Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fantasy Football Playoff Scenarios

The last week of the fantasy football regular season is on the horizon.  And as of now 9 of the 10 teams are still playoff viable.  Let's go through the scenarios.

Already in: Joe, Adam, Rob, Colin.

#1 seed: Joe is going to be the #1 seed.  He can pretty much sit his starters.

#2 Seed:  This is still open a little bit.  Colin is only a game ahead of the 5,6, and 7 seeds.  But by way of John & Folden playing each other, he is going to make the playoffs.  Now, it's pretty simple here.

If I beat Colin, I will likely have the #2 seed, regardless of what Rob does.  The tie breaker is by season points, and I have Rob out pointed by about 50 points.

Scenario #2 Rob wins, Colin beats me.  In that case Rob will have the #2 seed.

Scenario #3 Rob loses, I lose, Colin wins.  In that case, Colin's point total will give him the tie breaker and he will have the first round bye.

Rob & I can fall as far at the #4 seed, Colin could potentially fall as far as the #6 seed.

Win & In: Jim, John, and Folden

Part of this is pretty simple.  Whoever wins between Folden and John will fall into either the 4,5, or 6 seed.  Jim's is pretty simple too.  He beats Voyten, he's in.

Other Scenarios:

Turns out that Jim vs Voyten is the key to the rest of the season.  If Shawn beats Jim, and Andrew beats Joe
then here is where we will be.

5 teams will already be in.  There will be 1 spot available for 4 teams that will all be tied.

Shawn 1449 pts
Andrew 1420 pts
Jim 1433 pts
Folden 1398 pts
or John 1422 pts

So, we'll have 4 teams separated by 50 points of tie break. So, Folden's likely to fall out of the playoffs if he loses.  Shawn has more points than Jim right now, so if he beats him in his game, he'll finish ahead of Jim.

In the situation that Shawn beats Jim, Andrew wins, and Folden wins, we'll be left with Andrew, Shawn, and John tied at 6-8 and whoever has the most points will get the last playoff spot.  Andrew is 29 points behind Shawn so his best chance is to win big and hope Shawn wins in a low scoring game, and hope that he outscores John by 3 points this week.

Very exciting stuff.  Munez technically can still make the playoffs, but he would need Shawn to beat Jim and Munez would also have to score about 300 points this week.  Good luck this week guys.  Should be exciting to watch.

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