Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Football God Update 11/18

Another week in the bag.  More updates to cover.  We're going to start with our Pick'em Bonus

Week 10 Gary
Week 11 Munez
Week 12 Shawn

Here's where it stands on the season, with how many bonus points each person has accumalated.

Dan 30 pts
Rob 20 pts
Joe 20 pts
Munez 20 pts
Shawn 20 pts
Gary 15 pts
Andrew 10 pts
Jim 10 pts

So with 6 weeks of pro football left, Munez leads the pro pick'em with 86 pts.  In striking distance of him right now are Rob and Shawn at 83 pts, Gary at 82, and Dan at 81.

In college pick'em Folden has continued to hold his lead with 108 points.  With only 3 weeks to play in that, it's likely that Jim (102 pts) and Andrew (101 pts) are the only two people who have a shot to catch him.


As far as predictions go, there are a few things that are definite at this point.

Florida State has clinched their side of the ACC to play in the title game.  They will play either Georgia Tech or Duke.

Marshall and Lousiana Tech will almost certianly play for th Conference USA title.

Bowling Green will play for the MAC title.

Oregon will be playing for the PAC 10 title.  They are still waiting on an opponent.

In the NFL I haven't the slighest idea what the fuck's going to happen.  Arizona is 9-1 and has a 3 game lead on the playoffs, while New England is 8-2 and only has a two game lead.  Will probably be a few more weeks before we have anything clear up.


Our fantasy season is AMAZING

There are two weeks left to play and we still have 9 teams vying for a playoff spot.

What's even more impressive is that Joe and Rob are 8-3 and still aren't guarenteed a playoff spot.

Usually, in a situation like this, the fringe playoff teams will play one another head to head and knock each other out.  However, Gary, Shawn, Dan, and Munez are all 6-5 and do not play one another at all in the next two weeks.

Next week

#1 Rob plays #9 Jim
#2 Joe plays #7 Dan
#3 Colin plays #6 Voyten
#4 Adam plays #5 Gary
#8 Munez plays #12 Folden
#10 Andrew plays #11 John

So, if Munez, Gary, Voyten, Dan, and Jim were all able to win this week, we would go into the last game of the season with these standings

Rob 8-4
Joe 8-4
Colin 7-5
Adam 7-5
Gary 7-5
Shawn 7-5
Dan 7-5
Munez 7-5
Jim 6-6

I realize that I'm speculating about 5 of 6 games going in a certain direction, but the fact that this is a possibility with two weeks left is very cool.

Of course, if Rob, Joe, Colin, myself, and Folden all win, We'll have four teams clinch the playoffs this weekend.


Rob 80+91+83+(20)=274
Joe 80+98+76+(20)=274
Colin 70+96+74=240
Adam 70+98+71=239
Gary 60+98+82+(15)=255
Shawn 60+99+83+(20)=262
Dan 60+95+81+(30)=266
Munez 60+93+86+(20)=259
Jim 50+102+73+(10)=235
Andrew 40+101+78+(10)=229
John 20+32+39=91
Folden 10+108+72=190


t1. Rob 274
t1. Joe 274
3. Dan 266
4. Shawn 262
5. Munez 259
6. Gary 255
7. Colin 240
8. Adam 239
9. Jim 235
10. Andrew 229
11. Folden 190
12. John 91

So, still very close.  In about three weeks, once conference champions are crowned, we will see a big influx of prediction points.  This may be the closest our points have been ever.  Still very much anyone's game (except John)

I will do one more point update, after the playoff participants are known, before the conference championship games.

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