Sunday, November 18, 2012

Updated College Pics

Hey fellas.  Sorry there wasn't any updates last week.

After my fantasy team put up their 3rd consecutive duck, I decided to spend the entire week on the shitter, eating my fingers...I'll give you an update on scores this week though.

Congrats to Andrew on last week, he did so well in the pick 'ems that the were decided before the Sunday night game even occured.  So, i'll do up dates on the pros tomorrow. But for now I want to go through some new red outs that I did on people's  college pics.

In parenthesis will be the amount of Conferences each person is still able to win, as we go through the list.


So, ladies and germs, the first prediction of the year is in, and it's all Andrews.

Utah St will win the WAC giving Andrew a 20 point bonus.


Adam, Folden, Shawn, and Joe are all out of it with our picks of Va Tech and Clemson.

Still in it:  Munez, Colin, Rob, Andrew (2), John, and Jim with Florida State

Big East:

Out of it: Folden (Pitt), John (S. Fl), Voyten & Colin (Cinci)
Still in it:  Adam, Munez (2), Rob (2), Joe, Jim (2), Andrew (3) all with Louisville.

Louisville plays Rutgers on the last Thursday of the month, which is essentially a conference championship game.

Big 10

Out of it: John (Mich St)
Still in it: Adam (2), Andrew (4), Both with Wisconsin
Voyten, Joe (2), Jim (3), FoAlden, Rob (3), Colin (2), Munez (3),

The Big 10 championship is going to be Wisconsin vs either Michigan or Nebraska.  For Michigan to win it though, they would need to beat undefeated Ohio St, and hope for Nebraska would lose to Iowa as well.  So, Michigan not looking great, but still in it.

PAC 12

We all picked USC and we all lost.

Big 12

Still in it: Andrew (5), Rob (4), Colin (3), Munez (4) with Oklahoma

For Oklahoma to win the Big 12, they would need to beat Oklahoma St and hope for Kansas St to lose to Texas


Still in it:

Adam (3), John (2) with Georgia
Rob (5), and Colin (4) with Alabama.

They play each other in the SEC championship in two weeks.  We'll have to wait and see.

Still in it: NOBODY.  It's going to be Kent St vs Northern Ill in the conference championship.  So, suck my dick.

Mountain West:  We all have Boise St winning and they are tied with people.  I don't fucking know.

Sun Belt

Still in it: Folden (2), Andrew (6), Rob (6), Joe (3), Munez (5)  All with Arkansas St

Conference USA

Still in it: Rob (7), Adam (4), Jim (4), all with Central Florida
Colin (5) with Tulsa.

So that's pretty much where we are.  So, if you want to do wel lin Football God, start routing against the teams, Rob, Andrew, Munez, and Colin have.

In the Championship game it's looking like it's only down to John & I having Georgia  in the game, and Colin with Alabama in the game.

Rob's pick of Florida St hasn't moved up the polls enough to have a shot at it.  And, with 2 loses LSU isn't going to work out for most everybody else.  And, we know how well USC turned out for all of us.

That's all for now.

There are still all the BCS bowl games to put into consideration, but fuck figuring that out.

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