Friday, November 20, 2015

Weekend Preview:

Let's take a look at the fantasy games this weekend.

Adam 5-5 vs Civ 7-3
Civ has a 7 game winning streak, and my team can't string together 2 wins in a row to save it's life.  Here comes Civ clinching a playoff spot.

Upset Alert: Jim 7-3 vs Geiss 2-8
Jim's starting QB is out and Antonio Brown is on Bye.  Looks like a good time for Geiss to get that 3rd win.

Gary 3-7 vs Eplin 4-6
Gary and Eplin both need to win to have any chance for playoffs.  Gary is 3-7 despite having the 6th most points in the league.  Poor bastard.

Rob 5-5 vs Colin 7-3
Rob loves to mention how he has the most points against him by far this year.  On top of that, as shitty as Colin's team was early in the year, it's actually scored quite a few points the past 4 weeks.
Colin for the win.

Munez 4-6 vs Folden 8-2
Munez is freefalling, Folden just keeps fucking winning.  Munez needs a win to stay in the playoff hunt.

Game of the Week:  Joe 4-6 vs Shawn 4-6
This is as close to an elimination game as we're going to have this week.  The winner clings on for another week, while the loser is out of the playoffs.

Survivor Pool:
Shawn already moved on with the ballsy Jacksonville Jaguars pick.  That leaves Joe, Rob, and I to fight it out on Sunday.  Someone is going down this week.  Blood in the water and the sharks are circling.


This is actually a huge week for the predictions.  The way that a lot of conferences positioned their schedules we have a lot of games that will decide each side of the conferences the next two weeks.

After Saturday we will have a very clear version of what's going to happen.

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