Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week 14 Love Making

Here is our first consecutive point update of the season.  The reason for this is that the first of the prediction points are in.   How exciting.  We'll start out with that.


So, the first prediction of the year is in and it's Louisiana Lafayette winning the Sun Belt conference. For that we have 20 points going to Jim, Folden, Andrew, Joe, Munez and Myself. 

 Every other conference will be decided this weekend.  However, there are a few things that are for sure.  Nobody is getting any points in the ACC or the SEC.  Colin is the only person who has a chance to get Conference USA points, so everyone should route against Marshall, while Folden is the only person who can win Mountain West points, provided Fresno St beats Utah St. 

Also, Joe, John, Colin, Rob, and Munez can all get 20 points if Ohio State wins this weekend and doesn't fall out of the National Championship game.  Also, provided that Alabama doesn't make it's way back into the BCS game, Munez is the only person with a chance to get National Championship points, as he's the only person who picked Ohio State to win the championship.

We will see the effects of this in the points big time next week.  


Our fantasy football league's playoffs have opened up a bit, mostly because of a 2 game losing streak by John.  Because of this, there are only two teams who have been eliminated from the playoffs, Andrew and Munez.  

Obviously Jim, Colin, and rob have already clinched their playoff spot.  But, here's where we are with the 4th spot.

John is 7-6
Joe 6-7
Adam 5-8
Voyten 5-8
Folden 5-8

So, with two games left, if John wins either of his next two games, Me, Folden, and Voyten will automatically be eliminated from playoff contention based on record.  Joe would not technically be eliminated, however, since he is one game back of John and also 150 points behind him (which is our tiebreaker), he would essentially be eliminated from the playoffs with a win by John also.  

If John loses out and Joe wins out,  then he is in.  
If John loses out and Joe loses one game, then that opens the door for Voyten, Folden, and Myself.

In that case if any of the three of us were to win out, than we would go to the points tiebreaker, which John and Joe would currently lose to all three of us.  

I realize this is convoluted.  Let's keep the perspective at this week though and let's look at the matchups. 

Jim (11-2) vs Andrew (4-9) & Rob (10-3) vs Munez (2-11):  These games are meaningless for the fantasy playoffs, however there are still 10 points available towards overall scores.

Joe (6-7) vs Adam (5-8) & Voyten (5-8) vs Folden (5-8):  These games are essentially playoff games.  Whoever the losers are in these games are eliminated from playoff contention.

John (7-6) vs Colin (10-3)  However, the two games above are meaningless if Colin doesn't beat John.  Colin's team has outscored John's an average of 29 points per week.  However, in a week to week league, you never know.  


In the Pick'ems we have some updates too.  This is our last week of College Pick'em and there are only 9 games this week.  I have a 15 point lead so the 40 point bonus for winning this is mine.  However, I won't add this into the scores until it's official next week.

As far as the Week 14 Bonus goes, Folden, Andrew, Colin, and Jim all had 15 points and have all received 10 points for this week. 

In the overall Pro Pick'em, Colin has jumped ahead of Joe with 93 points, while Joe and Shawn are still very close behind.  

This is also the last week that a 10 point bonus is available, as there won't be college pick'em next week.  Starting next week, there will only be a 5 point bonus.

Bonus's by week:

1. Andrew and John (5 points)
2. Colin
3. Joe
4. Adam
5. Rob
6. Shawn
7. Adam
8. Rob
9. Adam
10. Rob
11. Shawn
12. Andrew
13. Andrew and Munez
14. Andrew, Folden, Jim, Colin


Here are your total scores for the season up to this point.

(fantasy football +Pro Pick'em + College Pick'em + Prediction + (Bonus)= Total

Jim 110+78+126+20+(10)=344
Colin 100+93+126+(20)=339
Rob 100+84+117+(30)=331
John 70+71+118+(5)=264
Joe 60+91+119+20+(10)=300
Adam 50+80+141+20+(30)=321
Folden 50+85+113+20+(10)=278
Voyten 50+90+123+(20)=283
Andrew 40+88+124+20+(35)=307
Munez 20+87+108+20+(10)=245


1. Jim 344 ^2
2. Colin 339 -1
3. Rob 331 -1
4. Adam 321 same
5. Andrew 307 same
6. Joe 300 ^1
7. Voyten 283 -1
8. Folden 278 ^1
9. John 264 -1 
10. Munez 245 same

So, you can see a bunch of minor changes in the scores this week.  Andrew, Folden, and Jim benefited the most. All three of them rose got the 20 point prediction and got the pick'em bonus.  It helped Jim also winning his fantasy game.  

I need to stress this, as I always try to, but please count up your own score every week.  I just noticed a mistake in my scoring last week for John, so do yourself a favor and score yourself at the least.  

In the meantime have a nice week.  Beat John, Colin.  

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