Thursday, January 21, 2016

1-21-2016 Update

What's up nerds?  Only a few more weeks left in the NFL season and we have an update that should put things into perspective coming down the stretch.

The BCS Championship game was last Monday and that led to some points for some people.

Eplin picked Alabama, giving him the pick'em bonus for the season.  Congrats bud. Eplin receives 25 points for the bonus as well as 10 points for the pick'em game.

The 10 points were also won by Colin, Joe, Shawn, Gary, Jim, and Rob.

Additionally, Munez, Jim, and I also had Alabama winning the National Championship this year.  so that's 30 points for each of us.

In the NFL we are down to 4 teams; New England, Denver, Carolina and Arizona.

Unbelievably, the only place where anyone can win points is like this.

If NE loses the AFC championship then 15 points can be won by me and Joe.
If DEN loses 15 points for Colin, Folden, and Gary
If Denver makes the Superbowl 20 points for Geiss and Munez

Other than that, the only awards up for grabs still are the Coach of the Year, Defensive & Offensive rookie of the year, and the League MVP.

In the pick'em.  The games the last two weeks were worth 2 points a piece.  So, here's where we stand point wise with a couple weeks left to play.

Jim 753
Adam 687
Colin 675
Folden 629
Joe 609
Eplin 602
Voyten 591
Rob 576
Munez 544
Geiss 529
Civ 524
Gary 465

So, what's this mean?

This means Jim's basically going to win the whole thing.  It's going to take a mighty comeback, and I think I'm the only one that can mathematically catch him still.

What's most likely is that Jim's going to come away the big winner, but let's not say it yet.  Not until it's for sure.

12 points differentiate Colin and Me, which keeps 2nd place very much in play.  If NE loses this weekend, that should give me the gap to beat Colin.

For Folden he's basically going to need to win a couple of individual awards to have a shot.  If Mike Zimmer and Amari Cooper can win their awards, Folden could make it interesting for 2nd and 3rd place.

I'll be back with a small update next week, just to update the scores.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Munez makes the pick of the year, plus point update

Hey fuckers.  The division champions have been crowned so a lot of the final prediction points have been updated.  Let's start with a little bit of news.

Folden scored a butt loving 40 point bonus by winning the pro pick'em this weekend for the season.  Keep in mind that you need to continue doing your picks for the rest of the post season, as there are still points that come along with that.

the divisional and wildcard games predicted are worth 2 points each.
conference championship games are worth 5 points each
superbowl and College football championship are worth 10 points each.


Good job to Eplin for getting the most points so far in the bowl pick'em.  Keep in mind the scoring in this is a little bit different.  You've all received 2 points per bowl win, 5 points for each win on the New Years 6 bowls, and 10 points for the Championship game.

So far the standings for the bowl pick'em look like this.

Bowl Pick'em
Eplin 67
Colin 62
Adam 60
Shawn 58
Civ 58
Gary 56
Geiss 54
Joe  52
Munez 52
Folden 51
Rob 50
Jim 49

So the only people who can pass Eplin going into the final game are Colin, Me, Shawn, and Civ.  There is a 20 point bonus associated with winning this so make sure you get your pick in.

Last pick'em Bonus.

Jim won the last pick'em bonus of the year with 11 correct predictions.  5 extra points were added into Jim's score.


I remember when I got Munez's predictions in and I was plugging them into the season I thought he was a fool.  He had Houston winning the division and the Colts not even in the playoffs.  NINE of us had them playing in the Superbowl & SIX of us had them winning it.  Very good call on that Munez.

As far as what is left as far as Superbowl and BCS championship points go, here's all we got.

Me, Folden, and Geiss have Green Bay left winning the SB.  Eplin & Civ have Seattle.  That's it.  2 team race down the stretch.

At this point the only two people who have both of their Superbowl competitors in the playoffs are Geiss with Denver and Green Bay & Civ with Seattle and Pittsburgh.

Here are the points that everyoone got over this weekend and the total for the weekend in the pro predictions.

Houston winning division
Munez 15 points

Pittsburgh making the wildcard 15 points

Bottom 3 picks in 2016 draft
San Diego

Adam 15
Jim 15
Voyten 30
Geiss 30
Joe 15
Rob 15

Denver wins AFC West
Everyone but Civ & Voyten

Kansas City wins Wildcard
Rob & Jim

Rushing title winner Adrian Peterson.  20 points for everyone except Adam, Civ, Gary.

Jim 80
Geiss 80
Voyten 65
Rob 65
Adam 30
Munez 50
Colin 50
Joe 50
Gary 30
Folden 35
Eplin 35
Civ 0

Jim having already been in 1st and scoring 80 points in the predictions is obviously going to lead to a larger gap between him and second place.

Here are the points.  I subtracted the bowl pick'em from everyone's score last week and re added it in here with the updated points, it made it easier for me.

So we have the point total up to last week + Prediction points this week + Bowl pick'em + last week of pro pick'em.   The parenthesis are the 5 point bonus Jim won this week and the 40 point that Folden won.

Adam 547 + 30 + 60+8=645
Colin 535 + 50 + 62+10= 657
Jim 559  + 80 + 49 + 11 +(5)=704
Joe 481 +50 + 52+10=593
Folden  484 +35+51+7 + (40)=617
Civ 460 +58=518
Eplin 453 +35+67+8=563
Rob 431 +65+50+8=554
Shawn 434+65+58+10=567
Munez 399+50+52+7=508
Geiss 374+80+54+7=515
Gary 349 +30+56+10=445

1. Jim 704
2. Colin 657
3. Adam 645
4. Folden 617
5. Joe 593
6. Shawn 567
7. Eplin 563
8. Rob 554
9. Civ 518
10. Geiss 515
11.  Munez 508
12. Gary 445

Only about 150 points separate 2nd place from 11th.  So although it may bee too late for some people to catch Jim, it's still possible for the people lower to jump up to me and Colin and get into the money.

In next week's update we'll discuss the BCS National Championship game, results from predictions from that and the Wildcard playoff round.  We'll also have our Bowl Pick'em and have a little more focus on the rest of the year.