Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How are our Super Bowl Pics Doing?

I figured I'd write another update on how each of our Super Bowl Pics are doing.  I'll go team by team.

Chosen by 6 people

Green Bay 6-3

Joe and Rob to win
Andrew, Adam, Folden, & Jim to lose

Green Bay started off 2-3 and have won 4 straight since then.  They have played a fairly easy schedule so far though.  Their toughest games start right after their bye week

Chosen by 5 people:

New England 5-3

 Munez, Andrew, and John to win.
 Joe and Rob to lose.

New England started off kind of shitty this year.  But it seems like they have gotten their ahold of things, while the rest of their shitty division has fallen off.

Chosen by 3 people

Baltimore 6-2

Adam and Folden to win
Colin to lose

Baltimore stormed out of the gates and looked really good at first.  Since then, Flacco has started to stall, and Baltimore's offense with it.  A lot of injuries to their traditionally great defense has left them vulnerable and needing some help.

Chosen by 2 people

Pittsburgh 5-3

Jim to win
Shawn to lose

Pittsburgh was 2-3 3 weeks ago, but since then they have played dominant.  After a Monday night game against shitty Kansas City, they play Baltimore two games out of three.  Should be a lot known about both of those teams in about a month.

San Francisco 6-2

Colin to win
John to lose

San Fran has looked steady all year.  A loss here and there, but their consistent brand of defense has them looking good.

Chosen by 1

Chicago 7-1

Chosen by Shawn to win

Chicago has looked great, despite Cutler's best attempts to spew his loserdum all over the place.  As long as their defense keeps up the sweet dick, they are a great looking pick.


Chosen by Munez to lose

Munez is the only person to pick the league's only undefeated team in the playoffs.  Unfortunately for Chris, Atlanta hasn't done dick in the playoffs with Matty pube Lice as their QB.  We'll see what happens there this year.

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