Monday, November 26, 2012

New Football God Update

What's up negros.  Lots of stuff to update today.  So let's start with new Red Outs


Ok, guys.  So, I'll start with the biggest update of last week as far as predictions go.

Michigan lost & Nebraska won, meaning that it's going to be Nebraska vs Wisconsin for the Big 10 championship.  That leaves myself and Andrew as the only two people with a chance to get points from that conference.

Also the SEC championship is Georgia vs Alabama.  What that means is this.  If Alabama wins, Colin will get points for having Alabama winning the SEC and for making the national championship.  Rob will also get points for Bama winning the SEC.  If Georgia wins, then John and I will get points for them winning the SEC & for making the National Championship.

Also, in the Big 12, if Kansas St wins, then the people who have Oklahoma winning the Big 12 are out.  If Kansas St wins and Oklahoma wins, they get the points.

In the NFL 6 of the 8 divisions are nearly clinched.  the NFC North & NFC East are still close enough not to call yet.

Keep in mind, none of these are for sure yet, but all 6 of these are very likely to happen.  San Fran, Houston, Denver, NE, Atlanta, & Baltimore all have 3 game leads on their divisions with 5 to play.  Let's look at where we each stand there.

Shawn 4 of 6
Jim 4 of 6
Folden 5 of 6
Adam 6 of 6
Andrew 5 of 6
Joe 6 of 6
John 4 of 6
Rob 6 of 6
Colin 6 of 6
Munez 5 of 6

As you can see, we all are on pace to have at least 4 division champs each.  The Giants have a 2 game lead in their division and the Bears have a 1 game lead.  We'll see how those look in the next couple of weeks.

Also, I have temporarily REDDED out all of the people who had the Bills, Jets, Chargers, & Lions in the playoffs.

I have completely REDDED out the people with the Eagles and the Panthers in the playoffs


Keep in mind, that the winners of each of the pick 'ems receive a 30 point bonus.  Munez has a 4 point lead in the college pick'em with only 10 games on the slate this week.  Looks pretty good that it'll be him winning it.

I know I'm going to have a tough time picking the Oregon St v Nicholls game, which has no spread...jeesh.

in the Bonus, Andrew takes it down for the 3rd week in a row.  If there is one way to make up for shitty fantasy luck, it's by doing well in the pick 'em.  Andrew is one behind Rob who has 92 points in the Pro Pick'em, with Colin, myself, and Shawn in striking distance.


In fantasy this week, we can consider this moving week.  In a tight fantasy league, every game is a big one, and this week is no different.  Joe moved to 8-4, and is alone in first place.  Rob's 7 game winning streak is over.  John's 5 game losing streak is over too.  Let's take a look at the standings.

Joe 8-4
Adam 7-5
Rob 7-5
Jim 6-6
Folden 6-6
John 6-6
Colin 6-6
Shawn 5-7
Munez 5-7
Andrew 4-8

At this point it looks like the playoffs may be out of it for Andrew.  For the 2nd year in a row, our fantasy football league has been insanely competitive.  To give you an idea, I can only speak for my own team, because I pay more attention to that than anything else.  But, in a 4 week period I went from 3rd to 8th to 5th to 2nd.  It's bizzare to see that much of a swing.


So, before we get into it, I want to get into what we  will see next week.  We will see the prediction results for all of the BCS games, Conference games, National Championship game, and College Pick'em Bonus.

Every year we have that one week, where things just get turned upside down.  Next week is that week.  So, here are the points and positions for now.

College pick'em+Pro Pick'em+ Fantasy points+(bonus)+predicitons=Total

Munez 149+73+50+(25)=297
Jim 145+77+60+(10)=292
Adam 143+86+70+(20)=319
Colin 141+88+60+(10)=299
Shawn 141+87+50+(35)=313
Andrew 135+91+40+(30)+20=316
Folden 134+82+60=276
Joe 125+83+80+(10)=298
John 117+76+60=253
Rob 113+92+70+(10)=285

RANKINGS/ + or - from last week/ points back from first

1. Adam 319 (+1)
2. Andrew 316 (+1) (3 points back)
3. Shawn 313 (- 2) (6 points back)
4. Colin 299  (+3) (20 points back)
5. Joe 298 (+2) (21 points back)
6. Munez 297 (-2) (22 points back)
7. Jim 292 (-3) (27 points back)
8. Rob 285 (- 2) (34 points back)
9. Folden 276 (=) (43 points back)
10. John 253 (=) (66 points back)

So, after all of this time, 66 points is the difference between first and last.  I'll enjoy my time at the top, because next Sunday night, things are going to go BANANAS!

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