than 3 points.  Rob also has the longest win streak in the league at 4 games.  They both hold a two game lead over a play off spot.  

After that we have 6 teams that are either 4-3 or 3-4.  In the playoffs right now are Gary, Munez, and Geiss at 4-3.  Gary is the current 4 seed, the highest scoring team in the league, and is riding a 3 game winning streak.  Munez is at 5 and Geiss at 6.  Only twenty points separating them on the season, both of them coming off of a loss.

At 3-4 is myself, Andrew, and Shawn.  Shawn is on the outside looking in at the 7th seed, with me 35 points behind him at the 8 seed.  Andrew is in 9th, nearly 200 points behind Shawn.  

At 2-5 are John and Jim.  After starting 0-4 Jim's team has improved.  He won two in a row before dropping last week.  Neither of these guys are out of the race yet, but a hot streak will really help them.  7 wins may be the flood on getting into the playoffs, so they each may only be able to afford one more loss.  

Folden sits at 1-6 after only scoring 38 points last week.  Folden's in some trouble and likely needs to win out to get into the playoffs from here.

Week 8 Schedule

Gary (4-3) vs Shawn (3-4)  

Gary goes for 4 in a row against Shawn.  These two represend 2/3rds of the highest scoring teams in the league, so it should be a high scoring match up. 

Munez (4-3) Vs Jim (2-5)  

Jim needs to win some games to get his way back into the hunt, and beating the teams in front of him is the best way to do it.  Munez probably only needs to go .500 from here to get into the playoffs, so a win here would help him. 

John (2-5) vs Rob (5-2)  

Same thing for Jim goes for John here.  He's catching Rob at a good time, as Rob's team has some bye's, injuries, and unfavorable match ups this week.  However, John has the worst bench in fantasy football history, and there's an 80% that John leaves Fred Jackson in his line up even though he's out for the next month.

Geiss (4-3) vs Folden (1-6)

Folden needs a win and needs it now.  Fantasy football has a tendency to ebb and flow, and if that's true then Folden is due for a big week.  This would be unfortunate for Geiss, as a loss here could bring him back to the pack a little more.

Adam (3-4) vs Andrew (3-4)

The annual Johnson Bowl.  All bets are off.  both of our teams will score 300 points, RGIII will put us in his next Subway commercial.  The internet will explode.

Game of the Week

Colin (5-2) vs Joe (6-1)

They are #1 and #2 in the standings.  It couldn't be any other game.  To be fair, this game has the potential to be a blowout.  Colin's team loves putting up numbers and all of Joe's RB's are hurt.  But, #1 vs #2 always gets game of the week status.

I'll be back later in the week with a point update.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Football God update 10/7/2014

No point updates this week, but let's go through the things that happened this weekend.

College Predictions

The BCS playoff got turned upside down this weekend when just about everyone decided to take a shit on their season.  Oregon, Alabama, Texas A&M, UCLA, and Oklahoma all lost (just to name a few).  Our top 5 has Fl State, Auburn, Baylor, and 2 fucking teams from Mississippi in it.

Jim's preseason pick of Auburn winning the championship is looking much better now, but with 5 teams ranked in the top #15 remaining on their schedule, who knows what's going to happen.

There are only 8 teams ranked in the top #25 left in the country, and that number is guarenteed to drop this weekend, with Mississippi st and Auburn facing off.  College Football is fun again!

Pro Pick'em & College Pick'em bonus

Andrew picked up the bonus this week.  He tied with Folden and Gary at the top of the college pick'em this week, and correctly predicted a blistering 13 of 15 games in the pros.  In comparison, I only predicted 10 games correct in both of the pick'ems combined.

Fantasy Football Results

Jim got his first win of the year, moving to 1-4, while Folden falls to 1-4 in the loss.

Colin's team puts up it's first bad performance of the year losing his first game and moving to 4-1, while I ended my 3 game losing streak.  I sit now at 2-3.

Munez's team put up pedestrian numbers, falling to 3-2, while unstoppable force Joe moved to 5-0.  This was the first time that Joe's team finished in the top 50% of scoring all year, finishing at 2nd highest point total of the week.

Gary's team exploded for almost 160 points, beating John's team, despite a solid output from his squad.  They both are at 2-3.

Rob beat Andrew's team in the game of the week.  Rob's team didn't really do all that great, but Andrew's team was a basic no show. Rob is 3-2, while Andrew is 2-3

This Week

Adam 2-3 vs Jim 1-4
Munez 3-2 vs John 2-3
Joe 5-0 vs Rob 3-2
Shawn 2-3 vs Folden 1-4
Andrew 2-3 vs Geiss 3-2

Game of the Week

Colin 4-1 vs Gary 2-3

The reason this is the game of the week is simple.  Colin and Gary have scored the most points in the league this year.  Colin at 625 and Gary at 571.  Gary's record doesn't reflect this mainly because of scheduling.  However, his team has put up at least 100 points in 4 out of 5 games.  This one could be a high scoring slobber knocker.

That's it for now.  Have a good week.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Football God VII Update: 9/30/14

What's up slobs.  I'm coming to you guys with your first point update of the season.  It's been a fun year so far, watching the Patriots come back to earth after 13 years of dominance.  The Big 10 be the worst conference in the world.  And, Folden finally getting pubes.

Fantasy Football

At the top of the fantasy leader boards are Joe and Colin, both sitting at 4-0.  There are some distinct differences between their teams though.

Colin is averaging an absurd 137 points a game so far, 21 points ahead of Munez, who is the next closest person.  After the dominating performance Colin put on in fantasy last year, it might be time to bow down to our Ginger overlord and concede the championship to him again.

Joe, on the other hand, is 4-0 despite scoring less than the top half of the league in every week.  Joe is the benefit of good match ups and a little bit of luck.  However, he is also putting up enough consistent numbers to keep winning.

Below them is Munez at 3-1, Shawn at 2-2, and Rob at 2-2.  All three have put up between 110 and 116 points a week to put them in a good spot with great upside.

Dan, Andrew, and John are also 2-2 although they've scored a few points less. Dan averages 93 points a game, Andrew 92 a game, and John 86.

Next, is myself, Gary, and Folden. All three of us are at 1-3.  Despite all of us having good averages (105 points to 97 points scored a week).  The three of us have gone against some stiff competition.  Folden especially, who has gone against an average of 121 pts scored against this year.

Lastly, Jim is struggling at 0-4.  His team is averaging only 68 points a week.  Jim has been a victim of some under performing players (Tom Brady, Eddie Lacy, Larry Fitzgerald), as well as a couple of injuries.

Week 5

Adam (1-3) vs Colin (4-0)
Gary (2-2) vs John (2-2)
Jim (0-4) vs Folden (1-3)
Shawn (2-2) vs Geiss (2-2)
Joe (4-0) vs Munez (3-1)

Game of the Week

Andrew (2-2) vs Rob (2-2)

Realistically, the game of the week should be Joe vs Munez; however, if you weren't locked out of the draft room on the first night that we drafted you understand how awesome this game is.

Andrew and Rob got into a chat room scuffle that led to Rob telling Andrew to join ISIS, and Andrew LOSING HIS MIND.  The winner of this game will surely feel a higher sense of satisfaction, whether they would admit it or not.



Week 1: Gary (5 pts)
Week 2: Rob (10 pts)
Week 3: Dan (10 pts)
Week 4: Jim (10 pts)
Week 5:
Shawn, Joe , Rob (10 pts)

Those are the people who have gained the pick 'em bonus up to right now.

In the overall scores, Munez holds a lead over a few people right now, Rob being the closest behind.

In college, Folden has a razor thin lead over Andrew and Jim.

So here are the total scores as of now.

Fantasy wins 10 pts + pro pick'em score + college pick'em score+ bonus (if applicable)

Colin 40+45+23=108
Joe 40+45+23+10=118
Munez 30+46+31=107
Shawn 20+46+28 +10=104
Rob 20+48+29+20=117
Dan 20+48+25+10=103
Andrew 20+50+26=96
John 20+25+27=72
Adam 10+46+26=82
Gary 10+45+23+5=83
Folden 10+51+23=84
Jim 0+50+26+10=86


John is the only person who has more correct predictions in pros than college.  It's like...he almost didn't do his picks for two weeks.

Joe and Colin have the same exact score in pro and college pick'em, and the same record in fantasy football.  WHACKY!

Overall scores and rankings

1. Joe 118
2. Rob 117
3. Colin 108
4. Munez 107
5. Shawn 104
6. Dan 103
7. Andrew 96
8. Jim 86
9. Folden 84
10. Gary 83
11. Adam 82
12. John 72

Everyone please re add up your scores.  I do this quickly.  Peace out.  Let's Go Bucs'