Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fantasy Football Playoff Picture

Two games left in the fantasy season.  Let's see where everyone stands right now.

1st and 2nd get first round byes in the playoffs.

1st Joe

4th Jim
5th John

3rd Rob
6th Folden

2nd Adam

So what's the chances things end up this way? and what's the chances that people out of the playoff picture make their way into it.  Let's take a look at the next two weeks

1. Joe 8-4 (Munez, Andrew)
2. Adam 7-5 (John, Colin)
3. Rob 7-5 (Folden, Munez)
4. Jim 6-6 (Andrew, Shawn)
5. John 6-6 (Adam, Folden)
6. Folden 6-6 (Rob, John)
7. Colin 6-6 (Shawn, Adam)
8. Shawn 5-7 (Colin, Jim)
9. Munez 5-7 (Joe, Rob)
10. Andrew 4-8 (Jim, Joe)

So, where do we stand then as far as the playoffs go?

(8-4) Joe is guaranteed a playoff spot at this point.  All he needs to clinch is for either Jim, John, Folden, or Colin to lose or tie one more game.  John & Folden play each other in the last week of the season, so it's locked up for him.  It's just a matter of positioning now.

(7-5) For Rob & I, at 7-5, we are in a similar position.  All we need to do is win one of our remaining two games, and the result of the John vs Folden game next week will lock us into a playoff spot as well.

(6-6) Jim & John - The two of them hold a point advantage over the other 6-6 teams in the league, Colin & Folden.  One more win should be able to get them a playoff spot, but that's conditional on them not putting up any dud weeks the rest of the season.

(6-6) Folden & Colin - These two are in a little more difficult of a spot, but Folden can really help himself by beating John next week.  Folden and Colin could both find themselves in a spot where they are tied for 6th and lose the tie breaker by points.  7 wins will be the bottom rung win total to make it into the playoffs.

All seven of the teams ahead control their own destiny for playoffs, so let's check out the 3 teams that need some help.

5-7 Shawn & Munez:  Shawn plays Colin & Jim, Munez plays Joe and Rob, who are both in front of him for the playoffs.  Beating both of them doesn't guarentee either of them a playoff spot though, so they'll both need to win out and hope for a little bit of help from myself & Rob

4-8 Andrew  Is there anyway he can still make it?  Let's set up a scenario.  If Andrew beats Jim he'll be 5-8.  That will make Jim 6-7.  If Shawn then beat Jim that would make Jim 6-8.  If Folden lost to both Rob & John that would make him 6-8.  If Colin lost to Shawn and me that would make him 6-8.  If Munez lost either game that would make him 6-8.

So, basically, Andrew can still make the playoffs but a lot of stuff has to happen for that to happen.  Here is the scenario for this week

Andrew beat Jim
Shawn beat Colin
Folden or John lose

If each of those things happens this week, Andrew will have a chance still to make the playoffs.


Joe (8-4) vs Munez (5-7)

Munez is projected to put up twenty points less than Joe this week.  Joe's QB plays tonight though so we should know where they stand after today about where things could go.  One thing for sure, Munez really needs to win this week to stay in contention for the playoffs.  Going to go with Joe though this week.

Andrew (4-8) vs Jim (6-6)

Andrew & Jim have been the most hard luck of the teams in fantasy this year.  They consistently put up good scores most of the year, only to be undercut by moster weeks.  Their projections are very evenly matched this week.  I'm going to pick Andrew in an upset here, only to keep things a little more interesting come next week. UPSET OF THE WEEK

Adam (7-5) vs John (6-6)

John is projected to blow me out, which I think is going to happen LOCK OF THE WEEK.

Folden (6-6) vs Rob (7-5)
Folden's team is a make shift of little engine's that could.  He's projected to lose by 20 to Rob, but I think Folden picks up the win.

Game of the week

Colin (6-6) vs Shawn (5-7)

I like this game so much.  A lot of how open the playoff picture is next week depends on the game here. I like Shawn's matchups better, so I'm picking him to beat Colin and open up the playoff race big time for the last week.

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