Monday, October 31, 2011

Football God Week 9 Results...and Munez

Week 9 bitches. We are about at the halfway point of the NFL season. So I'll start with a prediciton update there. We'll look at everything except the individual awards.

Super Bowl Predictions

Here are all the teams that people predicted to win the Superbowl
Baltimore 5-2, New England 5-2, Pittsburgh 6-2, Green Bay 7-0, San Diego (5-2 or 4-3, the game is still on, New Orleans 5-3, Jets 4-3, Phili 3-4. So, that's 8 different teams with Super Bowl representation, and none of them have fallen out of things. Most have thrived, with the exception of Phili, but they seem to have things together a little bit better now.

Playoff Picture

If the playoffs started today that would look like this.

Buffalo (?!?!)
San Diego/KC/Oakland (i don't know the fucking tie break)

would be the division winners, with


all tied for the wildcard. While none of us had Cinci or Buffalo in the playoffs, the rest of these predictions are pretty stout

As for what that means for us, the people with the best predictions in the AFC so far are Munez, Geiss, Joe, Bono, and Andrew. They each have Houston, SD, Pitt, and NE winning their divisions aside from Andrew who has the Jets (which could still very well happen)

BAD Predictions

The worst prediction of the year as far as AFC division winners goes has to be me, John, Colin, Simon, and Folden taking the winless Colts. Also, Jim and Shawn's Denver pick for the AFC west is pretty bad. Other than that, there are still a couple of big random picks that could still help people get some big points. Shawn was the only one to take the Titans to win the South and Folden has the Raiders winning the West. If either of those happen that is a big point swing for either one of those two.

In the wildcard, we all still look pretty good. Everybody has relevant teams, that could very well work out for them.

In the NFC the playoff picture looks like this



Tampa Bay (holds tie break over ATL right now)

The worst prediction of the year right now is our collective picks for the NFC West. STL, ARI, and SEA were all picked, but the 49ers were not, and considering they will clinch their division in about 2 weeks I don't think any of us will get any points there.

Nobody had the Giants winning their division either, and I know there is plenty of time for them to blow this, but as for now they have a two game lead over Dallas and Phili, who we all picked. We all look good in the North, taking the Packers, and we all have either ATL, Tampa, or NO in the South, which is still pretty much up for grabs.

I am the only one who took the Lions in the wildcard, so assuming they keep things up, and don't falter back to 2007 Lions (who also started 6-2, only to finish out of the playoffs) I should make some pretty good points there.

In the wildcard, every pick is still pretty relevant.

Funniest pick of the year (so far)

All of our picks for the top 3 draft picks next year.

10 of us picked the Bengals (5-2)
5 took the 49ers (6-1)
5 took the Bills (5-2)
2 took Oakland (4-3)

That's 22 of the 36 picks total, where the team currently has a winning record, and that's not including the 3 of us who took Washington (3-4) to make the bottom 3. Although, let's be honest, they could lose their last 9 games this season and I don't think it would suprise anybody.

John (JAC, SF, Miami) and Munez (Cin, Jac, Car) seem to have the best picks in this so far, with Miami.

Speaking of Munez, it's halfway through the 3rd quarter of the Chiefs v SD game, and Nick Novak just kicked his second field goal of the game, meaning that Munez has taken the lead in his fantasy game and will officially end his 6 game losing streak. Congrats bud, being on a 5 game losing streak this year, I know it's shitty and frustrating. Which is the perfect transition into Fantasy Football.

But first, on a college prediction update, Wisconsin dropped it's second game in a row, which makes Andrew and Shawn's Wisconsin pick for the National Championship pretty much irrelevant. They join Folden (FSU) in the bread line.

LSU plays Alabama this week, which will go a long way to seeing how the National Championship is going to play out. 11 of us had Alabama, so this game has obvious implications. However, if Alabama loses this weekend, I want to bring up what could be an interesting scenario. If Arkansas keeps winning, and ends up beating LSU in the last game of the season, we will have LSU with 1 loss to ARK, Bama with 1 loss to LSU, and ARK with one loss to Alabama. We could realistically have 3 SEC teams in the top 5 of the BCS.

I'm not really sure how the tie break would work for the SEC championship game, but it could lead to an interesting situation, considering that Arkansas has quietly crawled back into the National Championship conversation. This would depend on if Stanford were to lose, and what would happen with Boise St and the Oklahoma's squared. Now onto Fantasy Football, I mean it this time.


I'm labeling this week in fantasy football as the week when defenses went wild, as if they were horny, drunk, and (let's be honest) drugged college girls. What do I mean? Let's look into three games from this week. Let's start with the marquee match up of the week with 5-2 Colin playing 4-3 Shawn

Colin beat Shawn by 40 points this week, but when you look at the matchups, it was a lot closer than it should have been a lot closer, except for the fact that Detroits defense put up 33 fucking points! Tim Tebow turned out being the best player on Colin's team this week. Which is odd, considering I thought he was on Geiss's roster. Colin moves to 6-2, while Shawn loses his 3rd in a row to fall to 4-4.

Munez 1-6 played Simon 4-3. Simon has to swallow his second straight close loss, while Munez won mainly because of Buffalo's defense putting up 32 points! Simon has won a couple of close games this year, including a game against Joe in week two, in which he one by .3 points. The law of averages would imply that if you play enough close games you'll win half and lose half. Well, Simon is at 4-4 so it seems to be true in this case.

Folden won his league best 5th straight game this week against Geiss, on the strength of Cincinnati's D putting up 26 points for him. If I were a gambling man, I would not bet on Geiss's team ever. They have the potential to put up 150 or 30 points in any given week, and it's impossible to predict. Folden has won 5 straight, although his team has not scored more than 110 points in any of those games, and not breaking 100 in two of them. I remember talking to Shawn before his week 4 match up with Folden. Shawn told me then that Folden's team (which was 0-3 at the time) seemed so bad he couldn't see him winning a game all year. Not only did Folden win that game, but he hasn't looked back since.

Andrew beat John this week, despite putting up only 70 points. How do you ask? John started 3 players that were on bye, 1 who was injured, and he just left one of his WR spots completely open. Good for Andrew who tries to win in Football God. Fuck John for not taking 10 minutes out of his week to set his roster. Andrew moves to 5-3, good for you Andrew.

Joe wins his second straight low scoring game against Bono, who can't catch a fucking break with his team. He has a great QB, and three of the best receivers in the game on his team, but his running back corps is dreadful.

And, in the last game I played Jim. When your fantasy team does as poorly as mine has, you start to hang on to little victories to stop yourself from being bored. so, it's been my goal to continue my winning streak against Jim going. This happened with me blowing Jim's team out this week, despite him scoring (on average) 28 points more than me a game this week. What happened was I caught a couple of lucky breaks, one being that Jim had 4 players on bye, including his best running back, and Drew Brees kinda shit the bed this week. So, the winning streak continues, and assuming I don't crawl back into this thing and make the playoffs, Jim and I won't be playing each other again this season. So, it looks like the streak will go on another year.


Colin 6-2
Jim 5-3
Joe 5-3
Andrew 5-3
Folden 5-3
Shawn 4-4
Simon 4-4
Geiss 3-5
John 3-5
Adam 3-5
Bono 3-5
Munez 2-6

The cut off for playoffs now is 4-4, with Simon and Shawn tied there. The tie break for playoffs is most points, so right now the playoff picture looks like this.

Byes - Colin, Jim
First round - Folden, Shawn, Joe, and Andrew

However, the next four teams are only one game out, and if Munez can catch a little steam here, he can get back into this too.

Next Week's Matchups

Jim 5-3 v Munez 2-6 - Speaking of Munez (again)...To get catch a little steam he's going to have to do this against Jim. This may be harder than it sounds though, as Jim will be back to full strength with his team. Munez, however, won't have any players on bye, so he will need to pull an upset, but it could work out for him. I'm taking Jim 140 - Munez 120

Colin 6-2 v Adam 3-5 - I'm riding a three game win streak, and one more win from becoming a real player down the stretch, but I'll have to do it against our leagues power house. Luckily, I won't have to go against Calvin Johnson, who has scored 300 td's in the first half of the season. However, Colin is good because he is deep, and has Malcolm Floyd to sub in. I won't predict this game, because Colin's team puts up like 150 a week, and I don't want to pick against myself.

Bono 3-5 v Simon 4-4 - If Bono's going to get back into this thing, he can help himself a lot with a win against Simon. Bono has been sliding (3 straight losses), but Simon is starting to as well (2 straight losses). Neither has anybody important on bye, and Bono may be getting Andre Johnson back. I'm going to take Bono in this one, 125 - 102

Geiss 3-5 v Joe 5-3 - This is another big game as far as playoff implications go. And Geiss is going against Joe at the perfect time. Joe's team has won the last two games, although in unimpressive fashion, and Joe has Jones-Drew, Steve Smith 3.0, Percy Harvin, and Nate Burleson all on bye. If Geiss's team shows up, which is a big BUT, he should be able to win this one. I'll take this game as my UPSET OF THE WEEK MOTHAFUCKA pick.

Shawn 4-4 v John 3-5 - this game is a real wildcard. Shawn 5 players, including ALL of his running backs on bye this week. However, he's playing John, who probably won't make any substitutions. My prediction on this week is final score Shawn 35 John 26.


Andrew 5-3 v Folden 5-3

Something has to give in the standings this week, and it's going to happen in this game. One of these two is going to move into good position in the standings, while the other will get pushed towards the middle of the pack. I want to take Andrew in this game. I like his team and his matchups a lot better. But, it's dumb to bet against the hot team. I'll go with Folden in this one 95 - 85

College Pick 'em

Andrew DOMINATES in College pick 'em taking it down again this week. Bono and I were right behind with 9. For the season, Andrew has a four game lead, with Bono, me, Simon, and Shawn in striking distance. For the season:

Andrew 106
Bono 102
Adam 101
Simon 100
Shawn 100
Geiss 98
Folden 98
Munez 97
Colin 96
Joe 96
Jim 94
John 75

Pro Football Pick 'em

Colin takes this week down again with 10 points, while Joe, Folden, and Simon scored 9. Colin has extended his lead in this pick 'em, yet again, and here are the standings.

Colin 86
Folden 82
Bono 76
Shawn 76
Simon 76
Munez 73
Andrew 73
Jim 72
Joe 71
Geiss 69
Adam 67
John 64

So, for the bonus this week, it's going to be a lot of us. 17 points was the best anyone did, so I'm posting everyone's score this week.

Colin 17
Adam 17
Bono 17
Simon 16
Folden 16
John 16
Andrew 16
Joe 16
Geiss 16
Andrew 16
Rowing 16
Shawn 12

So, we were all (aside for Shawn) one point away from the bonus, but me, bono, and colin got the 5 points this week.

So, our totals as of now will be college pick'em + pro pick'em + fantasy (10 points per win) + (bonus) = total score.

Andrew 106+73+50+(10)=239
Bono 102+76+30+(15)=223
Adam 101+67+30+(5)=203
Simon 100+76+40+(5)=221
Shawn 100+76+40=216
Geiss 98+69+30=197
Folden 98+82+50+(10)=240
Munez 97+73+20=190
Joe 96+71+50+(5)=222
Colin 96+ 86+60+(15)=257
Jim 94+72+50+(5)=221
John 75+64+30=169

Total Rankings

1. Colin 257 (even)
2. Folden 240 (even)
3. Andrew 239 (even)
4. Bono 223 (+3)
5. Joe 222 (+3)
t6 Simon 221 (-2)
t6 Jim 221 (-2)
8. Shawn 216 (-2)
9. Adam 203 (+1)
10. Geiss 197 (-1)
11. Munez 190 (even)
12. John 169 (even)


Colin has led in each of the 5 football god updates I've done this season.

There are 7 points total between 4th and 8th.

In the last four football god updates Simon has been tied with Folden twice, and Jim twice. The first time he tied, he was tied for 6th. He is still tied for 6th.

I have climbed one spot in each of the past three updates.

Shawn has fallen 5 spots in the past three updates.

Andrew and Folden's fantasy football game is essentially for 2nd place, for now.

Next week, we may have the first of our college football predictions coming in. If not next week, certainly by the week after. Until then, I love you all.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Football God Week 8

Another exciting week of Football in the books, Boys. The Ravens & Jags just finished up, with a big upset for the Jags. Next week, I'll likely do a mid season update of the NFL, and another college update the week after that.

For now, we'll start with this weeks fantasy football results. We'll start with the premiere match up of the week with Shawn getting beat by Jim. They were both 4-2 going into the game, and Shawn looked like he had a pretty good chance of taking Jim down, with a 40 point lead going into last night's game. However, the Colts decided to take yesterday off, allowing Brees to rack up 49 points, a lot of those coming in the first quarter. Shawn wasn't the only one to feel the pain of the Colts bedshitting last night though...

Colin 4-2 went up against John 3-3 last night, with John holding a 13 point lead. Most of his lead was built up by Arian Foster putting up about 3,000 points on Sunday. However, Colin benefited from 6 extra points and 2 field goals from John Casey to pull off the win.

Geiss 2-4 ran up the score on Andrew 4-2 with the help of Tim "i am god" Tebow, even though Aaron Rodgers put up 40 points for Andrew.

Simon 4-2 went against me 1-5 in a pretty interesting match up. Graham and Sproles gave the lead to Simon late last night, until a NO pick six gave me back the lead at the end of the game. It was down to me playing Ricky Williams against Simon playing Ray Rice. Luckily for me, the Jags played amazing defense to give me the win.

Folden 3-3 played Bono 3-3. Bono's had some tough like the last couple of weeks, with different players of his team not showing up each week. Andre Johnson can't come back fast enough to help his team out. Folden won, extending his winning streak to 4 games, after starting the season 0-3.

Joe 3-3 sweated out Munez 1-5 and a late charge from Anquan Boldin to go above .500 too. Munez has had a tough season. He started off with a victory and it's all been down hill since then. It's been 5 straight weeks where he has failed to put up over a 100 points. At this point, the wins will still benefit his football god over all standings, but fantasy football playoffs are starting to get a little far fetched.

Now the fantasy football standings look like this

1. Jim 5-2
Colin 5-2
3.Andrew 4-3
Shawn 4-3
Simon 4-3
Joe 4-3
Folden 4-3
8. Bono 3-4
John 3-4
Geiss 3-4
11. Adam 2-5
12. Munez 1-6

At the half way point of the fantasy season it looks like 4-3 is the cutoff for the playoffs right now. Myself and Munez have a very small margin before we fade into irreverence, however every body else is still within striking distance. Here are the match ups for next week.

Geiss 3-4 vs Folden 4-3
Andrew 4-3 vs John 3-4
Shawn 4-3 vs Colin 5-2
Munez 1-6 vs Simon 4-3
Bono 3-4 vs Joe 4-3
Adam 2-5 vs Jim 5-2

Thoughts on next week

This is the 4th year that Jim and I have played fantasy football together, and as of now, he has never beaten me, in what I think is 6 (maybe 7) match ups. Me at 2-5 and him at 5-2, this may be his time.

Also, if Geiss, Colin, Munez, Bono, and john win next week we will have 8 4-4 teams in our fantasy football league. That would make the 2nd half of the season very interesting with virtually every week being a meaningful head to head match up.

College pick'em

Andrew, Shawn, Bono, and Joe each scored 10 points a piece in the college pick 'em. Myself, Jim, and Simon were close behind with 9.

On the season, Andrew, who will admit doesn't know very much about college football, still holds the lead with 96. I wanna give my brother from the same mother some credit here. He's been the stand out in pick'ems this year, and he's made a huge improvement in football god overall in the last couple of years. the total standings are

Andrew 96
Shawn 94
Bono 93
Simon 93
Adam 92
Folden 91
Geiss 90
Joe 89
Colin 89
Munez 89
Rowing 86
John 67

In the pros Joe and Bono each scored 1o points, bring there total to 20 points for the week, which earns them both the 5 point bonus.

The pros looks like this overall.

Colin 76
Folden 73
Shawn 70
Bono 68
Andrew 67
Simon 67
Munez 65
Jim 64
Joe 62
Geiss 61
Adam 59
John 56

It's funny to me how the pros we pick straight up and college we pick with the spread, however there is a much bigger discrepancy between the pro standings then the college standings

College pick 'em + Pro pick'em + fantasy points (10 per win) + plus pick'em bonus in (___) = Total score.

With the way fantasy went down this week I wouldn't be suprised to see a bit of a shake up in the standings now. Let's see how they calculate out. Also, I don't think Simon and Folden will be tied anymore.

Andrew 96 +67+40+(10)= 213
Shawn 94 +70+40 = 204
Bono 93+68+30+(10) = 201
Simon 93+67+40+(5)= 205
Adam 92+59+20 = 171
Folden 91+73+40+(10)= 214
Geiss 90+61+30= 181
Joe 89+62+40+(5)= 196
Colin 89+76+50+(10) = 225
Munez 89+65+10= 164
Jim 86+64+50+(5)= 205
John 67+56+30 = 153

So this is why I tell you guys to check the points. Somehow, I gave Colin 207 points last week, when he actually only had 199. I don't know how I made the mistake, but that's why I say double check me.


1. Colin 225 (even)
2. Folden 214 (^1)
3. Andrew 213 (-1)
t4 Jim 205 (^2)
t4 Simon 205 (-1)
6. Shawn 204 (-1)
7. Bono 201 (even)
8. Joe 196 (even)
9. Geiss 181 (even)
10. Adam 171 (^1)
11. Munez 164 (-1)
12. John 153 (even)

Colin continues to set the pace this year, with Folden making a recent charge. Andrew fell a bit, while Simon is tied with someone for the third week in a row. Shawn fell a spot, while everything between 7-12 stayed the same except myself and Munez flip flopping. A good week could send either Folden or Andrew into the top spot next week. Jim, Simon, Shawn, and Bono are all close to the top 3, although Simon, Shawn, and Bono all lost some ground. Joe is still in good shape. Geiss needs a little work to get into the middle of the pack. I have gained ground recently, but need to do more work. While Munez and John need to start making some moves.

In two weeks, we should have our first college predictions bonus's in. So we can look forward to some big swings happening in the next couple weeks. Until then, I love you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 7 scores, my dick in your mouth, and your mom

Welcome friends. I am here to talk to you about some predictons that were made, giving a sort of mid season break down of the college predictions. Let's start from the top.

National Championship

Most people had Oklahoma vs Alabama, with a couple of other teams sprinkled in there. Everybody seems to be safe, except for Folden, whose ballsy Florida St pick peed on his face, by way of three consecutive loses. The rest of our selections are all in the top 10 right now, with Bono's pick of Oregon and John's pick of Arkansas being the most unlikely. Shawn & Andrew's Wisconsin pick is looking pretty good, and my Stanford pick is ok, but they will each need some help from the top 5 to make any headway. Moving on.


The pee that hit Folden in the face is not eluding the rest of us, as all of us are feeling the FSU piss spray off of Folden's face. All of us, aside from Jim, who picked VA Tech. They aren't the safest pick in that conference, but they are looking better then FSU.


Hawaii, Nevada, Fresno St, and San Jose St are the teams that we all picked to win the WAC, which so far are the teams winning the Boise Stateless Shit WAC. So more to come on that later.

Big Ten (twelve?)

Again, Folden is the odd man out here, having taken Ohio St to win that conference. Other than that the rest of us are relatively safe, other then Joe Pa's osteoporosis.

Big Twelve (ten?)

All had Oklahoma, all looking good.

Big East

All of us had WVU, lookin good, except for Andrew who took PITT is SHIT. Which, isn't looking like the worst pic, but not great either.

The PAC 12 (ten?)

we all picked Stanford and Oregon, which will be showing down soon. I like white guys, so I hope Stanford wins.


Between the 12 of us, we chose 6 teams to win the MAC, which is a clusterfuck of it's own, so I'll move on and revisit that later.


All picked Boise. All looking good.

And now for the nations best conference...

The Sunbelt Conference

We all picked Troy or FIU (aside for Simons Brutal Middle Tennessee St pick. However, Louisiana Lafayette decided to be the badasses of that piece of shit.


We all picked Alabama, and we are all waiting to see what's gonna happen.

Conference USA. Big clusterfuck like the MAC more on this in a couple weeks.

Pick 'em

Simon gained some ground in the college pick 'em by picking 13 games correctly, tying with John who actually made his picks this week, rebounding well. Folden had 12. The rest of us did ok, aside from Jim who only got 7.

In the pro pick 'em Shawn, Folden, and Colin got 11 of 13 correct, with Simon coming in second with ten.

So with 25 combined points this week, Folden and Simon will each be receiving the 5 point bonus.

In fantasy football, I actually won a fucking game for once, after starting the season on a 5 game losing streak, beating Joe. Folden won his 3rd in a row with a win against Munez, who has hit a 5 game losing streak of his own. Andrew took it to Bono, while John managed to score the 2nd least points of the week but still managed to win his game against Geiss. Simon rebounded from a couple of down weeks, beating Shawn, and Jim beat Colin in the weeks only shoot out.

This gives us a 5 way tie for first place between Colin, Andrew, Shawn, Simon, and Jim. With Joe, Bono, and Foldenall in a tie for the 6th play off spot at 3-3. After that is Geiss and John at 2-4, and Munez and I at 1-5.

Points for this year. It's fantasy wins points + college pick 'em points + pro pick 'em points + (bonus) = Total score

Colin 40 + 68 + 81 + (10) = 207
Shawn 40 + 61 + 84 = 185
Jim 40 + 56 + 77 + (5) = 178
Joe 30 + 52 + 79 = 161
Simon 40 + 60 + 84 + (5) = 189
Andrew 40 + 58 + 86 + (10) = 194
Bono 30 + 58 + 83 + (5) = 176
John 20 + 49 + 67 = 146
Folden 30 + 65 + 84 + (10) = 189
Geiss 20 + 54 + 82 = 156
Munez 10 + 58 + 83 = 151
Adam 10 + 52 + 83 = 145

So, here are your week 7 rankings.

1. Colin 207 (even)
2. Andrew 194 (even)
t3. Folden 189 (^3)
t3. Simon 189 (^3) (Oddly, these two were tied after last week too)
5. Shawn 185 (-2)
6. Jim 178 (-1)
7. Bono 176 (-3)
8. Joe 161 (even)
9. Geiss 156 (even)
10. Munez 151 (even)
11. Adam 145 (even)
12. John 136 (even)

Check your points. Please, and no need to double check mine. If I'm cheating for myself then I'm doing a really shitty job.

This week in fantasy we have a couple of pretty good match ups. The game of the week is Shawn (4-2) v Jim (4-2). Other games on the slate are Colin (4-2) v John (3-3). Geiss (2-4) tries to get his season back on track when he plays Andrew (4-2). Folden (3-3) and Bono (3-3) go head to head for the chance to get above .500. Bonus stat, in Weeks 2 & 3 of this fantasy season Bono scored 297.30 points. In all other weeks his combined score is 297.14.
Also, Joe (3-3) tries not to be the one to end another 5 game losing streak in consecutive weeks, against Munez (1-5). And Simon (4-2) goes against Me (1-5) as I try to turn this into a respectable season, while Simon tries to keep up with the other guys in first.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 6, scores, totals, no thoughts....

So, we are now 6 weeks into the Football God season. My fantasy football team is 0-5 and i hate you all, so we will get straight to the scores today.

Week 5's bonus was easy enough to figure out, since Folden rocked both college and pros, earning him the extra 5 points.

Week 6 Andrew dominated, earning his second 5 point bonus of the season. Nice job guys.

Also, John McLane, do your fucking pick 'em...that shit is annoying. And he wonders why I put him in 12th in my preseason predictions.

The scores up to now look like this.

C Pick'em + P Pick'em + Fantasy Football (10 points per win) + (bonus) = total score

Andrew 75+50+30+(10)=165
Bono 73+49+30+(5)=157
Geiss 73+46+20=139
Shawn 73+50+40= 163
Folden 72+54+20+(5)=151
Munez 72+49+10=131
Adam 72+44+0=116
Colin 72+ 57 +40 +(10)=179
Simon 71+ 50+30=151
Jim 70+47+30+(5)=152
Joe 70+43+30=143
John 54+40+20=114

So the rankings are

1. Colin 179 (even)
2. Andrew 165 (^4)
3. Shawn 163 (-1)
4. Bono 157 (^1)
5. Jim 152 (^2)
t6. Folden 151 (^5)
t6. Simon 151 (-3)
8. Joe 143 (-4)
9. Geiss 139 (^1)
10. Munez 131 (-2)
11. Adam 114 (^1)
12. John 112 (-3)

This week in fantasy football we have a couple of heavyweight matchups 4-1 Colin playing against 3-2 Jim, and 4-1 Shawn playing against 3-2 Simon. We may start to see a bit of seperation between Shawn and Colin against the rest of the league as the mid season point comes near. I'll be checking up on our predictions in the next couple weeks, where I'll be able to do a bit of a prediction as to where those are heading soon. til then, one love.