Sunday, August 10, 2014

Football God VII Rules

Welcome to another year of Football God.  Thanks for bearing with me while I got everything together.  So, let's start with some deadlines.

Your college and pro Predictions are going to be due at the same time this year.  That will be by August 27th.  That is one day before the college season starts and 1 week before the pro season starts.  Make sure to get those emailed to me by that time.

Money.  I'm going to be moving on September 1st, so I'm going to go ahead and use my parents address for the Football God money this year.  So, make sure you get me your money by September 1st.  It's $40 and you can send check, money order to 1200 pleasant ave, wellsburg, wv 26070.  Do not send cash in the mail, please.

Expanded league:

So, for only the second time in Football God history, we are going to have a 12 team league.  Welcome Gary Yingst to the league for the first time ever.  Also, welcome back co founder, Dan Geissler back for the first time since 2011.

Fantasy Draft position.
Our fantasy draft will be in the reverse order of what it was last year.  So, (per usual) John will be drafting first, since he finished in last.  On the other side of the twin, Joe will be drafting tenth, since he finished in first.  Gary and Geiss will be drafting in 11th and 12th, since they are new this year.

So, the draft order will be

1. John
2. Munez
3. Folden
4. Adam
5. Shawn
6. Jim
7. Andrew
8. Rob
9. Colin
10. Joe
11. Geiss
12. Gary


So, I've changed things up a little bit as far as some of the Predictions go.

With college being a new playoff system, and not the BCS, the scoring has changed here.  You will pick the 4 teams in the playoff.  Also, you will pick the champion and the championship game loser.  You get 0 points for predicting the results incorrectly.  If you have Alabama as the champion and they lose the championship game, you receive no points for that.  Keep this in mind.

Additionally, in college football, we will be picking a couple more awards than usual.  We will pick the Dick Butkus (linebacker) award and Jim Thorpe (defensive back) award.  The point totals for all awards have gone down from 25 points to 20 points also.

Additionally, in the NFL, I have changed a couple things as well.  You will no longer get points for picking the AFC championship game participants.  You will receive a point for picking the loser of the game and you will get points for both teams you have in the Superbowl.  I'm trying to eliminate double points.  There are also new awards given in the NFL awards section.  Take a look on the template and you'll notice.

If there are any questions about any of this, feel free to message or call me.