Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 7 scores, my dick in your mouth, and your mom

Welcome friends. I am here to talk to you about some predictons that were made, giving a sort of mid season break down of the college predictions. Let's start from the top.

National Championship

Most people had Oklahoma vs Alabama, with a couple of other teams sprinkled in there. Everybody seems to be safe, except for Folden, whose ballsy Florida St pick peed on his face, by way of three consecutive loses. The rest of our selections are all in the top 10 right now, with Bono's pick of Oregon and John's pick of Arkansas being the most unlikely. Shawn & Andrew's Wisconsin pick is looking pretty good, and my Stanford pick is ok, but they will each need some help from the top 5 to make any headway. Moving on.


The pee that hit Folden in the face is not eluding the rest of us, as all of us are feeling the FSU piss spray off of Folden's face. All of us, aside from Jim, who picked VA Tech. They aren't the safest pick in that conference, but they are looking better then FSU.


Hawaii, Nevada, Fresno St, and San Jose St are the teams that we all picked to win the WAC, which so far are the teams winning the Boise Stateless Shit WAC. So more to come on that later.

Big Ten (twelve?)

Again, Folden is the odd man out here, having taken Ohio St to win that conference. Other than that the rest of us are relatively safe, other then Joe Pa's osteoporosis.

Big Twelve (ten?)

All had Oklahoma, all looking good.

Big East

All of us had WVU, lookin good, except for Andrew who took PITT is SHIT. Which, isn't looking like the worst pic, but not great either.

The PAC 12 (ten?)

we all picked Stanford and Oregon, which will be showing down soon. I like white guys, so I hope Stanford wins.


Between the 12 of us, we chose 6 teams to win the MAC, which is a clusterfuck of it's own, so I'll move on and revisit that later.


All picked Boise. All looking good.

And now for the nations best conference...

The Sunbelt Conference

We all picked Troy or FIU (aside for Simons Brutal Middle Tennessee St pick. However, Louisiana Lafayette decided to be the badasses of that piece of shit.


We all picked Alabama, and we are all waiting to see what's gonna happen.

Conference USA. Big clusterfuck like the MAC more on this in a couple weeks.

Pick 'em

Simon gained some ground in the college pick 'em by picking 13 games correctly, tying with John who actually made his picks this week, rebounding well. Folden had 12. The rest of us did ok, aside from Jim who only got 7.

In the pro pick 'em Shawn, Folden, and Colin got 11 of 13 correct, with Simon coming in second with ten.

So with 25 combined points this week, Folden and Simon will each be receiving the 5 point bonus.

In fantasy football, I actually won a fucking game for once, after starting the season on a 5 game losing streak, beating Joe. Folden won his 3rd in a row with a win against Munez, who has hit a 5 game losing streak of his own. Andrew took it to Bono, while John managed to score the 2nd least points of the week but still managed to win his game against Geiss. Simon rebounded from a couple of down weeks, beating Shawn, and Jim beat Colin in the weeks only shoot out.

This gives us a 5 way tie for first place between Colin, Andrew, Shawn, Simon, and Jim. With Joe, Bono, and Foldenall in a tie for the 6th play off spot at 3-3. After that is Geiss and John at 2-4, and Munez and I at 1-5.

Points for this year. It's fantasy wins points + college pick 'em points + pro pick 'em points + (bonus) = Total score

Colin 40 + 68 + 81 + (10) = 207
Shawn 40 + 61 + 84 = 185
Jim 40 + 56 + 77 + (5) = 178
Joe 30 + 52 + 79 = 161
Simon 40 + 60 + 84 + (5) = 189
Andrew 40 + 58 + 86 + (10) = 194
Bono 30 + 58 + 83 + (5) = 176
John 20 + 49 + 67 = 146
Folden 30 + 65 + 84 + (10) = 189
Geiss 20 + 54 + 82 = 156
Munez 10 + 58 + 83 = 151
Adam 10 + 52 + 83 = 145

So, here are your week 7 rankings.

1. Colin 207 (even)
2. Andrew 194 (even)
t3. Folden 189 (^3)
t3. Simon 189 (^3) (Oddly, these two were tied after last week too)
5. Shawn 185 (-2)
6. Jim 178 (-1)
7. Bono 176 (-3)
8. Joe 161 (even)
9. Geiss 156 (even)
10. Munez 151 (even)
11. Adam 145 (even)
12. John 136 (even)

Check your points. Please, and no need to double check mine. If I'm cheating for myself then I'm doing a really shitty job.

This week in fantasy we have a couple of pretty good match ups. The game of the week is Shawn (4-2) v Jim (4-2). Other games on the slate are Colin (4-2) v John (3-3). Geiss (2-4) tries to get his season back on track when he plays Andrew (4-2). Folden (3-3) and Bono (3-3) go head to head for the chance to get above .500. Bonus stat, in Weeks 2 & 3 of this fantasy season Bono scored 297.30 points. In all other weeks his combined score is 297.14.
Also, Joe (3-3) tries not to be the one to end another 5 game losing streak in consecutive weeks, against Munez (1-5). And Simon (4-2) goes against Me (1-5) as I try to turn this into a respectable season, while Simon tries to keep up with the other guys in first.

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