Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Week 13 Scoring Updates

What up fellas.  It's been three weeks since our last update so there will be a lot to cover in here.  First off, congrats to Rob on his wedding this past weekend.  Hope you guys had a blast.  We'll start with things in Fantasy Football.

The last couple of years things were pretty much a bottleneck all season long.  However, this year that is not the case.  Last week, while there were still 4 weeks left in the season, 3 teams (Jim, Rob, and Colin) had all clinched playoff spots.  John at 7-5 is nearly there too.  However, noone aside from Munez is technically eliminated from playoff contention yet.

Andrew, Shawn, and I at 4-8 would be eliminated with one more win from John or a loss from any of the 3 of us. And with John playing Jim and Colin in the next two weeks, is still in doubt to reach that last playoff spot.

Joe and Folden have a much better chance of catching John, although a win by John AND a loss by Joe and Folden would eliminate them.

So what's that mean for the schedule this week?

Joe plays Me meaning that this is essentially an elimination game for the both of us, while Shawn plays Folden in a similar situation.

John plays Colin, who has outscored the next closest person to him in the league by over two hundred points.

Rob and Munez play each other in a game that's irrelavant to anything other than the 10 points.

And Andrew can get eliminated by losing to Jim.


Let's start with college.  We are in the last week (or maybe there's one more if we have the conference title games in this, up to yahoo), and I'm sitting on a 13 point lead. So, I most likely have the 40 point bonus that comes along with it locked up.  However, I guess it's not over til it's over.

In Pro Pick'em Joe clings to a small lead over a lot of people.  He has a one point lead over Colin, two point over Shawn, 4 point over Munez, and 5 points over Andrew.  There are 80 games left in the pro season so this could get very interesting down the stretch.


There have been 3 bonus's since our last update.  To remind you of the first ten they looked like this.

1. Andrew & John (5 points)
2. Colin
3. Joe
4. Adam
5. Rob
6. Shawn
7. Adam
8. Rob
9. Adam
10. Rob

Here are the most recent 3

11. Shawn (21 correct)
12. Andrew (18 correct)
13. Andrew & Munez (18 correct)

They will each get 10 points for each week.  So, congrats.


We are in the final two weeks of the college football season and we are still without a Conference champion.  We will have more information on that next week.  So, I'll just tally up the scores as they stand right now.

Total Scores

(Fantasy + Pro Pick'em + College Pick'em + (bonus)=total

Colin 100+84+120+(10)=314
Jim 100+68+121=289
Rob 90+73+114+(30)=307
John 70+71+113=253
Folden 50+76+107=233
Joe 50+85+113+(10)=258
Adam 40+73+134+(30)=277
Shawn 40+83+118+(20)=261
Andrew 40+80+117+(25)=262
Munez 20+81+102+(10)=213


1. Colin 314 ^1
2. Rob 307 -1
3. Jim 289 (same)
4. Adam 277 (same)
5. Andrew 262 (^3)
6. Shawn 261 (^1)
7. Joe 258 (-1)
8. John 253 (-3)
9. Folden 233 (same)
10. Munez 213 (same)

Starting next week we may start seeing some predictions come in, which could alter the scores a lot.  2 weeks from now nearly all of our college predictions will be in, so be ready for a big shake up.

Happy thanksgiving faggots.

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