Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hibernation Over. Football God Intros and Predictions

Hey guys, sorry I've been so shitty this year about getting any updates in.  But, I'm gonna try to make up for it a little bit now.   I'll start the 2014 season off with everybody's intros.

Your Champion:  Joe McLane

Football God History:
2009: 5th
2010: 5th
2011: 2nd
2012: 4th
2013: 1st

Joe has been extremely consistent, constantly finishing in the upper half of the league every year since he started playing in this league.  No reason to think any different this year.

2014 Prediction: 2nd

Last Years Runner Up:  Colin Reilly

2009: 9th
2011: 10th
2012: 2nd
2013: 2nd

Colin turned the corner a couple of years ago, and it's been either feast or famine for him.  This year he either takes a step forward or takes a step back.

2014 Prediction: 5th

Last years 3rd place finisher:  Rob Klingensmith

2010: 10th
2012: 7th
2013: 3rd

Funny story.  I remember Rob's first year in Football God he had Carolina winning the Superbowl and Oklahoma winning the NCAA Championship.  Both of those teams were so bad, that by October both of Rob's champions were 100% eliminated from contention.  Rob makes ballsy picks, and he either struggles or thrives.

2014 Prediction 11th

2 Time Champion Anthony Folden

2008: 1st
2009: 3rd
2010: 1st
2011: 9th
2012: 3rd
2013: 8th

Anthony has been the most consistently successful player in the history of Football God.  He is one of only three people to play every year, and he has finished in the top three 4 out of 6 times.  However, two of the last three years he's been struggling near the bottom.  He's a lot like the 2014 Steelers.  Trying to reclaim that fame.

2014 Prediction:  6th

2 Time Champion Adam Johnson

2008: 4th (of 4, so not good)
2009: 1st
2010: 2nd
2011: 8th
2012: 1st
2013: 7th

It's always weird typing my name in the third person.  I have two championships and a second place in my history, but I hated my draft 4 rounds into it and was drunk when I made my predictions

2014 Prediction 10th

2011 Champion: Shawn Voyten

2009: 2nd
2010: 8th
2011: 1st
2012: 8th
2013: 6th

Shawn has a history of either crushing it or middling.  It feels like a big bounce back year for him, but I also picked him last year.  So fuck him.

2014 Prediction: 4th

Just Out of the Money Last Year:  Andrew Johnson

2009:  8th
2010: 7th
2011: 4th
2012: 5th
2013: 4th

Andrew has done pretty well under the radar the last few years.  Finishing just out of the money in 2011 and 2013, and only two spots back in 2012.  I get the feeling though that Andrew put less thought and give a shit into Football God as in years past.

2014 Prediction: 9th

Chris Coldsmith (Munez)

2009:  4th
2011: 11th
2012: 6th
2013: 9th

Munez has struggled since his first year in Football God.  He steps out of the box on some of his Predictions, which hasn't always worked out well for him.  Maybe he flips the script.

2014 Prediction:  3rd

Jim Rowing

2008: 3rd
2009: 6th
2010: 4th
2011: 3rd
2012: 9th
2013: 5th

Aside from 2012, Jim has been consistent in Football God.  That's his only trip into the lower 3rd of the standings.  The problem is most of the time he finishes in the middle third, right outside of the money party.  I feel like this year is the year Jim...keeps doing the same

2014 Prediction  8th

John McLane

Finally, my favorite part of the introductions.

2010: 6th
2011: Last
2012: Last
2013: Last

The real question here is how did John not finish in last his first year???  John opened the season this year by forgetting to do his College picks.  The question now, is John the only dynasty we have had in the history of Football God?

2014 Prediction:  Dead Last

(Glass Shatters.  Stone Cold's music hits)

Dan Geissler

2008: 2nd
2009: 7th
2010: 9th
2011: 6th

After a two year hiatus, Dan Geissler has returned in sexy fashion.  Bringing with him a new baby and a South Carolina tan.  Amazing how Geiss has lived down there for two years and still doesn't have as bad of an accent as Bono did after he moved an hour and half away from home.

2014 Predicton:  7th

And, finally, introducing, my prediction for the 2014 Football God Champion

Gary Yingst

Gary has no history, having never played Football God before.  He seems like the type of guy to use smarts and idiotic luck to pull his way to a championship.

2014 Prediction: 1st

  Last year I only made four predictions.  I got 1, 2, and 3 wrong.  I said Voyten, Folden, and Andrew.  But, as usual I got the last place team correct.  John, as always.  So, here are all the predictions for this year in order.

Football God VII Predictions

#1 Gary
#2 Joe
#3 Munez
#4 Shawn
#5 Colin
#6 Folden
#7 Geiss
#8 Jim
#9 Andrew
#10 Rob
#11 Adam
#12 John

Why have I picked you where I have?  I have no idea.  I picked John #12 because he always finishes in last.  And, I picked Gary because of Karma.  Karma for how much all of us that know him made fun of him for his misspelling's during a fantasy draft.  

I'll be back either later this week or next Monday with the first scoring update of the year.  Salude.

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