Monday, December 10, 2012


The regular season is over guys.  Nice job to everyone this year.  People set their line ups every week and this resulted in another very competitive season.  Let's take a look at the week 14 results.

Adam def. Colin
Folden def John
Munez def Rob
Shawn def Jim
Andrew def Joe

So, what does that mean for the playoffs. I'm sure that almost everyone has seen the standings, but here they are.

1. Joe (bye)

5. Folden

3. Rob
6. Shawn

2. Adam (bye)

But, how did we get here?

Joe had clinched his top seed last week.

I beat Colin, locking up the 2 spot.

Rob lost, but since Colin lost too, Rob gets the 3 seed.

Colin slips into the 4 seed, even though he's tied with Folden, but he has the higher number of points, so Folden gets the 5 seed.


Well, to put it as bluntly as possible.  Jim lost to Shawn, Andrew beat Joe, and John lost to Folden.  Also, Munez beat Rob.  That puts 5 teams tied at 6-8 with only one playoff spot.  And Shawn takes the tie breaker by having the most points scored in the entire season.


If you remember from your rules,  It states that teams that make the playoffs receive an automatic 10 points, for making the playoffs.  It also states that the teams that get a first round bye receive 20 points.  Also, the teams that win the first round game will receive 20 points.  So, I will add those points into this.

Fantasy Football points (as of now) includes wins, and bonus's.

1. Joe 120
2. Adam 120
3. Rob 90
4. Colin 80
5. Folden 80
6. Shawn 70
7. Andrew 60
8. Jim 60
9. John 60
10. Munez 60.


Congrats to Folden on scoring the most points this week.  He'll get a 5 point bonus.  Now that College pick'em is done we're back to a 5 point bonus for people winning the pick'em.


The college predictions are finalized.  The college predictions are in, and we have some winners.  I posed these the other night, but I will again

Shawn 70 points - Doak Walker, Chuck B awards
Folden 35 points - Fred B award
Adam 35 points - Chuck B award
Andrew 35 points Chuck B award
Joe 35 points - Chuck B award
Munez 35 points - AP coach of the year award

So, now that gives us some more points in our overall totals that have been shelled out.  So that should effect the totals.  Let's take a look at where we are as of now

College pick 'em + Pro pick'em + Fantasy points + prediction points + (pick em bonus) = total

 Munez 155+86+60+220+(65)
Jim 150+88+60+165+(10)
Adam 146+99+120+200+(20)
Colin 144+96+80+260+(10)
Shawn 143+100+70+165+(35)
Folden 139+99+80+140+(5)
Andrew 139+107+60+295+(30)
Joe 129+99+120+200+(10)
John 117+88+60+110+
Rob 116+104+90+225+(10)


1. Andrew 631 [even]
2. Colin 590 [even] (-41 points)
3. Munez 586 [even]  (-45 points)
4. Adam 585 [+1] (-46 points)
5. Joe 558 [+1] (-73 points)
6. Rob 545 [-2] (-86 points)
7. Shawn 513 [+1] (-118 points)
8. Jim 473 [-1] (-158 points)
9. Folden 463 [=] (-168 points)
10. John 375 [=] (-256 points)


Andrew is in front of everyone again.  Holding a 41 point lead over 2nd.  However, Andrew can no longer gain any points in fantasy football.  2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th place, and 9th place pepole people can still gain points in fantasy football.

Joe and my point jumps have a lot to do with us getting our 20 point bump for getting first round byes.  That means that next week we will receive no points for fantasy.  The two teams who win, however, will receive 20 points each.

The people who win the semi final games will also win 20 points and the fantasy football winner will receive 30 points.  That's still a lot of points out there for the fantasy teams in the playoffs to gain some extra points.

The difference between 2nd and 4th place right now is only 5 points.

The difference between 2nd and 6th is only 45 points.

As far as pro predictions go.  Next week we could see the Ravens, Houston, and Green Bay clinch their divisions.

The Giants and 49ers are both leading their divisions. San Fran can clinch with a win and Seattle loss.  I don't think the Giants can clinch this weekend.

So, we can certainly see some changes in the point totals again next week.

So, seriously, check your point totals, and make sure that I didn't mess up at all.  If I did let me know.  Also, fuck Bing Crosby.

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