Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Football God VII Update: 9/30/14

What's up slobs.  I'm coming to you guys with your first point update of the season.  It's been a fun year so far, watching the Patriots come back to earth after 13 years of dominance.  The Big 10 be the worst conference in the world.  And, Folden finally getting pubes.

Fantasy Football

At the top of the fantasy leader boards are Joe and Colin, both sitting at 4-0.  There are some distinct differences between their teams though.

Colin is averaging an absurd 137 points a game so far, 21 points ahead of Munez, who is the next closest person.  After the dominating performance Colin put on in fantasy last year, it might be time to bow down to our Ginger overlord and concede the championship to him again.

Joe, on the other hand, is 4-0 despite scoring less than the top half of the league in every week.  Joe is the benefit of good match ups and a little bit of luck.  However, he is also putting up enough consistent numbers to keep winning.

Below them is Munez at 3-1, Shawn at 2-2, and Rob at 2-2.  All three have put up between 110 and 116 points a week to put them in a good spot with great upside.

Dan, Andrew, and John are also 2-2 although they've scored a few points less. Dan averages 93 points a game, Andrew 92 a game, and John 86.

Next, is myself, Gary, and Folden. All three of us are at 1-3.  Despite all of us having good averages (105 points to 97 points scored a week).  The three of us have gone against some stiff competition.  Folden especially, who has gone against an average of 121 pts scored against this year.

Lastly, Jim is struggling at 0-4.  His team is averaging only 68 points a week.  Jim has been a victim of some under performing players (Tom Brady, Eddie Lacy, Larry Fitzgerald), as well as a couple of injuries.

Week 5

Adam (1-3) vs Colin (4-0)
Gary (2-2) vs John (2-2)
Jim (0-4) vs Folden (1-3)
Shawn (2-2) vs Geiss (2-2)
Joe (4-0) vs Munez (3-1)

Game of the Week

Andrew (2-2) vs Rob (2-2)

Realistically, the game of the week should be Joe vs Munez; however, if you weren't locked out of the draft room on the first night that we drafted you understand how awesome this game is.

Andrew and Rob got into a chat room scuffle that led to Rob telling Andrew to join ISIS, and Andrew LOSING HIS MIND.  The winner of this game will surely feel a higher sense of satisfaction, whether they would admit it or not.



Week 1: Gary (5 pts)
Week 2: Rob (10 pts)
Week 3: Dan (10 pts)
Week 4: Jim (10 pts)
Week 5:
Shawn, Joe , Rob (10 pts)

Those are the people who have gained the pick 'em bonus up to right now.

In the overall scores, Munez holds a lead over a few people right now, Rob being the closest behind.

In college, Folden has a razor thin lead over Andrew and Jim.

So here are the total scores as of now.

Fantasy wins 10 pts + pro pick'em score + college pick'em score+ bonus (if applicable)

Colin 40+45+23=108
Joe 40+45+23+10=118
Munez 30+46+31=107
Shawn 20+46+28 +10=104
Rob 20+48+29+20=117
Dan 20+48+25+10=103
Andrew 20+50+26=96
John 20+25+27=72
Adam 10+46+26=82
Gary 10+45+23+5=83
Folden 10+51+23=84
Jim 0+50+26+10=86


John is the only person who has more correct predictions in pros than college.  It's like...he almost didn't do his picks for two weeks.

Joe and Colin have the same exact score in pro and college pick'em, and the same record in fantasy football.  WHACKY!

Overall scores and rankings

1. Joe 118
2. Rob 117
3. Colin 108
4. Munez 107
5. Shawn 104
6. Dan 103
7. Andrew 96
8. Jim 86
9. Folden 84
10. Gary 83
11. Adam 82
12. John 72

Everyone please re add up your scores.  I do this quickly.  Peace out.  Let's Go Bucs'

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