Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 10 Look Ahead

Big week in Football God.  Let's look ahead.


Every week is a big week in Football God; however, there usually isn't one game that has so many implications on the predictions.  However, this week, Alabama plays LSU.  This is the biggest game of the week for us.

So many people have LSU or Alabama winning the SEC and playing in the National title game, that this could result in a major point swing.


There are a few people who put Texas as the Big 12 winner.  A few who put WVU as well.  Kansas St is playing one of it's last true tests of the season, with only Oklahoma in the future.  Kansas St fell off late last year; but, a win against Ok St this week will pretty much leave Texas & WVU dead in the water.  Especially, if they can't take care of business against their difficult opponents, too.


East Carolina vs Houston
Central Florida vs SMU

Once these two games are over, I'll finally be able to break the conference down, and be able to project out the rest of the season.

In the Pros, there aren't a bunch of big happenings.  But, there are some teams that people have picked that may need to start getting a little desperate.


Both of these teams have under-performed from expectations.  A loss for the Saints would be sort of a death blow, while a loss by Philly would put them at 3-5 and against the ropes.

Jets, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Dallas, Tennessee & San Diego.  All teams that were picked in one shape or another to make the playoffs.  Each one is under .500 and need to get some wins to not make themselves irrelevant.


John 5-3 vs Colin 3-5

Man, I wanted to pick this as my upset of the week, until I saw that Arian Foster was going against the Bills. Foster may score 80 fantasy points this week, and I wouldn't be all that surprised.  Colin is riding a 5 game losing streak, and he needs to get on the winning track again at some point.  Colin's team has the ability to put up some big points, so we'll see what happens.  I just don't think it's looking good for him this week.

Rob 4-4 vs Jim 4-4
Rob is riding a 4 game winning streak, mostly from the duel resurgence of Chris Johnson & Peyton Manning.       Jim's team is stacked but inconsistent.  This is actually a match up of the highest scoring team in the league (Jim) vs the lowest scoring (Rob).  A difference of nearly 30 points a week.  Rob can't win every game for the rest of the year, so I'm going to say that his streak ends here.
Jim wins in my LOCK of the week.

Andrew 2-6 vs Munez 4-4
Andrew is lucky enough to get Munez, while Tom Brady is on a buy.  Andrew is also unlucky enough to be Andrew this year, so Munez's back up will probably throw for 500 yards and 17 touchdowns.  Andrew's teams also have some pretty tough match ups this week.  It's looking pretty good for Chris & pretty bleak for Andrew.

Joe 5-3 vs Adam 5-3

Joe's stretched pretty thin this week.  His entire bench is on bye or injured.  That being said, he's still projected to put up similar numbers to me.  This one could be pretty close.


Shawn 4-4 vs Folden 4-4

Shawn and Folden's team stats are pretty even for the season.  The winner of this game will automatically move themselves up into the top 4 or 5 teams of the league for the first time all season.

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