Wednesday, August 29, 2012

College Preseason Pics Analysis

To start off I want to welcome everyone back this year.  Geiss & Simon have left us, and my good friend Rob Klingensmith has joined us.  Rob played the second year of Football God, so we welcome him back gladly.  The other people are

Shawn Voyten - returning champion, finishing his masters this fall.
Joe Mclane, last season's runner up & defending fantasy champ.  In the last year, Joe has gotten engaged.
Jim Rowing, high school teacher going into his 2nd year as a teacher, and 5th in football god.
Colin Reilly, in the last year, Colin has done poorly at football god, and also fathered a son.
Chris 'Munez' Coldsmith, father of two, 3rd year in football god, just bought his first home.
Andrew Johnson, my brother, runner up in fantasy last year, writer on a very well regarded wrestling blog.
John McLane, successful lawyer, trying to make a worst to first jump this year.
Anthony Folden, newly married, 2 time champion, trying to redeem his slip last year
Rob Klingensmith - 2nd year in football god, just graduated from law school
Me - I am now an insurance agent, and finally getting my shit together.  One time champ, going for #2.

Onto your Preseason Pics.

Spoiler Alert!  People think USC is going to win the National Championship this year.  It's actually alarming how many people think this, to the point that if they don't, it's essentially a wash on National Championship points for the season.

9 of the 10 of us have USC winning the National Championship this season.  Pretty stunning considering the SEC has won something like 130 championships in a row.  The lone ranger in this is Folden, who took...take a guess.  Alabama?  NO.  LSU?  No.  Anthony took the Arkansas Razorbacks as his National Champion.  So.  In review, If USC wins it all, the only person hurt is Folden.  If Arizona wins, Folden's the only one who benefits.  If anyone else wins it, it doesn't matter.

National Championship games are a slightly different story, however. All 10 of us have USC in the championship game this season.  5 people have them playing LSU.  The people who don't are as follows.

Folden has them playing Arkansas, Rob has them playing Florida St, Colin has them playing Alabama, and John & I have them playing Georgia.  Good to have a little bit of difference.

The WAC is chalk all the way through, except Folden taking Utah, and Munez taking New Mexico St.  The rest of us took Louisiana Tech.

ACC - Most people took FSU to win the ACC.  The differences were Joe & Shawn had Clemson winning it, and I had VA Tech.

The Big East is clustery fuckery as usual.  With Cinci, Louisville, Pitt, and South Florida all getting nods between the 4 of us.

The SEC has more differences than it has in the past couple of years.  It's usually between two teams.  This year we have 4.  We have plenty of LSU, but also some Arkansas, Georgia, and Alabama.

The PAC 10 is a waste of our time this year.  So is the Mountain West.  We all have USC and Boise St, so nobody gains or loses there.

Big 12 is a bit of fun and has the most split in it.  Myself, Folden, and Jim have WVU winning it.  Shawn, Joe, and John have Texas, and everyone else has Oklahoma.

8 people took Western Mich to win the MAC with Shawn and myself taking Western Michigan.

The Sun belt is mostly Florida International and Arkansas St, except for Shawn who put 3 teams from Louisiana winning Conferences this year.  He went for Louisiana Lafayette.

And, as usual, Conference USA is well represented with 5 different teams getting some gusto.


I have to give it up to Folden, who put Kansas St in a BCS game.  Meaning that Folden has 2 teams from the Big 12 in the BCS, neither of which is Texas or Oklahoma.  The individual awards you can look at in your email.  I'm sending out an email, which will have a breakdown of everybody's picks.  Good luck on the college side this year, and make sure you make your pics in the weekly pick 'em