Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Slowly but surely, the points trickle in

What up jabroni's.  Two weeks to go in the NFL regular season and things are starting to clear up.  Lots of points will be distributed in the next two weeks, with some starting today.


Rob and I both took Atlanta and both moved on to week 16.  If Rob and I end up tying there will be 50 points apiece distributed.  That's it for now.


Another rousing week of picks, leading to Hale crushing it and earning the 5 point bonus.  With two weeks to play, I have a 1 game lead over Geiss, 3 over Gary, 4 over Colin, and 7 over Joe.

Everyone else is too far back to get back into it.  There is a 60, 40, 20, bonus for 1st -3rd.


Congrats to Joe & Colin on navigating the waters of Fantasy Football to reach the championship.  They are each promised at least 40 bonus points with 60 going to the winner.  Shawn and Jim are fighting over 3rd and 20 bonus points.

The games were unimpressive in score, but none the less.  A win is a win.

Quick note. This is the 3rd time in 4 years Colin had been in the finals. And actually since 2010 Joe or Colin has been in the finals every year but 1. So, that's pretty impressive by both of them.


This is the big one this week.

New England clinched their division to the surprise of noone.  Everyone got 15 points there.

Gus Bradley was fired by Jacksonville, which gave me 15 points, as the only one to pick him fired.

Seattle officially clinched the NFC West giving 15 points to me, Jim, Shawn, Folden, Rob, Geiss, and Hale.

Arizona officially got eliminated from the playoffs, which was imminent but now official.


This is the biggest one of clarity.  Cleveland and San Francisco both clinched a top 3 draft pick with their losses this weekend.  Officially noone will get all 3 teams in the bottom.  But I'll spell out exactly where we are.

Jacksonville would have the 3rd pick if the league ended today with 2 wins.  Above them is Chicago with 3, and L.A & NYJ with 4 wins.

Noone had Jacksonville in the bottom 3, or the Jets.  Geiss & Eplin have Chicago, and Gary has L.A.

LA is probably out of the top 3 but with tiebreakers you never know.  Jacksonville beat Chicago this year so if they end up tied, Chicago will have the #3 pick.

Gettinig both Cleveland and SF are the following peopole.

Adam, Jim, Shawn, Folden, Joe, Colin, Rob.

Getting 1 of the 2 teams is Munez, Geiss, Hale, and Gary.

Rushing title.  Ezekiel Elliott has a 350 yard lead over the next closest person to him.  Folden was the only one to choose him to win.  Nearly a guaranteed 20 points for Folden.  I hate to jump the gun on giving Folden the points, but whatever.  Doin' it.

Here are your pro prediction points as of now.

Folden 80
Jim 75
Rob 75
Adam 75
Shawn 60
Joe 60
Colin 60
Geiss 45
Hale 45
Munez 30
Gary 30
Eplin 15

Stat Predictions.

Sacks leader.  It's looking like it's down to Vic Beasley and Vonn Miller.  Khalil Mack is 3 back with 2 to play, so there's still a chance there.  Chandler jones is 6.5 back, so Eplin's choice has joined the many JJ Watt selections.

Interceptions Leader

Casey Hayward is leading the league with 7 picks with 2 games to play.  Noone else has more than 5.  4 people have Marcus Peters, who has 5.  So a hot finish for him is the only real chance left for anyone to score there.

Receiving Yards:

Julio Jones has maintained the lead in receiving yards despite missing the last two games with an injury.  TY Hilton and Antonio Brown are close.


There were 5 bowl games last week, everyone won between 2 and 4 of them.  I won't be adding them into the points until later though.  Either next week or the week after, once there is a discernible difference.

Point Totals

College Overall Scores + Fantasy + Pro Pick'em + Pro Predictions + Bonus

* bonus includes pick'em bonus, survivor pool points.

Shawn 391+70+133+60+(30)=684
Adam 367+70+148+75+(30)=690
Geiss 326+50+147+45+(10)=578
Joe 324+80+141+60+(20)=625
Folden 305+20+133+80+(70)=608
Colin 302+80+144+60+(20)=606
Rob 269+80+133+75+(15)=572
Hale 268+50+123+45+(5)=491
Jim 249+100+124+75=548
Munez 244+60+134+30=468
Gary 240+80+145+30+(20)=515
Eplin 214+40+133+15+(10)=412

1. Adam 690
2. Shawn 684
3. Joe 625
4. Folden 608
5. Colin 606
6. Geiss 578
7. Rob 572
8. Jim 548
9. Gary 515
10. Hale 491
11. Munez 468
12. Eplin 412

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