Thursday, December 4, 2014

Football God Point Update. The last before shit hits the fan

Hey, happy December.  Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving.  This update may take some time so we're going to get into it.

Fantasy Football:

The playoffs are set.  The six teams in the playoffs are

1. Rob (bye)
2. Colin (bye)

3. Joe VS
6. Gary

4. Adam VS
5. Geiss

The way the fantasy points go, everyone gets a 10 point bonus for making the playoffs.  Also, Rob and Colin receive a 20 point bonus for getting the first round bye.

The winners of this weekends games will receive 20 points.  The winners of the semi-finals get the same and the champion gets 40 points

Total Fantasy Points so far.

Rob 130 pts
Colin 120 pts
Joe 100 pts
Adam 90 pts
Geiss 90 pts
Gary 80 pts
Shawn 70 pts
Munez 60 pts
Jim 50 pts
Andrew 50 pts
Folden 20 pts
John 20 pts

A special shout out to Shawn's team.  Sucks to have the 2nd most points in the league and miss out on the playoffs.

College Pick'em

As far as this pick'em goes, it's pretty much a forgone conclusion that Folden is going to be taking the 40 point bonus.  He has a 6 point lead over Andrew and we are only picking 8 games this weekend.  It would take something crazy for Andrew to catch him.

College pick 'em points.

Folden 130
Andrew 124
Joe 123
Gary 122
Jim 122
Shawn 121
Colin 119
Geiss 118
Munez 115
Adam 115
Rob 106
John 32.

Good season on the pick'ems John.  Proud of you.

Pro Pick'em

The Pro Pick'em is much much tighter. There are four weeks remaining and Munez is holding onto a razor thin one point lead over Rob and a two point lead over Shawn.  Geiss is only 4 back, Andrew and Gary 5 back.

Totals as of beginning of Week 14

Munez 99
Rob 98
Shawn 97
Geiss 95
Andrew 94
Gary 94
Joe 91
Jim 91
Folden 87
Colin 87
Adam 82
John 39

Pick'em Bonus

This is the last week where a 10 point bonus is given.  Starting next week it'll be a 5 point bonus.

Week 13 bonus belongs to Joe who had a massive 25 combined point week.
Week 14 belongs to Munez for posting 21 points combined, scoring the most in Pros and tying for most in College last week.

Total Bonus points by person

Munez 30 pts
Joe 30 pts
Dan 30 pts
Rob 20 pts
Shawn 20 pts
Gary 15 pts
Andrew 10 pts
Jim 10 pts
Adam 0
Folden 0
Colin 0
John 0

Pre Season Predictions

1st prediction of the year in.  Georgia Southern won the Sun Belt in their first year in Division 1A.  For this, they don't get to play in a bowl game!  For no reason.  Other than a dumb NCAA rule.  Throw it on the pile of other shit the NCAA does that makes no sense.

Obviously nobody got this prediction correct.

So, one last week of normal point updates.  Next week all the Conference champions will be factored in so expect some big swings.

Fantasy points + College Pick'em + Pro Pick'em + bonus

Rob 130+106+98+20=354
Colin 120+119+87=326
Joe 100+123+91+30=344
Adam 90+115+82=287
Geiss 90+118+95+30=333
Gary 80+122+94+15=311
Shawn 70+121+97+20=308
Munez 60+115+99+30=304
Andrew 50+124+94+10=278
Jim 50+122+91+10=273
Folden 20+130+87=237
John 20+32+39=91


1. Rob 354
2. Joe 344 (-1)
3. Geiss 333
4. Colin 326 (+3)
5. Gary 311 (+1)
6. Shawn 308 (-2)
7. Munez 304 (-2)
8. Adam 287
9. Andrew 278 (+1)
10. Jim 273 (-1)
11. Folden 237
12. John 91

The plus and minus indicate a rising or falling in the rankings.  Joe fell out of his first place tie, which is now held by Rob . Colin had the biggest jump, three, while Shawn and Munez both dropped two spots.

One more fun fact.  John has had the same exact point total since the 10/27 update.  Sadly, once the predictions are in he will have triple digits.

Until next week, double check your point totals, and hide your no reason boners.

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