Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Point Updates

What's up queers. The point totals are here. I'll do another small update this week about what's on the line in the upcoming week; however, this one is going to just be points.  It gets a little tricky at this point so I need to get through this.

Quick update on pro predictions.  Voyten was the only person to predict the Colts to win the AFC South, so good for him.  He gets 20 points that will be figured into his prediction points.

Also, you'll notice my College pick'em score is 184. That is with my 40 points for winning the college pick'em included.

For the 2nd week in a row we had a shit load of people get the pick'em bonus.  Folden, Shawn, Andrew, and Munez will each get 10 bonus points for getting 16 correct.

Lastly, well done to Andrew who received the 10 point pick'em bonus 4 weeks in a row to close out the 10 point season.  For the rest of the pro season there will only be a 5 point bonus.

Fantasy Football + college pick'em+pro pick'em+ Prediction points+(Bonus) =

Jim 110+133+84+40+(10)=377
Rob 110+121+95+60+(30)=416
Colin 110+132+99+0+(20)=361
John 70+118+71+20+(5)=284
Joe 70+122+97+40+(10)=339
Folden 60+119+96+80+(20)=375
Adam 50+184+90+40+(30)=394
Shawn 50+129+100+60+(30)=369
Andrew 50+131+97+40+(45)=363
Munez 20+112+99+20+(20)=271

1. Rob 416 (^2)
2. Adam 394 (^2)
3. Jim 377 (-2)
4. Folden 375 (^4)
5. Shawn 369 (^2)
6. Andrew (363 (-1)
7. Colin 361 (-5)
8. Joe 339 (-2)
9. John 284 (=)
10. Munez 271 (=)

So there are our totals.  Folden makes the biggest jump, going up 4 spaces from last week, while Colin drops 5 because of his pathetic, pathetic college predictions.  Rob jumps to 1 from winning his fantasy game, and scoring 60 points in the college prediction.

I'm in 2nd, for the time being. However, considering I'm not in the fantasy playoffs, and my Pro predictions look like shit, I'll consider this my peak.

Overall, there are still only 78 points between 1st and 8th.  It'll be cool seeing how this shakes out.

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