Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Point Update 10-28

Yo, sorry the point updates haven't been as fast and furious as you're used to.  Life gets busier and I get lazier as I get older.  Let's start with some meat sticks.


Since our last check in we have some more bonus winners.  All of these are 10 point bonus's.

Week 6: Andrew
Week 7: Munez and Geiss
Week 8: Joe
Week 9: Geiss

We will be hitting the halfway point in the pro pick'em this weekend, so if you're behind it's time to pick up the old slack.

Currently the leader board in the pro pick'em is a log jam.  Geiss, Rob, Andrew, Munez, Shawn, and Jim all a couple points from the top.  Should be a tight race down the stretch.

On the college side, we are past the halfway point and the down slope.  Folden holds a 2 point lead on Jim, a three point lead over Jim, and a 5 point lead over Andrew and myself.  Gary and Dan are right behind the two of us.  Everyone below us has a lot of ground to make up on a lot of people, but they aren't out of it yet.  A very hot finish would be needed though.


It's not often I'm able to write the fantasy results before Monday Night Football with complete confidence in the results.  However, this is one of those rare days.

Colin has moved into 1st place overall beating Joe.  Joe, by way of tie breakers, has fallen to third place with Rob moving up to 2nd by way of beating John.

Geiss has moved into 4th all on his own.  This was coupled with his defeat of Folden's lowly team, and by Gary and Munez losing.  Munez has dropped two in a row now, while Gary's winning streak has ended.

Munez has dropped all the way from 5th to 8th with the loss, while Gary only drops to 5th.  Shawn holds down the final playoff postion with his high scoring win over Gary.

Below him is me in 7th, who beat Andrew in the annual Johnson bowl.  Andrew falls to 9th at 3-5, while Jim is at 3-5 as well.  Jim started the season 0-4 and has won 3 of his last four to get back into contention.

In the cellar is John at 2-6 and Folden at 1-7.

Preseason Predictions

There are only a few weeks left until predictions are still coming in.  So I'll use today to speak of Conference predictions that absolutely are not going to happen.

SEC Champion
South Carolina, Geiss and Shawn.
In Final Four - Geiss and Shawn
National Runner Up- Shawn


Pac 12 Champion & Final Four team UCLA, Munez, Colin, Folden, John

Reallllly unlikely to happen

Ok, I got bored with this quickly.  Let's wait a couple more weeks on these.

Total Points as of 10/28


10 pts per fantasy win + college pick'em score+ pro pick'em score + (bonus)

Colin 60+71+52=183
Rob 60+71+61+(20)=212
Joe 60+ 78+53+(20)=211
Dan 50+74+61+ (30)=215
Gary 40+75+56+(5)=176
Voyten 40+70+59+(10)=179
Adam 40+76+50=166
Munez 40+70+62+(10)=182
Andrew 30+76+61+(10)=177
Jim 30+79+57+(10)=176
John 20+ 32+39+=91
Folden 10+81+50=141


1. Dan (Geiss) 215
2. Rob 212
3. Joe 211
4. Colin 183
5. Munez 182
6. Voyten 179
7. Andrew 177
t8. Gary 176
t8. Jim 176
10. Adam 166
11. Folden 141
12. John 91

Next week, John may even break into triple digits!!!

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