Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bonus Points and Hoes

Happy Christmas, Jamokes.  Hope you had a good one.  Hope Santa slid down and in, giving you all that you needed.  Hope he filled you up...with Joy.  And ate your...Cookies.  Time for an update


Hot damn.  What a great championship.  Both Joe and Colin put up some big ass numbers, and it took until Monday Night for Colin to seal his championship.  Good season for everyone.

Shawn beat Jim in the 3rd place game.

Bonus Points as follows.

Colin 60
Joe 40
Shawn 20

Total points in Fantasy Football for the year.

Colin 140
Joe 120
Jim 100
Shawn 90
Gary 80
Rob 80
Adam 70
Munez 60
Hale 50
Geiss 50
Eplin 40
Folden 20

Well done on a good season.


All good things end in a tie, right?

Rob switched his pick from Dallas to Tennessee, in what ended up being a big mistake.  Tennessee got destroyed by the fuck face Jaguars, and ended the Survivor Pool with 2 champions.  Rob and I split the 60 for 1st and 40 for 2nd, getting 50 points a piece.

Rob, Folden, and I were the only three to make it through week 9, which also gave us 10 points for making it through the halfway point.

Totals in Survivor Pool for the season

Adam 60
Rob 60
Folden 30


Flip Flop again, as Geiss has retaken the lead.  With 1 week to play, Geiss has a 1 point lead over me, 3 over Gary, and 5 over Colin.  Joe sits 6 back.

It's probable that Colin and Joe are out of it.  As they would have to jump 3 too many people to get to 1st.  However,  they are still in striking distance of 3rd, and it's not unfeasible that one of them could jump to 2nd with a great last week.

The 5 point bonus went to Munez for putting up an 11 spot.


Here is what was clinched over the weekend.

Steelers winning the AFC North was gotten by everyone.

Houston winning the South was gotten by Hale, Folden, Joe, Muenz, Colin, and Rob.

And, BREAKING NEWS, about an hour ago Sexy Rexy Ryan was fired in Buffalo.  The on,ly person with that pick, was Geiss.

There are still some people with Washington & Tampa Bay in the wildcard, but they will need some help.

Colin, Gary, and Eplin have K.C winning the wildcard, and Geiss has Oakland.  So at least one person will get a wildcard team right this year.

Also, KC (who was chosen by 9 of us) could win the West with a Raiders loss, and a win.  And GB (who was chosen by all of us), will win the NFC North with a win Sunday night.

Total NFL Prediction points are as follows.

Folden 110
Rob 105
Jim 90
Adam 90
Shawn 90
Joe 90
Colin 90
Geiss 90
Hale 75
Munez 75
Gary 45
Eplin 30


16 games in and Eplin is in the lead, trying to repeat in the Bowl Pick'em.  Munez, and I are 1 behind, and Jim and Shawn 2 behind.  Kentucky Hillbilly leasdsa group of 6 people that are 3 behind, and Rob and Colin have gotten 6. Still like 24 bowls to play.

Here are the points earned so far.

Eplin 24
Munez 22
Adam 22
Shawn 20
Jim 20
Kentucky Hillbilly 18
Folden 18
Gary 18
Joe 18
Geiss 18
Hale 18
Rob 12
Colin 12

Overall Standings

College Overall Score + Fantasy Points + Pro Pick'em + Pro Predictions + Bowl Pick'em + Bonus Points.

Note:  Bonus Points have the Survivor Pool added into them.

Shawn 391+90+142+90+20+(30)=763
Adam 367+70+156+90+22+(80)=785
Geiss 326+50+157+90+18+(10)=651
Joe 324+120+151+90+18+(20)=723
Folden 305+20+143+110+18+(70)=666
Colin 302+140+152+90+12+(20)=716
Rob 269+80+142+105+12+(65)=673
Hale 268+50+132+75+18+(5)=548
Jim 249+100+130+90+20=589
Munez 244+60+145+75+22+(5)=551
Gary 240+80+154+45+18+(20)=557
Eplin 214+40+143+30+24+(5)=456

Overall Scores

1. Adam 785
2. Shawn 763
3. Joe 723
4. Colin 716
5. Rob 673
6. Folden 666 (mark of the beast)
7. Geiss 651
8. Jim 589
9. Gary 557
10. Munez 551
11. Hale 548
12. Eplin 456

70 points seperate 1st from 4th.  And down to 7th is within 100 of 3rd.

Next week:

We'll know in next weeks updates which 2 teams are playing in the College Football Championship.

The bonus points for the Pro Pick'em will be passed out.

The division winners and wildcard winners will be decided.  The coaches fired deadline is next monday night.  Chicago and Jacksonville will decide who has the #3 pick in the draft.

Basically, you will know by next week what chance you have to win and what you need to happen to get into the top 3.

Happy New Year.  Everyone be safe.

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