Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Football God update Week ????

not sure what week we're on.  Sorry guys.  But I'm going to give everyone a scoring update before we hit up Thanksgiving.

First, BIG UPS

Big Ups to Jim for putting up a god damn 28 spot in pick 'em this week, earning himself a 10 point bonus.

Big ups to Andrew for winning the previous 2 pick 'em bonus's, and also winning his fantasy game, and also getting the first prediction correct.

Fantasy Football

In fantasy this week, we had 3 games that came down to the second half of the Monday night game.  That's exciting.  Andrew took John by a few points, I bet Munez by 1 point, and Jim beat Colin by less than 1.  Let's check out our standings.

Joe 7-4
Rob 7-4
Jim 6-5
Folden 6-5
Adam 6-5
John 5-6
Voyten 5-6
Colin 5-6
Andrew 4-7
Munez 4-7

So, there is a little bit more disparity than there had been for awhile, however I want to make a couple of points here about our league.

Rob is 7-4 after starting 0-4
John is 5-6 after starting 5-1

In a selfish note, i feel compelled to explain some irony.  Munez traded Vernon Davis to me, who hadn't done shit, for 6 weeks for me.  I think 10 points total.  Then he puts up a huge performance, in route to me missing munez by one point.  to end my 3 game losing streak.

Total Scores

College pick'em + pro pick 'em + fantasy football + bonus + predictions

Munez 142+68+40+(25)= 275
Adam 135+80+60+(20)= 295
Jim 134+71+60+(10)=275
Shawn 131+81+50+(35)= 297
Colin 129+83+50+(10)=272
Andrew 125+82+40+(20)+20=287
Folden 123+75+60=258
Joe 116+76+70+(10)=272
John 109+70+50=229
Rob 107+85+70+(10)= 272

So, now let's look at our standings.  Keep in mind it's been two weeks since our last update, so these standings may be way different than last time.

1.Shawn 297 (=)
2. Adam 295 (=)
3. Andrew 287 (+5)
t4. Munez 275 (-1)
t4. Jim 275 (+5)
t6. Joe 272 (-1)
t6. Rob 272 (=)
t6. Colin 272 (-2)
9. Folden 258 (-2)
10. John 229 (=)


Andrew jumps five spots, mostly from him getting the first prediction correct.

Jim jumps 5 spots, mainly from having a pretty badass last two weeks, in which he increased his score about 75 points.

1st to 8th place is separated by only 25 points.

Shawn and I have been in the top 2 spots for most of the year.

Have a good thanksgiving cock suckers.

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