Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Football God Update - Fantasy Football 10/21/14

We're officially past the halfway point in the Fantasy Football season. However, Football God still has 3 months left to go.  Let's start with fantasy football to see where everyone stands.

Since our last update, The McLane train has kept on moving along.  He finally lost a game last week, ironically losing to a team that only put up 59 points.  With 6 regular season games to play, Joe has a three game lead on the playoffs.  So, even if he struggles down the stretch it shouldn't take more than a win or two to get him into the playoffs. 

Colin and Rob hold down the next two spots.  Colin getting a win after losing two weeks in a row, and Rob winning his second consecutive game by less than 3 points.  Rob also has the longest win streak in the league at 4 games.  They both hold a two game lead over a play off spot.  

After that we have 6 teams that are either 4-3 or 3-4.  In the playoffs right now are Gary, Munez, and Geiss at 4-3.  Gary is the current 4 seed, the highest scoring team in the league, and is riding a 3 game winning streak.  Munez is at 5 and Geiss at 6.  Only twenty points separating them on the season, both of them coming off of a loss.

At 3-4 is myself, Andrew, and Shawn.  Shawn is on the outside looking in at the 7th seed, with me 35 points behind him at the 8 seed.  Andrew is in 9th, nearly 200 points behind Shawn.  

At 2-5 are John and Jim.  After starting 0-4 Jim's team has improved.  He won two in a row before dropping last week.  Neither of these guys are out of the race yet, but a hot streak will really help them.  7 wins may be the flood on getting into the playoffs, so they each may only be able to afford one more loss.  

Folden sits at 1-6 after only scoring 38 points last week.  Folden's in some trouble and likely needs to win out to get into the playoffs from here.

Week 8 Schedule

Gary (4-3) vs Shawn (3-4)  

Gary goes for 4 in a row against Shawn.  These two represend 2/3rds of the highest scoring teams in the league, so it should be a high scoring match up. 

Munez (4-3) Vs Jim (2-5)  

Jim needs to win some games to get his way back into the hunt, and beating the teams in front of him is the best way to do it.  Munez probably only needs to go .500 from here to get into the playoffs, so a win here would help him. 

John (2-5) vs Rob (5-2)  

Same thing for Jim goes for John here.  He's catching Rob at a good time, as Rob's team has some bye's, injuries, and unfavorable match ups this week.  However, John has the worst bench in fantasy football history, and there's an 80% that John leaves Fred Jackson in his line up even though he's out for the next month.

Geiss (4-3) vs Folden (1-6)

Folden needs a win and needs it now.  Fantasy football has a tendency to ebb and flow, and if that's true then Folden is due for a big week.  This would be unfortunate for Geiss, as a loss here could bring him back to the pack a little more.

Adam (3-4) vs Andrew (3-4)

The annual Johnson Bowl.  All bets are off.  both of our teams will score 300 points, RGIII will put us in his next Subway commercial.  The internet will explode.

Game of the Week

Colin (5-2) vs Joe (6-1)

They are #1 and #2 in the standings.  It couldn't be any other game.  To be fair, this game has the potential to be a blowout.  Colin's team loves putting up numbers and all of Joe's RB's are hurt.  But, #1 vs #2 always gets game of the week status.

I'll be back later in the week with a point update.

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