Monday, January 6, 2014

Football God Update 1/6/2014

Hey guys, things are starting to shake out.  Our last big bonus of the year is in the Bowl Pick'em, where the winner gets a 20 point bonus. A recap of the way the points went are like this.

Regular bowl game, 2 points
BCS game, 5 points
Championship, 10 points

That means that as of tonight you would need to be within 10 points to have a shot to get the 20 point bonus. Here are our standings

John 46
Shawn 46
Munez 45
Jim 43
Joe 39
Colin 36
Folden 36
Andrew 34
Rob 34
Adam 29

This means that almost everyone still has a shot at this tonight, so good luck.  I'll do a point update tomorrow with the bonus of college pick'em included.

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