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Welcome back to another exciting year of Football God, fellas.  We are entering our 6th year of this awesome league, and for the first time, we have the exact same participants as we did the year before.

So, let's get into a welcoming back to each person, a bit of history, and my yearly league predictions.


Last year I became a 2-time champion by outlasting Colin in the Superbowl.  Also, one of the only 3 original members to be in the league every year.  Let's look at my history.

2008: 4 of 4
2009: 1 of 10
2010: 2 of 9
2011: 8 of 12
2012: 1 of 10

I didn't feel good about my fantasy draft, and regret some of my predictions.  Could be a long year for me


2009: 9 of 10
2011: 10 of 12
2012: 2 of 10

Colin stepped up big last year he was shitty for the two years in a row before he finished 2nd last year.  Colin was one 49er touchdown away from finishing in 1st last year.

2008: 1 of 4
2009: 3 of 10
2010: 1 of 9
2011: 9 of 12
2012: 3 of 10

Folden has been the most consistent football god player since it's inception.  He's finished in the top three 4 out of 5 times, including two titles.  2011 is the only blemish on his record.

2009: 5 of 10
2010: 5 of 9
2011: 2 of 12
2012: 4 of 10

Joe has been consistently good in his four years in football god, without ever winning the championship.  He's like the Steelers of the 90's.  He never bottoms out and is usually in the playoffs, but he can't get over that hump to win a championship.

2008: 3 of 4
2009: 6 of 10
2010: 4 of 9
2011: 3 of 12
2012: 9 of 10

Jim is the last of the three founding members of Football God that still plays.  Jim's been fairly consistent over his time, much like Joe.  Last year was a bad year for Jim though.  Jim took a few reaches on his predictions and got some bad luck in fantasy football.  That combination gave him his worst year yet.

2009: 8 of 10
2010: 7 of 9
2011: 4 of 12
2012: 5 of 10

Andrew is in his 5th year of Football God and he's starting to get frustrated.  He was my pick to win it all last year, but he fell short.  He was close to the money, but was on the outside looking in.  Andrew's finished better and better as we go on, so maybe this year he'll finally win some money and some glory.

2009: 2 of 10
2010: 8 of 9
2011: 1 of 12
2012: 8 of 10

Shawn is the only person other than Folden or I to win a championship.  From the look of it Shawn's trend is to do really well one year and really shitty the next.  And, since shawn had such a shitty year last year, you could bet that he'll probably do pretty well in 2013.

Chris 'Munez' Coldsmith
2009: 4 of 10
2011: 11 of 12
2012: 6 of 10

Munez had a pretty good year last year.  He finished in the lower half of the standings, but he was only 30 points out of 4th, and only 60 points out of finishing 3rd and in the money.  Munez had my favorite predictions this year, which were ballsy and interesting.  Usually, the person who has my favorite picks does terribly, so let's hope that trend doesn't continue.

Rob Klingensmith
2010: 10 of 10
2012: 7 of 10

This is Rob's 3rd year in Football God, and he, like Munez was only about 70 points from finishing 3rd.  So, his year was a little better than his ranking might indicate.  Rob seems to have his shit together this year.  His picks were pretty steady looking and his fantasy team looks a LOT better than it did last year.

John McLane
2010:  6 of 9
2011: 12 of 12
2012: 10 of 10

And, now we've arrived to the Oakland Raiders of the Football God world.  John has been in the cellar for hte last two years.  Last year he had to pay double the league due fee to stay in the league, after giving up on his team and picks the year before.  He consistently forgets to make his pick'em picks.  However, he claims this year he's turning it around.  As always, I'll believe it when I see it.


Last year, my predicitons weren't great.  I correctly predicted Shawn finishing in 8th, John finishing in 10th, and that's it.  I also had Andrew winning it and Jim finishing in 2nd. So, this year I"m just going to give my predictions for Top 3 and for last.

#1: Voyten
#2: Folden
#3: Andrew

I don't know why, but I'm just guessing on these predictions.  Let's see how they work out

Prediction for Last place.

#10 John
...because duh.

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