Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fantasy Football Week 10 News and Nuts

Week 10 is starting tomorrow and it looks like we have another casualty to the potential playoff race.  John lost his 5th game in a row to drop to 2-7.  That almost certainly drops him out of potential playoff contention.

So, with 4 games left to play we are down to 10 people fighting for playoff spots.  Let's see what the deal is this week.

John (2-7) vs Jim (3-6)

Jim is in a win out or be done situation.  Lucky for him, he has the aforementioned John on the schedule this week.  This is the last easy game for Jim though.  He has Colin, Rob, and Shawn down the stretch, and those are all difficult wins.

Andrew (3-6) vs Munez (4-5)

Andrew is in a similar situaiton to Jim.  Needs 4 wins down the stretch to feel comfortable about a playoff birth.  Munez is nearing that bubble too.  He started 4-2 this year before dropping the last three games.  Someone's going to breath life into their season after this game.

Joe (7-2) vs Shawn (5-4)
Big game between two playoff contenders here.  Joe can pretty much wrap up a playoff birth with another win, and this would be a good spot for him to do it.  Shawn is sitting at 5th right now, and needs a win to build a bridge between himself and being out of the playoffs

Adam (5-4) vs Folden (1-8)
The rough season for Folden continues.  I got into the playoff picture last week with my 3rd straight win.  Nothing notable here.  Folden's out of the playoffs.  If I win I improve my playoff situation.

Colin (7-2) vs Rob (7-2)
#1 vs #2 again.  One of these two will be pretty much locking up a playoff spot this weekend.  If not technically than it's only a matter of time.  Time for these two to try to get that first round bye.

Game of the week

Gary (5-4) vs Dan (5-4)
Dan and Gary are the game of the week this week, becdause of the implication.  Gary's in 4th and Dan's in 7th.  If Dan wins this he and Gary could potentially flip flop.  This is the game with the biggest playoff implication of all this week.

That's it this week.  Until next week, Hang low, sweet chariot.

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