Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Points and Points and Points

Word up, scumbags.

It's snowing outside, accumulating and accumulating, just as the points are starting to in FG9.  Here's the changes since last week.

Fantasy Playoffs

Joe kicked the hell out of Gary.  Look at it this way.  Leveon Bell put up 60 points.  Gary's whole team put up 68.

Shawn relied on the kicking of Justin Tucker to squeak by Rob.

Semi Finals

Joe vs Jim

Shawn Vs Colin

The winners of this game will be guarenteed 40 points, and a chance for 60.

The losers will play a 3rd place game for 20 points.


Rob and I both picked Detroit, and they won.  The Survivor Pool never ends.  Never ends.  Never ends.  3 weeks left and we each have 1 strike.  60 points to 1st, 40 to 2nd, and 50 to each if we go the distance or go out on the same week.


Get your dick's hard boys, the bowl games are starting this week.  points for each correct game, 5 points for picking the new year's 6.  10 for the championship.

30, 20, 10 points go out to the people with the highest game total wins. We WILL be using the tie breaker of the CFP Championship game to decide any ties.  So make sure you fill that out.


With 3 weeks to play, there is another change at the leaderboard.  Happens every week recently.  Geiss and I are now tied for 1st, Gary is 2 back, Colin 3 back.  Joe 5 back.

With 3 weeks, and 48 games left, it's likely down to us 5 trying to get the 3 bonus spots.

Rob and I each earned a 5 point bonus this week for the pro pick'em.


We have one official prediction in, and that's Jeff Fisher being fired by the Rams.  That gives 15 points to Jim, Joe, Rob, and Colin.

There are a few more that should be figured out soon in almost certainty.  Seattle, New England, and Dallas could win their division any week.

Cleveland is 1 loss away from officially clinching a bottom 3 pick. San Fran as well.

Total Score

College Overall Score + Fantasy Points + Pro Pick'em + Pro Predictions + Bonus points

Shawn 391+70+121+(30)=
Adam 367+70+135+(30)=
Geiss 326+50+135+(10)
Joe 324+80+130+15+(20)
Folden 305+20+124+(70)=
Colin 302+80+132+15+(20)=
Rob 269+80+122+15+(15)=
Hale 268+50+109=
Jim 249+100+114+15=
Munez 244+60+124=
Gary 240+80+133+(20)=
Eplin 214+40+123+(10)=

Shawn 612
Adam 602
Joe 569
Colin 549
Geiss 521
Folden 519
Rob 501
Jim 478
Gary 473
Munez 428
Hale 427
Eplin 387

So, since last week, the changes are Geiss has jumped Folden from 6th to 5th.  Jim has jumped Gary from 9th to 8th.  Munez has jumped Hale from 11th to 10th.

That's it this week.  next week should have some division winners and other predictions to add in.

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